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Bro, most subs are just OF plugs anyway. r/amihot r/selfie are two of the biggest culprits, I even play a game called "does she show her butthole." Most of the time, she does and she plugs her OF. Shits annoying, reddit is annoying honestly.


> I even play a game called "does she show her butthole." Thanks, now I'm going to have to play this lol.


It's pretty funny, it doesn't have to be butthole btw, it could be tits but butthole is funny to say.


Ae should form a Discord server someone will share screen and play this game online.


I would very much join this lol


I prefer starfish, balloon knot, turd cutter, O-ring, tummy Tooter, and the old classic gods blind spot.


Chocolate starfish is a good one too.


Balloon knot is the most graphic because I reminds me of those pornstars that have that ripped amount of skin from the daily grind.


It's not the daily grind that gets them, it's the 14 inches on man meat thicker then their arm that gets them


Reminds me when I pissed off my cousin because I said in a Facebook post that 'girls really out here showing they butthole for 10 bucks' and she had previously run a successful OnlyFans account and must have thought I was calling her out. I wasn't it was just a standard shitpost but it blew up in my family for months lol.


I thought you were being dramatic, so I checked. Top post was no only fans, but the next five had an only fans and four of them plugged it. I gave up -_- That’s very annoying, are there any other subreddits to avoid?


It was the same when women realized they could use emojis to signal prostitution. Even dating sites were flooded with escorts. Porn redirects are probably as old as the internet itself. Before Google you could use a search engine and end up with porn for dang near anything. Now algorithms filter it out. I guess that’s where r/rule34 came from.


Do you actually think these women are fucking internet strangers?


Are you asking me to create a new reality where prostitution isn’t common?


It may just be the wrong market, my dude. Selling panties is very different. Either way neither are wrong or bad.


It doesn’t matter to me. I know they’re not entirely the same, but it’s a similar phenomenon. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are OnlyFans escorts as well.


It's called dating apps. OkCupid is craigslist with an even higher chance of getting fucked.


..,for free…


Shits to saturated. These people don't realize that there's *way more for free*.


Agreed. “But it’s more personal on OF!” they cry. They are solely doing it to extract money out of you (the personalization), and I guarantee you the “high earners” there definitely have someone ghost writing the “personal” messages to you. Whether you spend $20 or $20,000… There’s no amount of “nice tokens” that you think your money buys you that will convince them to have sex with you. That line of thinking is sad (and creepy). Instead of paying to see someone naked (likely in a photo/video taken months or even years ago)… maybe go out into the real world and put in some effort? It’s just setting up a generation of folks who will do anything for the attention/praise and also a group of people who think they can buy your affection. What’s going to happen when people don’t get the attention/praise they used to, or when people become destitute trying to see someone’s nudes? Narcissists and fiscally irresponsible people seems like a recipe for a huge swath of damaged “forever alone” people on all sides of the gender equation.


Amen. Either go out and meet people to socialize, or use the internet and find free shit. I feel sorry for them in a sense. And these THOTs are taking advantage of them.


Eh, I wouldn’t go so far as calling people “thots”, but more just manipulative people who prey on weaker folk/exploit their insecurities. But those weak folk who keep throwing money at someone in the hopes they’ll like them… that’s just sad. Grow a backbone, and find your self worth… because paying to see people naked, usually out of context, no less… that ain’t it, chief.


You paint manipulative people who prey on weaker people and their deepest insecurities in a better light than the pathetic weak people they exploit. I don't fund any OFs creator nor sex worker but I won't pretend it makes me better than people who do. I'm more inclined to think I'm a better person than the predatory manipulators opposed to the pathetic spineless people. But I know it isn't so black and white, neither party in this dynamic is always manipulative or spineless. If you have a woman who needs to feed her baby and onlyfans is the only option besides prostitution or selling drugs I can't fault her. If you have some guy whose wife just died and talking to cam girls at night is one of his few sources of solace I can't fault him. It seems like it is a good thing almost, symbiotic infestation. Will manipulation and spinelessness be at play when this woman and man meet. Probably. But they are just playing their part until things get better.


No no, manipulative people are trash humans. No grey area on that one.


Tbf(regarding the first half) there is a sort of hotness to the exchanging of pics and whatnot. Some people LIKE paying, that's part of the excitement for them, regardless if it's about actual sex or just some pics. If you capture the people who enjoy the fantasy, then you have your market. The imagination is powerful and a lot of people are content with that.


they are looking for a sugar daddy.


