I miss the days of the $5 footlong.


Nowadays it's $10 if you're lucky. I got it for $9 only because I had a coupon. Which they hated anyway, because they were scrutinizing the coupon for minutes before conceding that it was indeed valid.


Pro tip: download the app. Use the code FOOTLONG599, or 599FOOTLONG. Can’t remember which one. Coupon doesn’t expire, unlimited uses. You’re welcome


Wow, thanks for the life pro-tip!


And the best part is they can’t auto tip for you on the app.




> Pro tip: download the app. Use the code FOOTLONG599, or 599FOOTLONG. Can’t remember which one. Coupon doesn’t expire, unlimited uses. You’re welcome Sadly, not available at all locations. I just signed up as a new app user and was told the coupon was not valid.


Ah, sorry. I’ve used it at probably a dozen different locations across multiple states so I figured it would work anywhere. Sorry bud 😞


No worries. It was worth a shot.


It can differ location to location. Two subways in my town, one will accept coupons and one does not. Bet you can guess which one gets my business


FOOTLONGMEAL gives you a 7.99 meal


Also FREESUB should work for buy one get one free.


🏆 for you my friend


I love you! Imma do this tomorrow!


IT WORKED!!! Thank you! ❤️


Also, doesn’t work with the melts. Unfortunately


Yeah because for some reason a foot long melt isn’t a foot long sandwich 😒 Thanks subway


Yeah it’s really stupid. I was so happy thinking I was gonna get me two melts…:(




My footlong the other day was $13 something!


Was it just the footlong, or did you also make it a meal? $13 sounds too expensive.


You know what. I think it might be because I added bacon. It was a turkey and bacon footlong. That’s probably what it was…still a fucking ripoff.


Yes, that made more sense.


Damn. Our footlong just for a classic 12" sub no combo is $10.50 tax included.


Order online and use the FREESUB code. It’s for a bogo classic footlong. They don’t advertise the code but I have used it more than once, as recent as last week.


This worked for me too!! Thanks for the tip!


Was there a breakdown of tip on your receipt? If you had a coupon, perhaps the discrepancy was paying the full tax on the original price (before coupon). That happens a lot.


No, receipt clearly had a tip line amounting to exactly 18% of the post-tax total.


For grins contact corporate, tell them what happened and ask them if Subway is now charging a mandatory tip of 18%. Worst that happens is nothing. If they aren’t then possibly they will send you coupons. If it happens again just say oh there must be a mistake as I didn’t authorize a tip. Should only take them a minute to cancel and re-ring the sale.


I would definitely do that because that would infuriate me. I always tip but if some jerkoff entered a tip FOR ME, without my consent, I would have flipped out.


Post-*Malone* tax total😏 Sorry


>Nowadays it's $10 if you're lucky. No way is that worth.


the subway near me no longer takes coupons :( too expensive without them


I remember losing so much weight with that deal back in 2005! My aunt worked as a manager at subway and would give me a free basic ham and cheese sandwich every day as payment for driving her to the bank to drop off the mid day deposit since she didn't have a car. She told me that she was only able to give me the free sandwiches because they were only $5. Any higher in price and she wouldn't have been allowed. Within 6 months I shed about 30lbs because that sandwich was all I had to eat every day. As a single mother my kid ate before I did and I couldn't afford much. I made too much money to qualify for food stamps and yet I wasn't making enough money to buy us a lot of food. So it all went to my daughter. Good times! Smh


My husband took his two kids to subway recently. Three footlongs was over $40 before tip. We can take all four of us to the sit down fast casual teriyaki place for $50. I know all the prices are going up, but Subway is going up faster than anything else. Plus, the franchise locations don't have to participate in the national promotions if they don't want to, and none of the Subways in our small town do.


Mine the other day was $18.30


The social norm is don’t force a tip. You need to make sure the rule is followed. Stop being afraid to be rude in the face of rudeness. You’re not.


In theory, yeah, I agree with you 100%. It was a bit tough to stand my ground when it was sprung upon me. I promised myself, no next time. I feel almost a sense of shame for not asking him to take it off. My mom didn't raise me to be this timid.


IDK where you're at but I work at a Subway and our machine isn't set up like that. We cannot add the tip to people's total from our side. It would be the owner of that particular location that has their register setup to automatically add the tip to your order. Also, I noticed thru some of the comments that the pricing is a lil higher than where I'm at too. So pricing is also set by the person who owns that location as well. Our cheapest footlong is just under $6 here where I work. If you have the app, you will be sent offers thru the app to place an order almost weekly.


