Do people actually question if Joe Biden will complete his term or is it just a joke that gets thrown around?

Do people actually question if Joe Biden will complete his term or is it just a joke that gets thrown around?


Realistically, considering his age anything could happen to his health suddenly. I think he'll probably complete the term but I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't.


Doctors assessed the candidates. There was a 95% chance Trump would complete his term and Biden had a slight advantage because he isn't as fat despite being older.


Isn't Biden only like 3 years older than trump?


Keep in mind that Biden started his term this year, so he's like 7 years older than Trump was when he started his term.


The assessment was for candidates in the 2020 election so only three year difference and a lot of weight


Isn't trump planning on running in 2024? Wouldn't that make him 1 year older than Biden is currently?


If he's still alive. Although I'm sure even if he dies before then, the Q nutbags will still preach that he's coming back to save them.


"And on the third day, Trump rose from the dead - hamberder in hand - and bigly kicked that loser Jesus to the curb in a very legal and very classy way!" -cult of Trump


Maybe they will say that he faked his death or something to plan a surprise attack on the haters


Something tells me he will be. The man eats terribly and weighs probably twice what he should, yet he's still here and appears to be fine. Something about being evil makes you live longer.


Probably more to do with genetics. Warren Buffett eats McDonalds 3 times a day and only drinks cherry coke. Although Trump probably is a lot unhealthier considering his appearance.


He probably has a lot of undiagnosed health conditions. You can’t really be that old and overweight and generally be healthy.


Not to mention there's gotta be a certain level of depression due to losing the election that I could see contributing to poor health decisions


Evil never dies


If he dies before then they'll definitely say someone poisoned him or something


Isn't there also something about people aging even faster when they're in such stressful positions like President?


He seems a lotttt older


Yeah makeup, drugs and spray tans have been doing the same for washed-up suburban moms for years though.


And hair dye


Fat in the face makes you look younger too. Biden looks more weathered because he exercises outdoors and has much less facial fat.


Makeup does tend to make you look younger


I doubt the person was referring to looks. Just mentally, Biden seems much, much older.


>Just mentally, Biden seems much, much older. How is that?


He can speak in full sentences and pronounces words correctly. He doesn't tend to throw temper tantrums on live television. Little things like that.


Oh, I don't disagree. I may have misunderstood the other comments b/c I perceived "Biden seems much, much older" as a negative.


Yea he speaks much more like he’s in high school and not nursery school Much much older And no one except Fox and other other far right outlets like AON ever say he won’t finish his term.


Biden can actively go for jogs. Trump has trouble walking down ramps. That's pretty telling in terms of health IMO.


Wasn't Biden seen out riding his bike just a week ago?


Bruh orange blob is on his death bed and makeup only partially covers that up


> on his death bed Had my fingers crossed for over 4 years now. That bed needs to hurry up and do its job.


When your that old 3 years difference can be like 30 years.




“Notice something crazy” you mean like… Trump?


Person, woman, man… camera, tv


But Trump is pushing 80 and has only slight amounts of disease, despite living literally on Diet Coke and Fast Food for his entire adult life.


We really don't know. His doctor lied about his weight and height so who knows what else he lied about.


Trump’s obese, doesn’t exercise (unless you count golf, but even then he takes the cart and doesn’t actually walk the course), he lives off of fast food and Diet Coke, and addicted to adderall. He’s the one most likely to have the heart attack.


One can only hope! I agree with you 100%. President Biden does a lot of, at least used to do a lot of walking. Don't know if he still walks as much now that he's at the WH, but he and his wife used to go walking a lot. He doesn't smoke, doesn't drink and from the little I've researched, he eats healthy. He might be older but he's still very fit. Just look at Queen Elizabeth, she's 99, and the Duke of Edinburgh died at 99. As long as the mind is sharp and the body is in fair to good condition, we're good. Edit: Correction, the Queen is 95, huge typo on my part, sorry!


The queen drinks like a fish, if the stories are to be believed.


She’s the monarch of not just the UK, but Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and more. She’s allowed to drink. Though I don’t think she drinks that much. Seeing her height and the way she’s built, she’s have liver problems if she did drink as much as the rumours say.


>Just look at Queen Elizabeth, she's 99 95, actually. I get your point, but she's got a few years to go.