Just like back in the day. Only technology advanced.


I think it's worse now, larger amount of men bidding for a lower amount of available suitors. any sane man would even bother dating in this climate.


And men concerned with nor just hooking up are forgotten to exist. "Where are all the good men?" They're the ones too ugly for you. A pyromaniac with a devilish smile will always be hotter than a good-hearted spherically shaped man. We are all guilty of this, some more than others but still. It is sad we cannot choose who we are physically attracted too.


They realize that there's more free, but they think it's hotter if it's someone they have a parasocial relationship with, even if that 'relationship' is built solely on the basis of the one cranking it giving money to the one being cranked at.


Plastic love.


Blow up dolls where the good ol days. They still exist but they've attained sentience and are walking around now.




And better quality and length.




> You just need to make it unpopular for them. Downvote that shit. If only everyone else would… the problem is even is they gain 5-10 new subscribers a month that’s a fantastic monthly income boost


I hate that whole ‘would you fuck a girl in a red sweater 🥺 shit


"Sorry, I only jerk off to maidens in the finest cashmere, get this whore out of my face"


You sir, are a man of culture.


If people being rude to obvious whoring wasn't outlawed by jannies I believe we wouldn't be in this mess to some degree. Having an inbox flooded with hate mail might just be effective to some degree.


I hate the ones that say something about only 10 guys seeing this post. Like they know damn well those posts get thousands of upvotes.


How to experience every OF plug ever: 1. Google 'titty drop gif' 2. ??? 3. Profit


>Men aren't going to drool like dogs and subscribe to your OF because you shook your tits at them (if that's all you do and I've already seen them, what's the point in subscribing?). Never underestimate the thirst of a simp.


yeah lmao as a woman i feel op severely underestimates how thirsty and desperate simps can get lol


Someone posted a pic of themselves naked holding a cold bottle of water with their OF link on r/hydrohomies, which was technically the right sub for it


They post in the completely wrong subs and when you give them shit for it *you* get downvoted. Edit: also yall hear about the guy who spent 10k to see his favorite OF girl only to get a side hug and she went on a vacation with her BF


This isn't an unpopular opinion, this is something we all are thinking but we keep our mouths shut


I suspected as much (hence the "possibly popular" flair) but it must still be a profitable business model cause they keep doing it.


Then we monke downvote cheap OF promotions?


TUO Squad roll out


I agree 100%. What I'll never get is the fact that people are actually paying money to see these girls naked.


Imagine how us mods feel.


f. my buddy got permanently banned from a sub called pussy for telling a chick plugging her only fans to show her pussy instead of her ass.


Try and catch me paying for free shit


This isn’t the fault of onlyfans per se. if OF didn’t exist, women would still be whoring themselves out on tinder, Instagram, tumblr (back before it died), etc. OF just streamlined the whoring process. Hell, I applaud the maker of onlyfans for creating such a profitable model and capitalizing on human nature. The problem isn’t OF. Hell, the problem isn’t even women, because women always do this, especially current year. The real problem are the fucking cucks and simps who pay and enable them. Stop fucking paying for porn, goddammit. For every man who stops paying OF and instead just googles “big boobs” and gets his porn for free, that’s less money going into a thot’s pocket. Do it long enough and fewer thots will whore themselves out on OF. Remember that it’s all about money. Stop the flow of money and people will change their habits.


Preach, all true. > Hell, I applaud the maker of onlyfans for creating such a profitable model and capitalizing on human nature. The founder of OF is worth $120M and only subscribes to two people, who aren't even pornstars, [they're rugby union flankers.](https://www.gq-magazine.co.uk/lifestyle/article/onlyfans-ceo-tim-stokely)


What an absolute chad that guy is


$120 mil seems like an incredibly low estimate. I don't know about OnlyFans but I assume it's similar to Patreon in that the users can make up to the hundreds of thousands a month. I feel like the creator would make excessively more than that.


It’s like pre ordering games


This, i don't get why people pay for porn, there is 0 reasons to do it




It's not just women, a lot of the gay/bi subs have guys who then have shit like, " It's hard keeping up with all the DMs, but I respond on my OF..." as well.


