Words don't mean anything anymore.

Words don't mean anything anymore.

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I’m a lesbian and I can confirm there are many, many people like this who say lesbians are being “TERFs” if they don’t like trans women who have dicks. I’ve been called transphobic before cause I said I don’t like dick because, you know, I’m a lesbian. Ridiculous.


And I hate that this is what it's coming down to. >"You MUST have sex with me or you are TRANSPHOBIC!!!" Okay. I guess I'm transphobic then. Have a nice day.


And we're back to "corrective rape" on the hell scale of gay rights.


Imagine being considered the bad guy for being raped. What is this? The Middle East?


Remember when it was the conservatives saying you haven't had the right dick yet? isn't life strange.


Incel community making a come back but make it woke


This is the correct response. Their words only hold power over you if you let them. Don't apologize if you've done nothing wrong.


I’m glad someone who isn’t me said this. This is the danger of how obscenely sensitive people have gotten. The words racist, sexist, bigot, etc. need to actually mean something and carry weight. It’s gotten to the point where such insignificant stuff causes people to call “normal” folks those kind of things, that a lot of normal people don’t really care about being called them any more. Who does that help? The actual racist/sexist/etc. people. You’ve given them a community. It’s easier now to take an uneducated, blue collar white dude that gets shit on all of the time and convince him that someone like Richard Spencer has been right all along.


But then you are cancelled and banned from everything. Can't win nowadays. They'll come for us all. They just came for me, banned me from the league of legends sub for askikg why there are no female players. They said it was sexism. Now pointing out reality is evil. Suggesting genders have differences is evil. Twisted bro


Ok but why is it only trans women, I've legit never heard the same kind of discourse from trans men, it's so weird right ? Like they say they fight for trans right but really they all fight for their own personal right it just sucks, it's not even about the trans community, it's only about their dick being sucked, seriously it always come back to that why are they so obsessed


Because their brains are inherently male. I'm all for trans rights but not on this clusterfuck of a level of bullshittery.


Try searching Trans on r/askgaybros


There's a lot of political leveraging to change the definition of "women" because "men" have no political significance in progressive politics.


They think they're shaming us by calling us TERFs. It's their made up word. Call me a TERF all day long. I don't give a shit. I'm not embarrassed to believe women have vaginas and men have penises. And obviously transgenderism is a thing. I'm not denying that or placing judgment on that fact but you NEVER hear this aggressive, backwards nonsense from transmen. It always seems like they just want to live their best lives and be treated normally. This shit ALWAYS comes from dudes in skirts and I feel bad for legit transwomen who get lumped in with this insanity. I can't WAIT until this shit falls out of style. I'm really fucking tired of these wackos trying to mansplain to me what being a woman means. EDIT: This comment got me permabanned from r/negareddit! Fucking hilarious.


"Warning:. We might ban you because we feel like it" Yeah there's no way that would ever be abused... Pretty sure I don't want to be part of that at all... And yes, this comment will probably get me banned from there


I think it's not even disputable it's a much bigger sacrifice and jump for a woman to transition into a man, and those who do are much more likely to be sincere. Trans-men I usually take 100% seriously with no suspicion. There's such a high proportion of coomer perverts masquerading as trans-women that it's unfortunately hard not to look askance at most of them. I would wager that the coomer perverts outnumber the true transwomen 4 to one at least


I've never heard of that sub and I'm banned from it. How is it anti reddit hivemind?


I didn't think it was until today. Their description is just "Reddit is Shit". I thought it was mostly examples of some of the asinine shit people post here. Their rules are: 1. No violent rhetoric 2. No bigotry 3. Rude I didn't think i violated any of that and I don't believe I ever even commented there, but the message I received from their corny ass ban bot said they automatically ax anyone who comments on certain subs and this one is included. They graciously said I could participate here but it must be from a different account. Fuck outta here with that audacity.


> And obviously transgenderism is a thing. Yeah, mental illness is a thing. But we treat the illness, we don't encourage the mentally ill to believe their magical thinking is real. We don't treat schizophrenics by telling that the voices are real and are giving them good advice, so why do we treat gender dysphoria by physically changing the person's body? It's absolutely bonkers behavior, and is a great example of how fucked Western civilization is.


