Can u press charges for that. If you can I definitely would.What she did is actually disgusting. Also break up.


I am looking into pressing chargers at the moment, I’m just more concerned with finding my cat and making sure she is okay.


Ask her where specifically she dropped off the cat, I would keep canvasing that area. We lost our black cat who ended up coming out at the end of the street after a week of being missing. Keep looking, it's out there. Make sure you keep calling her name in familiar tones that you would usually use.


KEEP LOOKING!! We found my dog after canvassing the neighborhood when he got lost in a different state. Take some sick time, give it your best effort. All you can do is your best.


You found him after he got lost in a different state? That’s awesome.


Now I wanna watch Homeward Bound and fast forward the part where Sassy falls down the waterfall.


I hadn't seen Homeward Bound since I was a kid, so I watched it with my kids yesterday. At the end when the kid says "he was old; it was just too far" just before shadow shows up, I was blubbering like a baby. My 9 year thought it was hilarious how much I was crying over it lol.


As a kid, I would watch this movie religiously. Yet every time when it got to Sassy falling over the waterfall, I would constantly cry and hope moments before that I could magically wish a different scenario for her. I was not successful in magic skills of changing the timeline.


Awww I loved that movie so much as a kid!!! Thanks for the idea—my 5yr old will love it!!!


get it in text and you have proof of it happening for evidence


Yes. We had a cat that disappeared and then showed back up 6 months later. We thought he was gone for good. OP, let every vet, shelter, local FB rescue groups, etc. know that you're looking Midnight. Good luck!


Tell all of them exactly what happened, too. There's no better force to mobilize than.pissed-off animal lovers. And file a police report and call your local DA's office. You are a much better person than me, OP. I would have behaved very badly towards that b---ch.


Get pet finder apps and put her on there. Do flyers around where she left her. I know people use something called Next Door for neighborhood stuff, maybe you can post there? Call the shelters. Knock on doors, give them a flyer with your number. Offer a small reward if you are able.


Nextdoor and Facebook. People would be on the lookout that way.


My brother and his wife lost their cat and posted flyers everywhere and people texted them when they saw him. He was running around with another cat and he came back.


My cat ran away one new years eve bc the fireworks and he came back early FEB. I had lost all hope


Maybe try putting out one of those humane traps with a sweater you’ve worn frequently, or a shirt you’ve worn frequently. I had a cat escape years ago and putting an article of clothing with my scent worked after a couple days. I so hope you find your kitty. ❤️


i would look near that area and around it ESPECIALLY AROUND AREAS WHERE THERES PEOPLE WHO FEED OUTDOOR CATS!!!! you’ll find find her! my cat went missing and popped back up at our has soon after!!


Thank you so much, I will definitely try that, thank you it really means a lot to me


no problem love, you’ll find her!! also try using something in that area that hold a familiar sound to her, like a treat box or a toy she loves! it’ll come in handy if it usually sends her running to you


OP, I’m so sorry this happened. I’d absolutely lose my mind if I were in this situation. I’m glad you kicked her out even though it does sound like she should’ve been gone for a long time. How anyone could even think to harm someone’s pet out of “rage” is beyond me. It’s an incredibly cruel thing to do especially as a punishment for calling her out for cheating on you. I’m assuming Midnight isn’t microchipped. Please microchip her once you find her. I’m really hoping she gets back to you safely and please make sure to keep your house secure in the case of further retaliation. It may seem overboard but I don’t know what your ex is capable of and it’s better to never have to find out than to end up in a situation even worse than this. Again, I’m so sorry this happened to you and Midnight and I’m praying for her safety and your reunion. Please keep us updated if you find her. 💕


Piut up posters, there are rescue groups on Facebook that will spread the word about your missing cat. I am so sorry! I love my animals and thiis breaks my heart


Take that ex right to the SPCA.


You should press charges right away so you won't forget.


Omg! Cannot believe your ex did that! It’s just pure evil!! I hope you find Midnight asap!! Have you also tried to put some of your worn clothes near the area and see if it will help to attract her??


