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Even on non-American subreddits, people still bring up US politics.


Well the US keeps getting into the Non-American countries....


Case in point




I guess you aren't familiar with the Guardian, which is a UK news outlet that seems to devote 3/4 of its coverage to US domestic issues as if every one of their journalists is a UK ex-pat living in the US and has no qualms about skewering every single domestic policy they become aware of the same way John Oliver and Piers Morgan do, yet chose to emigrate here anyway, so...


You can love something despite its problems, even if that something wasn't yours to begin with. And to want to help fix those problems? God, that's a whole lotta love. P.S. For the record, please do not put John in the same class as Piers fucking Morgan.


Sometimes to me, it’s more of the skeleton of our U.S. system that keeps me from leaving America. The way our system has evolved brings me to a question that I can not answer; do we abandon ship because we see it sinking, or do we try and fix the sinking ship that is on fire and overloaded? I say screw politics, and work on what is presented to you in your own life, love yourself and do what you think is right.


I honestly thought the guardian was American


Biden did it Edit: geez I meant it as a joke. Everyone always says “trump did it” or “Biden did it”. I hate those stupid stickers in gas pumps. I tried peeling them off with no luck, so now I cover them in trippy stickers instead of bs political ones. Politics should be treated as a very thoughtful, decisive, important, and serious thing. Not like high school drama, which is EXACTLY what it currently is imo. But I’m very uneducated on the matter. This opinion is just from my limited knowledge of all of the politics and propaganda always being shoved in my face by the world and by the internet. “Vote yes for issue n!” Accurate Information, and not biased opinion or interpretation, should be spread like wildfire. Not the other way around.


The world has become a reality show. Nothing you can do about it.


“Keeping up with the Americans” or “real house life of the working class”


There keeping us fighting against each other by force feeding there beliefs to just benefit themselves. What happened to For the people by the people you don't hear that anymore. But nice joke 🤣


Man I live here but checked the fuck out. This place is like a big ass JC penny.


JC Penney... Maybe if you're in New York, most of the country is straight up Walmart.


Lol like us working class Americans can afford houses Or lives :(


Woulda been worth it if america had dat Kardashian booty tho..


Fake and full of shit?


House? Real shitty apartmentlife of the working class


This is pretty perfect. Now if you dont mind im going to gouge my eyes out and rip my ears off so i fit in perfectly


It’s more like a soap opera


no puede ser * cries in Spanish *


With one of the least believable storylines every with heaps of unnecessary drama written in. It’s like a train wreck. People can’t look away.


Close Reddit works nicely


The people in the US are living under some intense propaganda right now. Interesting to watch from the outside looking in


It sucks being aware of it, because you see people you used to respect being completely blinded by it, and for them to confront it would be too uncomfortable for them. It's honestly willful ignorance.


As an American, I want off Mr. Bone’s wild ride.


The ride never ends


I filly agree with this




My hard left leaning friend has been shifting to center-anti-establishment slowly over the course of the years as she continues to realize all the similarities between left and right (in US politics at least)


Sounds like they're just going to the actual left. The "left" liberals in US politics is center right.


can you elaborate on that?


I think they’re just referring to the fact that the terms “liberal”, “leftist” and “progressive” all kinda get conflated. Liberal is not necessarily “left” they just seem that way because of how far right to Overton window has shifted in the United States. In any other country, what “liberals”, “centerists” and “center-left” politicians legislate would be considered center right or right wing.


Yeah for us Americans a lot of those are our relatives it sucks


My mother in law, ive known her since 2007, in 2016 or whatever suddenly became the biggest republican hard right ive ever seen. I constantly just praise the left just to piss her off. the truth is i dont care, like even a little. Its too hard to care about american politics anymore


im Cashier overnight and i have this old man customer who's a regular. I've always liked and respected him. he's very kind. he's your typical lonely old local guy with 500 old stories about our town and surrounding towns. lately, all he wants to do is talk about politics and everything he gets for information comes from fox. its like i can't even talk with him anymore because every convo turns into how the democrats are ruining everything and trying to get rid of money etc.


Sounds like my dad. Or what used to be my dad….


Fucking same and it hurts. I don’t know my dad at all anymore because all he talks about is what fox tells him. God forbid you even hint at that though cause he will become irate if you criticize fox.