Yeah I agree. Totally. In my early idiotic adolescence, I was black market test buying ftm. But then I thought (and spent time off the internet which was the catalyst that began it all, and continued on guiding my thoughts and transition like a bag of idiots, thanks live journal); I realized what I personally was doing, and it was stupid (for me, to me.) It is a mental thing and alternatives making early harsh non reversible decisions should be more discussed online instead of :okay here's how you buy hormones illegally, here's stupid shit to do instead of psych. Doc won't do what you want? Yell harm reduction or pay one off. No just no. Can I go back in time and Gibbs smack myself up the back the head?


Remember when J.K. Rowling was shunned off of the internet? I wonder what she's up to today.


I think she's likely rolling around in all those glorious wads of cash she's making from harry potter, and probably not giving a fuck


CIS Bi woman here, automatically TERF by their standards so I feel ya. We're attracted to who we are attracted to, but god forbid you don't want to fuck them, shitty crazy personality aside...


They're taking something away from you out of greed. They don't want inclusion. They're looking to replace. They get the word and you get nothing. That's why I've dropped the T from LGB unless it stands for TERF.


Yes oddly enough try asking these transwomen if they would date other transwomen. Usually they won't answer that because the honest answer is no.


Why would you have an LGBT community when the Ls and the Ts hate each other?


Why lump sexual in with gender? I'm old guard and early on everyone on both sides was saying don't add the T, that's disrespectful to their space and not applicable to ours. The word cis was a curse and bio was a compliment. Now it's opposite but guess what? Same definitions. Same reasons. Anthropology fun!


I genuinely think lumping everything together is getting a lot of gays much more hatred than they would normally get, just because of the Ts.


I've been called "dirty" for being bisexual and thus having zero issues with whatever parts are in someone's pants. Like some of them straight up act like incels that are convinced penis devalues a woman, unless it's their superior "girldick" like wha?


As a straight dude, I'm sure my opinion has been heard for long enough, so people aren't really clamoring for my take. BUT...I have no fucking idea what it is to be a woman. Sure, I have a sister, a mom, a fiancé. But I will never know what it's like to have a period. Or go through pregnancy. Or the fear of walking through certain places at the risk of getting raped. How goddamn presumptuous do you have to be to assume you know what it's like for people who've dealt with this shit all their life? And how is any of that shit progressive?


>people aren’t really clamoring for my take And this is another reason the woke crowd sucks. You being a straight male doesn’t make your opinions or experiences invalid or worth less than the opinions and experiences of others.


The straight part doesn’t matter, but the male part does. I would never dream of telling men what manhood is. Because I’m a woman … and I literally CANNOT know what it is to ‘feel like a man.’


You know the Shania Twain song Feel Like a Woman? Just... inverted.


Especially since (as another white hetero maale who agrees with Faceless-Pronoun) our takes are what we've been asked to have, which is an empathetic position informed by listening, not judging, and not layering male experience over the top.


I'm clamoring for the opinions of anyone who can reason their way through an argument.


My favorite rebuttal to the TERF accusation I’ve read is: “I’m not a feminist.”


I gotta say, my sexual preferences have way more to do with hardware than aesthetics or gender norms, and I feel like that's probably the norm and how we should define sexual preference. I'd consider sleeping with a pre-op trans man before a pre-op trans woman 100% of the time.


Just a little word of advice, if I were you, I'd start to carry a gun. If this goes on more and more, it might become worse than just internet rape apologists.


How can they say this shit and then wonder why they aren’t taken seriously


Because they exist in an echo chamber of the Twitter-verse. Its a competition of wokeness.


Untreated mental illness.


Not just untreated; it's encouraged and praised as "brave".




It's so obvious that this is a calculated social fabrication between the aforementioned institutions.


No don't say that you're marginalizing blah blah blah


And unfortunately other corporations are starting to listen as well since they're afraid to get cancelled...


Which is why we have to start doing the cancelling. There are more of us it sucks to have to act offended and crazy to get the message across but that's how it's played now I guess.


What did the VA gov say?




The worst thing is is that this nonsense is being accepted in reality. I hope it isn't so, but it seems like any who disagree will be imprisoned for hate speech in 20 years.


C'mon.. this one has to be a joke. I mean, there's just no way. Nothing the person tweeted makes any sense. Otherwise, I agree with you. :P


The problem is they are being taken seriously. We have have corporations, local governments, school boards, and major and minor political parties pandering and trying to please them.


They’re only like this because there *are* places where this is taken seriously.


