Why did the U.S didn’t go to war with Saudi Arabia, if all the 9/11 hijackers are from there?

Why did the U.S didn’t go to war with Saudi Arabia, if all the 9/11 hijackers are from there?


The Saudis take payment for their oil in US dollars only. This gives us a huge trade advantage. So even if we don't buy their oil we still get advantage from their policy's. So while it's not as simple as oil, the USA could not afford to pick a fight with SA.


They didn't act on behalf of the Saudi government, they were Al-Qaeada members.


The U.S. and Saudi governments have a very complicated relationship, wherein the U.S. has a long history of turning a blind eye to the misdeeds of Saudis, and they reciprocate.


Because they are our oil buddies, and the big oil companies and the Bush family decided to let them get away with it.




The Taliban, in Afghanistan, was sheltering the people behind the whole thing.


In a sense, Al Queda and OBL were the enemies of the KSA power structure, not part of it. Letting US troops on Saudi soil during the first Gulf War was an affront to OBL and his supporters, and both KSA leadership and the US government were to blame.


I've often wondered the same thing. It doesn't matter if we have a republican president or democrat president, they are all super weak with Saudi Arabia.


Saudi Arabia and US intelligence along with various US politicians conspired to carry out the attack so they could wage a seemingly endless war and earn trillions and pass the Patriot Act (written pre 9/11) in record time.




Because the terrorist organization behind 9/11 hated Saudi Arabia and used saudi nationals in the attack to stoke hatred for Muslims and to damage the saudi - American relations.


Saudi Arabia owns a lot of the USA


So the USA is sucking dick for Saudi Arabia?


And China


That’s true


Too many rich people there, plus 9/11 was 100% US planned.




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You forgot oil..


The other part people tend to forget is that Saudi Arabia is home to the most important holy sites in Islam. On top of all the other reasons, attacking Saudi Arabia would be declaring war on Islam in some people's eyes.


1) Could have been that they were Saudi citizens who attacked out if Iraq and Afghanistan 2) Could have been that the Saudis funded the Bush campaigns


Even if there were some suspicions that some officials in Saudi Arabia had helped Al Qaeda, the government, being a US ally, promptly started to hunt down terrorists and AQ sympathizers. They still do today, with their usual brutality. They also stopped spending hundreds of millions in propaganda for radical Islam outside the country, and after a few years came MBS with an abnormally new policy regarding religion. So the US didn't need to invade Saudi Arabia to hunt terrorists, because the local government was already willing to do the job. (They also didn't need to invade Iraq because the terrorists came, duh, from Afghanistan, not Iraq. But that's another story.)


They’re in bed together. We now know Trump knew the Saudi government killed a US journalist in cold blood, and did nothing about it. Saudi Arabia can do pretty much anything they want.


Because if they had gone to war with Saudi Arabia, then how would they use 9/11 as a pretext to invade Iraq? Dummy.


Well idk if you’re illiterate, but I wasn’t born when this happened.


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