It’s unfortunate that the lessons we used to teach children are being ignored by adults.

It’s unfortunate that the lessons we used to teach children are being ignored by adults.


"If you give a mouse a cookie" basically has the poor kid spending an entire day pleasing a mouse who is never satisfied. I'd say that it's a good lesson about government spending, especially when we see how ungrateful the people who get it always seem to be. The kid of course doesn't even have his own money - he's just giving away the things that his parents worked for out of some misguided sense of obligation or maybe just to be popular with a mouse that will stop caring about him the second the milk and cookies run out.


Basing your morality on children's books is a great way to go about life.


>The biggest problem with progressivism is that there is no goal, it’s just constant change. It's identify problems and fix them. This isn't that hard.


It is for conservatives. They don't see most of the problems that effect most people.


A lot of real talk here The world is going to absolute shit...and it's just been the last decade or less We hit a good stride a while ago, then pushed way past, and came all the way back to trash...proving horseshoe theory


"The simple things we teach humans with tiny, unformed brains don't hold up in the real world! This is my smart opinion!"


Come now, this is pretty silly. Kids phrases don't represent the world... and also, "The ends don't justify the means" isn't a lesson, it's a belief. I certainly don't think it's true, it's a philosophical concept worthy of extensive discussion. If you think it's just something you teach kids to believe in, you really need to try educate yourself past childhood, my friend. Otherwise, you're just going to really embarrass yourself like you did here.


It's almost like real life is more nuanced than the quirky anecdotes and sayings that we repeat to infants.


Thank you for posting an unpopular opinion that hurts the warrior monks of the Reddit Orthodoxy. The reason why we tell children "sticks and stones..." is because it's true. Words can only hurt you if you intentionally permit them to hurt you. When a warrior monk insults me it doesn't hurt because I don't respect reddit warrior monks. Their opinions don't matter because I'm not a member of their perverted secular religion. You will never escape warrior monks and their purification rituals. So, while even the most powerful warrior monk with thousands of devotion points can insult me, he's too weak and flaccid to actually hurt me.


The fuck drugs are you on?


Copium, most probably


Dudes talk like this and then have the nerve to turn around and be angry at women for not wanting to fuck them


Of course progression never stops. Our needs change. The problems from 1890 are different from problems in 1990. Also its not hard to not misgender someone. That's just being a dick.