Okay but who *isn’t* addicted to Adderall


Me. Adderrall makes me waaay too focused.


Everyone with ADHD generally don't consider themselves addicted but they still have to deal with the social stigma and unprofessional behavior of pharmacists and doctors who don't take them seriously because of abusers. But yeah it seems like most people enjoy it based on how much they ask about buying it.


Ever since I started taking adderall it’s like the fog in my brain cleared up. I can actually get things done and focus. It’s a miracle for people like me that have ADHD. And it’s sad that my colleagues are reluctant to give it to me because they think I’m gonna sell it. Which I’m not, nor will I ever do.


Me. I’m not popping it like it’s sweets. I need it to focus, get through the day, and function on a somewhat normal level. Ever since I started taking it when I was a teen, the fog in my brain cleared up. I can actually get things done now and not have to worry about burning down the flat because I didn’t take something out of the oven. (No, I haven’t done this, this is just an example.) Even as a doctor we’re still faced with the stigma of taking adderall because chemists think we’re addicted and selling it to students or professionals in high-stress environments (think doctors or bankers) Even though we genuinely need it to focus and it’s not us that are abusing it. It’s the University and secondary school kids that are. And they’re using it pull all-nighters trying to study or write a paper.


Poor joke, sorry. I took Adderall for awhile to treat ADHD but had to stop because it started to give me really bad anxiety.


Yeah, that is one of the side effects of Adderall. Insomnia as well. And I accept your apology. Adderall’s a touchy subject for me.


trump shits his pants as well. That’s got to be a sign of some health problems.


> He’s the one most likely to have the heart attack. I'm certain that many freaks will believe he was assassinated if that happens.




forgot the adderall and hate




Both diet and Colombian


...don't forget the hamberders.


I call bullshit on that “clean bill of health” trump got. The man is obese, eats like shit, and if I didn’t know it was a spray tan I would think his liver was failing. At least Biden doesn’t seem to have any super obvious red flags.


> if I didn’t know it was a spray tan I would think his liver was failing I didn't know at first and that was exactly what I thought. Hemochromatosis or "bronze diabetes". Maybe even beginning ascites with that huge potbelly he carries around.


Still, the person who’s most likely to have the heart attack, is Trump. He’s obese, he doesn’t exercise, he’s addicted to adderall, and lives off fast-food and Diet Coke


If Trump were taking so much Adderall, one would think he could pay attention to something for more than 30 seconds.


I remember when I was in med school, people would try to buy my ADHD meds off me in order to study and actually buckle down. My roommate actually did get a hold of them and started taking them. I never did sell them because I legitimately needed them to function. But he exhibits all the symptoms of adderall addiction.


Honest question, what are those symptoms and what makes you think that he's addicted? (No Trumptard, I just like to know true things)


Adderall’s classified as a stimulant, like caffeine. It’s well known that is used to treat ADHD and narcolepsy and works wonders for people like me who have ADHD and need it to function. That being said, being abuse it. One of its well-known abusers are University Students who will buy it off of students who have ADHD and use it to pull an all-nighter studying for a test or writing a paper. Some symptoms of Adderall Addiction are: 1. Loss of appetite 2. Being overly talkative, aggression (Trump was very aggressive on Twitter. I’m not American, but I’m pretty sure there’s a law that says you have to archive all members of governments’ tweets), 3. Memory loss 4. Incomplete thoughts (we’ve all heard his speeches that seem to be rambling all over the place, 5. Financial problems (think of his failed business ventures such as his Casinos in Atlantic City. I’m also pretty sure that’s why he refused to show his tax returns because of how great the financial losses are) 6. Impulsivity. (His impulsive tweets at 3:30 in the morning are evidence of this.) 7. Relationship problems (this is a man who’s been married three times and cheated on all three of his wives) 8. Disorientation (he had to be escorted down a ramp. There’s video evidence of this) I hope this helps you. The adderall addiction explained a lot.


