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Eventually you'll go limp and you'll be pretty much squeezed out. So unlikely


Ok, ok. Bare with me here: let's say a couple decide to drunk as shit. Then the male decides to pop some viagra, and in the process of doing it, they both pass out, but the dude just so happens to remain inside the woman. What would happen then? Lol


In college, my girlfriend's roommate and her boyfriend passed out mid-sex. He somehow remained lodged in her until they woke up....which was when he tried to move and realized he was stuck. Wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't been there to witness it.


There's more to this story and you should be ashamed you've chosen to hold it back


To witness him trying to pull out?


Yes...not like up in there watching but I was in the room watching. They were under a blanket on the den floor. We were already up making breakfast when they woke up. She screamed a little when he tried to get up. Afterwards she said it was like their skin was glued together. When he would try to pull out, it would pull at her labial skin. They wanted some oil...only thing in the apt was a can of PAM. So we gave that to them. After a minute or so, he was able to ease out. I'm not the only one who was there to witness it. I honestly don't think I have ever laughed so hard in all my life as I did that morning.


In places that have a lot of stray dogs, it’s not uncommon to see two of them stuck together


I believe that's a different thing; dog penises actually get a big ol' lump or "knot" to cause that


Someone’s read their werewolf porn.


You're not normal if you've never google what a dog penis looks like


i learned that from a random ass reddit post like 2days ago :D


Same thing. Pretty sure he wouldn't be able to sleep


2 things You've probably at some point in your life either in the pool or the bathtub spent enough time to get pickled fingers, not much happened to your dick Also, (just a theory, could be wrong, but) The vagina does not stay wet all the time. If she dried out too long, and you stayed hard, friction might cause you to get stuck or just really uncomfortable to pull out


Our vag does not dry out like chicken in the sun. If a woman is "dry" meaning she's lacking a degree of lubrication, she's got hormone imbalance or entering menopause. It is a mucous membrane and it needs moisture. A couple can become stuck due to involuntary spasms of the vagina/perineum muscles. It's not a common occurrence at all.


Yeah number 2 was more of an of the top theory. Didn't mean it to come across as trying to say it was fact.


Not quite right but ya had enthusiasm. I gotchu


The vagina actually does stay at least a little bit wet all the time. A penis can not get stuck in a vagina from friction.


I hear you...and that is exactly what I would have thought...but I was there. They were stuck. You don't forget something like that.


Maybe if there's piercings involved


Huh? Like if both people have piercings and the jewelry gets caught together?


Or I have a piercing and she ate a magnet


I've heard stories of someone having a penis piercing and it getting caught inside the vagina. Dunno if it's true though.


u/Hank_fight_Hank likes to have a word with you.


What? News to me that my "vagina does not stay wet all the time"


Pft, like you know your body better than a random male redditor


ok you're stupid. Being a women doesn't mean you know everything about women health. Ask 10 women where they pee from, or to point at their urethra. Examples. Body doesn't let mucous membranes desiccate. So yes, some amount of moisture at all times. Also you can't get stuck in someone's vagina?


You're judging my intelligence based on a sarcastic remark, and I'm the dumb one? Nothing you said is in counter to what I said or implied. What I implied was that a woman's vagina is always moist (yes because of mucous membranes) which you strictly agreed with, so why are we in opposition? But now I will say something in conflict with you; you can in fact get stuck in a vagina - it's very rare but possible. The woman has to have some condition that makes the mucous membrane not do its thing. Vaginismus is one other possibility, but if the vagina is sufficiently wet the penis should slip right out when it happens. The condition is humorously called "penis captivus".


1. Being a woman means you probably have a better idea about your health THAN MEN WHO THINK VAGINAS AREN'T WET MOST OF THE TIME 2. That's incredibly dumb. 10 women from a big city are going to right and 10 women from rural Alabama might have a few who are wrong. 40 year old women might be more accurate than 18 year old women. So what? Most women will know. 3. Yes duh about moisture, that's the point I already made. Not sure what you thought you needed to add. 4. Yes, men and women, males and females, can get stuck together. It happens to many other mammals. It's common in dogs for example. Don't call people stupid when you don't know what the fuck you're talking about.


Dogs dicks have bones in them, and their meant to not be removed until their done. If you think a human can get their dick stuck you don't know as much as you think you do..




