I'm having a really hard time starting the stream, even when i enjoy it.

I'm having a really hard time starting the stream, even when i enjoy it.


That is a matter of motivation. Either you want to be a streamer or you don't. There is no magic to it, its really that simple. If you want it, you grind at it until you get it.


It's tough man. I completely see where you're coming from. Streaming isn't relaxing, not in the slightest. It's challenging and a lot of fun, but most of what makes it fun is interacting with the people watching you. If you don't have that, it feels like you're putting yourself in a somewhat stressful situation without the payoff. You shouldn't blame yourself for wanting to turn off the stream, putting on Netflix and relaxing instead. Where are you in your journey? If I were in my first couple of weeks or months (which I personally am), I'd look at it as an investment, getting my product as much exposure as possible without worrying about the bottom line. If I were a year into putting effort into streaming and were not seeing progress, I'd probably shift gears towards going completely casual, meaning I'd stream 1-2 times a week and just casually game with Netflix the rest of the time. Another option is to stream for an hour, see if you get any traction, and only keep going if you do. That way you're not committing a large time of your day to a futile effort, but you're also still giving your stream a chance to grow. Good luck!


I've had some of the same feelings before. I just had to power through. I sometimes feel like that beforehand but the second I hit go live I remember why I enjoy it and why I do keep going. One way I think about it is that at any time someone new could pop in and say hi and I'd miss out on a whole potential conversation with that person or a chance to make a connection with them. So that's one thing that keeps me going.


I’d just keep going at it until you get someone who pops in on a regular basis. For the first year or two, I never had a viewer who watched me all the time and still had streams with complete dead air. Then I played a game that got me a couple of followers and now I always have one person I recognise popping up in the stream chat. That being said, if you give up and don’t stream enough, they will lose interest and will watch somebody else.


I’m having the same thing, but i’m gonna try to just keep on going and streaming everything i’m playing. It’s been fun so far. Just wish there was a way to add background music on consoles. Stream seems boring when i have nothing to say lol.


I have it too sometimes, what helps is playing with friends so you always have voice chat/interaction with them :D