I just fully realized everyone dies at one point

I just fully realized everyone dies at one point


Lost my mom at 23 and it was spectacularly awful. Your recent awareness is something I wish I would have had at your age, maybe avoiding the rebellious years and wasted time where I could have been appreciating my mom. Hopefully this awakening will help you value life a bit more than I did when I was your age.


Same shit, 19 myself, been almost a month since I've lost my mother and... Life just doesn't prepare you for that shit. I keep feeling like I'm in an alternative dimension and that she isn't truly gone, but when I remind myself of the truth... Pain just hits me like a truck again. It's always there, at the back of my mind, everything reminds me of her, of regrets for not having spent more time with her, sorrow when I remember the last thing she remembered of who I was, was a depressed piece of shit with no interest to do anything in life.


Yep, so live your best life.


Wait until you get to be my age. Your brain will be full of people that you will never see again and there will be places that only exist in your memory. It's not a bad thing just treasure the moments you have.


Graduated high school in 2019 and already lost two of my classmates/friends. Also lost a coworker and two cousins. Life is fleeting.


Everyone is already dead. We just haven't started decomposing yet.


That is one reason I believe In Jesus Christ. If he's true then I'm on my way to eternity if he's not then al I really have is a stinkin' world system...ya'd have to be a stupido if ya can't see where that's goin'. The other belief systems didn't have a leader that I can aspire to.