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I used to get this when I was younger and I never squirted but it was actually an orgasm coming on. Finally one day I tried to just ignore it and keep going and sure enough I had my first proper orgasm haha


My first girlfriend in HS used to say this! She would just hop off and go to the bathroom it was so frustrating to teenage me (and her I bet), as it happened literally every time she was on top. Orgasm coming on was my theory and I begged her to just keep going but she didn't want to pee on me. I'd actually forgotten about that until this post. OP: I wouldn't care if it was pee. Had sex. Keep going for science.


Exactly! My bf at the time basically was like just wait and see like you wont pee yourself and if you do oh well haha then we know and I didn't! Just felt great. Happy it doesn't feel like I need to pee before it now thank god it was horrible


Aye, I went through this with my g/f's in my teens. I swore up and down they wouldn't pee on me and that even if they did that sex can be messy and to just roll with it. They never believed me when, before we started having sex, I would tell them the "I'm not like other guys" and that I was super interested in their pleasure. Lots of "I've heard that before". Boy, were they shocked to find out I wasn't just being a typical "I'll rock your world" dude.


Had the exact same situation


Oh god. I feel like this all the time and I would stop to pee. I’ve never had the big O from sex.


Haha there you go! That could be it haha it was really weird to just be like fuck it keep going and yeah it was great lol it was my first like full body orgasm and it was great. Now I don't get that sensation at all before it but yeah


I’m just gonna power through it from now on and hope that my body will do the same. 😋


Just forcefully empty your bladder before sex to give you confidence that you don't have to pee


sometimes having a full bladder intensifies the orgasm!


Sure does and it is crazy.


Even for people with penises a full bladder will intensify an orgasm


Yeah but…then I’m uncomfortable because I have to pee the whole time 😐


Okay maybe not a full full bladder, closer to 1/3 full where you gotta pee afterwards Best simulatenous nut and piss youll ever have


It does for me, but I'm also a guy who doesn't have this problem lol


Same, I've always had stronger climaxes when my bladder is about half full. Idk why, just gotten some real toe curlers. Am also a guy.


Might as well add to the confirmation. I'm a guy. Definitely more intense with a partially full bladder. Also seem to shoot farther if that's your thing.


I simply cannot get off if I feel I have to pee. Like literally going soft halfway through until I stop and go pee.


Even if your bladder isn't full? Like, just enough for a little extra pressure?


I do that all the time. 🤧


Shouldn't women be doing that anyway? Way back in the 80's (and maybe this was just old wife's tales stuff) I was taught that women should be urinating before and after sex to reduce the chances of UTI's. To be honest, it's not something I ever looked into once the internet came out but it's something that stuck with me and something I encouraged my lovers to do my whole life.


No its true


Nooo don't! Save pee for after sex! Always pee after sex!


I think most women who are hydrated always have to pee. Lol.


If I'm the guy and you're on top, I'd take the risk of getting peed on if it meant you could get the real one!


As the old saying goes…doesn’t matter, had sex.


I'm pretty much down for anything. Wife on the other hand not, lol.


If that isn’t the sweetest thing a man has told me 🤭


Lmao I was just being blunt. I hope you have a great time!


Thank you, good man.


Now kith




This is wholesome as hell. Go on with your bad self! Good luck!


Thank you!


Good luck !! haha


do you actually pee when you stop? i realized it was different bc I would stop to pee and then no pee would come out!


If I try really hard, I do. But only if I try really really hard.


yeah girl… next time put down a towel & keep going!!!


Now you have a project for the weekend!


All I need is a penis now.






RIP your inbox


And you were sooo close🤏😉


So many times!


Squirt, pee, orgasm on your partner. At first they may be shocked but once you get used to it, it becomes addicting to receive it.




Congratulations, you played yourself. :D


OMG I KEEP TELLING MY GIRL THIS!!!!! she never believes me because imma guy!!!!!!!! aaaaaa GONNNNA GET LAIDDDDDDDDDD


Good luck to you both.


Same 😞


When I was younger I had a gf with this exact issue. Was incredibly frustrating to convince her it was likely an orgasm coming on. Finally, she let it happen one day and its like a light came on and she was good to go after that.


