Have u ever thought about speaking one on one with each of ur parents about how u feel?


They love you differently and don’t see that they are hurting you. The reality is that each child grows up in a different family. For you they were getting established in careers. Likely did not make as much money. But they had time and energy to raise you. With your sister they had more money but less time and energy. Letting her get her way was easier. Those friends entertained her. They expect more from you because you are capable. She will continue to be dependent on them and drain them. In other words it is not fair to either of you. So talk to them, tell them that the relationship hurts everyone.


You may never know what causes the difference in treatment, they might not even know. So all I can say is I'm sorry. That's a rough situation to be in. Keep your head up! Sounds like you do have some good things going for you!