Press charges and maybe it will bring some awareness to your missing kitty. My heart breaks for you. I understand & feel the same way about my cats.


If you haven’t already tried go at different times of day like right before/at sunrise, right before/at sunset assuming the area is safe enough to do so. You might also try going out really early in morning like 3 or 4 am. If this is a residential area knock on some doors during normal hours and let folks know you will be out looking for your cat so somebody doesn’t call the cops. The hope is it is quieter then and she may come out if she is hiding. Also physically go to any local animal services to look at any black cats they have. Be sure to have pictures of her with you.


If you do this, insist on checking intake. Animals in intake aren't officially there. Check websites like Pet Harbor too.


This is a possibility since pets are seen as property.


Not only that, but it is also considered abandonment and animal neglect. There are laws for that, she could get charged for it. I'd definitely press charges.


It would be a felony for animal cruelty in my state. Hope she gets the book thrown at her!


Yes. Animals are property and treated as such. Get her for it. Press charges.


Could potentially be animal cruelty and theft


She cheats on you with an ex and throw your cat away ???? DUDE RUN AWAY GODSPEED


Very fast


Well, at a good clip. Take a few handy things.


Yeah seriously and see if you can sue for emotional distress if you have it in writing that she admitted to kidnapping the cat and dumping him somewhere! Some states have laws agains dumping / abandoning animals!


But first you tell us her address because I’m coming to leave her on the side of a road she’s never been down before.


I’ll help. How about a street in another country, with no phone, passport, wallet, etc. I had an ex try to talk me into rehoming one of my cats. So I re-homed him. My pets and I are a package deal.


it’s gotta be another country that speaks a language she doesn’t know or else she can easily ask for help


Exactly, so she can feel the same fear Midnight felt when she essentially dropped him off in a new world. That poor cat, an inside cat dropped off far away outside is in serious danger. I really hope OP finds him.


exactly. SO’s come and go. pets are a forever type of love


Where do I sign up to participate?


You need a hand? Or a shovel?


I’m in. 😂


Run away? Smh the things I’d do to her but won’t voice cuz reddit hates it


I do like a bit of revenge, tell me more


No you really shouldn’t, reddit can and will ban you for supposedly inciting violence even if you’re talking about an imaginary figure smh


It's not inciting violence if you say you hope her friends and family find out, and she gets exposed for the terrible person she is. Or that karma does finally catch up with people, and sometimes shame and embarrassment are much better at punishing people than violence. On an unrelated note, I've also dealt with the reddit police before. They're assholes.


Yeah I got permabanned from AITA for a very obvious joke that was "inciting violence" lol. It was so stupid and clearly not serious, and now I can never judge people again!


Don’t worry man mods in AITA are pathetic neckbeards, they ban if you say something they don’t like


I'm not worried, I just thought it was really stupid lol. Who looks at the word "yeet" and thinks "yep, definitely inciting violence" lmao




where else does she belong really


I think even the streets will reject her


You need to find out EXACTLY WHERE YOUR EX dropped Midnight off. Exactly. Cats don't roam like dogs. From the moment her paws touched the ground, Midnight was looking for a place to hide. She either went up the first tree she got to or into the first hole or under the first vehicle she came to. Then she went silent. Cats can hide silently for days to weeks. She is waiting there for you to come get her. Dogs are often considered property under the law. Cats may be as well where you are. Let the Ex know that you will be filing a stolen property report with the police asap if she doesn't tell you EXACTLY where she tossed her out. No bs-ing around. She wasn't drunk. She knows. Then. You post on Nextdoor, Paw Boost and lostmykitty. Post fliers up all over the immediate area. If a neighborhood is very close, put fliers up there. Is Midnight microchipped? Notify the company that she is missing. Let the mailman, trash and recycling folks in the area know. Go to your local shelters IN PERSON and ask to see all of the cats they've taken in. Not just the ones available for adoption. The ones on stray hold, in medical areas, in holding rooms, etc. Leave your contact info with them. Go back every 2 to 3 days to check in person. Notify the area vets and urgent cares. Someone may bring her in to scan for a microchip or for a physical. Notify area rescues. Often there will be Facebook pages for lost and found pets for your city, county and state. Post in all. They're often very active. *Once you know exactly where she was tossed out, go to that spot as it's getting dark. She won't come out while it's light. Softly call and meow for her. Shaking her kibble bag and opening cans of food may help but don't leave food out! It will draw predators into the area. This may take several nights and several hours per night until she's hungry enough to come out to you. Take a flashlight with you to check up in trees, etc* Don't leave her litterbox out! Other animals may use it and drive her off.