Also, if you order and pay on the app for pick up, they won't be able to mess with the totals. No confrontation needed. I realize a lot of these places have owners that have these unsavory practices, and it may not always be the fault of the cashier or the employee.


I just can’t trust a human being to make my sandwich without me being present to tell them to put more of this or less of that. The kids at my local subway are almost scared to put a reasonable amount of condiments, oil and vinegar, or enough pickles or olives or whatever on my sandwich. It’s so weird. I never order from the app. Does your sandwich actually turn out right when you order from the app?


About a good 70% of the time it turns out the way I want. I'm ok with the odds.


Exactly! We're so quick to blame the face behind the counter but it is always his boss that deserves our wrath.


Not *always*. Not all retail workers are blameless, though 95% are great. I know because I have fired them. I am a pretty chill and pro-worker guy. I really didn't like firing people but some people.....not a huge issue.


It happens. It’s happened to me plenty. When something like this is sprung on you it’s ridiculous to expect yourself to respond perfectly. Now you know. I’m getting anxious just thinking about all the times this has happened to me. Then I think of all the times I didn’t let shit slide and feel better. You’re human buddy.


I get you. You also don't want to inconvenience a load of people. Especially not expecting it. But now you are expecting it. Muah hah hah! Come get some, mother fucker. Let him know what's up next time.


Also consider that he's probably doing this to everyone else in line. So complaining verbally about it could actually be a real help to the people behind you in line. Someone grumbles "what's taking so long?" Reply, "this guy is automatically adding whatever tip he wants to the bill." Suddenly you're not the bad guy.


Problem is, no one wants up to hold the line, but people also don’t want to pay forced tips. I’d actually commend the one fellow before me who tells Subway to not rub forces tips in your face. They know they can get away with it because most of the people don’t dare to make an issue out of it


I'll be ready next time. My pent-up Karen is ready to come out.


Go back when it’s busy and make sure a few others hear you, there’s no need to be really loud. But, letting some more people be prepared for a refusal will soon have them changing their tune.


Make sure you record and ask for the manager.


It's the cashier that would be the cause of any inconvenience, they are the ones who added the tip.


YOU didn’t inconvenience a load of people, the asshole who picked your tip for you did. Fuck that guy.


I always think back to that one episode of SpongeBob where plankton was trying to teach SpongeBob how to be more assertive and not let people take advantage of you. Even though plankton himself was trying to take advantage of SpongeBob, he had a point. You gotta stand up for yourself in life. Never let people walk all over you.


Right, now I’m on edge too.


well HE would have been the one inconviencing them, not OP.


Subway isn't a tipping type job so you shouldn't feel off about it at all. These people are making at least the minimum wage (which is still too damn low), but jobs where tipping is basically mandatory are things like serving (where you are usually paid less than minimum, in exchange for tip compensation), or delivery jobs, where the person is putting damage on their own vehicle and having to afford the cost of gas and maintenance from their tips. So, to allow for Subway workers to force tips, creates a social divergence, in which we might as well be held hostage for employing everyone independently, and if we need to do something like clothes shopping, we're going to have to tip cashiers just for the privilege of taking our money. Slippery slope here. Don't be passive.


It happens. You’ll be ready next time. My facial expressions do not allow me to stay stoic or stumped. My “What the fuck, you crazy,” face immediately gives the eyebrow raise and lip curl.


Imsert your card and enter your pin wrong to force a reset, keep doing this until there is no tip.


No PIN required for credit cards


Order and pay online and pick up in store. Don’t try to play me by putting me on the spot, I hate that!


My mother didn’t raise me to be timid or cheap … and I would have struggled with this, because saying something about $2 sounds cheap to me, although I don’t agree with essentially stealing $2 from someone, because that’s also cheap and petty… I don’t know what I would have done in the heat of the moment, I think the most I would have said was “oh you just tipped yourself, excellent.” And then paid. I would have felt yucky fighting over $2 but also I would have felt like a bitch for not fighting over the principal.


Yup, I was just like you. Way too many thoughts running through my mind at that time, I panicked a little in the heat of the moment in the face of a new scam I never encountered before.


This happened to me at a concert.I notified my credit card that the price included a tip I didn't add and they refunded me the whole drink. Now I've noticed that the venue flips the screen around to make payment, so I'm assuming multiple people complained and they can't do that anymore. I would notify your bank on the principle of the matter.


Don’t patronize this store again.