And my BFF. She’s (still) a lovely person but I have had to pull back, which hurts my heart. I just can’t take the political jingoism that keeps coming outta her mouth and that seems to be fueling most of our populace these days.


Did he also get radicalized through Facebook use?


No. Fox News 24/7.


For my grandmother it was was YouTube.


Right. Because that’s the only propaganda outlet spinning reality to shit.


did you completely miss the point? they're saying that politics have influenced them so much (regardless of political affiliation) that they are now talking about politics regularly instead of the old stories and other forms of small talk


Fox News is also ruining my dad’s mentality. He used to be cheerful and goofy and now somehow “the fucking democrats…” gets brought up all of the time


It’s even worse being aware and living in it. I left my job because of the amount of political bullshit I had to deal with. And I taught primary school. Poor kids are being dragged in too and you hear them spewing out propaganda like little 5 year old parrots. I wish the most controversial thing I would hear at work is which crayons color is the best..


Funny thing is, both the right and the left are liking your comment thinking it is about the other side lol


It's both. We're manipulated into being against each other so we don't unite against our overlords.


Schroedingers insult. Unless op is a centrist calling out both sides?


My God the propaganda is insane here. You got two different sides that want all the same power wealth and influence fighting with all the muckraking of like an early carpet bagger. No one really campaigns on actual platforms or talks about actual platforms anymore it's mostly just insults in like pseudo intellectual debate crap when it comes to talking about the big politics.


Wait I live in the US, can you explain just so I can maybe be more aware.


Like any other industry in america the media has become a business who’s primary function is to make money for share holders. In media, the way they make money is through subscription and advertisement. In order to maximize profits companies specialize and use market research to learn what viewers want to see in order to bring eyes to the product and keep them there. Niches are filled and there’s something for everyone because all stories are sensationalized to target a viewers bias. A hack on a gas pipeline becomes “Gas shortage because of Biden administration” on Fox News and “Republican states panic over hack causing gas shortage” on CNN. The truth is ignored and they show you what you the viewer want to watch. People think there’s some grand media conspiracy when it’s just a function of capitalism to make as much money as possible.


Good analysis as someone from the outside looking in. Being on the inside is even worse as someone who has no affiliation or affinity to any brand but an almost autistic desire to know the truth. There is a huge push to concentrate people into polarized sides. There is a huge push to shame and isolate members of their own "sides" if they step out of line on a hot button issue. Two great examples are Liz Cheney and Kristen Sinema. Both were cesured by their own opposite parties and called traitors. Each opposite party mocked the other for censuring a member of their own party for not toeing the party line. Harry Reid slandered Mitt Romney from the Senate floor. CNN honored Reid recently during his funeral, not mentioning a word of Reid's slander that may have moved an election. Why? Win at any cost. Fox ignores the undeniable climate science that has been known by Exxon for 30+ years and only gets stronger by the day. Why? Profits at any cost. The US will split up within 10 years, and honestly, it may be for the best.


And both sides seem to push against anything that might change that - such as the 2-party preferred, first-past-the-post election system (which, ultimately seems to be the cause of a significant amount of problems, by making politics into a sport where each team hates the other team, and even if their own team is just as bad they can’t change sides. And there’s no point going for any other team because they don’t get to play the game. ) So nothing changes. But both sides of the media wants you to think that current system works. [here CNN talks about why ranked voting is no good](https://amp.cnn.com/cnn/2021/06/02/politics/ranked-choice-voting-nyc-mayoral-primary/index.html) and surprise, surprise [Fox News also don’t like preferential voting](https://www.foxnews.com/opinion/tara-ross-dems-election-bill-undermines-constitution.amp). Americans should ask themselves why would both sides of the media be wanting to show that this idea is bad and scary?


I also thought it was amazing how the entire government tends to band together when it comes to whistleblowers surrounding mass surveillance privacy issues or leaks that may open the public's eyes to other shady stuff.