Yes it has. It's also ruined prostitution, especially on Craigslist.


Thank god at least the art themed ones like r/hentai and r/yiff don't have that issue.


Completely agree. They have also pushed out the majority of people who liked to post for the thrill of it. Girls or guys who found it exciting or enjoyed the riskiness of it to post to the internet. Now reddit is flooded by onlyfans promotions, which even though they claim it is more personal experience, seems hollow. I read the ama the other day of an onlyfans girl and she says it is a choir to produce content for onlyfans and reddit. Nobody wants to see someone who isn't enjoying it. You want to see someone having fun!


There will be an economic crash simply because supply is ramping up faster than demand. Once that happens we will see thousands of girls scrambling to get actual jobs because their dreams of living rich off of being moderately attractive and naked won't come true and then they'll blame men for it yet again. I'll just grin and laugh.


This is the first NSFW TrueUnpopularOpinion I've read that wasn't disgusting, so have an upvote for that. It is funny how porn movies were always described as being uncreative and having bad production values and music, but compared to your average onlyfans video they look like Titanic.


I've seen girls baiting their only fans in the milf subreddit when they are clearly 20-28 it's bullshit


Ngl you're right in that aspect, but OF has convinced some hot chicks to make nudes who wouldn't have in any other circumstance. Which allows ppl like to pirate.


Whores will be whores what did you guys expect lol


Society completely immasculates men and these whores are just exploiting that. Thus, men ruined by society ruined internet porn. Onlyfans is just a digital pimp.


Ugh I know... I hate most of the posts I see. And honestly most of the OF girls I see are fucking ugly. Since you said you like more softcore porn than hardcore do you have any good places to check for that kinda stuff? I have had a hard time finding things I like


In the past, I would've said something like /r/RetrousseTits, but it increasingly has a self-promotion problem as well. /r/boobies I believe has banned self-promotion and excessive crossposting for this reason and retains some standards. /r/FuckingPerfect and /r/goddesses are decent sources for high res, tasteful nudes. /r/perfectten is private unfortunately.


Idc if girls wanna advertise their OnlyFans w/ their naked bodies. It's actually kind of funny b/c why would I subscribe to OnlyFans when I've already seen you naked?? Oh well. I'll never pay for porn. Never. I'm surprised these girls can even make any money given how oversaturated that industry is. Seems like it's an express track to wasting time and feeling regret, frankly. But hey, their problems, not mine, I'm just looking to jerk it.


Exactly, how do they compete when everybody is basically selling the same thing?


Everything is too spicy for r/unpopularopinion


r/unpopularopinion is a shit sub lmao, im glad this place exists.


OF ruined much more than that.


I liked, and still like the sites that have large collections, that you can download, for like $20 bucks a month. You can usually download more than you could ever want, and then you just cancel after a month or two. The content tends to be of better quality, and includes new girls, scenes, etc. I also would like to imagine these people get paid, after all they are creating something. To your point though, how does only fans produce lower quality content and get more money than said sites? Because the pretty girl talked to you a few times or w/e? I don't get it. It's such a insanely bad deal for the person doing the purchasing, and the only conclusion I can come up with is you get drips and drabs of GFE. Whatever though. The people buying in are going to learn a valuable lesson this way.


I wish we would just hurry up and legalize prostitution. The flood of people into that industry would hopefully lower the cost to something reasonable enough that the average dude who doesn't want to bother with dating can still get some action with a hotty on a weekly basis.


OnlyFans broke the stereotype in just 1 year that men encourage and promote objectification.


Deep down, I think we all kind of know that intrasexual competition drives body image perception far more than intersexual competition, since most men will fuck anything half decent and women will go for the nearest male authority figure in any situation, but they'll find some way to shift the blame back to men eventually.


Imagine paying to see someone some thot naked🙄 I’d jack off to a Sears catalog before Id pay for porn.


Maybe I'm just a traditionalist but I only watch like 5 or 6 videos, all of which were released about ten years. I'm also in a stable but long-distance relationship so for me porn is about the dopium boost and lack of physical contact and not mental loneliness which may be why I don't care for all those new ways of watching porn.


I hope you get to see her again soon, man. :)


I wanna know wtf dopium is and how he gets it lol


Your premise is incorrect. Porn on Reddit has been ruined, not porn on the internet in general.