>Loss of appetite Well, I can't say I agree with this one (for Trump). >Being overly talkative, aggression Yes, he was very much and probably still is this. >Memory loss If he is to be trusted, he did pass his "cognition test". I'm not sure I agree with this one. >Incomplete thoughts. Yes, this is definitely true. I've never really heard anyone speak like that. He seemed to lose his train of thought and change the subject midsentence. >Financial problems. Yeah, that's definitely one that supports your hypothesis. >Impulsivity. Anohter towards your hypothesis. I'm not sure if it counts, but to say some of the stuff he did like injecting bleach and irraditing people with UV light just smacks of a lack of impulse control (or he's just an idiot). >Relationship problems. Another one that backs up your hypothesis. >Disorientation To play devil's advocate, he is old... So this one could go either way. I guess I'm willing to accept that he's addicted to adderall.


I’m sorry for, but I was listing off general symptoms of Adderall addiction. I only annotated the ones that Trump was exhibiting wouldn’t know if he had loss of appetite or memory loss. I’ve never treated him. And I do agree with you that disorientation comes with age. It also come with standing up too fast. And please don’t worry about being a Trumpian. You were curious, so you asked.


I mean try living stress free


I think it's the German genes to be honest. My great grandpa made it to 93 chainsmoking, after being a POW in France and serving in WW2.


My grandfather left Germany with his wife and newborn child in 1940, he was a chain smoker and liked drinking but wasn't an alcoholic, died of emphysema at 55. My grandmother who never smoked, only the second hand smoke from my grandfather and father, died of emphysema at 73. My father, also German and a chainsmokers who was a functioning alcoholic as well, died of emphysema and heart issues at 65. Me, half German, also chainsmoker had stage IV lung cancer, with metastasis to spine and trachea at 45..... Definitely NOT the German genes.


Cuz he got world's best healthcare


The fact that we allow candidates for presidency to be the age where it wouldn’t be “totally weird” if they died during their term is simply the worst. I’m ready for a max age.


Where did you see this? This is the first time I've heard this statistic.


?? This sounds made up??


I'm pretty sure Trump was the healthiest president ever \s


He's almost 80 years old. Reality is that people this age are at much higher risk of injury or death. That said, four years isn't that long and odds are he will be fine. So yes people do actually question whether he will complete his term.


He has the best Doctors in the world at the wave of his hand. Unless something REALLY bad happens I think he'll get through the next four years. But I can see him stepping down if the stress of the job added to the age and mental decline become too much. Or they invoke the 25th on him.


Honestly, if Reagan got away with Alzheimer’s I’m sure if his health does take a dip, Biden will get away with pretty much anything and we’ll only learn about it once he’s out of office. Short of literally dropping dead, there’s too much incentive to maintain a veneer of strength to let his health decline publicly.


Modern medicine only goes so far, even the best in the world. Death comes for presidents and billionaires too. Zero percent chance the 25th is used, we’ve all seen that ship sail.


I feel like theres always someone who would question that with every president, especially if they hate them enough


I see a lot of comments here bringing up Trump and saying he is unhealthy. They don't see the irony. It's really sad how party lines clouds people's judgement


I'm a liberal Democrat & I hate the fact that our country's decision-makers are all old af. I hate the fact that I have to vote for them. Even though the media seems to treat her like a kid & associate her with a 'younger' outlook, Kamala Harris herself is 56. I'm closing in on 50 and worry about being able to get a regular job because I'm too old to keep up with a changing world. Our leadership never seems to be able to plan for the future because they only see the next 20 years or so, without considering the people who are going to be outliving them.


While Trump is decidely unhealthy, I'll agree that I don't see how it's relevant to the question being asked.


It's because the point on Biden's health has been brought up multiple times over the past year and almost every time it's invoked in the context of "Trump it's healthier than Biden." Calling out Trump's failing health is 1) preempting that claim and 2) demonstrating that if Trump passed whatever health standard we are judging presidents on than Biden easily passes that standard.


It’s called whataboutism. If I’m still focused on someone who hasn’t been in office or even in public life for 5 months now I won’t have to face the reality of the guy I voted for having some serious signs of aging (generous description) and that he may not be exactly who people were saying he was


I think it is because we are on r/tooafraidtoask which is kinda like a strange question place. The other people are pointing out we have had presidents who appear unhealthy before? Just my guess


When topics like these are brought up online there's no way to tell if the person is genuinely concerned or just bringing it up in bad faith. All you could do is guess and usually they aren't actually concerned. Also bringing up hypocrisy is a good way to get pass the partisanship with who you're arguing. It could also make that person rethink their stance on an issue. Like It would be hypocritical of someone to dislike Trump stance on immigration when they didn't mind what Obama did his first 3 years in office. Why does the issue of immigration all of the sudden seem important to someone that voted twice for a president that deported more immigrants than any other president. Why is a person all the sudden concerned with the health of a president when they voted for someone who's obese and could have a heart attack any minute. Why is the speech of a president all of the sudden important when Trump can't speak a full sentence and has the vocabulary of someone who learned English watching cartoons for 5 year olds.