I’m American, politics in the US is exactly the same, it’s a business. It’s a competition for supporters. Everything anyone does or says is measured and done for a reason and that reason is to get votes from their constituents and collect benefactors. Wining an election to Congress grants an individual power and future monetary gain from private industry. Politicians are all caricatures of actual individuals. It’s performance art played off as truth. Take former senator and current Georgia gubernatorial candidate David Purdue for example, this guy was the richest dude in congress and the former CEO of rebok. This man does political ads in a Canadian tuxedo with a rifle over his shoulder, that’s not him, it’s a market researched character played to fit what his constituents want to see. You have a presidential primary debate where the politicians are ripping each other to shreds on camera and after they all go out to dinner together like nothing happened. Politics in the US is essentially World Wrestling Entertainment but with actual consequences. A consequence of this is that actual political zealots are able to thrive due to the conflict and increased polarization. But the ultimate driving factor that’s lead to the current situation is the monetary benefits of ideological specialization and polarization to grab the most people’s attention for the most amount of time.


Kid, none of that shit is new. I'm old enough to remember when Bill Clinton would go duck hunting, wear flannel, and vacation at national parks. Then he won re-election in 1996. Gone were the earth tone clothes, no more photo ops of Bill with a gun, and his vacations were at Martha's Vineyard. Hillary also brought back "Rodham" and stopped sharing "her" cookie recipes and dropped the accent. What has changed, and it has changed kiddo, is we have never been as polarized as today save for 1850-1875 and 1770-1780. And what those eras lacked was hyper connectivity. The propaganda is now relentless. It cannot be escaped. Its impact is obvious. We've got groups of people convinced, despite all evidence, that the 2020 election was stolen (it wasn't), and that Hands Up, Don't Shoot actually happened (it didn't). Why is that? 24/7 propaganda, beamed straight to your brain via TV, radio, and these magical computers in our hands constantly alerting us to the latest outrage.


Exactly what’s new is the amount an individual consumes on a daily basis and the targeted research collected from our devices telling these companies what we want to consume.


You can escape the propaganda. Don't use social media.


*said on reddit, a prime social media platform filled with propaganda and people pushing their agendas*


I speak with people who tell me “they” have proven the 2020 election was stolen. I ask them didn’t the courts already go through this and determined that was a lie? “No! They proved it happened!”


It doesn't even have to be politically divided. Just watch how David Muir (ABC news lead anchor) comes on at 6:30 for the evening news. Everything about his tone and tenor is "PANIC ABOUT WHAT I AM TELLING YOU!". The story could be completely mild, but his style will make it seem like the end of the world. That's purely so you don't go "Meh that's enough news for today, I wonder if Friends re-runs are still on?" and change the channel. It's no longer about reporting, it's about maintaining viewers to watch ads.


Great analysis and example. I'm living in a democratic city and I was thinking the same about the empty shelves in the grocery store. It seems that this is not something that people in my area are noticing or discussing, those in republican areas are more likely to mention this. The shelves are not empty at all where I live. I really can't tell if others are actually seeing this or saying this based on the news they watch.


You have to remember that just because something is not happening where you live, that doesn't mean that it is not happening at all. There are legitimate supply chain issues happening right now, and many places do have a bunch of empty shelves. The whole "well I don't know anybody that it's happened to" is what the covid-deniers use to try to support their narrative. "Well nobody in *my* family has had it, I guess that means it's all just a hoax!" Like, no, that's not how it works.


I completely agree with you. I'm not denying that it is happening to anyone else, I'm just pointing out that it's really hard to decipher what's really happening because of all the mixed information out there. Sometimes I don't know if something is on the news as a means of polarizing society or to spread the facts.


I understand. A rule of thumb I follow living in the US is that any of the news media channels (Fox, CNN, MSNBC, OANN, CBS, ABC, et cetera) are usually very very biased in what they're feeding the American public, and they all have agendas due to how many lobbyists there are in politics. Associated Press is alright. You just have to compare and contrast the news from a couple different sources. If what you're reading always blames the Repubs every time, it's probably biased. If it's always the Democrats fault, it's probably biased. Especially if they're not telling you *why* it's that groups fault. It's a shame that so few journalists seem to have any integrity, but unfortunately the public has come to demand an almost reality-show-esque presentation to their reality. And I mean, supply and demand. The more you actively watch for bias, though, the better you'll get at picking up on it instantly.