Ben Shapiro? Is that you?


Ben Shapiro is that you?


And then someone throws a bucket of water over you!


Here's the answer!


I thought they proved that your fingers getting water logged was an active process to give you more traction in the water because dead people thrown in water didn't get water logged fingers.


“Asking for a friend”


There is a condition where a woman's vagina can basically go on lockdown and almost close up. It usually prevents penetration but I wonder what would happen if it happened while the guy was inside?


Really? I've never heard of this. What's the medical terminology for this? This would be very helpful against rape no?


Vaginismus, it's super painful, not common, and not voluntary


Ah...i interpreted that as willful closing. My bad


My man was this close to solving sexual assault




Does it get pruney in the pool? If so seek medical help.


Finger become pruney that people can grab better under water. If your Johnson does that, you need a long discussion with your doctor.


On a serious not tho your fingers don’t go pruney for grip it’s just because your skin is many layers thick, when one layer absorbs water it swells and there’s not really any way for the skin to move so it crinkles up


Really? I always thought it was for better grip, from an evolutionary perspective


Common misconception but no it doesn’t really help with grip in any way. On the side of evolution humans were never meant to be aquatic hunters, we were primarily land mammals, foraging and hunting on land where we were superior. We are dexterous and somewhat fast and what we lack in speed we can make up for in stamina. So where a cheetah can outrun it’s prey in seconds we could keep up a steady chase for half an hour whereupon the prey would be utterly exhausted and we could kill them. In water we lose our strength and speed and manoeuvrability in events where we would be chased by fish and natural water predators. We aren’t particularly fast swimmers and we can’t see in water. Not only that but when water is very clear we can’t properly judge distance because our eyes have liquid inside them and it disrupts the refraction of light.


Personally I believe evolution is random, so there’s no “meant to.” But, some scientists theorize that humans deviated from other apes and became aquatic / coastal hunters, and that’s why we can float and are primarily hairless and covered with sebaceous glands. I don’t buy it, but it’s an interesting theory.


Theres actually a group of peoples called the Moken on the west coast of thailand that have hunted by diving in the corals of their islands in the Andman sea for hundreds if not a thousands of years dubbed "sea nomads". They have evolved to have pupils that see clearly under the water. Their pupils can contract to the "maximum known human limit" allowing them to refract light better and see twice as well underwater as say europeans!


Well evolution isn't really random except in one particular way and even that comes with serious caveats. Populations respond to particular pressures, pressures which emphasise a survival mechanic, be that better sight or vertebrae or the shape of a foot, whatever deals with the problem. Usually it's fairly easy to see where an evolutionary path is headed, Darwin's famous surveys of Galapagos finches showed that. There are random genetic mutations, the vast vast majority of which are simply moot, some are detrimental and very few offer any benefit. Even so, it's arbitrary in most cases because it still follows selection rules. If the random adaptation doesn't help the individual survive and procreate, it dies with them. That's an interesting theory though, not one I've heard before but holds some merit, it would be a niche humans are well suited for and in most cases, relatively unoccupied.


Well we don’t fully float, if you hop in a pool and try to float you’ll find it’s primarily your chest and abdomen that floats. Its the only bit that holds large amounts of air to keep us afloat, your arms legs and even head will sink or at least drop down a bit unless your in extremely salty water at which point your entire body will float and if it’s salty enough for long enough your entire body will go pruney. Evolution is not ‘meant’ to happen that’s why it’s a genetic mutation but when it does happen and it is successful it tends to stick around because it’s helpful in one way or another.


so youre saying my peen will go pruney if i soak in a salty body of water long enough?


Do you have any evidence to back that up?


Yes, on which part?


That it is not for better grip.


Weird when 70%+ of humans live on a coast.


Emphasis on how they live ON a coast not IN the water


I'm not debating pruned fingers. I'm debating that we weren't "meant" to be aquatic hunters. I'm thinking fish may be easier to catch than land animals. Less energy, more fat. That seems wildly speculative, imo.


No, it's because tiny muscles in your skin contract to make the wrinkles. If the nerve that controls those muscles is damaged, those fingers don't get pruny even though the skin is fine.


No it’s just skin swelling from absorbing water. It’s not like “goose flesh” when you’re cold, which IS caused by tiny muscles in your skin .


