(serious) Can vegans swallow cum?

(serious) Can vegans swallow cum?


So long as its ethically sourced, free range cum.


Anyone who can swallow can swallow cum


Anyone who consents to can.


Yes, why wouldn't they? Veganism is the choice to do all you can to reduce animal suffering and dependency on animals, unless we're talking sucking horse dick I don't see any way swallowing cum could be against veganism.


The animal suffering thing is a factor but veganism is not consuming animal products which ejaculate is


You asked. I answered. You're just choosing to be pedantic about humans being animals


By that definition, the internet is an animal product. So is food that you grew or picked.


Vegans don't eat or use anything from animals although vegans have warped the definition to be cruelty free only




Humans are animals


You can take these thoughts too far. Logically what you're arguing is (assuming semen is defined as an animal product) it cannot enter your body. That means no swallowing. No anal. No vaginal. It also follows babies cannot be fed (lactating is an animal product). Most vegans are hypocrites. They survive on vitamin suppliments, most of which, if they cared to look, either have animal content or are a by-product thereof. Veggies. Yes.


Yes, vegans believe in consent. The don't drink milk because a cow can't consent to it. If cows could talk and say, hey enjoy my milk, I'd be honored, then you would start seeing vegans drinking milk. Same with beastiality, it's morally wrong because a non human animal can't consent to sex. Humans can consent, so there is no issue unless the guy said, hey don't suck my dick! Which is something you probably won't hear much.


I'm ganna say yes because it's not hurting animals (so long as everyone consents) and is more akin to cannibalism than being carnivorous


Only from a carrot