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I don't consider individual reliever transactions on the same level of "big" as SP or position player moves, so my dream of the Jays trading for Barlow and/or signing Chafin is still alive


Well they went with quite a technical approach this off-season and I think have drastically improved the balance of this team. They definitely could still do something they are almost "all-in" at this point. The bullpen IMO is SOLID now with some minor league guys that could contribute this year. Ricky Tiedemann is a very exciting SP who could get the call as well if things go sideways again for Kikuchi. Maybe one more lights out bullpen arm or just some more depth is probably all they need for a successful season


I mean, yeah. We all know all we are really actively seeking is a RH hitting OF that hits lefties, and then maybe another bench player (this could easily be filled by someone like Otto Lopez too)


Does Otto López play the outfield at all? Just generally curious as I feel like they could give him more run this year.


Yeah he plays all over the field and has been an on base machine. I think he profiles a lot like a right handed Biggio in that he’s a great bench piece and can play pretty much anywhere competently but not dazzlingly


He works well as a 4th OF, though maybe not as well for us. Most teams need a 4th OF who can handle CF since that’s the hardest to fill. But the Jays really don’t since we have 3 guys who can play it better than Lopez. Scouting reports say he can field 2B or OF but his throwing arm is very weak, so he’s actually not that well suited for a corner spot. I think he can be a really valuable player with his great OBP and interesting skillset, but he’s a poor fit on the Jays right now since we have Biggio, Merrifield and 3 CFs. Could be a good trade piece, since teams are always looking for a guy like him who could step onto their MLB roster right away.


Yup he plays everywhere. I actually love the idea of Otto as the 4th outfielder.


Good. My heart can’t handle any more big moves.


Or any more departing smiles!


Not allowed 🙅🏼‍♀️


Classic Shi. Here is something that really isn’t anything.


'Jays willing to make trade if opportunity arises' does seem like a pretty unnecessary thing to say.


Chapman trade happened just before Spring Training last year. You never know...


Yeah but that was also lockout year where some big trades/FA signings were happening days before spring training and even into it in some cases


Ken Giles is holding a showcase next month. He’s had a lot of injuries, but he was great in 2019.


Assuming 100 miles Giles no longer lives up to his name unfortunately for a guy like him losing a couple miles off the heater is the end of it


Yeah he was only throwing 95 this season before a finger injury ended his season. If his velo is back in the high-90s he would be worth an in invite though.


Cmon Jays. Make a move. Don’t be Shi.


as he said, every column since?


I mean we still have a gaping hole in our pen for a lefty reliever. Matt moore and chafin are easy fixes.


"gaping" is extremely hyperbolic.


Who gets unseated when you add Chafin or Moore? As it stands right now any reliever additions means we're losing someone from the pen especially if everyone is healthy. It's a tricky spot because Mitch white and Richards the 7-8 spots in the pen aren't option-able without exposing them to waivers. Cimber and mayza could be but I think they have enough service time to decline and become free agents. As is stands right now we have Pop, Pearson, Zulu, Danner, Hatch, Thompson, Thornton and Gage as option-able guys... all can be stashed in Buffalo without putting them on waivers. Hypothetically giving Zach Britton a MLB contract means we're not only losing someone on the 40 man but also on the 26. Ryu going to the 60 day when the season starts helps with the 40 man but not the 26. Adding any reliever off the FA market means they sure as hell better have a better season than Trevor Richards or it becomes a wash.


BRING IN MORE RELIEVERS. Someone’s arm will fall off, someones start to spring training will be pushed back because of a training injury, someone will show up and forget how to throw strikes. Keep adding to this pen.


Yes I agree im all for it but to add to the 40 man we also have to subtract, were in a position right now that there aren't any obvious players on the 40 man to try and sneak thru waivers. Sure drop Trent Thornton, Matt Gage, or Hatch and bring in someone clearly better.... but to add Britton/Chafin/Moore still means at full health we have to subtract somebody at the end of spring. Now we've lost Thornton & Richards. It's counterproductive instead of losing 1 guy we lose 2. Yes health likely won't be 100% but at the same time we don't have option-able guys at the back of the pen. Were in a tight roster crunch right now because of this. This is likely why we're hearing rumors of Biggio & Cimber for Barlow. Adds a marginally better reliever while also freeing up a 40 man spot to add a guy like Britton/Chafin/Moore


Kikuchi disrespect will not be tolerated. 16.2 k/9 as a reliever


They shouldn’t be done tbh, they have depth concerns for key areas (of, starting pitching) Also feels like there is a hole in their lineup offensively (unless 2021 Belt shows up).