This is the most informative post I've come across. Props to you for being so helpful


It's a volunteer thing I do. Help folks find their lost cats. The main hurdle is folks thinking cats are like dogs when they are nothing alike and behave completely differently when lost.


I have been through a lost cat. This is a great play by play.


Meowing is specifically a good idea. I was panicked trying to find mine after hours. She didn't show herself until I said her name super high pitched (because I was upset) and it came out like a meow. She meowed back and we Marco Poloed until I found her. I was so relieved.


I had no idea cats really registered you meowing as you communicating to them until I got my cat a few months ago! When I was a kid I’d “bark” at my dog and say I spoke dog (like every kid ever) so I figured meowing at a cat was the same bit but it’s clearly not and I’m so shook! My cat and I meow Marco Polo whenever one of us isn’t sure whether the other is just like in and around the house. It’s really interesting because like it’s understood that I’m talking to her specifically and her response is intentional to communicate. Cats are cool


Cats don't actually meow in the wild outside of being babies. So you're 100% right, it is their intentional direct attempt at communicating with you.


I don't know if the situation will ever arise, but I'm absolutely saving this comment in my notes app incase it's ever needed. SOLID ass advice.


We lost our super anxious cat in the woods once and I thought it was game over because it was already dark out. I came back the next morning and tried my best to look for him, but it was next to impossible. I tried calling his name again and as I was about to head in, he pops out and starts meowing at me. He was hiding in the brush right in front of the door the entire time! My cat loves food so I’m not surprised it only took him a night to realize that he needed to go back home to eat hahaha edit typo


And do it ALL over text NOT on the phone. I I would be saying that she needs to take you to the exact spot and not promise not to take her to court because honestly I would probably do it anyway. If he gets desperate then he can promise that I suppose. She also need to physically take you there and not give you an address.


OP needs to do all this, then dump your (should be now) EX girlfriend some place off the side of the road and never look back! Fuck that shit, if she can do that to an innocent kitty (YOUR innocent kitty) wtf does that say about her. GL on the search I hope you find midnight. Edit: I’d forgotten about the cheating cos of midnight! Seriously OP, fuck that, fuck her.


OP, take a couple of tee shirts or something that have been worn and leave them in the area too....she will smell you on them.


Médical areas is important too because I don’t trust the ex to have not harmed the cat before dumping it somewhere. If it was found it may have been in need of medical attention.


This is one of the best comments I’ve ever read on a post about a lost pet. I came here to write nearly everything you said, but you hit every single little minute detail I’d have included and then quite a bit more. I hope it’s okay; I took screenshots so I could copy/paste the text from them and leave this comment (with some minor modifications since it’s so particular to OP’s situation) to leave on future posts I come across (which I’ll start with, “some excellent advice I read on a similar post in the past…” /u/throwaway29374639 listen to every word of this. The only thing I’ll add is that now that your ex has told you precisely where she left Midnight, consider filing charges against her anyway. What she did is far, far **far** beyond the realm of things we do when we’re mad just to regret them later. It was absolutely unforgivable, insane and honestly borderline sociopathic (this was impulsive, lacked empathy for others, showed a willingness to harm others for personal gain, involved lying, was stealing/committing a crime and now involves what sounds like gaslighting in an attempt to make you feel bad for her and excuse her absolutely outrageous behavior and actions). She deserves to face real consequences for something like this. I cannot even imagine what must go on in the mind of someone that would even consider doing something like this, let alone follow through with it. I am so incredibly sorry and desperately hope you find Midnight soon. The only thing I’d recommend on top of the excellent “find a loaf” advice here is sort of camping out in the area she was left, if it’s safe to do so. Lie down a blanket and sit there for hours (after searching and calling) with a book or a movie on your phone and some wet and/or dry food and call out for here every 15 minutes or so, but otherwise, just be there quietly. If she’s near by and sees/hears you being quietly present it might help ease her fear and come out. Please update us soon. I’m so sorry. I’d go mad if someone did this to any of my pets.