Eh, don't be so hard on yourself, I probably would have been caught off guard with this myself (frankly, even many in this comment section would as well), especially since that incident seems like a very specific Subway location (most locations ask for tips, but don't force it from you, as it's supposed to be). If you haven't already though, I'd leave a bad review for that specific Subway location and never return there.


No shame. You did what you believed was best in that moment. This is what people like that employee count on. Now you’re prepared if it happens again.


Oh well, guess you wont be eating there again, so who wins really?


I feel like the more socially comfortable alternative would be to ask to see the itemized receipt before paying.


That is totally understandable, if it helps remind yourself this guy had no problem selecting the tip for you. They are getting what they deserve also screw these companies trying to put it on the customer to pay their employees!


Especially when it's YOUR money. You can tell anybody to fuck off if you don't want to give them anymore than you're required.


The social normal should be "don't tip". If you have a company, be it in tech, medical, food service, what have you, your customers are paying for your product and service already. Stop trying to make it seem cheaper but relying on human generosity to provide your payroll in the form of tipping.


This a million times. I hate it so much and i hate that tipped workers try to shame you for questioning the system. Like just make your prices higher and pay your employees a fair wage


If this ever happens in the future, ask for a receipt and submit a complaint online later. It’s a bad business practice to add a tip without customer consent. This guy probably does it to every customer.


I did keep the receipt. I just couldn't believe it. And I reported it on the Subway corporate website. Plus a nasty Yelp review. Literally the last 8-9 reviews were 1-star ratings for this branch, and there were a couple where they claimed this location HATED coupons. I used a coupon, which I guess they perceived as a "fuck you," so maybe that's why they wanted to fuck me right back.


Sometimes they ring it up using their own coupon while charging you full price, and they keep the difference..so if you use a coupon, they can't do that


Well too bad, if they're a franchisee, they're legally/contractually obligated to accept coupons. Nobody forced them to open a Subway franchise.


After reading this, I’m willing to bet that the management kept the tip and not the sandwich artists or whatever they are calling themselves.


If you paid with a credit card, contest the tip with your credit card company. You didn’t authorize an 18% tip.


This is probably the best answer. If even a few customers did that they'd likely have to stop under threat of losing their merchant account. CC companies hate merchants with lots of chargebacks.


I always pick no tip unless it's a restaurant with a waiter or otherwise place where a tip is appropriate. I had a clerk sell me water at a concert ($5) with a screen asking for a tip? A tip? For what? What service did you do for me other than up charging me 3000% for water?


Well be extra vigilant next time. There might not even be a tip screen anymore in the future.


Did you get a receipt ? Did it show up on there


Yes, I did. Yes, it did.


Tipping culture has gone off the deep end. Since when I do need to tip on takeout?


I was happy to tip on takeout in 2020 when that's all restaurants could do, but now, ain't no way I'm tossing in $10 because you put it in a bag.


Only non sit down place I tip is a burrito shop and that’s only when this family friend of mine is working


I went to go pick up food at my favorite local restaurant recently. To put it simply, this is just me walking to the store, going inside and picking up the bag I already paid for. This girl screamed at me, “DO YOU WANT TO LEAVE A TIP” very loud and in a mean tone. I just looked at her and said, “okay”, and picked up my bag and left. Her coworkers were telling her to stop talking too. It was disturbing because I just walked out of my home to that place to pick up a bag I ordered & paid for on the internet. Why was I suppose to leave a tip because you handed me a bag directly from the kitchen? You leave tips when you sit down. Not at vape shops, not when you’re picking up food, or in the drive thru. Two other places close by to the aforementioned store are also doing that too and I don’t leave a tip on there because I’m sitting in a drive thru. The fuck? I always tip well but these people aren’t understanding when to tip and when not to. You’re never suppose to ask a customer for it or the company forcing it on their bill like what happened to you.


You’re right, literally everyone I encounter wants a tip now. And I get it because inflation is up & everyone feels overworked and underpaid — but they don’t seem understand that the people they’re forcing to tip are also going through the same thing?????? Weird, honestly.


I order online for sushi to be picked up. I choose no tip on the order. They have great sushi and service, so I know the amount due before I pick up and get money and tell them to keep the change. This place was amazing during covid. They made a door with a big tote in it. You paid and they put the food in the tote from their side and then you pulled it out. They should have patented the design, it was amazing.


Are you in NJ… because our sushi place did the same thing 🧐 Edit: I creeped. Now I have to ask…. South jersey?


