2 things: 1. when someone is sexually aroused the normal barriers of "disgust" are lowered. what was disgusting before is now "whatever". what was outright vomit-inducing before is now "that's a bit ew" 2. porn hyper-focuses and tunnel visions on the extreme details, especially the ones that seem wrong or out-there. works great with (1) for enhanced viewing experience if its something that's wired to arousal. but anyone looking at porn with a normal mindset would be like "wtfwtfwtf"


Porn usually is pretty gross honestly. It's just an ugly twisted caricature of what actual sex is really like


A lot of porn panders to guys, it’s also absolutely exaggerated to a nearly fantasy levels. Porn is not normal sex, just like NASCAR isn’t normal driving.


Because people are disgusting. We're sweaty and smelly and we have three yards of tubing inside us that's literally crammed with shit. We're crawling with bacteria and fungus and tiny insects. Our eyes and nose and genitals are all lubricated with mucous that coagulates into boogers. People are fucking disgusting, so of course watching people have sex is disgusting. ...sexy, though.


Ew I don’t want to be human anymore


Become Monke




Become robo man


Tubing inside is thats literally crammed with shit The mental image is awful lol


Better not Google anal prolapse then


Oh god …. I’ll pass


So sex in porn is not realistic nor is it reality. I think it's been said enough times to have sunken in. Porn is genuinely catered to men. That's why alot of women, myself included switch over to the gay men did of porn hub. Men can't particularly fake an orgasm and women like reality, they like passion and romance or just to know what they're watching isn't fake. I've found that watching a guy go at it solo is alot more intimate than watching a couple have sex. Try that instead of normal porn. If you need recommendations I can help there but just don't get sucked into the whole world revolving "straight" porn. It's just a shitty view of sex.


The idea that everyone is attracted to or can get off watching porn is so very false.


Keep in mind, porn is not sex. It's basically a TV show. When (or if) you're comfortable being intimate with someone, that person should respect your wishes and have your consent for any sexual activities. Just make sure you're with someone who respects you, and sex will be only what you want it to be.


100% I wish people (who regularly consume porn) kept in mind it’s for entertainment and not real sex lol


That's why they call it "Doin' the nasty"


To each their own i guess


can I ask if you're a virgnin, asexual, a minor, or all? I'm just curious sorry xd




Maybe all, can’t tell if I’m a asexual


Fair enough. Being asexual is just as natural and valid as sexual people


It's normal for some people to have these feelings at first. I've known about guys who vomited the first time they saw a penis poke into a vagina. With time and experience you'll most likely lose the "gross" feeling about it.


It's gross if your parents finds your watch history


You know the saying, “no pain, no gain”? Well, its like that, especially for your first time, but then pleasure kicks in. Ever ate a spicy pepper, the pain is unbearable, but then you get this feel good sensation? Pretty much like that. Sure, I know certain things are just Wrong, especially if a one way thing (i.e. rape). But even I, a guy, after having a bad day where somebody starts talking to me, I reply, & then somebody else buds in “SHUT THE ‘F’ UP OR I’LL BEAT YOU UP!” & another adds “You’ll End Up In A Hospital If You Don’t Shut The ‘F’ Up!” just wants to grab a girl, embrace her, & cry…


Maybe it looks gross because it *is* gross. :)


I'm a Male and I find degenerate porn disgusting. The only thing which is making me "somewhat" wanna watch porn are my stress levels and I for the most part watch regular intercourse.


Bad benchmark of good sex. Just avoid it.


There's more to porn than the front page of Pornhub. That stuff might look a bit extreme.


Done wrong it can hurt. Done right it can hurt, but shouldn't. The first time can be easier for the girl if she's on top controlling the pressure and she's wet enough or uses enough lube.