Does "white privilege" apply to "model minority" groups like East Asians?

Does "white privilege" apply to "model minority" groups like East Asians?


Every group has privileges and disadvantages unique to that group, and then everyone is in multiple groups where all their privileges and disadvantages intersect, and then on top of that, everyone has an individual personality and circumstances. Asians share certain privileges in common with Europeans; others, they do not share.


Just as an example, negative stereotypes include being bad drivers, athletically inferior, timid/submissive The “model minority” thing also means that Asians who do not “perform as expected” are overlooked or unreasonably looked down upon.


From my experience, ive seen many asians deal with racist shit but they never speak up cause theyre nonconfrontational and too agreeable/dont want to seem like a victim


They certainly would be subject to racism to some degree in some places. Privilege is relative and subjective and goes beyond police and landlords.


I agree but on the very visible topic of policing, are cops in general less likely to feel threatened by East Asians as they would be an African American, again assume same size.


OK, but privilege isn't just about how the police behave.


"institutional racism" Nothing you mentioned would qualify as institutionalized racism.