Asuka Sushi Mt Laurel.


FFS that’s insane. That’s my sushi place. I can’t believe I’m seeing that on Reddit… on this subreddit. Hello neighbor!


Right?!!! It’s seriously getting so out of control with the tip expectations. I was in a GAS STATION in San Francisco and it had a fucking tip jar.


Tipping at Subway. The fuck out of here.


Everywhere I go, they seem to want a tip. They want a tip at the Butchers etc etc etc.


Yes my butcher has a tip screen now… I feel bad making fun of them because they’re a small business and legit awesome BUT like…. Isn’t me buying my groceries there the transaction? What am I tipping for?


You’re tipping for America, son


As a joke, I once asked the woman at the DMV where her tip jar was. We both had a laugh about everyone wanting a tip.


I tip at Subway. I'll sometimes go early in the morning when they're starting their day and I'm ending mine. Of course, I know the workers pretty well now, so that does play a part in it. I've never seen them add in a tip on their own, though it does ask when you pay with card. Op may need to start asking for a receipt so they know what the charges are.


> Op may need to start asking for a receipt so they know what the charges are. Solid advice.


Yeah, but picking the tip for me kinda kills all the goodwill. Even if I wanted to tip, I don't feel like tipping anymore.


It's theft. Ask for a receipt next time and report them


I reported it to Corporate and also left a Yelp review. I don't know why I felt so scammed. Even though I know I "consented" once I scanned my card on the reader.


These are the times you need to let Karen out and stand up for yourself. Tipping is gratuity, it is yours to consent to and give out of goodwill. Dont let people forget that.


Yes, I should have let out my inner Karen. Gen Z just takes it up the arse I guess.


Every generation does. Millinials spent their time working retail hell. I used it as motivation to get the fuck out of retail.


Haven't been in a long while so I don't remember - does the card reader ask if the amount is Correct or OK? with a YES/NO? I'd have smashed that NO like nobody's business. I have stopped going to places that add tips automatically. Especially for take out. I have also stopped ordering delivery from any place that uses doordash or similar. I want to tip the driver that actually works at the restaurant I'm ordering from. Not pay a delivery fee AND a tip. Prices are high enough already.


No yes/no options, sadly. I guess it's implicit? Scan/Insert your card is "yes." Refusing is "no."


leave a Google review too... A lot of people don't even look for yelp reviews, but when I search a business on Google the reviews automatically show up


Because you were scammed. As far as I'm aware, at least in MO, US, it's illegal to fill out the tip line in any way without informing the customer (such as gratuity charges for large dining parties, usually only at dine-in restaurants). And it shows on the receipt at the end of the day which goes into a long list of past transactions. It's trackable. I'm glad you reported it, but you need to keep up to date as to what's happening with corporate and the employee. Edit: clarification


It hurts to be played friend, we've all been there


Yep, I would never tip again and make sure they knew why I wasn’t tipping IF I was desperate enough to even go back. No little dweeb is gonna fuck with my money like that. That’s damn near theft and they’re lucky I’m not making a scene.


Yeah fuck port of subs as well. I went there yesterday and after I ran my card it gave 4 options. Tip 10 15 or 20 percent. And then customize tip. Used to be a simple tip or no tip option. It took them all of 30 seconds to make my little sandwich why would I tip. I can understand on larger orders.


Yeah, so just as a heads up, he can get fired for this and he is probably doing it to a ton of people. Being that casual about it, there is no way that's his first time tacking on a tip to customers in a rush. It's also considered credit card fraud. If he is putting an unauthorized and undisclosed charge on your card, that is theft. They must disclose any and all gratuity percentages BEFOREhand (save local and state taxes) if a tip will be auto added to a bill. This is why you will see any gratuity charge listed on a menu at a restaurant. Fees and taxes, in the same vein, have huge disclaimers for gig services like Uber and Instacart to buffer for fees/charges/price differences etc. You have to acknowledge that you were made aware that the price could fluctuate up to X percentage when creating an account to do business with them. This is especially true in California where consumer credit information is protected by stringent laws that keep customer data safe and transactions transparent. I used to work at a pizza restaurant. I got promoted to assistant manager which meant I was in charge of the closing shift. For some reason, after hiring on some new crew for the school season, our tips started coming in at double and triple the amount that we were used to, but only in the credit card tips. We started reviewing the camera footage and watched one of our shift leaders writing in 1s in front of 0s and 1s on the tip lines, effectively making the tips go from zeroed out or one dollar to 10 or 11 dollars. We watched him do it to four separate tickets on a single night so we knew it had happened more than once. We were required, by law, to contact the customers that we affected in order to offer compensation and allow their credit card company or them to press criminal or civil charges.