Also, depending upon where you live, there may be a specific Facebook group for lost pets in your locality. Check it out.


u/Throwaway29374639 please try what this commenter posted.


I definitely will try it all out


Also some companies have thermal camera rentals that might help you identify if a cat is hiding in the bushes once you find where your cat was dropped off. If you live near a Home Depot, for example, they often have ones for $53 USD/4 Hrs. My cat escaped for 2 weeks while I was on vacation and there were several sightings right in the local area and I don't think she ever traveled too far. People online often state cats are too scared to travel much until hunger or thirst drive them out if hiding (could take many many days).


And don't give up. My cat got lost in a state park miles from home. I searched and plastered fliers everywhere. Eventually on the 41st day I showed up to the park to do my morning loop looking for him, and he was just [sitting at the entrance waiting](https://i.imgur.com/eancC1m.jpg). This was during winter and there was \~6" of snow on the ground for several days. Cats are tough. Edit: sitting not setting


Also, go and repetitively call her name-my cat responded after being away for a few nights. A humane trap baited with food inside may help too. I’m so sorry this happened :/ the above above is excellent btw. Please keep us updated!


Damn you’re Winston Wolf but for lost cats.




OP, I am your sister now. What's your ex's name? I just wanna talk.


Yeah your cousin here also wants to have a nice chat.


I’m OP’s mom now and I’m about to teach that disrespectful little girl the Old Country’s way on how to act right.


Hey Ma, I’m declaring myself OP’s brother now and I’ll be cheering you on while you do that 👍


Hey, OP’s mom. Iv heard a lot about you


I’m also your sister now and I don’t just want to talk


Are we gonna gloss over the fact that this chick also cheated on him? Why isn’t she an ex already?


I'd be more devasted about losing my cat to be honest but perhaps that's just me.


My ex-wife cheated on and stole from me (and stole from her friends and family too—don’t do meth, kids), and I can say being cheated on is 100% survivable. Hurting one of my cats would not be. (As far as I know, my ex is currently homeless, fucked on meth, and she’d still probably show up to kick the ass of anyone who hurt the cats.)


That and the sooner he starts searching for the cat, the better his odds are at finding her safe. He can hate that bitch later. No time for that now! Lol


Yeah, if someone did this to my dog I would probably end up in a blind rage and who knows what would happen to that person then (I do, but can’t say it on Reddit).


right?! like this bitch cheated on him and then the second she didn’t get her way she throws away his CAT?! A LIVING BREATHING DOMESTIC CAT?! i wouldve punted her by now tbh


Dude I think i'd be so enraged, the only way she'd leave the apartment would be in a bodybag. If someone did that to my fucking cat, I wouldn't have been able to control myself


omg i have so much rage inside me, if my gf through out my cat she knows shes gonna be missing very important limbs before she gets to leave my sight that’s for sure


Let's face it. There are people whoose lives are worth less than certain animals, and some people with lives worth less than all animals (rodents included)




Sounds like a psychopath / narcissist. Need to have about zero empathy and remorse to do something like that to an animal in order to get back at a person for daring to call you out on shit you did to them to begin with.


Really. I would be in a homicidal rage if someone fucked with one of my cats.


Use social media to post that you lost the cat and see if other people saw her… use groups, send messages to your friends.. anything that you have available. And go out looking for the cat and call her by her name. If she hears your voice, she might come to you. Although it could be that she remains hidden if she’s scared of being outdoors… I really hope you can find your cat!! :( Don’t stay in a relationship with such a cold person. Regardless of rage or something else, doing this to a pet (and you) is just cruel and says a lot about that person. Do yourself a favor and get away from her.