I fully support the LBGTQ, but people like the one in the post are just doing this to scream for their five minutes of fame. The people that I know that are either trans, gay, bi or lesbian never act like this idiot.


To be fair I’ve not seen the LGB acting like this it’s always the T.


All the LGB I personally know do support this shit though. I’m watching a lesbian relative fend off hitting on her on on tiktok while she still parrots this shit and will blocking anyone who doesn’t believe transwomen are valid women and deserve access to all our spaces. And that gender is whatever you feel like on a certain day.


Basically I hate women and I’m insane.


Yeah, I really feel for those actual transgender people out there who genuinely feel like a stranger in their own bodies and want to change that. It must be horrible to feel like that. But these cancerous fetishists who use transgenderism as an excuse to hate on biological women is disgusting. They're not even trying to mask the disdain anymore, they're just openly spiteful and hateful towards women and think because they found it sexually appealing to dress up as a woman once that means they're a transgender woman.


trans people when only like 2% of them actually have gender dysphoria, not self diagnosed, not groomed into, and not used for attention ☹️


it really does suck being that small of a minority within an already small minority that’s plagued with crazies


So like super-incels?


This exactly


Sounds like a good flair


I’ve seen these tweets before. They’re still gross. Something to note about women: we don’t try to one-up each other when it comes to how much of a “biological female” we are. Biological sex is all or nothing, except for the rare instances of people born intersex. But even they have a dominant sex. I just hate how they insist on not only erasing and insulting women (again), but also insist on bastardising science.


I've seen trans women comparing the depth of their neovaginas, as you know all biological women do


What the actual fuck? Not only is that disgusting, it’s also stupid. A surgically constructed hole is not a reflection of their “superiority”.


It's not weird to me that people post bullshit like this, there's always nutters out there. What's weird to me is that if you were to share this on any of the trans or LGBT subs on Reddit and comment about how nutty it is, everyone would feel obligated to call you a TERF and ban you. They will insist in other contexts that "nobody is denying that sex exists" and that it's "arguing in bad faith" if you say that trans people are trying to erase the existence of biology. Yet none of them will simply point to posts like this one and say "Yeah that person's nuts, transwomen are trans *because* they are male, and there's nothing wrong with that." There's no reason why calling out this bullshit should have to conflict with trans rights...yet all of mainstream LGBT activism now pretends that it is *literal violence* to do so.


Thats because its a religion to them. They dont look at it rationally, they just see a believer and they MUST defend them and anyone who speaks out against it is a heretic.


Maybe that's why I find it so weird: I'm atheist. I don't believe in souls. I know Christians believe in souls, and I don't particularly care if they do, I simply do not share that belief. Nobody accuses me of "erasing Christians" because I don't believe in souls. Nobody accuses me of wanting to genocide Christians or wanting to strip them of human rights or whatever. I also don't believe in gender souls. And suddenly the fact that I don't share this particular religious belief means that I am a genocidal monster who wants to murder trans people and piss on their graves or something. The fuck?


This is it. It's a religion, but we must participate or branded as an outcast.


Yep. It's a new faith and if you don't believe every piece of it you have the 'sin' of bigotry.


I give the Bible huge credit for the stuff about "do unto others" and "remember you were strangers once." There are plenty of self-described Christians who are nutty, but the core beliefs actually include NOT shitting on non-believers which is pretty cool.


Christianity includes an escape clause. You can be bad, or from another religion, but if you come around you are absolved of your sins. Wokeness provides no such clause. You are bad, period. Nothing you say or do will absolve you, according to St. Robin DiAngelo. Given those two scenarios? The Lord is my Shepard, I shall not want.


> Nobody accuses me of wanting to genocide Christians Fox News seems to think that if you say "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas", that means you hate Christians and are trying to erase them from existence. The whole "*you MUST acknowledge my existence and bend to my will, if you don't that means you HATE me*" is really similar to what transcels are doing.


the war on christmas is a joke lol


Someone else on reddit once said that the only reason that there's a "war on Christmas" is because it crossed the borders of Thanksgiving and invaded Halloween.


Just like a man putting on a dress, proclaiming that his penis is a "girl cock" and that he is more of a woman than biological women is a joke.


https://slatestarcodex.com/2019/10/30/new-atheism-the-godlessness-that-failed/ blame the atheism+ movement. 'social justice' is the new kingdom of god, 'privilege' the new original sin.


