That impress warren vidic made me go insane. I spent 5 hours on that one trophy alone. Only a little trouble with the cross styx trophy. I remember reseting the vidic run so many damn times. And i could not get the drop down part at the end for the life of me


With the cross Styx trophy, I had to turn the game off and come back later when I calmed down and then I was able to do it on the second try. That’s the same part I had trouble with I restarted that level wayyy too many times until the glitch gods saved me and somehow I ended up being able to make blocks on the walls.


You can do these two Trophies easily using a glitch which gets you under the map where you can build yourself to the final room you‘d have to reach without dying. Just look it up on YT worked for me on the Remaster about 2 months ago...


It took me a couple of tries of crossing the bridge and restarting. I was frustrated like you, but I’m glad I finally completed the trilogy.


Me too, I’m just glad I don’t have to do anymore 1st person platforming.


Ahh yes those two trophies... legit the last two trophies i needed for my plat way back when... I watched a guide on how to get Impress Warren Vidic and I still failed SO MANY TIMES....honestly screw that trophy. never again, congrats tho!


My last trophies to get platinum were the collect all lost archive fragments and break the loop, guides don’t help at all. Whoever made those trophies wanted people to suffer. Thanks!