I Caught Her in a Lie--Now What?

I Caught Her in a Lie--Now What?


What’s the big deal? It’s casual, and the lie isn’t material to the relationship. So what, she had some pics and sent them to you. It’s a stupid thing to lie about- but doesn’t seem like you’re gonna marry her. As long as the transactional nature of the relationship is otherwise fine, then I wouldn’t look into this too much.


This! Also keep in mind LOTS of porn is free, assuming it’s purely digital relationship. But if you are in person that’s different


Aahhh, materially.




If it's 'pleasure for $$$' then ultimately, unless you provided $$$ specifically for OC pictures, who cares? You said it yourself that your relationship isn't a committed one, so she doesn't owe an explanation for why or when they were taken. Take it at face value and leave it there.


Let’s see some of those pics so we can see how serious this thing really is ^^


Yeah, OP, pics or it didn't happen!


If it’s not a committed relationship then she doesn’t necessarily need to be 100% honest with you. The fact that it’s not a committed relationship means that it’s very probably that she has more partners than you. Which is fine. Just take it with a grain of salt if you want to continue the relationship. If it bothers you that much you might want to consider making it a committed relationship


Are you serious? You admit it's a relationship based on sex and money and you want her to be honest? If you are looking for honesty, you're way off target.


straight up ask her why she did that


What do you think is going to come out of it if you confront her about that? She's a prostitute, not your wife. If you're not happy, find someone else to bang.