Chicago bar has live jazz/blues music.


I used to go to poetry readings at the Poetry Center through the U of A. I think Bentley's used to host poetry readings and youth poetry slams too, but I haven't checked into that for quite some time.


Words on the Avenue is amazing and happens the last sunday of every month. This upcoming event is the last one until the fall though. The best way to get information about it is to just search for them on Facebook or twitter. Anyone can participate and they often have special guests from out of town.


There's a poetry group which holds the tucson poetry festival every year at different venues, they may do other things too.


Do you know what it's called??


Just the name of the festival, in my last post.


Tucson has a pretty nice poetry following. The [Tucson poetry festival was started in 1981] (http://www.tucsonpoetryfestival.org). It was started by 4 like minded tucson residents that got tired of going to Bisbee festival. The [U of A poetry center] (http://poetry.arizona.edu) is a one of the larger poetry libraries I know of (44,000 volumes) a new building, and houses wonderful poetry reading from poets from all around the world. The poetry center has been lucky to have had wonderful directors that have pushed for expansion of all things poetry in Tucson. The current director is named Tyler Meier and continues the push forward. Check it out, it definitely isn't just for students!


Thank you!!! I have heard of the U of A poetry center but assumed it was for the students


I would totally love that


Do it! I found a few other places from friends on FB. Cushings st grill has live jazz on Friday 6:30-9 pm and Saturday 7-10 pm. And I just found at The Screening Room downtown there is spoken word from 7:30-10 pm every Monday!!! Comedy, singing all ages, pretty much an anything goes open mic!


The Screening Room also serves drinks and food from empire pizza and subs, candy, etc. so if you're anything like me and want to read your own art you can get some liquid encouragement there!!


When I took a poetry class at UA we were required to go to a few readings. I went to the ones at the Poetry Center and they were great (really neat building, too), but I seem to remember there also being some at Antigone Books on 4th Ave.