I said it in another thread and I will say it here as well. If you have to manually fill out a receipt to pay and there is a tip line you write NIL as the tip if you don't want to leave a tip. It leaves zero room to alter the amount.


What do you mean to alter the amount? Do you still give your card and trust the employee to make the payment with your card? Don’t you do the payment or putting the card etc yourself?


not with drive thru window.


If you leave the tip line blank or even write in a specific dollar amount, there is the possibility the employee can "fill in the blank" or alter the amount. For instance, you can very easily alter "$3" to look like "$8" on a tip line. Usually, if I manually have to fill out a receipt with a tip line, I write *CASH* and ensure it's large enough to take up the space. If I do write in a tip, then I take a picture of the receipt with the written amount before leaving.


Next time, call him on it. Shame him in front of the other customers in line. They deserve to know that they're about to be scammed too.


Will do. Not sure most or even many are on my side though. Most people seem happy to tip for counter service.


You know, I am one of those people. I see a tip jar & feel obligated to tip or else I feel like a cheap bastard. But your post & these comments are seriously spot on. We tip waitresses at sit down restaurants bc they make 2 dollars an hour. & anything else should be for exceptional service or even short staffed with one person doing everything. Im not gonna feel bad for not tipping regular waged workers for doing literally their job anymore. I appreciate this post a lot. & I'm glad you filed a complaint, hopefully it goes somewhere.


If I was standing next to you in line and heard that I would be on your side. You are not in the wrong. I only tip at one specific subway in workplace because they know me and I’m always super nice and ask them about their day and such and they toss me an extra cookie


Well, the tips themselves aren't inherently a bad thing, and most of the research shows that tips, in general, are a net positive. In this particular case, it's not even tips that are the issue, it's an employee using the tipping system to make a fraudulent charge on your card.


I went to a place that had happy hour and their pizzas were half off. Great deal right, not until I found out they were half size and a tip of 25% was required. I got up and left. Fuck downtown Seattle


I would have called him on his bullshit and maybe it would keep some one else from dealing with it. I do tip and pretty well but it's at my discretion. And it's for sit down meals and delivery, not fucking Subway.


Subways POS can’t do that as far as I know. Unless he clicked it on the card reader idk how it was automatically applied


That’s what I was thinking. I’ve never seen a POS with the cashier taking the ability to add a tip. Anything that was charged, did not you to the cashier. Most subways are franchise, and fees/prices are at the discretion of the franchise owner. They probably have a take out fee (could be new). With the rising cost of EVERYTHING, businesses are raising prices and adding fees. Most don’t want to raise the price on the menu board, so adding a fee that you don’t see until you pay, people are likely to overlook it.


Seems like every purchase american folk make requires a math equation and the answer inflicts damage


Subway is as fast as any fast food can possibly be. Since when was tipping at fast food establishments a thing? I don't tip the guy making my whopper in the back of Burger, I don't tip the guy who is shorting me my two entrees at Panda Express. Screw that noise. I'm paying for my food, I'm not paying your wages too, that is your employers responsibility.


Dude, walk next time. I'm sure the manager will notice lost product if enough people do this.


The tip culture in the USA is absolutely ridiculous.


Fuck that, subway isn't worth 5 bucks let alone 11.


This has become common. Look at your bill. A waitress tried doing this to us at a restaurant. She calculated her own tip and put it in the bill and there was a second line for tip below that!! She put down 25% tip!! And she was mediocre at best. If we hadn’t looked at the bill she Wou have gotten a 45% tip. She forgot to get us water when we asked. When she brought the water she spilled some on the table and my plate and never came back to wipe it till we asked. She was very slow as well. We told her there must be some mistake. We never put down a tip at all. Please remove the tip. We will make our own calculation. We gave her 20% even though we got poor service but a tip is based on service so if service is poor then it’s a reflection on the restaurant. I take offense at their nerve to try to trick diners out if more tip $. It’s the industry’s fault. It’s time they made a living wage


If you tipped 20% on top of a bill that was already 125% of what it should be, then you would have given her a 50% tip (1.25 * 1.2 = 1.5)


this is why i hate going to restaurants with iPads as transaction devices


Good luck finding one without these days.


subway has a traditional card scanner tho


I'm sorry but I laughed so hard at you saying you lost to a Post Malone looking mother fucker 🤣😭🤣


Why the fuck would you even need to pay a tip when ordering something at a counter? Tips are supposed to promote a good service and the guy only made you a sandwich, just like you asked. Not making an issue due to social decorum? I would definitely make an issue out of it. If nobody does, you’re just keeping the system intact


I would walk.


