Money in politics is not as big of a problem as people deciding who to vote for based off of ads they see on television.

Money in politics is not as big of a problem as people deciding who to vote for based off of ads they see on television.


If you removed the money from campaigns, that means no ads and people finding their own info. You're trying to treat the symptom instead of the disease


Great, nobody is allowed to pay for any platform to speak on, making it so only the incumbent's name is known. What could possibly go wrong?


People who believe campaign promises are hopeless, but money in politics is THE core problem of the world.


Massive ad campaigns are a textbook example of money in politics. Bloomberg and Trump both were able to run for leadership positions simply because they had the means to, to varying degrees of success.


You gotta understand the point of political ads is the same as other commercials. It’s not about convincing you to vote, it’s about creating name recognition and controlling a narrative. Nobody watches and ad and goes “wow! I’m gonna vote for X candidate” or “wow! I will buy X product”. The idea simply seeps into their mind, they start to remember a name. When you go to make decisions, your familiarity with a name will definitely weigh. This is especially true of elections like Primaries. Even informed voters and consumers are prone to advertising for this reason, they are prone to the familiarity effect.


We are a very lazy society in so many ways. It's mind boggling how far we've come with endless resources at our fingertips, yet so many people continue to bury their heads in the sand.


That’s an unpopular opinion. Money absolutely a huge problem in politics. People do lobbying to pass some bill or get rid of regulations for business. It’s the whole reason we are in this shitty situation now.


Money in politics is like the biggest problem. It's at the core of everything.


The problem isn't that they have money to run ads. The problem is they have to appease their funders when in office.


There are great arguments to support your position (that money really doesn't matter much in politics), one of them being the complete failure of Michael Bloomberg in the Democratic primaries. Of course I see that situation as the DNC being so corrupt that not even Bloomberg can buy his way into the club because as rich as he is, Big Pharma, the Financial Services Industry, and China have far more money.


Yes money in that situation isn't a problem. The big problem is lobbying by big corporations to influence law though.


no thats cap, the richest people in society almost allways get thier way with policy whereas the every mans opinion gets mostly ignored.


But guess which politicians can afford more ads and airtime? The ones that accept political funding from super PACs and big corporations


Lol, you actually believe that voting matters...