Came (…*heh*) here to say this!


This :) Pee first so You can properly give the moment your full attention


I can't say for sure, but an ex of mine was terrified that it was cuz she was gonna squirt. And I every time I went down on her I was like, "I don't fucking care, just fucking blast me bitch" and she never let herself do it. So there's that


I think this is a universal experience


Op was literally about to blow her load but stops because she's never done it properly before and thinks she's gonna piss on him.


Wait what??? This whole time I’ve been stopping because I’m too afraid I’ll pee myself


Most intense orgasm ever,


I came here to say this exact thing.


I squirted two times on my own(vibrator). It did indeed feel as if I had to pee? Like a pulling sensation. Welp I went on and then actually squirted- i think... It didn't feel like cumming, i actually smelled my bed cause I was scared I just peed my bed. It smelled like nothing. I guess squirting works different for different people? I'd try to let it happen at least once. So you know how it feels for you. The average person can't pee during sex, because men and woman have erictile tissue. When aroused, that tissue blocks the urethra. That's why it's super hard to pee with a boner/while being super horny. Go on and explore girrrl


I did not know the second part. Thank you for enlightening me, fellow redditor.


This also happens in Men, the difference is men tend to start helping themselves earlier in life, and without many (or any) taboos just go at it any time, is a memory that tends to fade. But it's common the first attempts at masturbation are not successful, it will end up with that pee feeling so strong that have to stop and no actual cum will happen because the body is adjusting. It's the best and worse feeling ever.


Sounds like squirting but Redditors draw their knowledge from porn so this is a bad place to ask this.


I'm a guy and I've had the same feeling, I orgasmed not long after and when my gf kept going, i knew i was going to pee, would have felt amazing but alas I had to tell her to stop. But yes good advice lol


A lady peeing is called squirting A dude peeing is disgusting


Dude peeing called r Kelly


Isn't it kind of crazy that he actually got arrested and charged, and it wasn't just him peeing on underaged girls. He beat them, threatened them, made them eat faces while recording them. >Kelly delivering a painful spanking to one accuser, and a lengthy recording in which Kelly demanded acts of coprophagia and urophagia to humiliate another accuser. As the jury deliberated, the press were allowed to listen to the audio portions to fulfill obligations of access to evidence; accounts confirm that Kelly and his victim's voices are heard narrating the graphic acts of abuse of the latter recording.[277][278] Months after the verdict, prosecutors disclosed that, following Kelly's orders, "[a]t least three women made videos of themselves eating feces and rubbing it over their bodies."[279] > "After the jury delivered their verdict, women's rights attorney Gloria Allred, who represented several victims, stated that Kelly was the worst sexual predator she had pursued in her 47-year career of practicing law"


It is disgusting


Because if a dude pees during sex hes literally peeing inside the girls vagina, thats just an infection waiting to happen


Pee in de bumbum




I’m a major squirter. It’s not pee. In fact I usually pee before sex.


I’m pretty sure it’s a mix of different things but urine is 100% one of the elements in it


It's urine and other bodily fluids.


Leave it on a towel for a few days the ammonia smell starts to get real noticeable


Please, no one take this advice… At all…


Yea, it’s squirt juice from the squirt gland.


To quote the great Patrice O’Neil: that’s just my dick pushing on your bladder, but if you feel like you gotta pee, pee. I’m a grown man. I’m not afraid of NOTHING sexually.


only golden shower i want has to be from bathing outside in the sunset


I miss Patrice O’Neil


why are you calling me out like that... sheesh 😩


Oh it’s you… 🥴


I’ll confirm this by sharing personal anecdotal knowledge instead of porn knowledge.


Well we're not going to get our knowledge from actual women silly. So porn it is


I’m a guy and this actually happened to me recently. I had a very long session inside my partner and when I was finally ready to cum, it felt like I was going to pee instead. I still let it go and it ended up being the largest load I’ve ever shot, and the feeling was absolutely out of this world. It felt like it wouldn’t stop.