Fellow American here. I can tell you what to do in order to see clearly. Do not be part of *any* political party. Not Dem, not Repub, no Libertarian, not Green. Nothing. Get out entirely. You are in a party of one. Yourself. Don't get suckered into thinking you have to be in a party. When you step out of it, you can look at it from the outside. I know that dems and repubs call each other sheeple, but I see it for what it is - both are sheeple. Same with any other political party. I'm *not*, because I do everything my way, politically. I don't judge my views on the group. Same with religion, too. Best to quit that. But start with politics. Develop your own unique views and reject all political parties. Look at the people who identify themselves as part of a political party, or ideology (conservative/liberal) as complete and utter zombies. It's what they are.




mY tEaM iS bEtTeR


Both sides of the media…


From 1-10, I give the Dems a 3.5 for propaganda. I give GOP a 14. That they are the same is just more propaganda.


No, they're both equally a shitshow, just one might be working on you more than the other.


At this point… I don’t give a shit. Fuck both political parties and politics in general. I keep my opinions to myself and vote for who I want to.


That’s totally bullshit lmao I don’t watch either but now and again I’ll compare them and what they’re both talking about. Fox and the other right wing channels are 10x more insane and spewing bullshit and spin. They inspire hatred. It’s just nonstop “da democrats da liberals! Taking our freedumb!” CNN and msnbc are just like “why the fuck won’t the right believe in climate change”


I have no dog in this fight but its pretty obvious from the outside where the advantage in propaganda is. The right have FOX, talk radio and a few podcasters while the left is backed by CNN, MSNBC, NY times and most other corporate media outlets as well as >95% of Hollywood and most of the countries powerful institutions.


Lmfao. I’m sure you’re left leaning too but that has nothing to do with it, does it 😂


It's about equal. MSNBC, FOX, and CNN are equally bad.


But mostly the right, respectfully. The right has gotten so far right that anything even close to the middle is radical leftist communism


Its literally both sides and they are both equally terrible.


Pretty much any book about recent political science will tell you that right has gone out way farther, you can easily tell by looking at the most recent candidates. Biden is not really very left at all


Last I checked the right wasn't trying to lobby for big pharma by pressing a vaccine that's less effective than natural immunity and requires a re-up every 3 to 6 months. Or threatening people with heavy fines and jail time over masks. Or telling people they're second class citizens for questioning the efficacy of masks and vaccines, calling protesters against mandates and concerned parents pushing back against forced child vaccination through public schools fuckin terrorists.


Sounds like a right winger batshit qtard


Nope lol that’s factually false. CNN hasn’t been defended in court by their lawyers saying “if anyone takes what we say seriously or as anything but satire then the viewer is confused” multiple studies prove that the average fox viewer is less informed than somebody who doesn’t even pay attention to news channels. I don’t watch any of them but the right wing channels is way worse when I compare them


Fox News is definitely the worst but CNN and MSNBC have become just as bad in a lot of regards. We’re basically surrounded by liars and con artists in America all trying to get us to pay attention for ad revenue. Best thing to do is tune it all out.


I would really like to hear more about this. I think most Americans are aware of the propaganda (seems like it's the whole purpose of reddit), but it would be interesting to hear what it's like from an outsiders perspective.


It's funny leftists are all under hear agreeing with each other... Lmao


I'm also sick and tired of all the US politics in every subreddit. I say this as an American.




I've been trying to exclusively only consume media from before 2014 and holy shit, what an improvement to my mental health. It feels so fucking great to be able to just sit down and enjoy things instead of constantly thinking "aah here comes the part where they are preaching to me"


Yeah and we wonder why people are depressed and have anxiety issues.


Yessss, or can we just have normal conversations with others face to face without them bringing in something political that happened that hour/day/week


I'm sick of US politics. I've pretty much checked out. I feel bad about it (checking out is a privilege for sure), but whatever. I'm gonna take care of myself and treat others with respect. Keeping up with all that biased noise is exhausting.


I literally moved to South Korea because of it


I moved to North Korea because of it. Politics are great here. Our leader never makes any mistakes and our government is very harmonious and generous.


*reholsters pistol*


Eternal President Kim Il Sung remains the sun warming his children - the people of North Korea - and infusing them with Juche spirt.


FBI guy, if you want to help, this is your moment


I think you want the CIA, since I'm in North Korea.