Go to pornhub or twitch. Take a screenshot everytime you see the world "onlyfans".


Why would I go to twitch if I'm looking for porn? More importantly, why would I waste time looking for anything related to "only fans" when I could look at the good stuff?


Stop watching porn. Don't pay for porn. Don't support sex workers. To them you aren't a person, you're a cooming money supply.


Porn ruined the internet


Men are absolutely going to sub because women shake their boobies at them. Maybe you won’t, but it works just fine and will honestly work until the end of time. Also who cares if people are plugging their onlyfans? How is this different than whatever they were doing before? Porn is porn and you can find literally anything you want if you just look for it. What’s with the onlyfan obsession on here? How is this the thing that annoys you? Seems like the perfect solution for anyone willing to sell porn/nudes online.


Their issue is with the saturation across the NSFW subreddits that aren't dedicated to OF itself. Unlike Porn, it's much more basic and lacks much variety so would be irritating if that's the only content that you see. OnlyFans is great, and those who subscribe to it can. But the point that you can find porn anywhere is ignoring the whole point in NSFW subreddits. You go their for ease, limited ads and clear voting system with up/downvote. Compare this to a SFW subreddit like Askreddit for example. You can find questions being asked all over the internet but many follow there as it's more accessible. If the same type of question was being asked repeatedly, surely most would be annoyed. Advertising your OF is fine, but the nature of doing it on a subreddit with so many lonely coomers to get upvoted is unequivocally annoying for anybody who wants diversity.


Yeah okay, this dude is upset with all the repeat content, not the fact that women can make money off horny dudes without ever having to sleep with said horny dudes.


I really don’t understand this opinion. How has only fans ruined porn? Even with Onlyfans existing there is still just so much free porn that exists and is uploaded daily. Like it would take more than 20 lifetimes to finish watching all the free porn online. What more do you want?


Whoever watches porn is a pathetic cuck


There's a ton of women cucks out there then. What a completely retarded take.


Yes, there are. And no, it's not retarded. I'm right and you're just another cuck defending porn


Ok boomer


Proud being a cuck that's addicted?


Some people have just become so normalized to it that it's not degenerate to them anymore. Every once in a while, ok I get it, you know? But the problem is like all things people find excuses to keep doing it. Kind of like jacking off, it's normal, but people who are addicted and do 3-4 times a day, find shit on the web like "oH bUt iTs hEaLtHy iT sToPs cAnCeR aNd hElPs yOu sLeEp". Porn addicts say "well everyone does it", same kind of shit.


People shouldn't lie to themselves and say that porn is somehow wholesome or good or even necessary, but there's a ton of irony in calling people who watch porn cucks, when relationships are the real cuckoldry in 2021. Enjoy searching for your virgin trad waifu though.


Curious - could you elaborate on your "relationships are the real cuckoldry" statement?


Let's take the axiom that humans *need* some form of sexual release to be happy (that may or may not be true, but let's role with it for now). Let's also say there are two forms of sexual release; monogamous relationships (since anti-porn people tend to prefer this route), and jacking it to porn (again, there are a lot of other options, polygamy, bigamy, jacking it without porn, etc., but let's role with it). In the US at least, we're approaching point of a majority of marriages ending in divorce. [Current estimates are that 41% of first marriages, 60% of second marriages, and 73% of third marriages fail.](https://www.wf-lawyers.com/divorce-statistics-and-facts/) The average divorce cost is [$15,000](https://www.businessinsider.com/average-cost-divorce-getting-divorced-us-2019-7). No fault divorce laws have made divorce extremely common now and the majority of divorces are initiated by women. In comparison, porn can be pirated or searched online for free. Acting as if the guys who get their sexual release for free are suckers, if the alternative is a costly relationship that will likely fail anyways, is a pretty narrow moral high road to take.


That’s a pretty nihilistic approach to relationships.


Realism is often mistaken for nihilism in the eyes of the quixotic


It is really sad that clown world has gotten so bad that fucking porn of all things is safer than modern relationshits. 1) no std’s 2) no dealing with drama or infidelity of the average modern woman 3) massive reduction (if not entirely negated) in risk of getting tangled with gynocentric divorce courts, rape accusations, etc. And that’s just the beginning. Porn is bad, and porn addiction is dangerous and unhealthy, but it’s STILL better than dealing with modern relationshits. THAT tells you everything you need to know about the state of clown world.


you people live in an entirely different reality


Hey So basically I'm just gonna masturbate I Know..... UGH I know... It's just that I'm goign to masturbate is all HAHAHAHAHRHAHAHA HARAHARHARH


Lol bro jus mad he can’t jack off w out relapsing


*insert clapping gif*


This is why I prefer Japanese porn. Despite 99% of them are heavily censored, at least the actresses are acting like professionals without losing any sense of intimacy.