Question, would demanding the tip be redacted make the customer an asshole or is it generally understood that you ask the customer if they would like to tip or not?


You ask the customer. Tipping period is I believe a terrible practice, however it is what we have and you are the bad guy if you don’t knowing that. But, it is the customers money and ultimately up to them, unless you are warned beforehand that gratuity is automatically added to the bill.


With the recent upgrade in technology and how we pay for things it’s becoming more of a social norm to be influenced to tip at places you wouldn’t have tipped at 5-10 years ago. Before you started being able to pay with your credit card on an iPad I’m not even sure if it was possible to tip at subway unless it was cash. I generally like to think about what I’m tipping and who it goes to. I’ve worked in restaurants for 10 years where servers make $2.13 an hour, so it’s customary to tip them ~20% of the bill as an average. Because the people working at subway are making an actually significant hourly wage, probably around $11-13 pre pandemic and $15-17 now, they aren’t relying on their tips to actually earn a paycheck, like servers and bartenders do. Because of this I’m less inclined to tip them. I also don’t know if the tip directly goes to the cashier or if it’s split between all employees on the clock at the time, making it less special. To directly answer your question, at the point of no return like OP was, having the tip already been selected, it would come off as rude if OP asked to not leave a tip. However, the cashier is definitely in the wrong and shouldn’t have pre selected the tip for them. It sucks when people don’t tip but working in restaurants forever I have never pressured anybody to tip, it’s always better to leave it up to them and avoid conflict. If they’re a good person they’ll leave an adequate tip. The only time this becomes different is because some restaurants have certain policies. Some places will automatically add a tip of anywhere from 18-22% onto parties of ‘x’ amount of people. But this is usually posted on the menu or clearly stated by an employee. We do private parties at my current job and we let them know it’s required to tip 25% of your bill, 20% goes to the staff that work the event and the remaining 5% goes to our event planning manager as commission


I wouldn't have paid it. If that meant I left the sandwich, so be it. Paying $9 for a sandwich is absurd, they were $5-7 just a couple of years ago. Next time don't pay it. You told another poster " you're the devil incarcerate" for not paying a tip for a sandwich, absurd.


As a person that was in the food service industry for 20 years I probably over tip. When I see a tip added on they now get zero unless it is a larger party.


ASK FOR YOUR RECEIPT, take a picture with your phone, send an email to subway's head office and complain that your local person is destroying subway's good name and you feel uncomfortable ever going back to your local store for fear of once again being put in such an uncomfortable position of being actively robbed by their representative. Was this their new corporate policy or is he acting on his own and what are they going to do about it?!


America really needs to abolish tipping, it’s messed up. Pay your employees adequately like the rest of the world !!!


This guy has probably been doing this to a lot of people which has to be illegal. Go back and let him do it again but this time make sure he goes down


I was at the new golf tournament and we were in the store and I finished paying for a hat and the guy flipped the screen to show a tip option, for merchandise. It’s gotten way out of hand


This is nice to know. I'm not paying 22.50 again for 2 little meant sandwiches.




For folks lucky enough to live near one, Publix has much better subs, at better prices too


I do not care bruh i will not be paying extra to some mf who forces a tip on me Stop being afraid to be rude, youre not




Yes sir, the great state of California.


Blimey hermione


I get so awkward at fast food places that now ask for a tip. Usually they will turn the screen towards us, have yet to have someone pick a tip for me. I dont like the fact that they "ask" for a tip and feel like if i felt the urge to tip someone because their services went well beyond then i would tip of my own accord- but since their asking me for one it no longer feels as..special? That sounds weird i know..At a sit down restaurant its totally different, i understand the whole tipping thing..But for fast food? It just seriously bothers me and just automatically makes me want to say no where as before id occassionally give a tip if i felt the time called for one or whatever. Its weird...The fast food places here arent even making bad money, their either close to what i make or more, as our minimum wage is being bumped up to $15- some placed are already making $15 + where im at i currently make $11.55 (havent been bumped up yet) but theres a taco bell thats making like $20 something an hour 🙄 i could understand if they were surviving off of tips is what im trying to get at (not that i agree with people making $2 and surviving off tips- all employers should give a liveable wage)- but they arent, and their jobs are paying them how they should..While now forcefully asking for tips, it rubs me wrong and i may sound like a dick for that.