> Yet none of them will simply point to posts like this one and say "Yeah that person's nuts, transwomen are trans because they are male, and there's nothing wrong with that." Isn't this essentially how Blaire White got labeled transphobic?


> There's no reason why calling out this bullshit should have to conflict with trans rights Trans are not fighting for rights; they are fighting for privilege and luxury.


This is what drives me absolutely insane. As both someone who belongs in LGBT, and is a huge supporter, the echo chambers of online communities that take things like this seriously and try to provide support hurt the whole movement. There is a clear disconnect between "I support the transitioning of a man to a woman" and "woman with dicks are biological and lesbians who don't wanna date them are the problem" and if we try to support anyone who claims to be under the LGBT+ umbrella without regard to their statements or who they are chosing to exclude, we hurt and discredit our own movement


just a few years ago, these people were insisting that Sex and Gender were different; that they were only challenging the 'Gender' because that was just a social construct, and 'Sex' was the science/biology part. But, you know, *the slippery slope argument is just a fallacy!*


The slippery slope is only a fallacy when you're using it to project a single event into a pattern. It's not a fallacy when you look at a historical pattern and then claim the pattern will continue. Then again, calling something false because it is a slippery slope false because of the slippery slope is a fallacy fallacy. A fallacy fallacy is when you claim a fact is wrong because their logic is flawed even though that they are saying is accurate. It's attacking their logical flaws rather to avoid addressing their conclusion.


Just ask these people, "What is a woman? What is a man? Define them for me." If they answer with something about whatever you feel like, then what does it mean to feel like a woman? What is a woman such that one can feel like one? The entire trans movement comes down to defining men and women by their gender stereotypes which is in complete opposition to the entire progressive movement of just 10 years ago which fought that men and women are not defined and restricted by their gender stereotypes.


Fucking thank you. The absolute hypocrisy is what kills me slowly.




I mean guys, you have to understand at a certain point these people are going through deep psychological trauma. Without Twitter, you would never interact with these people because they are so utterly terrified to go outside and interact with the 99% due to overwhelming paranoia and anxiety. You would see a jumpy confused patient that constantly repeats talking points and has no core identity.


No. That is a lie and untrue. They act like this in psych offices and doc offices. It is not just a minority. I have witnessed this shit first hand for a long time, and so have others, in person. It is not just teens either. People with higher level degrees who are trans as well. We see it all the time. They act like this in doc and therapy offices. Trust me.


> you would never interact with these people Unless you're LGB. Then you have to deal with so many of these people if you want to hang out with other LGB and they make a total mockery of you. After fighting for years for "My sexuality is not a choice (Seriously, I'd be straight if I could. Life would be easier) we're being told our sexuality is a choice and we should be judged for it again. I've lost too many friends to the T movement. They're never the same people as they were before. Suddenly they're trying to fit traditional gender roles/stereotypes and don't want to do any of the stuff we used to enjoy together. They didn't give a shit what was manly/ladylike before but now it's hugely important to them to be as "ladylike" (woman stereotypes) as possible.


This has been confusing me massively lately. Weren't we in a place years ago where we were trying to kick off the shackles of Gender Stereotypes? Now it's like we're demanding that people be shackled back in them as much as possible?


Idk. When I was 14 I shared a room with a transgender person in a women’s shelter and that was my very first encounter with a transgender person. Later my friend from the 9th grade transitioned (after cosplaying as a death note character for an entire year), and two of her friends transitioned, and then my little cousin and my best friend’s sister transitioned, and then the ‘hot alt girl’ from high school transitioned, and then I dated a guy for about a week and a year later they transitioned… all HRT at several have had sexual reassignment (one only removed their testicles) and what I’ve noticed is that almost all of them had pretty healthy social lives. Most of them became super aggressive and toxic and had opinions like this. I don’t think it’s anti-social behaviour, I think it’s fashionable and if you’re between the ages of 14-29 you’re very likely to run into people like this IRL


Jesus where do you hang out. I’ve encountered one person at work who is *probably* trans but I’m not even sure. Other than that I know no-one who is trans. Lots of gay folks though.


Seriously. I met one trans person and one suspected trans person in 40 years of being alive. Op lives in some sort of trans factory. (I've lived in Portland, San Francisco, and Chicago so I've probably seen many a trans person in passing but as far as actually meeting, just the one, maybe two.)


They're not traumatized. Pretty much every study has shown that trans women, especially white trans women, have the lowest rates of violence of any demographic. They're not traumatized bc they're trans. They're attention seeking narcissists.