I’ve had it like that a few times and it really is a shocker haha


Best to pee before sex (and after, obviously). Your bladder is down there as well and being on top definitely stimulates the bladder as well. Lay down some towels and just go with it, you'll feel so free. And it doesn't seem like your bf minds, so why should you


The stuff women "squirt" is fluid from the bladder, but it's produced when aroused, so for people unsure as to whether or not they're just peeing it's a good suggestion to empty your bladder before sex if you think you're likely to squirt. That way you know it's not urine, just whatever liquid gets filled up in there during sex


This exactly this. Plus, most of us guys know its out from the bladder which means its possibly piss. I mean i got pissed on cause she forgot to pee before hand. Apart from the smell, its just a hot liquid honestly


This is what is lacking in Sex Ed in US. The safe medical practices of sex. I didn’t learn about peeing after ejaculation (even masturbation) until I was 20.


Female here - that does sound like you're about to squirt. Lay out a few towels next time and let it happen. You might be surprised how amazing it feels!


As another female, am I releasing like when going to the bathroom or am I trying to relax the tightness?


I just kinda stop resisting. For me, I kinda tense up. So I just gotta push through the urge to stop and relax a tiny bit. Much easier now that I've done it a few times


I too have to “push”. It’s like when you have to pee REALLY bad and have had to hold it a long time (like on a road trip) when you finally get to pee you kinda have to push it….It’s like that. Except it feels AMAZING! Where as, when you release when you’re going to the bathroom you don’t really have to push, you just let it go. So it’s different from that.


My body works the same way! It feels like you need to pee but what comes out isn’t urine. And it feels amazing! But I also have to “push” to make it happen.


If I force I squirt but don't orgasm. If I relax I orgasm. Sometimes a bit of squirt comes with the orgasm. Just throw down some towels and don't stress. I'd suggest you try out both options actually to be honest. It might be different for you and that's the whole point of sex. Just keep trying things with your partner until you're both having lots of fun.


Yea haha. Either way it's going to help to practice it, so get to work OP. lmao


You don't need to use your pelvic floor the way you would if you had to pee really hard or anything - just relax into it.


I’d advise you to pee before sex. If you still get the feeling, its squirting.


I can't answer this question, but maybe give you some piece of mind about the aftermath. I'm pretty sure your boyfriend won't mind it, but actively encourage squirting. At least most men will encourage this. It shows that you're really into it and nothing is hotter than a woman riding you, not being able to control herself, because of the way you make her feel. So go for it!


I dated a girl around a decade ago that was a chronic squirter. Just want to confirm that I’m a dude, and I absolutely loved it. We had to lay out multiple towels on the bed, because it would usually happen several times with solid volume. I didn’t care in the slightest if it was piss, especially after the first few times when it definitely didn’t smell or feel like piss. 100% worth dealing with the aftermath. I’m honestly really grateful for the experience. It’s the only thing I miss about that girl. It definitely makes a guy feel great about their performance, even with a girl that you know squirts uncontrollably regardless of who it’s with.


Peace of mind


Also it helps if your guy pulls out and rubs his dick on your clit vigorously when you're about to squirt.. even slap it a little bit. then just relax and feel the release. As a guy I can attest your boyfriend will fuckin love it. Make sure you have plenty of towels to protect your bed. If not it will eventually start to smell like a pirates Gooch.


I was trying to contain my laughter, as my boyfriend is nearby on a work call. Then I read “smell like a pirates gooch” and it brought out my loud, goose-honking laugh


Everybody cums differently I guess, but if someone pulled out and stopped doing whatever it was they were doing to get me to the point where I was about to squirt it would ruin my orgasm.


When you have an orgasm, your body naturally tenses up and then releases. Go with the flow. Let your body do its thing.


Well first off, does it feel good or does it feel uncomfortable? If it feels good, keep going and see what happens. If it’s uncomfortable, make sure you go to the bathroom prior to sex.


Honestly it’s a mixture of both. Like I want to keep going but my potty training tells me to go to the bathroom lol


I feel you lol it’s an indescribable feeling! I remembered the first time I squirted. It was totally unexpected and just happened, it felt good but I was confused like um, what just happened 😆 Wouldn’t hurt to try it and see the results from it. I normally like to pee before sex so I know that whatever comes out isn’t actually pee (since the tank is empty)


I’ve had this same feeling with several partners and I wish I had stumbled upon this knowledge a lot sooner because now I feel like I missed out???