That’s why I can’t stand tip culture. Tips are expected for the bare minimum and you have to opt out of giving one, whatever happened to opting in. The fuck do I look like paying someone extra for doing their job? Tipping culture needs to be abolished.


That's wildly illegal so.... yeah.


Should have said something. By not speaking up, you enabled him. You neither warned the following customers nor did you make the worker uncomfortable by calling him out like he should have been. Sometimes that is all it takes to make someone quit their shit. Call them out and they get embarrassed. Possibly even fired. Because that IS theft. It’s no different than me, a bartender, writing in a tip on someone’s credit card slip. It’s stealing. Tips are optional so if someone takes those extra funds without your consent, that’s theft. And he shouldn’t be allowed to continue it. That shit adds up and times are hard. Every dollar counts. Every cent even. You should at the very least call the manager.


tipping culture needs to end. Employers need to pay a living wage and not subsidize wages this way.


Well, just learn saying "no". It's that easy. Nobody forced you but yourself. Sorry breaking it to you but this is a you-problem. Good side, you can fix it.


A tip when you're ordering takeout?! Hell to the no.


You Americans need to start standing up to businesses that underpay their staff. When you look at it literally, yes the labouring person's money should ultimately come from the customers; but not in the sense customers quite literally have to fund those worker's living wages. That is against *every* principle of business related to wages and it is a backwards way to live. These social pressures around tipping, created to immunise the people who take all the money they should be paying their employees, breed greed (workers like the one this post is about) and resentment (If you have the money you don't have to worry about tipping, but if you don't it's not exactly pleasant finally being able to treat yourself to a nice meal or food you like, and then having to spend even more money partly-funding your server's rent for the month.) And you're all stuck in the cycle of it. You all lose the god damn plot when someone's discriminating against minorities or something but just mutter under your breaths about how WORK, the place that's supposed to keep a roof over your head and your bills paid, is INCAPABLE OF DOING SO and you must rely on a mixture of pity and generosity from customers to do so. Where's the outrage? The looting and rioting? The social media avalanche? I'd say it seems like you care more for others than yourselves but at this point I think you're all just trying to turn a blind eye to how terrible things have gotten. You're supposed to be the UNITED STATES, fuckin unite and stand for your country!


Fucking THANK YOU. I was working a cashiering job to keep a roof over my head and the $12 an hour base pay was miserable. There was a tipping option people barely used that my managers acted like it was adding a shit ton to my paycheck (it wasn’t, if anything it made my checks terribly inconsistent.) I wished that the business I worked for would just get rid of the tipping system (who the fuck tips a cashier anyway) and just fucking pay me more. It wasn’t like they were strapped for cash or anything. They could’ve easily paid me and all the other employees a few more dollars and it would’ve really helped me out. I’m now working for between 15 and 16 an hour, no worries about tips or whatever. Not only am I making more than at my old place but my check is always nice and consistent. It’s still not a great wage but this is so much better than whatever that was.


And this is the exact type of response you all need to give to these elitist pricks that are using the backbone of any nation (the working class) as stepping stones. Keep in mind that without all of you, their businesses go nowhere. They stop receiving the big fat checks and realise "oh shit, I'm going broke!" and boom. They must sell to new people or they are forced to clean their act up. *ALL OF YOU are the driving factors, the leverage you didn't know you had, and the certain victors of this battle against insufficient living wages. That's ONLY if you all stick together though.* Blessed be, may all of us make it through the shitstorm they call reality nowadays, unscathed. 👌


Couldn't have said it better myself 👏


I swear that must be why my prices kept changing at subway. Everytime I would go in I got the same thing, but the price kept being weird so I stopped going.


Nah man this is just lack of human decency, I feel bad for you and that you weren’t able to make a deal out of it because of the line, might not seem much but that’s not right


Nope. I woulda made him give me my receipt with the proper total, and then asked him to ring bit in. I'm not fuckn tipping on a subway sandwich xD


Honey buns are 1.50 now. World is going to shit.


Nah I would have made him remove it. His little snarky tone would definitely make me be a Karen. If you mess with my money, she will be front and center. I worked fast food and retail so I don’t go karen on people in general. I do speak up though. If I don’t, who will.