"I'm a lesbian because I love dick!" Well, there it is - the dumbest shit I've seen in print.


Funny, I’m a lesbian because I *don’t* like dick!


Stop making sense like that, you bigot!


You're just *not* biologically female. That's the whole point of it, to differentiate between biological female and trans woman. How can they expect people to tolerate any of this madness?




They expect to force us to tolerate it.


I guess drake wasn't lying when he said "yeah I know you're lesbian girl me too"




ikr. they're becoming more and more anti-feminist and it's so weird.


not only that, they’re becoming more and more just straight up anti-woman. the way they bully cisgender women and belittle them because they have vaginas, publicly call out true lesbians for not wanting to date them, and all around just view the female body as a sexual organ is legitimately misogynistic and it’s awful.


spot on. it's legitimately creepy to see incel men on Twitter claim that they're better women than cis (normal) women. Like, no, you're not a "better woman" you're quite literally a man. Full stop. it's astonishing how quickly progressives turn their back to themselves


If that's what a "woman" is now I'd rather be a trash bag.


It really bothers me how TRA's, men in dresses are treating actual biological women. It's just another way for incels to treat women like shit but with extra steps. As a male I can never imagine what it's like to go through pregnancy, have heavy periods, walk the streets in fear of being attacked. Women to me as a collective are wonderful human beings (not simping) and deserve to be treated with respect. Don't let these pieces of shit bring you down. You will always be more of a woman than those trash bags.


Thank you. If there's anything positive I can say about all this gender nonsense, it's that it's brought me into contact with lots of men who are awesome and genuinely care about the people around them - women and girls included.


When people are lauded for flying their insane views, it's sometimes hard to notice the quiet ones just living their lives.


1) Trans Women are biologically female 2) If you have a dick you are even more biologically female 3) If you disagree with previous statements you are biologically a trash bag 4) Is a lesbian due to a love of dick ​ So this is just a gay dude with tits.


Who calls himself a lesbian?


Correct. When words mean nothing calling them a man lesbian shouldn’t be insulting.


it's really hard to have compassion for people with cluster b personality disorders


Bro shouldn't seethe so much.


God we are literally in idiocracy


I wish. In idiocray, they knew they were dumb and when they came across a smart person, they wanted to follow him to a better future. This world is worse than that


Tumblr should be deleted


This is Twitter. Tumblr is dead since the NSFW ban.


And...this is why so many people who previously voted Dem will not in the midterm and presidential elections in the US as long as Trump is not placed as a front runner by the RNC. As someone who has had to "deal" with these "people" as clients previously in the medical field and psych fields, we are done. And I am certain, I speak for the majority of people in psych and medical fields. We are done. This is not a minority, This is the majority. They all speak like lunatics in doc and psych offices. Almost all of them, all of the time. And myself, like others, were on the sides of these people. Not anymore.


I'd be curious to know your professional view on the state of the science. In the last year or so I've gone from assuming there was some scientific legitimacy to the claims of trans ideology to wondering if their shouting that science supports their view is like a christian shouting the same thing about creationism. In other words - all groups currently recognize the authority of science and so try and claim it agrees with what they believe.


Most of the science that the trans brigade likes to spout has no or very little basis in reality. Brain sex is basically not a thing, there isn't really any difference between male and female brains except for a small size difference. Sex isn't a spectrum, there are two sexes, male and female, and intersex people for the most part can be easily classified as one of the two. I could go on. Several scientists and science publications have gone into the trans propaganda, probably out of self preservation or wanting to be trendy, but they're wrong. eta: I forgot about medications, there isn't much long term study on what hormone blockers and cross sex hormones do to a body, lack of data doesn't mean they are safe it just means that we don't know what the long term effects might be.


> And...this is why so many people who previously voted Dem will not in the midterm and presidential elections in the US as long as Trump is not placed as a front runner by the RNC. So...you're saying that the Dems will still win in 2024, and 2028, and 2032, and honestly until Trump drops dead and when he dies, they'll run another Trump family member or MAYBE Tucker Carlson. Got it. Yeah- the only way this is ever going to end is for all the silent majority in the center to realize the extremists have overtaken the two parties, form a centrist party in the middle to counteract it, and go from there...and even then, since that silent majority is perfectly aware elections are "Giant douche vs. Turd sandwich, any third party has no hope of winning and throwing your vote away, the only thing people can do is basically choose the most important of the battleground issues that both parties will always differ on like abortion, choose your feeling on that issues, hold your nose and vote for the party that supports your side on it, then go home and have a good cry you actually voted to let that POS run the country."