I agree with you that talking about the cheeto Mussolini it's deflecting from the issue at hand. On the other hand, I don't agree with your assessment on President Biden. I've heard most of his speeches since he was a senator and I don't perceive any change or decline. I honestly think he's sound of mind and has a very health body and that's thanks to his wife always pushing him to exercise and eat healthy and his life choices from an early age of not drinking and smoking.


dude i luv your avatar


What the fuck


People thought Trump had dementia too


I still think that, not seriously... but seriously.


I wouldn't be surprised if they both had dementia. I mean, with Trump he's been talking the same way for most of his life. Both of them have tons of videos of them saying stupid, ridiculous shit and it's sad how these are who we had to have in office.


Some people thought Trump had dementia too


Trump as just stupid as fuck....


Yes, it's a valid question. Joe is one 'rough-housing tripping over the dog out of the shower' away from falling and cracking his head open. The repercussions and recovery from those types of everyday clumsy things are more severe at 78. Don't care who it is, it's a fact. Personally, I feel there should be a max cap on age for the Presidency just as there is a minimum age. I don't think the 'joke' of mocking him is appropriate, but I do think there are certain immutable facts about aging that we need to consider, now and in the future.


Imo the age cap for all politicians needs to be under 65, retirement age for well off people. At 65 you're just going to be way out of touch especially if you are wealthy.


yep, 65 for running. If they've got two terms left in them, that makes it to 73/75ish in office. Nobody is running on a full enough tank at 75 to take on the rigors of the Presidency. Change my mind.


Disagree, 65 and you have to leave office, even if it's a "for life" appointment


Idk about that, I think 65 should be the cutoff for running, most people are fit enough to finish out a term at 65. Even the worst case puts you to 71 as a senator.


IMO we need to cut money out of the equation as well. I’ll even go as far to say, to be appointed as a representative of the people in a congressional, judicial, or executive position, you must relinquish all right to independent financial gains domestic and foreign. Just like the church(obviously keep church and state separate,) just use the same idea of dedicating your life to something bigger than you. Your life is provided for and your one mission is to serve the citizens you report to. Make it so even after they leave office they can’t gain for 10 years they get the median 36k like the everyday average Joe. Let’s see who shows up to run for office, who actually believes in the core principles and virtue of this country. Let’s be real the American people do not have proper representation. Idk why I pay taxes I feel nobody on the platform speaks legitimately. I don’t want my President to tweet, period. When you address the people you report to in the professional world, your superiors, do you tweet at them at 2 am? You can see economic servitude and segregation all around you. Someone needs to make sure this game isn’t so rigged bc we all know the name of the game, $$$, especially in America. We are founded off of the notion of securing personal fortune first and foremost.


Too true. Having old people running a nation does not inspire much confidence in progressive and innovative developments. I mean it is challenging enough teaching a grandmother how to use a smartphone, how can we expect them to understand the latest technology developments and implications?


I fundamentally disagree with the idea that age itself is that big of a factor when it comes to progressive and innovative developments. I think the answer is less about age and more about targeting those who are more open to progressive ideals regardless of how long they’ve been alive. Case and point, Bernie Sanders, the man is pretty damn old, but is progressive as hell. I don’t care how old our politicians are, as long as they have worthwhile ideas to bring to the table Im game. Specifically going after their age is ageism in my book.


Exactly. If you don't think someone is fit to be a politician, then don't vote for them, but your judgement on that should be based on how well they represent your interests, not on their demographic info.


does your grandma have a white house full of advisors though?


Except he appears by any measure to be in excellent health for his age. He uses his Peloton daily, goes on regular walks and runs, and seems to have a pretty good diet. I agree that no one that old should be able to run but to paint him as feeble or frail is a falsehood


That's just it though, excellent health at his age means a lot less than excellent health in someone 10 or 20 years younger. He is at the point in his life where no matter how good his health is he is one good fall away from permanent disability or death. I've seen how fast some of the mental disorders, like Alzheimer's or dementia, can set in at that age. My great grandmother went from going out dancing and the height of health to loopy out of her mind inside of a few years, by the end she couldn't recognize any one. She wasn't very much older than Biden is when it set in either.