What gets me is how they make *everything* political. How the fuck did covid, masks, vaccines etc end up being political?? How is racism political?? It's insane. American politics is like an ongoing pantomime. Its been made into this weird good guy/bad guy thing with trumpers being their own breed. For example, when a British pop star died of cancer last year, there were people in the comments saying things like "Why didn't she get treatment joe?!" .....What? They bombard article comment sections about things that are in no way political, not even anything remotely to do with the US, in stories from small English towns "This would never have happened if trump was still in office!". It's absolutely bizarre.


Australians are being ‘called out’ by Americans for not ‘doing enough’ for American minority struggles as if we don’t have our own minority struggle happening here (which they coincidentally know nothing about and do nothing to help) is my biggest annoyance. Yes it’s terrible and we sympathise, but the world does not revolve around your tragedies when we have our own too, especially when the help doesn’t go both ways.


You just reminded me of when a plane was flying through Brisbane for some special event and all the Americans were losing their shit talking about 9/11.


Most of us post videos of riverfire just to watch the Americans flip their shit it’s frankly hilarious


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Very good bot


Yup. Us Australians have more than enough to worry about in our own country. And still we manage not to make everything about politics or who we assume someone voted for. America-centrism is vomit inducing at this point.


Kaolas dont count.


Let’s talk about ANYTHING else. Who has a good chocolate cake recipe to share??


[i got u](https://youtu.be/dsJtgmAhFF4)


Me! Okay, so take your average Betty Crocker chocolate cake box, make the mix, and add 1 cup boiling water to that. Mwahhh bakers kiss


This, and replace the oil with melted butter and any water with milk. Add an extra egg.


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to provide a break from the relentless debate of politics: i fucking love queso man


This is a good off my chest, as a Canadian we deal with this uniquely as some of our own citizens become insanely embroiled in stuff that they have zero stake in.


Right, what the hell is even up with that?


The number of maga hats in that stupid freedom convey.......


It’s a lot of us truckers in the convoy too so I’m not too surprised.


"American here, I don't know who Jeremy Corbyn is, please explain to my satisfaction" "American here, we might have guns but you have a stabbing epidemic" "American here, now I know Boris Johnson is president of England but what has he done wrong" Ad nauseum. In every fucking UK and ukpol thread ever.


Just move to the us lol then it's local politics


Big brain energy! CNN: “foreigner takes RIGHTFUL place in America” FOX: “foreigner THREATENS local politics”


Same. Every goddamn post about absolutely everything ends up being "He obviously voted for Biden". Some of us don't live in America, believe it or not, and we're trying to forget about your political shitshow and deal quietly with our own.


I’m sick of politics period


Didn't you know, the world revolves around the US. /s


And with that, this is the last subreddit to be infiltrated by mention of US politics. Oh irony.


And we Americans are pretty sick of US politics being such a colossal pile of burning horse shit, but here we are. Seriously, most bring it up because they can't believe this shit has been burning for so long.


Especially in r/politics


create an apolitical and non-religious community. or find one where these things are optional or gatekept. I actively avoid both topics and do not discuss them with the average folk, unless we are in an academic debate or I know for a fact their medulla oblongata isn't going to get triggered and start a pointless argument. I simply don't care if it's left or right, or center, or proceeds from ones innards. It's all propaganda and constant banter. Life is to be enjoyed and there are many things to do in a day which are not dictated by lines in religious texts or pigeonholed by political parties. good luck OP 🌎


Yesterday, when someone asked non-American redditors about what was going on in their counties, some Americans still barged into the comments complaining about American issues


I’m right there with you. You can look at peppers in the grocery store without someone bringing up policy. I’m like… I’m just trying to find my coupons.


Honestly I just block any users that post politics-related stuff on r/pics. Especially if r/news could cover it. "UsE a FlIteR," they say. I did, and I unsub to r/politics for this exact reason. I assume that these guys are farming for karma.


I actually just unfollowed like 10 subreddits because this was driving me insane as well. Thought it was just me


Guys, Western Civilization is slowly imploding, it’s going the way of Rome. We’ve reached a critical mass where there’s simply too many of us, most of us are vapid, drooling morons that knee-jerk react to everything and get too emotional. The rest of us are apathetic, at best. The cracks are showing in every level of society, in all our institutions (which people no longer trust, anyway) and in the attitudes and values of our citizenry. Just try enjoy yourself, honestly. You can’t do anything about the trajectory we are on anyway, try ignore all this and do what you like, what makes you happy, in any capacity you’re able to.