White, Thompson, Pearson


White is probably the 5th starter with Kikuchi in the Pen as a long man, second lefty. Pearson will be in the pen too, he’s thrown 50 innings the last 2 seasons combined, no way they give him a starter workload. Thompson was awful last year but was decent 2 years ago, they still lack depth you need 7-8 starters to get through a year.


Ricky Tiedemann? Hayden Juenger? Jimmy Robbins? Bowden Francis? Drew Hutchison? Casey Lawrence? If Kikuchi, White, Zulu, Thompson and Hatch are 5,6,7,8,9 I think we will be alright. With these other 6 right behind were more than alright. Really tho if it gets that far something has gone really wrong health wise for our starters. Berrios, Gausman and Bassitt are all proven workhorses who rarely if at all miss starts. Manoah is also proving to be in that category so far this early in his career. Even if two of those guys get hurt & lost for the year,we don't have to dig that deep for depth. Hutchison had better #s than Kikuchi last year pitching for Detroit. And Zulu is ready. Ricky T ain't far behind either. Pearson will likely start the year in Buffalo aswell and come up as a bulk reliever when they need him. Even if 3 of these guys are doing better than 4era of the 7-9 guys who I listed are completely capable of stepping up.


Overly optimistic but I like it!


Thanks! Although I do agree having a better than what we have for the #5 like a Greinke or something like that would be good but we can't add without losing depth. You add Greinke you almost certainly lose one of White or Kikuchi which is fine if everyone stays healthy but back to square 1 I'd they don't This is the first time in years we have had any kind of quality arms (plural) coming from Buffalo that could potentially be very good. (Tiedemann, Zulu, Juenger, Robbins) I still get flashbacks of 2012.... Morrow, Drabek & Hutchison all done for the season within a week. https://torontoobserver.ca/2012/09/26/blue-jays-horrendous-2012-timeline/


I remember that, good call out


Jays potential lineup (with Fangraphs projections): * Springer (130 wRC+, 3.5 WAR) * Bo (127 wRC+, 4.2 WAR) * Vlad (155 wRC+, 5 WAR) * Kirk (133 wRC+, 3.5 WAR) * Varsho (114 wRC+, 3.5 WAR) * Chapman (113 wRC+, 3.6 WAR) * Belt (115 wRC+, 1.1 WAR) * Whit (95 wRC+, 1.3 WAR) * KK (87 wRC+, 1.3 WAR) Bench: * Jansen (115 wRC+, 3 WAR) * Espinal (90 wRC+, 1.5 WAR) * Biggio (100 wRC+, 0.6 WAR) * [TBD] Where exactly is the hole?


4th OF. I suspect our primary 4th OF will get into 70 to 90 games, probably 50 as a starter


Last year we were able to field all 9 spots with 100 wrc+, which is ridiculous but maybe leading to my feeling like there is still a gap. So I guess the hole truly is in CF or in LF when there is a good lefty on the mound. I get KK is dreamy and I love the Defence but he can’t stay healthy, hasn’t hit in a while, I honestly still don’t get the signing and/or the rush to hand him the keys to CF. Subtract KK, put Teo back in, put Varsho in CF where he should be, that would have been a lineup far more menacing than what you listed. Spilt milk I suppose, but the hole that needs to be addressed is a capable RH OF who hits lefties well, can give Varsho or KK a day off against tough lefties, give Springer a day off his feet and can move in to a starting role in the event of an injury. Does anyone still have Grichuk’s cell number ?


They must have a lot of confidence that KK's hip surgery is going to make him a new man this year, and not the broken down version that he's been for the last couple. Same with Belt realistically. Hard to have confidence in players returning from down years due to injuries as fans (these two are well into their 30s too), but the team does have world class doctors look them over with full access to medical records. The doctors must be telling the front office that these guys are good to go for 2023.


Manoah, Gausman, Bassitt, Berrios, Kikuchi, White, Ryu, Thompson, Pearson, maybe even Tiedemann a couple months in. I think starting pitching depth is fine


We won't see Ricky until possibly a September call up, otherwise they're not going to rush him that much.




What part of depth was unclear