Let's revisit this in two weeks, after his return from the G7 trip... ? Bet he's silent/at home for at least a week.. recovering.


As opposed to what? Being at a pointless rally? Or throwing a fundraiser? Whatever you wanna believe bud but like I said, you’re believing a narrative that was purposely pushed at you with intent to harm. It’s hard to see when you’ve been played but you’ve been played bad


The irony


For some it's a joke. For others, they truly believe it.


Yeah someone bet me $100 he wouldn’t make it after he tripped walking up those stairs. They wanted to go $200 but I calmed them down.


This is just asking if someone in their 70s will die soon. Yes. they are pushing the end of their life span. Not much else to it.


His cognitive decline has been very sharp in the last ~2 years as well in my honest opinion. Politics is a game of chess… and I’m not so sure he could finish a normal game of chess right now the same way he could have 10 years ago, I say that with all due respect. Given his VP choice, I actually hope he hangs on.


Bit of both. Some people want him dead. Some think he'll die of natural causes. Some people think he'll make the whole term. Personally? I think it could go either way


People do genuinely question it. If you watch his interviews and some of his speeches he seems to be all over the place, and no I'm not talking about his well known speech impediment. Nonsensical phrases, trailing off into gibberish and unintelligible words, not seeming to remember where he is or his position, saying things like "what am I signing". None of these are particularly good signs. The concern isn't just "Trumpers" hoping for a downfall, but genuine concern as to whether he is mentally competent or not.


At his age and given some of what we have seen, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to suspect he may have to step down early. I hope he stays healthy though because I’m not thrilled at the prospect of President Harris.


He’s in a lot better shape than trump was But then I wouldn’t have been surprised if trump keeled over either


Trump seemed more like a fast talker/thinker even though he sounded like an idiot half the time. Biden sounds soooo slow sometimes. That's something that kindve bothers me...


Some of that is because Biden has a stutter. They are taught to slow down and measure their words before speaking so that they can speak without the stutter. That’s why he stumbles on his words sometimes too.


It’s about as serious as people who thought Trump would start world war 3.




And to be fair, Biden is old. But I think there are people who really believe it, people who are worried, and people who are joking and don’t believe it at all. Same way with the WW3 thing imho.


NK as well. Until trump got his love letter and let NK do whatever it wanted. Edit: lmao wtf are the downvotes for, at least explain yourselves


How did Obama’s hardline stance work out


Same status quo, but without tweeting petty insults, threatening with nukes, saluting a North Korean general, fellating the worst dictator alive and minting a commemorative coin without getting any results.


There is a small but significant chance he dies in office. However, I think most of this obsession comes from people who either believe that Trump actually won the election, or conspiracy theorists who think that Biden’s a trojan horse so Harris can be President.


i think he got it. He has after all been in the senate for 180 years, 4 years is nothing compared to that,


Mostly a joke. He could hypothetically keel over any moment but so can like half the government. Some people worry because they don't care for Kamala Harris.


Lots.. lots of people don’t care for Kamala lol.


One of the various conspiracy theories is that Joe Biden has dementia and is just a front for Kamala Harris to sneak in to the oval office and spread socialism everywhere. (there are people in my town who literally believe this).


It is puzzling that some people believe Kamala Harris—a woman who is married to Doug Emhoff, a corporate ghoul of note; a woman who, as CA AG, locked up teenagers for smoking weed and delayed the release of prison inmates to utilize their slave labor putting out wildfires—is some kind of crypto-socialist


Went to the same high-school as me. There were so man news crews when she first started running that came to my Politics & Government class asking us impressionable youths what we thought of her policies and I was all like, "Who?"


That's other reasons some are worried about a Kamala presidency, realistically unless senate flips I don't think we have to worry about a productive Kamala presidency anyway.


That would be an insane amount of effort just force universal healthcare. Shouldn't expect logic and reason from conspiracy theorists though.


Ugh, I wish we’d get universal healthcare. Instead we’ll get Juneteenth as a national holiday (should be anyway) and some pretend help for the 99% that somehow gives tax breaks to HMOs and imposes harsh sentences on, (checks notes for stupid ideas), people carrying knives while drinking.