Same, I just stopped because didn’t want to pee. But I only have that feeling when I resume sex after a drought?






Chocolate rain


​ ![gif](giphy|2mMEcfDLs4qA9CmdmZ)




It isn't necessarily squirt, some people just feel that way when their abdominal wall tenses for orgasm, you need to not only let yourself go but bear down and slightly tilt your hips. If you do squirt and your boyfriend has a problem with it, he can fuck off or learn to enjoy it.


tilt up?


…based on my wife’s results: Push. And have the greatest O. Will some of it be pee? Yeah, probably. But whatever, it’s worth it. Just drink lots of water leading up to the event, if possible.


Like a lot of people said, it sounds like you're on the verge of squirting! Yay! I saw you asked what kind of letting go should you do (hmm... well you know what i mean). for me its like i stop holding, letting the pelvic muscles to be as relaxed as they are when im not having sex. In a way that moment is connected to my trust in my partner. theres a quality of surrender-ness to this moment. I have never managed to do this while on top because i usually relax all of my body at the same time. it feels like even the tiniest muscle in my face is relaxed, like i dont have to hold my facial expression in a way. and than it comes. And its awesome :) I think in order to accomplish this while being on top i would ask my partner to hold me or support my upper body in some way. Any way best of luck i hope you will have a great time.


My wife is the same way. She squirts like Niagara Falls if I just barely wake her from sleep with nipple play and then manual or penile stimulation while she's in that total full body relaxation zone.


Your boyfriend is right. Stop stopping and let it go.


Now when you say “let it go” am I relaxing like when I go to the bathroom or just kind of relax?


The second one. Your brain might be telling you you need to pee but it's not quite the same. It's like a "let it go" rather than "go for a pee". Just surrender to the moment and do feel free to inform him it's happening because his ego will get such a boost he will want to make it happen again and again - everyone wins! (Put some towels down!)


Those 2 options you're saying sound like the same thing.


IMO they feel different muscle wise


First off pee before sex, then you won’t have to worry about “squirting being pee” and just go with it.. don’t over think it, don’t worry about the muscles just let your body do it’s thing. For me when it’s about to happen it’s hard to do anything but relax because it’s so intense, you might have to have your partner take over to tip you over the edge. it’s kinda scary the first few times cause it can feel like a loss of control but I promise it’s sooo worth it.


I'll defer to females to advise you further here.


Stop stopping 🤣🤣


Never stop never stopping to squirt


My girlfriend confirmed it is indeed squirt


This guy's girlfriend confirmed it to me as well.


I was in the closet and can confirm she told him that.


>I was in the closet Time for you to come out


I was on the live stream from the closet and can confirm she told him that.


...live stream. Brilliant !


I'm his coworker and heard it from his PC where the live stream from the closet was playing and can confirm she told him that.


I was watching his twitch commentary of the live stream so I also can confirm


I heard it through the grapevine and too can confirm she told him that.


i too choose this guy's girlfriend.


This is the right answer


This is the only answer


Squirt is basically pee but with more water in it. If you're down, lay down a towel & make your man feel special.


I don’t know a whole lot about female anatomy, but I do know that’s what my ex-girlfriend said one time. And I told her to let it happen, and she orgasmed.


My ex also said the same thing, and did in fact squirt after just letting it go. Worst comes to worst you pee on your boyfriend a little, no harm done.


My gf is the same and she's a squirter. Just be sure to pee before sex because we have had times were first few have contained a lot of pee. Doesn't bother me or her but just so your aware.


I agree with the comments. Don't stop. Your bladder is being pushed so that could be some of what you're feeling. If you have anxiety about squirting, just pee before sex so you know that's not what it is. You *may* squirt but in my experience that's hardly the case. For me it is usually a build up to an orgasm and I don't pee or squirt. Everyone is different so ymmv, but even if it's pee, your bf seems ok with it so I'd let it go Having said that, it's MUCH easier said than done. I still try to "hold it in" so I don't pee (even though I know I won't). I don't stop though cuz I know an orgasm is coming


Wife confirmed.. she's the same way.. stop stopping, just let it happen, she says you won't be disappointed, and neither will your boyfriend


Fellow woman here. That’s the sensation I get before I squirt, sounds like maybe that’s what’s going on with you! I suggest laying a towel down under you next time you have sex and let yourself feel it without stopping. You may end up enjoying it!