"Whatev. Now get out of the trash bag bathroom, no one wants you here."


This person is mentally ill.


I want to turn twitter off for the entire world, for like a week, and see what happens.


She’s a lesbian with a girl dick that also likes girl dick which makes her more lesbian than the most lesbiany lesbian that’s ever lived it’s really not that hard to understand ok sweaty? Die and go to hell


Social Media was a mistake


I keep seeing the term 'Terf' but didn't know what it meant. After looking it up, I see it's just a nonsense term for women who disagree with him.


Ahh I love how absurd these people are becoming. Can't wait for the backlash to occur.


Trains will scream and cry for years hoping they can appear to be a woman even for a moment, then turn around and tell women they are ugly and inferior.


> *“Words don’t mean anything anymore”* Pretty much, yeah — their approach has been to claim words mean different things to suit whatever argument they’re trying to win. X word has been used forever to mean Y? Well now it means Z and if you disagree we’ll call you a bigot and drag your reputation through the muck. It’s appalling how effective this strategy’s been. Don’t get me started on the censorship practices sites like Reddit and Twitter engage in to silence opposition, it’s disgusting.


The mental gymnastics just to avoid the fact that he is just a “boring” gay guy are astonishing.


I bet he's straight and calls himself a "lesbian"


Sorry guys I have to unsubscribe from this sub now. The only time i see cringy tweets like this is from this subreddit. That means you guys are doing an amazing job but damn I can't keep up anymore.


I don't understand any of these posts. It's like they live in an alternate reality.


It's time to shut down twitter.


Probably a troll... I hope


I found their actual Twitter because I was curious. It's not a troll, unfortunately.




Or a survivor of some kind of abuse. You don't get to this through normal means.


My experience has been that the only trauma these people have actually suffered is a set of raging narcissistic expectations that crashed hard against adulthood at some point.


It's OK. You can say you're a gay man.


Calling a transgender female a biological female is like calling a Toyota car a Lamborghini car. Could they not learn?


It's LITERALLY a FACT!1!1! DON'T question IT though !1!!!2🤬🤬🤬 Bunch of clowns


My one question is why is is only trans women doing this ? I've never seen a trans dude say "if you're a gay man who doesn't like vagina you're transphobic" or saying they're better men than cis men or shit like that, why is that ?


yea transexuality definitely isn't spawned from mental illness


Ngl I used to say these people should just be left alone and live their peaceful lives but these kind of tweets just make me angry against all trans people


Let's hear it for the party that Fucking Loves Science, folks!


Honestly I love seeing them petulantly screaming into the void, convincing no-one, including themselves, of any of the bullshit they put out. Obviously they know deep down that they are irrelevant NPCs and in no way an authority or arbiter of anything.


Biologically you are false.


This just wow, so I guess words mean nothing and if that’s the case then why do they need to identify as anything, after all by there own logic those words don’t mean anything. Did they skip biology or something


The fuck does 'biologically' even mean?


At least when I say stupid shit I don’t broadcast it to 100s of people with my real face on the account


Ooh! Magical thinking! Ok let's try it. I AM A BILLIONAIRE BECAUSE I SAY SO!


Then nobody is transphobic, because they won’t self identify as what you call them either. Problem solved- we’re all just nobodies again.




Then no need for transitioning. No need for hormones, plastic surgery, sex changes, etc.


I dont care for trans people, i just hate that they have to re-write facts and history to fit their agenda. You were born a man and want to be a woman? Cool, we have the technology. But its still a body modification, not a biological fact that you are a woman.


Meat eaters are biologically vegan, all of those of us who eat meat are more biologically vegan than vegans, and if you wanna argue you are biologically a trash bag. In fact I'm not just a vegan that likes meat, I'm a vegan because I LOVE MEAT. BITE ON THAT MEAT EATERS... or something like that.


Im pansexual, lemme sneak up in ur kitched and *bang* some of ur pans please


Why use words if the have no meaning? Why not just roll your face on the keyboard? It will have the same effect if real words mean anything you want them to


Another word for gatekeeping is boundaries. If we don't set boundaries on the meaning of words, they can mean whatever we want. The consequence of which is that words no longer have meaning and you can no longer convey a message in any clear or meaningful way. If red can mean both red *and* blue, then how do you know which is which? Gatekeeping isn't done to oppress. Boundaries are set on the distinctions defined.