The only really ridiculous part of that is the idea of a corporate neoliberal like Harris wanting to spread socialism everywhere. I think it's definitely plausible he could be in the early stages of dementia, but then again Reagan didn't let that stop him so it wouldn't necessarily mean he wouldn't finish his term.


Idk about the socialism part, but the dementia is WAY more than just a conspiracy theory. I personally have dealt with family members with dementia multiple times, and even talked to several social/healthcare workers who routinely deal with dementia patients and they said he is showing definite signs of dementia beginning.


A large percentage of the Republican Party doesn’t even believe he was elected to a term to begin with


It's a joke and a dig at his age. They couldn't go after Biden's age when going against Trump because they are around the same age. Plus Biden is a lot more fit than Trump. I have no doubt Biden will make it to the end of his term. I'm not sure if he will run again though. If Trump runs again against Harris age and fitness will be an issue.


I mean. Tbf instead of going after his age they went after his declining mind. Which is a side effect of age that he undoubtedly has.


I thought he has specifically stated he doesn't intend to run for a second term? Edit: referring to Biden 2nd Edit: just googled and found a bunch of articles from March saying he does intend to run again.


He has never said this.


Yes, there are some people who are serious about it.


I mean, anything can happen to anyone whether it be health wise (especially at that age) or an accident, but in terms of the crap being circulated by Q anon nuts and Trump diehards about how Trump will be reinstated and move back into the Whitehouse and all of that bullshit? Yes, people actually think that but no, it will not happen.


Idk I think he might kick the bucket but I also hope he doesn’t cause he’s nearing 80 and my grandparents are around the same age so it won’t give me any hope


Not a joke at all ... Just look at him. I bet money he will not last four years. Hell, Vegas needs to start a pool for the date he is replaced. I say October 9, 2023. Could set 3 day brackets and for the month too with a lower payout\_ Think I would also drop a few bucks on may 2024 too.


Oh if you think Joe Biden is bad, imagine if we got Bernie Sanders instead, they'd have to be planning Bernie's memorial services upon inauguration day lol just saying! But yes to me Biden seems rather healthy for his age unlike some are of a similar age range, he should be able to complete the term.


I question why hes president everyday.


Fear. Uncertainty. Doubt.


I think at his age its a possibility he could die. The man is old. Old people die. Not wishing it just real.


People actually question.


Well you see the thing about that is.... uhhhh.... ummmm...... I got hairy legs.... that uh.. that turn blonde in the summertime... uhmmm... uh... what was the question?


They literally do that with every president. It's also why they make a huge deal out of the VP pick because they could be president if POTUS dies suddenly. It's all just media hype BS. More ways the media sucks people in for ratings (= ad revenue). They say anything and spin everything to cause alarm. Make Americans worry and tune in, they view advertisements and the media rakes in cash! GREED


It is not so much his age but his mental state which is extremely worrying. I'm afraid that USA has become a laughingstock.


You aren’t even American lol. Why don’t you worry about your own country?


I worry plenty about my own country. Why can't I have opinions about other countries? Especially those that affect me too.


Depends on who you ask. For many, it is 100% serious. You can find dozens and dozens of clips of him just mumbling off, completely mentally disappearing for a moment, also instances where he answers a completely different question than asked. Clips of him aimlessly wondering. Stories of him getting lost (recent g7) or wandering in stage behind his wife. Times where his wife needs to tell him to pay attention. The most common is him rambling on about nonsense. Did you know he's undergone brain surgery several times for tumors? He just isn't all there sometimes. I'm not saying any of this in an effort to defame him. None of it is his fault, I feel awful for him. I view it as literal elder abuse where he isn't fully functional and the elites behind the scene are using him as a puppet.


> I feel awful for him. Why, tho? He was a shit career politician for almost five decades and the overwhelming majority of people who voted for this asshole only did it because they were voting against Trump. People need to stop having sympathy for people who fucked up real people's lives during their time in a position of power *just because* they play for the right political sports team.