Yes! This is a great suggestion! If your town has a forum on Facebook, post to that. It can work! Blast it on SM. Make sure to add only to release cat to you! Your ex is insane. Like clinically unwell. She did this knowing it would hurt you *and* the animal. Psychos start by harming the helpless.


Post on any Neighbor apps too!


We have that in our town and surrounding area. I dont know if it's because we are in a smaller city but many people including myself have been known for going out and helping search for other people. It's a great resource.


WTF... What a cruel piece of shit she is for taking a house cat and just dumping her on the side of the road. If you take her back, what of yours will she just dump on the side of the road next. Tell her to her fuck off because no apology could ever make up for what she did.


Report her to the police


I second this. Call the cops and never speak to her again. That’s so abusive and messed up.


Please update us if you find sweet kitty!


I definitely will!


What a horrible thing to do! I hope your cat is found, your GF is not nice, should make her your ex. What else would she do in a fit of rage? she didn’t even come clean! You had to ask.


That's literally evil. We are well past not nice.


You did the right thing throwing your (hopefully ex) girlfriend out. If it's any comfort cats are great when it comes to orientation, I'm sure she'll come back. Best to do is put up missing posters:) it's gonna be okay


A cat is considered property in the eyes of the law, at least that's the case where I live. I would report this to the police. If you have any sense at all, you'll tell this crazy bitch to stay away. Get a restraining order against her while you're at it.


I’m literally infuriated. I hope you can press charges against that sick bitch. OP you need posters of the cat, and you need to start looking around in the shelters closest to the route that that bitch takes to go to work. Hopefully, someone found the cat, and took her to an animal shelter. Keep driving down that route and maybe have a mini search party to look around for the cat. Midnight might keep circling around the area where she was dropped. If the route that Midnight was left on has any signs where you can glue the posters then put them there (if it’s not illegal). Make the posters are concise with just a picture, a title that grabs attention, and your phone number. Maybe someone found her and took her home. I hope you find her🤍


I am currently looking into pressing chargers if possible, also thank you so much for the advice


I’m so sorry. I’m sick for you over this story. Hoping for a good outcome. That bitch is crazy. How can someone do that? That’s next level to take your anger out on an animal.


This ⬆️ and make sure you tell her family and friends what a waste of oxygen she is


Also if you have anything of hers, go and dump it all near the road too


Yes, a random dumpster, then pretend you don't remember because it was a fit of rage.


She probably does remember. She's probably jealous of the cat. There's unstable people out there who get jealous of their spouse's animal.


Respectfully, that girl is a c**t.




You mean your ex-girlfriend right? After that she would be an ex girlfriend.


PRESS CHARGES!!! She is a complete psycho! Post fliers! Post on community Facebook group. Call the shelters everyday and keep looking. And tell EVERYONE you know what she did. I am so sorry.


I am looking into pressing charges at the moment


I hope you're reunited with Midnight. I lost my cat in a fire last month. Was very very hard. Sending you love.


I am so sorry you lost your cat, thank you so much for the support though


If you’re in the greater Seattle area, I can help you look for midnight


I would call the police. She stole from you (in law, your cat is your property). What she did is cruel and she should face consequences. I would lose my mind if someone stole my dog!


I am currently looking into pressing charges or getting her in some type of trouble for abandoning my baby


was she chipped? if yes check with local shelters!!


She is, I will definitely try doing that tomorrow because all of the ones near me are closed right now


Call the numbers for the shelters as if like ours they may have allow messages to be left. Be sure to indicate she is chipped. Also double check your registration information with the chip company to confirm everything is current


Call local shelters and Vet offices! Put up posters!! Tell GF you need to know where she dropped off Midnight, or you are calling the police on her for stealing your cat.