At what point do you call it a mental illness? I'm all for acceptance but a clear lines need to be drawn for what should be accepted and straight up mental holocaust, if not this happens. Are we gonna start calling dogs more human than human now and start claiming that any sign of intelligence is just a social construct and we are all wild animals in an enlarged zoo called earth.


Valid my ass.


As you wish…




Fellas, is it trash to have common sense?


I think it's time we open up our mental institutions again.


You can’t just put random words together in any order you want


How come these sorts of incels can sexually harass women?


They are higher on the progressive stack.


Words still hold their meanings. Delusional and jackass have the same meanings today they did in 1960.


Have we reached the epitome of mental illness stupid clownery?


it belongs in a padded room.


Idk why so many people don't know what "literally" means


Fuck it I was willing to play the make believe game to a point and this is where it got us. I’m not playing their fucking games anymore.


I only like women and hate dick. Guess that makes me a terf even though I completely support trans people 🤪


Same, girl. You really can’t even joke about licking pussy on a lesbian sub anymore… the fetishist agp “trans women” flock to the comments section, furiously stroking their wieners, desperate for someone to say “but girl cock! What about dick!?! Lesbians like dick, right???” Just sad and pathetic. Leave lesbians (and actual trans people) alone.


You know, at the end of the day, they can say what they want to say, label it, you, them whatever, but nothing is gonna change the fact that I don't care about any of those things, and that's what upsets them the most, unaffiliated apathy, when they don't know what your intentions, opinions and motives are. I'm living rent free in these people's minds 24/7, I guarantee it's people like me they're targeting with these posts, either that or some poor sod who had thrown reality out the window.




Nope, they absolutely call themselves women. Actual women they call "cis" or "front-hole haver" or "body with a vagina." It's a fetish. They think of themselves as the only "real women" because they're incapable of seeing actual women as human beings, they think we're just a concept men invented.


They demonstrably do not identify with real women. But they also want to forcibly erase women so that they can take their places as the new-female and force everybody to accept it.


Isn't this person a trashbag for trying to argue that they are biologically female? If we can't argue who is biologically female and who isn't then neither should they right?


They still do. Regardless of Twitter says. We are reaching the apex of the cultural marxists "revolution" and this is what it looks like. We are being told in no small term that our science is wrong. That what our eyes see and our ears hear is an untruth. That empirical evidence and biology make no difference. That 2+2=5. And so many are falling for it. But so many more are pushing back. The cultural marxists have been pushing for so long to develop a process by which they can create a "consensus reality," and on social media they have found their process. Social media, controlled top down, by cultural marxists, can finally be the bastion of anti-intellectualism and group think necessary to topple the west. If we let it.


So many trans folks want to keep their heads down and live their lives. Then sick fucks like this pop up and make them all look bad. We have to remember these people are not common, just loud.


I'm sure this kind of thing isn't incrementally increasing hate towards trans people, it's a great idea to have an attitude like this.


Dude better pipe down before i clock him.


To be wanting people to be concerned about who they are and not what they suck and fuck, these people sure are awfully concerned about what they suck and fuck.


Retardation can also be biological, coincidence? I think not!


Yeah you may argue that you are biologicaly female but we all know who doesnt lie Yes im referring to X and Y


yeah, I’m out. No more pandering. This is just dumb. People are becoming authoritarian right wing with their trans terminology.


I don't think this is a case of words have no meaning (though for sure these people are re-defining everything), but this dude clearly knows he is talking shit.


I had sort of an epiphany last night about this whole mess. It really makes no sense engaging with these people, because I just don’t think they’ll be able to disprove the gender binary in the minds of most people. It’s like you can argue all you want, but I go out every day and I see men and women, gender binarying. It’s just really hard to disprove something that’s right in front of everyone’s face all day. So even though I have defeated these arguments in the past, it’s never led to a productive conversation anyways. I’ve had 45-minute conversations about this with hardcore believers who have done their homework, and it has ended with them saying something along the lines of “it’s just easier/kinder to consider trans women as true women, even if it is inaccurate”


"Words are constructs so there's no difference between anything."


Reminds me of that Happy Harry video- "All hail Steven! King of the Lesbians!" But yeah this person needs help with their obsession with hating women.