Because of his constant fumbles while speaking and his age people are definitely concerned. At the end of Trump's presidency congresswomen Pelosi got some people in congress together and talked about the 25th amendment. That amendment talks about removing the president and replace him with the VP. The thought is Pelosi and other democrats will remove Biden because of mental health issues (like dementia) so they can put in Harris who is who democrats really wanted as president. Harris wasn't popular enough when campaigning so they came up with this other plan to get her in.


I have a friend who seriously told me that Joe is gonna die, and that he will pour a bottle of wine over his head if Joe makes it all the way. I’m not going to waste wine like that though. Joe has the best healthcare in the world as President, the odds have to be more in his favor than against it.


Not even close to the best healthcare in the world.


I really don’t think he will make it. And then Kamala will be the president.


Honestly, I'm not sure. I never thought Trump would make it through 4 years but he did. I do think that there should be an age limit when it comes to presidents, because after a certain age you do decline physically and cognitively, and as terrible as it sounds, Biden is showing signs of that. So was Trump. There is always a chance he will pass or have to step down, making Kamala the first woman president. At the same time, Biden's age is an item of ridicule for those who do not like him, so I'm sure it's played up quite a bit. Every time the man stutters or trips there is going to be news about it. But all the conspiracy theories and crackpot Trump stuff? Kamala using Joe as a microphone for her own agenda or Trump getting "reinstated" (are people just out here on crack or something) and all that? It's too much like a tar pit to get into. By the time you realize you're sinking into crazy, it's too late to get out. You'll be trapped, suffocated, and immortalized by the very thing that killed you.


Depends who you ask A bunch of evangelical "prophets" have been claiming Trump's going to "take back" his presidency since the day he lost, or say that he never lost at all (idk either dude). So their followers genuinely believe Biden'll be kicked out There's also health and assassination risks, but overall most people don't think he's gonna drop dead


Ever have any family with dementia? They tend to degrade very quickly. Biden is clearly demented. The media is in full FDR compliance mode. It'd be funny if it wasn't frightening.


He has a stutter. He’s way more in control of his faculties than trump. If you watch trump interviews from 20 years ago vs the last 5 years he’s clearly lost it mentally. Not to mention he thinks he’ll be reinstated in August. He’s full on out of it.


Maybe not dementia, but I honestly wondered if both would have a heart attack or something. That said, I think Trumps issue was his ego. He was kind of already demented 20 years ago...


Like when he bragged about having the tallest building after the towers went down on 9/11? That was pretty demented, but way more coherent than the word salad that pours out of his mouth today imo




You are a demented qult member. Seek help.


> Biden's dementia has nothing to do with Trump Trump was the one who started lying about Biden having dementia (just like he was the principle liar behind birtherism). So yeah, it has everything to do with Trump. > Joe Biden forgets whom he is talking to, where he is, what he is talking about, and blathers unintelligible words in slurred fashion Biden has a well documented stutter that he's suffered from ever since childhood. One of the coping mechanisms used by many stutterers is when they start to detect they're about to stutter, they'll change what they're talking about to avoid it. *THAT* is what you're seeing with Biden, not dementia.


No, he clearly is not. You should not try to talk on topics you CLEARLY know nothinga about.


Of course. Any person with two brain cells to rub together can see he is riddled with dementia. He has no idea where he is most the time. Watch the cringey video of boris Johnson shooshing him this past weekend. Or him wandering into a Cafe obviously lost. Very sad.


It's hilarious how people would call Biden "Sleepy Joe" even though he's only around 3 years older than Trump AND has a healthier body. Not a fan of either candidates btw.


It's hilarious that you don't realize that nickname refers to his declining mental state and not solely his age.


It is probably a question that comes up because at this point he is so close to being a dementia patient


You know that not all old people get dementia, right?


It's real. He's a senile old man who has no clue where he is or wtf he's doing most the time. I don't know what kind of alien space juice they prop him up on. Realistically, Kamala has been performing duties usually reserved for prez, so, thats been the play all along anyway. They just knew she couldn't win an election.


Okay, mindless parrot... any other OANN talking points you want to squawk? ​ wanna cracker?


Ha! So, lemme guess, you consider yourself open minded, though when someone disagrees with your pov, you instantly hurl insults. Right? I'm also a right wing Trump supporter, right?😆 People like you are a whole joke. You too slow to realize you are the EXACT same thing as the people you claim to loathe. Grow up.