From experience, it 1000% means you're about to squirt! Don't stop! It feels amazing!!!


Good chance it's squirting. Don't be afraid of peeing on him. It does come from the same place. Just relax and enjoy the ride. Even if it would be peeing, don't worry about it. If your boyfriend says you can keep going just do it. I personally wouldn't mind being either squirted on or peed on.


So vagina anatomy varies among people. For me, mine is set up so if someone is rubbing my clit, it stimulates my urethral opening too. So when I flex (flexing helps me further the pleasure), it can feel like i’m going to pee. And if I orgasm, sometimes I squirt, and it can be a combo of pee and cum (totally normal). If you want to know what it really is like, I suggest doing some self-pleasure and then you can be less nervous about it


It is squirting. Let it go and you’ll have an orgasm like you’ve never had before, trust me!


We would like to read an update when you figure out


Literally me. After reading these comments I am now convinced to try and go through it and see what happens lol


Seems he's somewhat understanding of the nuance of human interaction. I'm a guy and I 'squirt' if the moment is right. Assuming you're ok with it, just let him know you love that you're comfortable. Then lay down some towels, and be proud as fuck for both of you for feeling comfortable enough with each other for it to happen. My gf squirted with me, and she taught me that I could too. Own it, go with it, don't judge it, and I promise you both will be happier for it. Even if you don't end up together. Amazing sex is amazing sex. We're all lucky if we find someone comfortable enough to experience it with us


that's squirt, I had a girlfriend that always happened to her, it didn't matter if she went to the bathroom first. So we opted to put towels or clothes under us, it was quite much liquid . She felt ashamed and afraid, So I talked to her and told her, it doesn't matter, even if it's a little urine (which was not) don't stop and enjoy. The only "problem" is washing towels and bathing, enjoy


I figured that position puts pressure on your bladder. Thus the sensation. Peeing right before sex can minimize it.


I used to have that same experience with my now boyfriend back when we first started hooking up. I started going pee before sex because the sensation felt just like the need to pee… and it went alway for the most part. Maybe it’s a mental block and it could actually lead to squirting, but damn it’s a mind f*ck.


Definitely go for it next time as it sounds like squirting, like others have said, lay out some towels just in case. It’s nothing that can’t be cleaned up or showered off, but it might be fun to keep going and see where the feeling takes you.


Could be pee. Could be squirting. You should probably lay out a few towels and see what happens if you are comfortable with that. I sometimes get that feeling and it just means I need to pee.


I realized I was a squirter because of this feeling. It's perfectly normal and is just you about to orgasm. Ride it out. :)


It is a sign of arousal. If you haven't had an orgasm before, it might be time to explore and see if this sensation does lead to urinating. Pee before masturbating, lay down a towel in bed or hop in the shower, and see where the sensation goes. As for squirting: the debate is still ongoing if this is pee or really female ejaculation, but it is incredibly uncommon and, in porn, often fake. I hope your bf doesn't have the expectation that you will squirt, because it's hard to do and women can (and most often) orgasm without squirting. I've squirted twice in my life, still don't know if it was pee, but can only replicate it under incredibly specific circumstances.


Empty your bladder right before sex, so during when you feel like it just push it through and see if it results in an orgasm. If you are worried abt messing up the bedding, put a towel under you.


put a towel down and try it one time, trust you'll never stop to check again


I’ve heard a lot from girls that an orgasm feels like you’re about to pee. Be like do you want me to keep going and take that risk? And if he says yes just keep going! Worst case you pee a little and it’s HIS fault and best case you have a great orgasm


Pee before you have sex so you don’t have to worry about it, then just relax through the feeling and you’ll have an orgasm.


Throw down some towels next time and just roll with it. If you don't like it, that's okay!