Dude you're complaining that they are lazy, if they wanted to work they'd get a job.


Well hey, they're making money. It's not their fault if some men are too stupid to google "tits".


Eh porn is one of the worst human invention in the first place itself


Oh noes, they is ruining my porn! Boo hoo!


I demand only the highest quality free services.


Based and porn-market pilled


Lots of coomers downvoting me :D


I mean… it’s just called self marketing. I think it’s a perfectly reasonable way to make money. Way better than the Porn Industry. Are you mad because you *could* pay money?


They make a crazy amount on OnlyFans, any of my friends that do it almost double their income. You can have your opinion, but this way works well for the women, which is absolutely a good thing. (Apologies for the alliteration)


You're welcome to your opinions but [the majority of accounts bring in less than $150/month.](https://influencermarketinghub.com/onlyfans-stats/#:~:text=most%20performers%20do%20not%20make%20a%20fortune%20from%20onlyfans.%20indeed%2C%20the%20majority%20of%20them%20receive%20less%20than%20%24145%20per%20month.%20) The girls I know doing it only have ~20 subs each. I'm certain there is a point where the time investment/economics makes sense (and that still doesn't change my opinion that it often produces crap content), but most women probably aren't there.


And that is in addition to the added risks to a woman's future personal or professional life because of her involvement in pornography. Women have lost their teaching jobs, lost spouses or significant others, and even schooling for their children over their past pornography. That is quite the risk for little reward.


Yeah and you can make money off porn for how long? 10 years? 15 years? Once your 19yo petite body turns 30, nobody would bat an eye. What if the interviewer googled your name before your interview? Do you really think they'll give you the job irrespective of how qualified you are? Turning to porn for making money is a poor, poor life choice


Why is that a good thing? Can you be more specific? Women who enter the porn industry tend to make more money. Does that make it a good think that more women are entering the porn industry? Additionally, the internet is forever. And there are quite a few horror stories about women whos past pornography has come back to harm their personal or professional lives. Do you think exposing (no pun intended) more women to this risk is a good thing?




$12,000 would be a pretty standard payday for a handful of videos in the porn industry. She wasn't stiffed at all (and least not financially) and has made out pretty well from those videos. Also, Khalifa would be a talentless nobody if she was on OF today, she'd just be another six showing her tits on the internet. She gained notoriety because a) she was in ridiculous hardcore porn scenes at a professional studio, b) came from a minority group and played a hijabi, which had little mainstream representation in porn at that time, and c) created fake controversy later on, claiming she was treated unfairly, which has launched a second career as a gaming/sports commentator, which is work she would've never received otherwise. I have to give her credit for reinventing herself, that takes ambition in itself. But she'd never have gone anywhere on OF today. It's sort of like how rappers hate Birdman and boxers hate Don King; these promoters are slimy people but the performers are lying to themselves if they think they had enough talent to make it on their own.


Can’t be fucked reading all that. And it wasn’t a handful, it was a huge amount.


lol nah


I wouldn’t fuck someone on camera for $1000 per video.


well she did lmao


\>Remember Mia Khalifa? She made $12,000 over her entire career, That is a lie. Stop lying. She made over $178,000. [https://www.ibtimes.com/bangbros-says-mia-khalifa-lied-about-porn-pay-adult-industry-stint-more-3008238](https://www.ibtimes.com/bangbros-says-mia-khalifa-lied-about-porn-pay-adult-industry-stint-more-3008238) [https://factsbeatfiction.com/](https://factsbeatfiction.com/) Why are you such a disgusting liar?




Lol the article above is coming from the source, yours is not. Her own employer debunked what she said, your article is just going off of her word.


are you believing a porn manager over a woman speaking first hand? That’s fucked up.


I am believing her employer over her based on the fact that she said $12,000. Amateur studios pay more than that, not a chance BangBros would pay that little lmao. Use common sense here.