I agree. I got banned from one subreddit for being center.


Centre means right wing extremist to all the nutty lefties.


American centrism would be right wing in pretty much any other western country


Thanks, we know. You can't go five comments deep in any thread without someone feeling the need to mention this.


And now you’ve created a post about US politics congrats lol


Their next trueoffmychest post: "I've Become What I Hated"


As an American, I agree. I of course have my opinions and I stand by them heavily, but I really just want to have a break from how exhausting American politics are and look at dumb shit online that doesn't piss me off in the way politics due.


Join r/anime_titties


Don't downvote the guy without checking out the sub lmao, r/anime_titties is a legit sub for world politics (created in retalation when the mods at r/worldpolitics went rogue and people started posting anime titties there) If you want politics from around the world and not only US ones, it's the best sub to go to.


This seems like a porn thing, but it’s actually a safe haven world politics subreddit


so you created a us politics thread? cuz ur tired of it?




“You were the chosen one!”


Me too


Queue Randy Marsh


Me too. When Trump was campaigning to be in power it was nothing but his name everywhere. Then when he was in power it was his name everywhere. Then when he was campaigning to stay in power his name was everywhere. If the U.S actually spent more time running the country than campaigns for presidency then maybe things will get done. Also the U.S is one of 195 countries in the world. Why do I give a shit ?


The world has become too Americanised. People in my school in Australia talk about politics like it’s the US politics system.,They listen to no Australian Music, and lots of subtle things, too. When we did humanities on social stuff (which in and of itself is a slippery slope) it was almost all American issues. Lots of people (mostly teenagers my age) speak of Christmas with snow and winter, even though it’s summer here, which is just as good. I do appreciate the fact that we’re more connected than ever nowadays, but it also means everything has become very westernised. I just want to feel only Australian for once in my life. Don’t get me wrong I’m glad this beautiful nation takes in so many and is so culturally diverse, I just feel that we need our own more well defined culture as well.


Me too


Reason why I quit imgur. Was literally 90% screen shots of some political tweat with the caption "THIS" I just wanna see cool/funny shit


Lmao try living in it


As an american who just wants to have fun, reddit sucks alot of ass these days


You all realize this trend in politics ramped up to the extreme right after the occupy Wall Street movement I hope. I never thought it's been a coincidence.


The byproduct of identity politics


I’m new to Reddit, but this entire site seems to be a liberal shithole. A safe space for the left and if you comment in anyway against that, you’re immediately banned. Time to go back to Quora where at least some people were intelligent and civil. Too many lifelong children here no matter their age.


Come off it. There are plenty of apolitical and conservative subreddits.


There is literally r/Conservative


Exactly, if you wanna rag on liberals just say that. Say it with your whole chest too. Whatever shithole you’re looking for on Reddit I’ll guarantee you’ll find it.


I... there were enough threads in this very sub looking for literally any excuse to be transphobic that they had to make a megathread for it. The mods even specifically mention that 'this post is not a safe space'. Like, yeah, that also means you can be called out, but I think you're keeping your blinders on if you think you're gonna be *instantly cancelled* for saying something the left would disagree with.


\>Acts like an asshole \>Gets downvoted \>"Fuck this safe space liberal shithole" Guess they need to go back to their own safe space on parler or Quora for their right wing echochamber


There are some gems here but you are correct, lots of Progressive garbage


It's an agenda. Address this shit my dude. Good for you. Tired of it as well, been here 11 years.


>been here 11 years. Did you also notice it got exponentially worse? Specifically during the Trump presidency and then before the election, it was insane. I wonder if institutional PR machines got word of Reddit becoming mainstream and started pushing heavily with bot farms, paid upvotes, paid awards.


I noticed it before trump was running for president. It was like they finally realised that social media was a thing. It’s just become unbearable that there’s always a donkey from the United States in a thread going all political


Yanks love a little narrative over substance.