Same thing starts happening with the begging ppl and it's really frustrating. Just today I gave a woman at a subway station the change i had and she looks at me with an eyebrow raised and goes *is that all?*. I was on a rush so i dropped her a few more coins and then she asked me to go to the nearest grocery and buy her food for her kids, all while whining out loud that no one has compassion for a poor, ill woman, making me look like an ahole. I dashed out and prolly i wont travel with that one line any time soon. Helping the ones in need is good practice, but feeding their toxic behaviour won't do anyone any good.


As a server, I would’ve called him out. I never expect tips, even with really good service and no mess ups. Some people just don’t tip,it comes with the job. I’m big on only tipping services (servers, tattoo artist, manicurist, etc) I think I’ve only been to subway maybe twice in my life so maybe I’m just misremembering but making a sandwich is not a service. Either way, it would be wrong and illegal asf for me to tip myself on someone else’s card and I’m sure sandwich guy knows this


America is one of the only countries that expect tips rather than require/ add it to cost. It’s stupid.


You guys tip at Subway?!? I honestly don't know how Americans have any money, you're all having to lace so many palms all the time


No. Those are the times you say something. You work hard for your money. People can wait their turn until the transaction is finalized.


Happened to me with a breakfast burrito that cost me 13$ but was the size of slider, I first asked the guy how big is it and he lied to me showing me the size difference was about 2-3x the size. I saw the size of it before he wrapped it twice to make it bigger looking. I then proceeded to him ask for 13$ with me asking him " do you believe that is something that costs $13 dollars?" Obviously he said yes where I then answered back with "good you look hungry, eat it because im not paying for that shit". He banned me for purchasing anything as im laughing, leaving and entering the store across and buy the same thing for $9 dollars and fully loaded.


I work at a local kennel and the owner has me pay through a card reader on a phone app(not my personal one thankfully) Every time the tip screen pops up I *ALWAYS* flip it to them to give them the option but if they don’t want to I tell them how to skip it then just sign the next page. I am all for tips, but no means I am a begger nor a thief. That dude straight up a thief, I’m sorry that sucks OP :/


I would have asked him to take the extra so I can give him a cash tip. Then give him whatever spare change I had in my pocket because fuck him for assuming I give a fuck. Don’t get me wrong, I usually tip atleast 15%, but some twat assuming I’m gonna give him whatever he wants? Nah fuck him


We as consumers are now expected to shoulder the cost of employee wage gaps.


Subway is dogshit food make a sandwich it takes less time


You don't have to trip at fast food, Fuck that shit. Fat food workers get paid and hourly wage unlike waiters and waitresses.... No way in hell I'd be paying that... Fuck social decorum


stand up for yourself irl not after the fact on reddit


Where I come from we don't tip at all. We just have a fixed service tax and the government sees to it that the staff get that. (You can also decline to pay the service tax if you felt service was bad).


I tip but always pay the tip in cash. I would be upset if they picked it for me. It’s the principle. I bet the employee did it without store authorization.


I would use cash there. Go to an ATM and dig out some change ON PURPOSE


What are the taxes where you are from? Because $9.90 plus 12% tax is just over $11.


Ah, another reason to avoid subway aside from the cum-mayo


Just hit the red button. It'll back out and he'll have to redo it.


I would of just walked out and went somewhere else that’s him being a thief


Non-US here... Once the payment device is in your hand, is there no yellow/cancel button? Not to actually cancel, but to "try payment method again"? Then from the POS they'd have to send it through again, but device being in your hand already means you get the tip screen to choose. Could also call your card company and try to do a chargeback, that'd be petty fun!


Don't worry about holding up the line. Some of those people may not have noticed he was doing that. If you confronted him about it enough for other people to notice he probably would have at least waited until the ones present left before he did it again.


I’ve never been afraid to not tip at a fast food restaurant lol. Thanks for making my sandwich bro, Subway is paying you to do that, and I’m paying for the product and your time to make it. I’m not tipping


People at subway and fast food chains shouldn't be tipped, they are paid well enough to not be tipped. Save that for your server that gets paid $5 an hour. In MN you make like $16+ an hour working at subway


>I fucking hate living in this country Don't move to Europe, not only do they force the tip on you, you are *still* expected to leave a smaller second tip if the service was good.


Mr. Pink had it right all those years ago. Now we are at a tipping point.


I went to a small mobile hand car wash a couple years ago. When I paid the guy in cash, I needed change back. He automatically took his tip out of the money and handed me the rest. The nerve of this guy, I swear. He didn’t even do that great of a job tbh. Started hand washing my car myself ever since.