Fucked up.


That's horrible evidence.


How so? Elaborate.


The first source reports on what BangBros *says*, but BangBros themselves releases no evidence in support, except for mentioning your second source. The second source is disreputable: it is not clearly associated with any organization, and by its own name, doesn't care much for professionalism/credibility. Moreover, it similarly makes unsubstantiated claims. Many of the "Facts" have no links to evidence whatsoever, and the few ones that do link to other pages on the same site (you can't credibly cite yourself).


I’m not sure BangBros can release her pay stubs legally, but ask yourself what makes more sense here. This huge studio underpaying AND lying about it, or Mia lying about it. Amateur studios pay more, it just makes more sense that she’s lying here.


\>The second source is disreputable: it is not clearly associated with any organization Wow reading comprehension is not your strong suit I take it. That second link IS A FUCKING BANGBROS SITE. Here a little hint, scroll down to the bottom and you can see the BangBros copyright. That should have been a clue... \>Moreover, it similarly makes unsubstantiated claims. Fucking video evidence is "unsubstantiated claims" Fucking what? [https://factsbeatfiction.com/miakhalifa-creative-control/](https://factsbeatfiction.com/miakhalifa-creative-control/) I guess you could even be bothered to watch a video either. [https://www.instagram.com/p/CD4sF9BH2Ls/](https://www.instagram.com/p/CD4sF9BH2Ls/) A video which as spreadsheets detailing the hundreds of thousands of dollars she made camming. Or that show she is lying about how long she worked in the industry? Reading comprehension. Get better at ait.


Double their income? The average is pathetic, around $150 a month, and that money stops when the girls age and people stop paying. Unless they keep a job the entire time, it usually cripples their future. Huge gap in resume, and they learn no valuable skills for once they stop. Again, this is only if the do OF as their primary job, if they keep a job during this time it can work. Supplementing is okay.


> and they learn no valuable skills for once they stop I'd say learning to market one's self and all the media stuff is a valuable skill to have - but I def agree with the spirit of your point, there's more profitable skills to have.


My friends are all students working part time, they make around £500 a month from work and about the same or more from OnlyFans.


These titles aren't even dumb. More so the titles that are clearly lies like : "Nobody ever upvotes me, am I fuck able?" Or "I will let everyone fuck me who upvotes"


Its a hustle. I can respect that they think of their bodies as sex objects and they can't think of anything better to do. Pornhub is still good though. I wonder if they will ever purchase OnlyFans.


Everything's too spicy there. Especially when someone doesn't like commies. Onlyfans is a degrading abomination. It should be banned.


If it didn’t work, they wouldn’t do it. You’re just not their target audience.


I've been sticking to hentai and JAVs for a while so I haven't noticed it.




Internet porn is pretty bad for you in general. > trash. Men aren't going to drool like dogs and subscribe to your OF because you shook your tits at them. I hope these girls aren't banking on OF to pay for college. Don’t underestimate the power of the simp. But, the median monthly take home is only $180, though some take home between $10-20k/month. Bella Thorne made a million in a single day and doubled that in a week.


Internet porn is trash anyways. I like to use my IMAGINATION (rainbow emoji)


This isn’t too spicy for r/unpopularopinion because nothing on that sub is unpopular.


Burn Reddit down




I will never understand OnlyFans because they're usually never nude what is the appeal?


Ruined is a strong word. Pornography is far from ever not being free and high quality. If we are talking about reddit though, yes. I'll be on rather innocuous subs like the ones where people post to get drawn, OF links in bio were as ubiquitous as they are now. I'm fearful this is going to come back to bight people in the butt, it's your prerogative as an individual in what you choose to do but you should know how many doors you are slamming shut in the future. The internet if forever (kinda) and you are forfeiting a lot of jobs who would hire you otherwise. Amongst your dating pool I imagine as well. Have nothing against those who do porn and wouldn't refrain necessarily from a relationship so long as it is in the past but a lot of guy do. Like way more than I believe is imagined. Peoples personal morals and concepts of modesty are not as liberal as they say they are, media is selling a deceiving idea. In a hypothetical where two girls were exactly equal and all respects and the only differentiating detail from their replicant like nature is one has naked (or close to) photos of themselves online (that isn't modeling) the girl without the sex work history will be chosen nearly every-time by nearly anyone.