I just came to say I really hope you find Midnight. Post on all the lost pet sites. Your local subreddit. Facebook, those weird neighbors apps, call local shelters. Print posters if you have too. Litter box out, all that. Don't give up! Also, change your locks and any passwords your ex may have access too. I'm so sorry.


Thank you, I didn’t even think of changing my passwords or locks. I’ll definitely do that


A basic door knob and deadbolt will run ya about 30 bucks at Home Depot. You can change it yourself in less than an hour. Double check what screwdriver you'll need while you're there. A cheap one is like, $5 if you don't already have one. I'd do it today. Good luck. Sending all my thoughts and love to you and Midnight. I know that isn't much but I'll wiggle it your way.


Let us know if you find Midnight. We are praying and hoping


I definitely will


I hope you mean ex girlfriend.


break up with her!!!! do not let her back in your life she’s a horrible human being and you deserve better. post pictures of your cat in lost pet sites like pawboost.com where i am there is lost pet sites on facebook as well maybe could do a broad search on there. call shelters and vets to see if cat has been brought in. hang up posters with picture around area hopefully someone spots midnight. good luck :(


Your girlfriend was a danger to your cat and yourself she needed to be put down! I hope you find your cat safe and sound.


This pisses me off!!! Go to that area and set out food and water. Call out for your cat. She should be in jail right now.




Do you have the Next Door app? I would post a story about what your ex did along with a picture of your cat and the route she took to work. Ask for people to be on ether lookout for your cat. I am so sorry about what happened and so angry on your behalf. Definitely see if you can press animal cruelty charges against her.


I do not have the app, but will try downloading it. I am also currently looking into pressing chargers


Check your county shelter. Put in a missing cat report with them (can usually be done online and includes pictures). That’s how I got my missing cat back. He spent 2 days with another family and they wanted to keep him so they went through the proper protocols, which for starters is reporting a found cat. Good luck. Your ex girlfriend sounds like a cluster B psychopath. She’s a dredge on society and I hope she goes to jail for this. Maybe if she has a record it will help protect others in the future.


Where I live people with the Next Door App are very involved with helping where animal issues are concerned, particularly lost/stolen and found animals. There is probably a group on FB where people post about missing animals.


This is completely awful, I am so so sorry for you. Lots of excellent tips here. Kitty is probably hiding/scared, and even if you were there might be too scared to come out. To give a little hope: I had a cat run off when we were leash training her an an unexpected car came by (rural gravel road). We searched for weeks, social media posts, posters. My kid and I eventually gave her up as dead and mourned. Two months later we got a call from a vet in the neighbouring town. Cat had been found! A lady had seen our cat fighting a snake, recognised she was a pet cat, and took her in to be checked. We were beside ourselves, had expected the worst. So miracles can happen, I hope you get your kitty back.


Any updates on Midnight? Wishing for Midnight’s safest returns


What kind of sick person does something like this. I hope you broke up this disgusting human being.


I hope you find the strength to end this relationship, that is certainly an unforgivable “mistake” if you can even call it that, so many choices were required to end with the cat on the side of the road, so many chances for her to turn around and undo it before it was done, it wasn’t a moment of rage it was several hours of bitterness and evil


You’ve been given good advice here already, but I just wanted to add: don’t give up hope unless you see a body. Even if you can’t find Midnight right away, she might find her way back to your apartment building months later. I hope you’re reunited as soon as possible, though! Oh and make sure your family and mutual friends know what the hell that cheater did to your cat, all because *SHE* made a mistake, not you.


Has midnight been found yet?


There has been no responses from OP in a few days. I’m still hoping for the best though


Go look for her! She's probably really close to where she was abandoned!


Break up with her. Cruelty to animals is something only the lowest form of people do.


Go put some food out and flyers where she dropped him off. CALL THE POLICE AND PRESS CHARGES ON THAT MF


I am currently looking into pressing charges on the asshole, and I will try doing that thank you


I’m so sad. Crying while reading this. I can’t believe anyone can be so cruel. The cat was innocent. Had nothing to do with this fight. Praying that you find your baby.


I promise you I can't even think of a punishment bad enough for that bitch!


