Honestly, it depends on your program and what your expectations are. Which is what most people will probably tell you.


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Your going to hear hateful opinions about every school.. this isn’t abnormal - it’s what YOU make out of the experience that matters.. you should never base your opinion off of what some random person on the internet is saying.. I chose TMU for my undergrad and now I’m a graduate student transferring to phD.. your not picking TMU when you apply to graduate school, your picking your placement, your supervisor, your environment, your program.. and at that point all TMU or any other school is good for is supplying your funding and signing your degree.. I’ve loved every minute of my experience so far at TMU and I wouldn’t have chose anything different. I declined an offer from UofT for graduate studies because I absolutely love my PI and the lab I’m in at TMU, wouldn’t change it for a thing.. You need to make the experience on your own opinions, not based off of others..


I couldn’t agree more. It’s really about the program itself and less about the school. Especially at the graduate level. I’m at TMU finishing my MA and moving on to PhD next year. I ultimately picked the school because my supervisor is an angel and the department fosters a collaborative environment rather than a competitive one. I know my mental health would be suffering even more than it is if I picked a school only on prestige.


Here’s my two-cents, from someone who also went to the highest ranked university in Canada (UofT). University is exactly what you make of it; you’ll find unbelievably talented people at every school, and I’ve met people at Ryerson who are going to change the world. I have secured better job offers than my friends at UofT simply because I do more. Now why do the rankings exist if university is what you make of it? Mostly research and professor quality. I will admit, the professors at UofT were usually more knowledgeable in their fields, but a lot of them were also brilliant researchers who didn’t care about teaching. The only REAL advantage I found at UofT was the mean. For example, only the top 15-20% of students in your high school would probably get into UofT CS, so that makes the worst student in the program quite a good student regardless. This simply makes it easier to interface and share ideas with smart people. These people exist at Ryerson, but it’s more like 5% of each class, instead of 80% at UofT.


As someone who has been in undergraduate programs at U of T to TMU, 100% spot on. Harder to find the top-tier students at TMU, but they’re there. Easier to find education-focused professors at TMU than at UofT, because of the research university aspect.


Lol uoft isn't the highest ranked no one in America gives a shot. McGill is Canada's Harvard


I have experience only in the CS field, and through my various work experiences, many large companies domestically and abroad actively seek out UofT and Waterloo engineers first. Maybe if you’re talking about Liberal Arts McGill is better.


The school is good, people only really ever complain about the area lol. Take a tour of yonge and dundas and if you’re okay with it then you literally have nothing to worry about


Imagine if TMU had a campus in the Beaches or Midtown, that would have been much better and not as dangerous


Fr 😭 I had to transfer outta that school cuz I wasn’t about to continue being chased by crackheads 😭


I think that Canadianluv75 was pretty spot-on with their analyses. In short, and as someone who has attended quite a few universities before settling down for my job and finishing here at TMU, people have a mouthful to say no matter which university they're attending. To put it into perspective, I've been to Carleton, Concordia, McMaster, and Western for short periods due to travel in my 20s. No matter where I went, there would be someone who was disgruntled and would call those schools *trash* for whatever reason. At the end of the day, your journey at TMU will be what you make of it. Don't let others interfere with that. Others have also pointed out that some programs do stand out a bit more than others here as well. Good luck!


How was at your experience at Carleton specifically? I was there for a bit, how's your experience at TMU?


https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hacks_at_the_Massachusetts_Institute_of_Technology#IHTFP One of the famous MIT slogans is "I Hate This Fucking Place" and they put it on their class rings. Ryerson isn't as good as MIT but my point is that even if you're going to what is regarded as the best university in the world you'd still be making memes about how much it sucks.


If you think it’s that bad why even bother trying to come? Every school in Canada has a lot of flaws, there is negativity everywhere (e.g York accepts anybody, if you can hold a fork you can go to York, Uoft is a suicide school, too competitive). Every school got stereotypes and at the end of the day there is nothing wrong with those two schools I named, along with TMU. You go to a graduate school where you get accepted from and the things that interest you, basically like a high schooler trying to get into university, but with more knowledge of your life goals and maturity. You then consider how good a program is to your liking at that particular university, the location, how well you gel with the community, if you want to commute, if you got friends coming with you, there are a lot of factors. You calling a school “shitty” is pretty ironic, if you want to go to grad school be a professional and start acting like one or you won’t go nowhere in life, even if you completed the program and did further education. Think outside the box more and ask reasonable questions like, “how is this graduate program at TMU”, “how do I find out if TMU is the best fit for me while naming your offers that you got”, and etc.


I’m not trying to offend anyone and thanks for the reply but I did not call it shitty I said people are calling it that online and I just want to know why and how it was from people actually going there.


No Ryerson is not that bad, in fact for me it was largely the urban school I imagined it to be when I started, but I love the city and studied something connected. Living in the city and/or commuting is what is not for everyone. I don't mean to sound overly critical because starting university is a big deal, but you should always go into something with an open mind and prepare to judge it for yourself. I imagine you made an informed choice when you picked Ryerson and your program, I would stick with it and let other people's opinions be their opinions for the time being.


Depends on which faculty you are in. But in my honest opinion, the research is still lacking at Ryerson so I wouldn’t consider it for grad school unless they have the ideal lab you’re looking for.


i actually really like it i see a bright future with my degree and i love the campus and rarely do i have bad interactions with any crackheads i can count the bad interactions on hand. im only cheesed that my degree wont have the name ryerson on it cause it was a more internationally recognisable than the new name but im other than that i really like it. the only issues i have/had are with certain profs but overall its a great experience


as someone who went to queen’s and transferred to ryerson/tmu and knows countless others who did the same (including my best friend from vancouver). i don’t like the campus itself but i like my program so much more than i did at queen’s. i was forcing myself to enjoy my program because of how fun queen’s social life was and how pretty the campus is. i realized i can’t stay at queen’s for the social life, i needed to go where my passions were and i haven’t enjoyed school this much in a while. i also love the SLC so much like i spend so much time there lmao so tbh i can overlook the shitty campus for the program, my friends, and the slc alone lmao. don’t let other peoples opinions weigh you down! most complaints come up bc of the crackheads around campus / the location. otherwise, tmu is great!! the city has so much to offer and so many opportunities simply due to being downtown!


I love it personally. I mean I've never gone to any other school, but I've enjoyed my time. Found some cool spots to make a lot of friends on campus, a million (relatively) affordable food options nearby, tons to do - it's been nice


At 4:32 PM. every Tuesday, you will be approached by a stranger asking for the time. You may notice they are wearing multiple watches, DO NOT tell them the time. Say, "The time is not here.". Quickly turn around and DO NOT look back, no matter what you hear. Yea, the school's okay, I guess.


honestly yeah


Going to answer this from the perspective of someone who had your worries. No university is inherently bad. It just boils down to what you think you can do with the opportunities that the school and program can offer you. I don’t know about the quality of teaching at a graduate level, however there has been a noticeable decrease in quality amongst undergraduate professors. Ultimately, if you feel that this program will give you the tools and skill set necessary for you to succeed in not only completing your graduate degree, but also on setting yourself up for whatever you want to do in the future, then I don’t think you should be listening to what other people say.