That was debunked a long time ago. People with major nerve damage affecting the hands do not get wrinkly fingers.


I always thought it was because water takes oxygen from your blood to create O² and or HO because water in and of itself is not a stable compound. Similar to how iron rusts when oxidized.


Or a short discussion...


Got to be able to keep a good grip so you can’t be squeezed out like some beta male


Prehensile penis.


Wait… do most people not have prehensile dicks?


No, eventually you’ll soften and slip out. Also- assuming M/F sex here, if your lady isn’t peeing after sex she should be so it’s alright to have a bit of respite staying ‘in’ for a bit but eventually let her up to pee lol.


I know somebody who likes to cuddle with their boyfriend but like… have him keep his dick in? I think it’s weird but it makes a fella wonder if it’ll get all wrinkly if they leave it in for a while.


Yeah, it’s okay for short term cuddles but like I said eventually they’ll slip out. And no, it won’t get pruney.


Thanks comrade, I’ve been wondering about this for a while


I used to like that until i realised its so bad for me to not pee after sex


Why is it bad?


It helps lessen the chances of sti’s or something. I make sure to pee after sex whenever possible. Sometimes I even take a shower.


Helps prevent urinary tract infections.


Actually both should pee after sex. The urge to go after is the body's way of cleaning out the urethra.


My friend got peed-in doing this 😅🤣


There's probably a subreddit for that.


Wouldn't surprise me..😅 people are weird lol


Your dick should never get "pruney" under any circumstances. If it does seek help from a medical professional.


What if I put prunes on it?


Fell asleep while my (ex) gf was riding me one time; only woke up with a shriveled dick and a condom stuck to my leg. Dick looked normal tho


The skin on your fingers changing is made so you can still have a decent grip with the fingertips. The rest of the skin stays pretty much the same


That’s one theory but it’s not definitive.


Why doesn’t the rest of your skin go wrinkly


Didn’t knew that, thanks


Asking the real questions nobody has the cojones to ask here


I did this once and we spooned all night and woke up and began again. There was definitely some moisturizing effect, yes.


Pretty much just goes limp and falls out


Well when you get out of a a bath or shower it doesn’t get pruney so prob not


No, different kind of skin (no pores). It is also true that the penis will go limp and fall out -- even with viagra.




When I stick my dick in someone it usually gets less pruney.


Asking the real questions


Your lame duck will be forced out


I don’t think I’d want a duck in me. You know, they’ve got corkscrew penises. I will never be the same after having all drakes in my flock watching them try to fuck each other. Yuck.


You missed the joke


I didn’t, I’m just giving you shit


Oh, thank goodness


still trying to figure out how drunk or board you would need to be for both of you to fall sleep during sex only way I can see it happening in she passes out but you keep going , some people would say that is wrong


Idk I’ve fallen asleep half-way through because I was so faded and so did my boyfriend but it wasn’t anything ~penetrating~ so I wouldn’t know. I legit forgot about taking baths and swimming since I don’t really pay attention to that.


It eventually just slides out. Perhaps TMI, but I know because we fall asleep like this almost nightly 😇


My girlfriend and I tried this once in college, fucked, fell asleep, was very painful, lots of friction on the way out. My cock was not pruney lol.


Your pruney fingers are actually a nervous system reflex to help you grip wet rocks better in water, not because they are wet. Your dick doesn't have to grip wet stones, and only shrivels up to stay warm


How old are the people that post lol this the type of question that a little kid asks


I was high. Needed answers. Very important to me at the time.


Asking for a friend 😒


Dude take a bath


Aight I don't know the answer to this question, But I waana know the what train of thoughts led you to this 😂


Look at RemoteMoFo’s comment. I answered it.


Maybe but like your fingers it will become normal again.




Is OP 12?


I’m 19 :/


Fair enough - what made you wonder such a thing?


I was having sex a couple days ago and then thinking about it because my friend told me about it although I don’t think I’d want to fall asleep with a dick in my ass or the other way around. Most of the time when i do have sex it’s in the middle of the night because I take nighttime edibles so I could try to fall asleep faster. Weed always screws around with my sex drive so then I got that stupid question in my head and couldn’t get it out.


Wouldnt the vagina like tighten and then fuck over your dick i believe its called blue dick or blue balls or something like that? I believe it would be extremely painful


Not even a chance bro