Have you found your cat yet?


It's been a long time and I'm hoping no news is good news


YOUR BITCH ASS GIRLFRIEND NEEDS TO GO Go find your cat pls and kick that bitch to the curb. Omg I'm fuming I want to curb stomp her


Wow, that is some seriously evil shit. Please check shelters and put up flyers. Also, get your locks changed and dump your cheating evil ex gf’s stuff outside.


Get a dirty shirt of yours, something that you've sweated into and has your scent on it. Put it near where you think your cat was left off. Maybe put her favorite food nearby (NOT water, that will attract all animals. Cat food might bring rodents, etc., but water will bring everything). Your cat knows your scent. Oh, and tell that bitch's family and friends exactly what she did.


What the fuck is wrong with her?! Dump her ass IMMEDIATELY!! As for kitty: did he have a collar, chipped, anything like that? Check the local shelters and ask the folks living by where she dumped to keep an eye out. That’s just fûcking awful! And me and my 2 house panthers are really hoping for a happy reunion for you two!


She didn’t have a collar as she didn’t really like having one on and she would just sit there and try and get it off, she was micro chipped so hopefully if someone finds her I can get her back. Also thank you for the advice


Call Animal Control and tell them everything. Hopefully someone dropped him off. Then go file a police report. Incidentally she’s now your **Ex** gf. She cheats on you and then tries to kill your beloved pet. She’s dangerously disturbed and you need help dealing with her insanity.


She’s a horrible human being as well as a cheater. She should stay an ex for a reason.


Pls give us an update when you find your cat. All the best, hope you find her soon.


I will 100% update when I find Midnight


Fam….if you decide to off your ex…wifey and I will be your alibi. “Nothing to see here officers justa buncha wlw humans hanging out having tea and beers playing with animals. We were all walking the dogs and looking for Midnight…” I’m so so so so so so so sorry this happened. I hope you and midnight find each other again. There’s nothing like loving an animal and having them taken from you. I hope your ex has the day and the life she deserves. Again wifey and I have your back. Be gay do crime. Get revenge. 🤘🏾


Oh I am so sorry!! This is absolutely infuriating to see. I do hope you find your sweet Midnight and report and press charges on your abusive ex. This was such a cruel thing to do to you and your baby. If you’re comfortable with giving the area kitty was abandoned, I’m sure you’d have a ton of Redditors willing to help search for her. Totally understandable if you’re not comfy with that tho! I think I can speak for most people reading this that I’d do anything to help you find your beloved kitty! My heart is broken for you - I would be so devastated if someone did this to my cat - she is my baby and I would do anything for her. Please update if/when you find her, OP. I’ll be thinking, praying and crossing fingers and toes for you and Midnight! 🖤


I will definitely update when and if I find her


Best of luck to you! 🖤


Bro I'm like 90% sure she killed your cat


It's unfortunate, but I'm thinking the same thing. She wouldn't have just dropped off the cat if she was that pissed that she took the cat away from home in the first place. I really hope we're wrong and OP finds her fur baby quickly and in good health but damn, psycho bitches so crazy things.


I hate your ex


I do too


That's just awful. I'm so sorry. You can't ever trust this woman again.


I would press charges. I would concoct complex revenge schemes. If I were male (I'm not), in this situation, I would contact a female friend to beat the shit out of her. I'd be the female friend if this happened to one of my guys


I am a female so I can luckily beat the shit out of her and get in less trouble for it, I’m trying extremely hard to not use violence at the moment. I also am looking into pressing charges


Apologies for my heterosexism. I'd like to redeem myself by saying as long as you live in the NE part of the United States, I will beat this bitch for you (we just have to delete our Reddit comments) <3


She sounds mental. I am so sorry about your cat!


that's fucked. can you play nice until that woman shows you where she dumped your cat? this makes me sad and ragey all at once people suck so hard :(


It's time to throw her shit outside mate, you deserve better.