Biden just completed TWO world summits, being the leader in many ways. The other world leaders didn't laugh openly at him and mock him like they did Trump. they respected his cogent, coherent thoughts and words. ​ No cracker for you , parrot. you aren't even worth that


You stated incredibly stupid shit, dude! am i supposed to treat you like you are a normal human? you are not by your own actions.


Jesus Christ, how do you live with yourself, being so immature?


Define “people”. “People” as in everyone? No. “People” as in the few nut jobs who also believe Obama is a Muslim born in Kenya, and Hillary Clinton has the weird ability to murder anyone who stands in her way to power and not get caught, except for the one man who beat her in 2016? Yeah.


Are we really pretending a old guy maybe dying is some kind of insane conspiracy theory?


Only when you can pretend that it's only Trump supporters saying it.


He’s just met the Queen.


I understand, I'm not sure if you're implying something or not.


She’s twenty years older than him and shows no sign of not lasting just as long as her mother. He’ll most likely complete his next term too.


Ah good point.


Wow this subreddit is filled with people who only look at Democrat approved crap, dodging the question by once again throwing Trump into the equation. Before someone replies mentioning how they’re a similar age, and Biden does ‘fitness’, Trump was 70 when he was inaugurated whereas Biden was 78. And in my own opinion, I seriously doubt Biden does any actual fitness at his age, the man couldn’t even go up a flight of stairs. If you want some actual news that points out the flaws of Republicans and Democrats (The Trump administration and the Biden administration in particular), I’d recommend Sky News: Australia.


Apparently Biden uses a treadmill, some dumbbells, and an exercise bike every day. Several news outlets say so, even absolute right-wing rags like the daily express. I would count that as fitness (only bringing Trump up because you did it first) compared to carting around a golf course. Golf is a great workout... If you walk the course. Biden's age (same for Trump's, for that matter) wouldn't preclude him from doing fitness (believe me, this part is pretty much my *entire job*) unless he'd gotten extremely deconditioned, or had a condition that prevented him from doing it. Even then, the best thing would be to switch to lower-impact exercise. *Any* exercise is good for you, at *any* age, but the more, the better. According to various sources, however, he's kept in shape for years on years, so the deconditioning argument doesn't hold water. There are people older than Biden who are bodybuilders. Scant few, I'll grant you, but they make headlines. Pretty sure there are a few around his age who run marathons, too. His age is largely irrelevant. But even if it were, and you're going by the lifespan argument - of the 10 former presidents born last century, 5 of them are still alive, including Jimmy Carter at 96. 5 are deceased. Ruling out JFK, who was assassinated, of the remaining four, Lyndon B Johnson died before turning 65. Nixon died at 81, which, if we were to put that age onto Biden, would see him dying in his third year in office. The remainder lived well into their 90s. So, of the former presidents born last century, half of them have outlived biden's current age, one was assassinated, one died due to poor health, and the rest are younger than him and still living. I'd say between that fact, his exercise, his lifestyle habits (not drinking, for example), and the white house medical staff, his odds of surviving the presidency are pretty good. Finally, as for the flight of stairs - I remember once, as a sprightly 23-year-old, repeatedly tripping up a single flight of stairs. Wasn't even raining. Just having a clumsy day. I might have had a new pair of shoes on, maybe? Hell, I tripped up a flight of stairs a few weeks ago, too, but just the once. Unless there's a pattern of the man tripping repeatedly going up flights of stairs, you can, and should, treat it as a freak occurrence, unfortunately captured by the magic of modern cameras. Same as half the gaffes that people like to throw up to question any politician's mental competence. Patterns indicate issues, not singular occurrences. Thank you for coming to my Ted talk.




Cons owned with logic and facts


man look at my negative 5. must be more trump supporters here than normal


Or just people who don't like blatant namecalling. I don't support Trump or Biden, they're both fucktards, but you're being a rude, illogical dickwad.


It's a right-wing conspiracy just like election fraud and Qanon. What's most maddening is that when he does, there will be no consequences for the liars. Truth does not matter to the conspiratorial right.


If you saw how embarrassing he was at the G7 summit you would know Kamala will be president by 2022.


I question it. It’s been clearly demonstrated your country will let the Republicans do what they want.


Yeah, which they have done by repealing obamacare and balancing the budget, and... oh wait, democrats have run the table on republicans since reagan in virtually every area except the second amendment. Lol.