Pedophile means attraction to pre pubescent so automatically no this doesn't apply. Plus 16 and 18 can be basically one year apart or nearly three years apart so there isnt a good answer on whether its okay or not. If the older turned 18 yesterday and younger turns 17 tomorrow they are really only a year apart. If the older turns 19 tomorrow and the younger only turned 16 yesterday they are really three years apart.


What if the adult just recently turned 18 and the other person is turning 16 really soon.


Where is this involved, country/state laws matter here. But no not a pedo


Pedophilia is considered a mental disorder in which someone's life is disrupted due to sexual attraction to prepubescent people who are significantly younger than the person feeling that attraction. That doesn't seem to match the scenario you described.


No. A 50 year old dating a 16 year doesn't make anyone a pedophile either. Pedophilia is sexual attraction to someone who is prepubescent. A 16 year old isn't prepubescent.


While this is correct I believe that OP might have been looking for a different answer. It's technically called Ephebophilia if I remember correctly. In this case as the older of the 2 is 18 they are both in that category. So OP, no you are not a Pedo if you are 18 and dating a 16 year old. However does it make it right to do so? Thats a different question.


I disagree, I would consider a 50 year old dating a 16 year old to have pedophile like tendencies. Whether or not it’s based from the actual definition, that is for SURE wrong considering mental maturity and the disparity between the two.


It's still not pedophilia. It might be wrong, but it is NOT pedophilia. Pedophilia is a specific thing regardless of if you choose to accept the definition. It has specific diagnostics characteristics.


I didn’t have my first period till I was 15, would that count as Prepubescent? Where is the line drawn? Age? Nonetheless, I agree 16/18 isn’t an issue, but as you get older it becomes weirder to date someone that’s 16 say at 20, the age gap and life experiences are SO different. Also, you can’t make a statement of a 16 yr old and 50 year old when there would be obvious grooming involved, still predatory.


>Where is the line drawn? According to the diagnostic criteria, puberty. It's that simple.


In some states if they are sexually active. Depends on the legal age.


Yes and no, it depends what kind of relationship it is


what about a 23 year old dating a 18 year old that just recently had a bday …


When the 18 year old matures (30’s) they’ll look back an think why did a 23 year old go for me. The answer to this is because they couldn’t get someone their own age and decided to go for someone more impressionable.


@ my bf then ig


No, it's only the two year mark. If you date someone in high.


No. This question gets asked every day.


I'm new to this sub so I didnt know that this question was previously asked. Sorry.


As a German, I don't get why this is even a problem in the first place \^\^


Dating does not mean sex necessarily. Also you should wait two years for sex


>Dating does not mean sex necessarily. True. >Also you should wait two years for sex Definitely.


16 is old enough in some countries.


Yeah, but age doesn't really resemble maturity very well. If he/she is mature from a biological POV doesn't mean they are mentally mature as well. I mean Karens are a good example that some aren't mentally mature not even at 40...


True. But 18 is as arbitrary as 16. Why not 21 or 25.


Depends on the person. Don't fuck around something until you understand the possible consequences and know the proper safety measures. This can be applied to basically everything


Not in the UK


Why would I fuck someone from UK? :))


Well there's an exception in the law for this case in my country.


Which country is that if you don't mind me asking?


It depends on local laws. I know the state in which I am from, you could date 16-18 years old until you are 21, as kind of a buffer for people who were dating through high school. Other places are very strict. I heard of one case ( I think in Alabama but not completely sure) in which a father had her daughters boyfriend put in jail the day after he turned 18 (she was 17). Some places, as long as it is consensual, any adult can date a 16 year old (I have no idea which states those are) So, it depends on local laws...most of the time state law


The only problem with your example from Alabama is they were brother and sister as well.


Lol. It could be a high possibility that the fathers, daughters boyfriend was also her brother.


I'm from the uk and I just researched it and it says that after the person turns 16 they can have relationships with anyone over 18 weather it's sexual or not unless the adult is under a position of authority like a teacher.




No, just statutory rape issues.




In the US it depends upon the state.


Of course not.


No, but it might make you unwise depending on state laws


Pedo…no but depending on the state it may be illegal because that technically is an adult with a minor.. I’m in Texas and the law states I could not be more than 3 years older than my girlfriend ( wife) I was 18 and gf was 16. We later married and have been married for 25 years now.


No, but there could be an inappropriate power imbalance depending on the situation. The real question is whether this is morally wrong.


Age gaps mean so much more for younger people, especially around major milestones like 18. That one specifically doesnt sound too drastic, but it can get weird easily.


Maybe a pedometer, considering how often they’ll be walking to school together.