I’ve been *told* that when reaching a G-spot orgasm, it does usually feel like you have to urinate. Think you’re depriving yourself of a grand finale.


Get to it on top of a towel, and let the test begin. If it's pee, it's pee and youll know and easy cleanup. If it is a pleasure blast, you'll know that, and can live to the fullest. Sex it about experimentation, imo. Can't know if you dont try


Let it go, let it goooo.


Yeah it’s because of the squirt. One way to combat this is to pee before hand. Usually girl on top hits the G spot easier due to the position. The g spot is a spongy part of the bag about 2 inches up you can curl your fingers in a come her motion pointing up and find it.


Whatever it is, go with it all the way to find out. Jeez, as if peeing on him isn't a fantasy of his anyway.


My wife is a squirter. I asked her, and she said it feels a bit like she has to pee, but that's always when she's on her back. If you're on top he might be hitting a spot that pushes into something that hits your bladder, even a little, and makes you feel that way. If you ever have a baby, after month 5 or 6, the baby's big enough to move a bit and occasionally will literally just sit on your bladder and... accidents happen lol. Edit: my wife said "let it happen he'll think he's a god" and I'm now questioning my life choices Edit Imagine downvoting this lol


Pee on him 😈


so the g-spot is right next to the bladder, so when it’s stimulated (penetrative sex) you might feel like you have to pee, and (usually) it won’t be pee, i recommend trying it out yourself first in the tub or something to get a feel for it and make sure you’re used to the feeling so you can make sure it isn’t pee lol!


I’ll put it like this, no harm no foul. A lot of people describe nearing orgasm that way, if you end up peeing it won’t be the end of the world just a funny story in a few years.


He's hitting your g-spot. If you, *ahem*, ride it out...the sensation will go away and turn into a deep pleasure sensation.


I don't know about you. But everytime after sex or after masterbating I need to pee, it's almost a requirement my body does every single time. It doesn't even matter if I pee before anything happens. Afterwards, sure enough; gotta pee 😅


As a squirter just let it happen! You’ll feel more relief to just going and it just comes out. And you feel like a champ when the wet spot is big and make your partner sleep in it >:)


Just make sure you pee before (and after) sex and that way you won’t mistake the feeling


Just ride it out. Worst case, you’ve got a bit of a mess to clean up…


It is because you are about to squirt. The more intense is the peeing sensation the closest you are to squirting.


I pee before sex because of this, its actually just arousal/orgasm coming on but I can get self concious and drip out of the mood quickly so peeing beforehand helps me be like "not gonna piss my bed, just enjoy the ride"


Am i the only sadistic asshole who felt this shit and thought “do it do it he deserves it it’ll be funny”


Pee before you have sex and put a waterproof blanket or puppy pad down. It's most likely squirt which smells different and tastes good compared to pee.


I ain’t a woman but I saw a similar question on Dr. Phil after dark, he said that it’s very possible that the male member can be large enough to push on the bladder causing pressure and the urge to pee


Because ur about to have a huge orgasm so let go and cum like a god


Had the same once, I didn’t know what would happen but luckily I didn’t quit and had the best orgasm in my entire life.


between the anterior vaginal wall and the pubic bone goes the urethra, in certain positions it can happen that the penis presses on the urethra giving the feeling of having to pee


Woman here.......towels and relax next time. Sounds like an orgasm. Just let it happen (if you're comfortable)


Ask your boyfriend what magical organ holds a gallon of "squirt," lol Porn has really rotted our brains, lol.


Fun fact. Squirt is Pee


Yup, not sure where other people think all that liquid is being created and stored, not like women have a prostate connected to their urethra


You're going to trigger the r/sex mods...


I think it might just be pee, because let's be honest, female 'ejaculation' is pretty much just that... pee. If you have a weak bladder like some do, you might get stronger orgasms just letting go when it feels right, because as gross as it it, it just feels kinda good, it stimulates the whole shebang. I accidentally just straight up peed on top of my bf once or twice without orgasming bc we were going too hard, we both just laughed it off and cleaned up afterwards. No shame at all amiga, everyone has accidents. Peeing before and after is equally as important, and staying hydrated helps pee be more or less diluted, clearer and doesn't smell as strong.