Absolutely. Ukraine and Russia? What are America going to do about this? Guys even if they help Ukraine not get invaded by Russia they're still going to screw it up


The liberals are suppose to be open minded, but the opposite is happening these days. Kids are being treated as an adult. If you are not open minded in terms of the media propaganda, you are bad! Have different opinion, and you are crucified. Everything the liberals believe to be fundamental since woman suffrage movement are being destroyed by they, themselves. P.S Slavery was abolished by republicans. In civil war, south were democrats, and wanted to keep plantation going on. Southern Democrats moved to north while Republicans than move to south. If you can’t tolerate this fact, and you claim be liberal that is essentially the point I’m trying to make


Hey asshole. This is a uniquely American problem, and the rest of the world doesn’t give a shit so can you go ahead and scream it from your window instead of here because I’m sick of your shit.




It's not just US politics, It's just politics in general at this point. It's like every subreddit HAS to devolve into a political war-zone. Not sure why you are so annoyed by specifically US politics though. You are on an American website where Americans make up a huge chunk of the user-base, of course American politics are going to be the most prevalent.


You have a point, of course, but that's not what attracts people to reddit, or to the English-speaking internet in general. I didn't learn English because it's the US language, I learned it because it's the world language. When I set out to discover the Anglophone internet as a teenager, I had the naive idea that I was going to learn about the experiences and opinions of people all over the world. That's what I was excited for. In reality, I've been mostly exposed to the experiences and opinions of Americans. While these are certainly interesting, the problem is that they tend to drown out everything else. With reddit, it's the same thing: I didn't join reddit in order to talk to Americans, I joined reddit in order to talk to people who share my interests, regardless of nationality. It doesn't advertise itself as a specifically American site, after all. You could simply say that I came here with mistaken expectations and if I don't like it here I should leave for another online space that's more internationally minded. But to my knowledge there simply is no other English-speaking discussion forum that is as active and covers as broad a range of topics as reddit. And even if there was, I don't think it would actually be an escape from American politics. Most likely a large chunk of the user base would be Americans talking about American topics. After all, Americans make up a huge part of the English-speaking, internet-using population. Ultimately, the problem isn't that reddit is an American site, the problem is that one and the same language serves as both the world language and the native language of particular groups of people. It's bound to lead to friction, just as if the same space was supposed to be both a public park and someone's private garden. Well, when I started writing this I didn't expect it to become such a long rant. To finish off I want to make it clear that I don't resent Americans. It's only natural for them to want to talk about American issues. And I do enjoy reddit in spite of all the American politics. But I hope I've been able to give some insight on why non-American redditors get annoyed sometimes.


I agree. Americans need to stfu. No one cares about your elections or your Mayors of whatever little town you are from.


Fuck America and Americans.


fuck you too :)


I, too, hate hate people and a country I’ve never met or been to


Man not cool


I have lived traveled visited worked in the USA. The damage that USA has created in the world is bad karma that is coming back to bite you.


Not like the super innocent rest of the world, huh? If karma were real, the earth would have drifted into the sun some time during the Bronze Age.


Realest comment on this godforsaken app


Seems like America lives rent free in your head haha


Reddit is a US based app with a majority ~50% American userbase. American politics can also (and often do) affect both the allied and unallied worlds. I'm American. I deal with US politics in my daily life. Believe me, we're tired too.


So I'm i, America "default country".




As an American I am damn effing tired of it too. It's worst because we live amongst all these crazy political nutcases and have no choice but to tolerate them and avoid them as much as possible. It's kinda morbid to say but I am a bit hopeful for the future once the older generations are no longer around.


Don't think it is the older generation in these subs considering younger not older people use reddit.


From my personal observations and experience, it's only the old farts that are super obsessed with politics, religion, and crazy conspiracies. The only young persons I know who are like that are the ones who never left their religious parents cuckoo nest & participate in drinking the kool-aid in their echo chamber groups. I wish this shit show would end already.


Trump’s fault!


I don't like him, but it's far from his fault.


Yeah, like it all started with Trump. You're part of the problem.


I think that was sarcasm.


Then maybe don't use a website where the userbase is majority American, lol


Or just dont waffle on about politics non stop? Even in non American subs this an issue and i have had enough of it


The majority of users are actually non-american. The word you're looking for is plurality. Americans are, to the detriment of everyone else, the largest minority.


Really all rhe political arguments no matter the country are very tiring.


Very similarly, I'm sick and tired of looking at all the "religion" and "caste" related posts on Indian subreddits. It's all they care about these days.


Learn another language like Chinese or German and hang out in those subreddits.