I can’t even. What she did was theft, she stole your cat. She will pay a hefty penalty if you call the police. I do understand that you want Midnight back more than anything but a call to the police to explain will take 15 minutes. I sincerely hope Midnight comes back, it’s a tragic loss. I’m so sorry for your loss, this is a loss of family.


I did already call the police and they said they would look into it and update me


So she cheats and gets upset and drops your cat on the side of the road ?? Man nah my anger couldn’t handle that can you press charges for that ?


I’m pretty sure I’m able to press charges and plan to


my advice is to kill her lol


I'm so sorry, idek why I'm crying tbh, but I get too emotional when somthing bad happens to animals (especially cats) I really hope she's okay and that you will find her ❤️❤️❤️




Post to PawBoost - it makes it look like you need to pay money at the end but you don't- PRINT UP WATER PROOF POSTERS put them up in the area - have a scan code to call you - call EVERY SINGLE SHELTER in the area EVERY SINGLE DAY - send photos and a description- ON ALL POSTINGS OFFER A REWARD - it doesn't really matter if it's $100 - just offer and pay - say no questions asked - just want her home - ask the x-GF to show you exactly where - do NOT get into the car with this person - follow them - if it's an Uber I don't care - just DO NOT GET INTO THE CAR - post to nextdoor.com- tell them the story - ask for your cat back - ask for re-post - POST TO 100% SOCIAL MEDIA - BRING IT ALL TO ATTENTION!! take the 10 minutes to make the FB post,, take the next 10 to make a tt, then another for Instagram!! ETC ETC ETC - UPDATE - at least every other day EVEN IF - it's just to say, reaf everyone's post, taking all advice haven't found her - just UPDATE!! GET THE PLANET INVOLVED go to the area and stand a SHOUT HER NAME FOR AS LONG AS YOU CAN TAKE IT - I am saying set your timer for 60 minutes min - and then walk back and forth SHOUTING HER NAME - KEEP YOUR HEAD ON A SWIVEL- when you get home put out your dirtiest laundry and her favorite food - do all of this at least every other day - rinse repeat - it will have results DO NOT FORGET TO CALL EVERY SHELTER EVERY DAY - they ate currently so overwhelmed- don't assume they will post every animal they have in in-take - CALL CALL CALL - go to the site CALL HER NAME EVERY SINGLE DAY - if you can't don60 mins do 30 or 20 whatever you can, in the rain, in the heat, take water, take treats leave them in a paper type bowl. KEEP GOING!! do everything for your baby you would want someone to do for you. Leave a window open at night as Ling as you can stand it - if you can get a cat door - get one - keep going kiddo. WHEN THISNIS ALL OVER YOU TAKE THIS AS FAR AS THE LAW ALLOWS IN EVERY SINGLE WAY POSSIBLE


Deal breaker. Now I need to go snuggle my own black cat because…. No no no. Deal. Breaker!!! If she can do that to you out of a “moment of rage” I’d hate to think what she could do if you get into another fight. Deal breaker. Please break up with her for good. I hope you find your baby.


i’m so so so sorry, i would LOSE MY MIND. please give us an update!! maybe you can camp out near the spot in a tent? might be extreme but i just can’t imagine someone doing this with one of my cats, idk what to even think!


Your hopefully Ex is a psychopath. That’s animal cruelty.


How does one "in a moment of rage" take a cat all the way to their car, drive half an hour to work, stop the car in the middle of nowhere, make yet another decision to go through with it and open the door and pick up the cat, put it back down... and then leave? In a moment. "She says it was a half an hour to an hour moment of rage..." should be more like it. What a psycho. There is no way in hell I could ever forgive someone for something like this.


Dear OP: I'm so glad you feel supported with ideas 😊 whatever anyone's personal emotional, partnership preferences are, simply are not anyone's business. As a mom, I am going to stay calm, and assume that someone was just confused & sought clarification and they were NOT passing judgment because they have ZERO right. Filled with love, hope and righteous justice for you ❤️


Ohh hell no. That is absolutely horrible!! I would die if this happened to me.


i am back 45 days later and saddened that you havent found her