Why is ok to joke about christianity but not okay with any other religion?

Why is ok to joke about christianity but not okay with any other religion?


It just depends on your region and where you come from. I'm from Indonesia where we're mostly Muslim, and in my indonesian friend groups, there's a buncha meme's jokes that pertain to Muslim traditions or what not. But I've never seen anyone post anything making fun of other religions in that group. Don't get me wrong, there's definitely people who talk bad about other religions, but they're usually more serious about it rather than making memes or jokes or whatever. Usually though, whenever I see stuff against Christianity, it's usually stuff about the bible contradicting Christian actions/beliefs today. But I definitely think it's like what your friend said, usually the thing that has majority hold over the population (Even big companies) like when things get too big, people have a tendency to go against it or scrutinize it.


The religion that is most commonly made fun is highly dependent on the area and what you are allowed to get away with. In the US Christianity gets made fun of the most because it's the dominate religion, and there are no laws preventing you to do so.


i dont know why i didn’t think about it that was lol


Your average american knows so little about religions other than Christianity that it would be hard to make those jokes work.


Technically there are laws. Religion is a protected status in most states, just like ages over 40 or disabilities.


Those are about not being about to discriminate against in the workplace. Not about making jokes. And you can make jokes about a lot of different things. The reason why it's okay against Christianity is because it is seen as punching up given that it is the majority and has a lot of power in politics, where as making fun of a different religion, or a disability is seen as punching down.


I a lot of the fun-making stems from the group seeming to find themselves persecuted in the 'land of the free' wherein they are the vast majority of religious people


While generally that's true, it isn't always the case. Technically it is a protected class. Unwelcome jokes about Christianity are grounds for a hostile work environment. Just like joking about sexual orientation or medical conditions.


No one is talking about making jokes in the work place.


You’re right. Nobody said where these jokes were being made. I’m just pointing out it isn’t always ok to make fun of Christians. I have a issue with the question, cause he seems to think it is always ok to make fun of Christians, and it isn’t.


Because even though you are not Christian your 'culture' and your 'people' are. It's the difference between making a 'your mom' joke against friends or against strangers.


Because Christians don’t saw teachers heads off with kitchen knives


Jokes about Islam are too explosive.


My bro, please make fun of any religion you want, alright? Don't worry about lame individuals who can't take jokes.


Probably because for so long other religions were used as 'the other' or as something to fear 'the scary Muslim terrorist' so to make fun of them looks a lot like bigotry or racism. As an atheist I think they're all bullshit but you're right, I mostly mock Christianity, simply because I know more about it.


You nees to fundamentally understand something to make a quality meme from it. I think the same goes for telling jokes, you don't want to sound like a ignorant jackass while you make fun of someone's religion. Most "western" people are familiar enough with Christianity to be able to know hoq to poke fun at it without going overboard. It's not so easy with something like Islam where most get their info from biased news sources.


That’s why I love South Park. NOTHING is sacred. They ripped on Scientology in one episode (and almost every other religion throughout its years) causing Isaac Hayes, who had been with the show for 11 seasons, to quit. It’s funny how he was cool with them shitting on every other religion, but not his own.


You are correct. It is a huge double standard.


Because Christians aren't punching back. It's been a few years since the last holy war.




Yeah I pretty much came to say the same. In North America: Muslims, Jews, Hindus, aboriginal faiths etc (even atheists historically but not so much anymore) have all faced prosecution for their beliefs. So joking about it from outside one of these groups is 9/10 times going to come off as bullying a less privileged group and probably going to be about something hurtful less then insightful. That’s not to say you can’t make good jokes about Muslims that aren’t offensive. I just have never heard one from people who are not Muslim. Edit: there are tones of comedy shows, stand up and YouTube videos from people of these faiths who are actually funny and probably deserving of attention!


It’s just my experience, but a lot of christian that I know are not really followers that believe in it. It’s just that they parents were christians and the same goes for their parents. So know one really cares if u joke about it.


I haven't seen a lot of Hindus claim that jews are starting fires with space lasers. People make fun of the completely off the rails "Christians," not all of them. People make fun of scientologists all the time too.


it is okay to rationally criticize all religious cults. it is a moral duty for humans, actually as they have poor moral teachings that moral humans need to counter.


Criticizing some religions in the wrong places can get you killed and I'm not talking about Christianity (whatever Christianity means).


As a hindu, I would like to point you in the direction of the Discworld series of books, specifically the book Small Gods, and also advise you that one of our most revered symbols, was demonised by a group of persons who had nothing to do with Hinduism, and is regarded as a symbol of terror in many countries. We see what we want to see. Or maybe Christianity is more common un your geographic locations. Hindus are very much capable of joking about their own gods. In fact some of our gods play tricks on their own. Having said that there are unwritten lines we do not cross. Also no two hindus will have the same belief. So never ever think that if you encounter one set of beliefs, that it is universal. Hinduism is an unorganised religion. And that is the most beautiful aspect of it. I think you are confusing basic human nature with organised conspiracy. People will make fun of things they are completely sure of and comfortable with, and feel safe making fun of. Also study Chimamanda Ngozie Adichie and how she explains stereotypes. When we see only one aspect of someone we think that aspect defines us. Do you know how many people ask my South African friend if there are lions in her backyard and if she ever had enough to eat? I also want to point out that I live in a very safe environment (ie not a large country) with many muslims who regularly make jokes about everything, including themselves, and the anti muslim things that go on. One of the reasons Christianity may catch a lot of attention, try and remember that all early colonisers were Christians. And sometimes stories of atrocities are passed down through generations. Some conversion stories that I have heard were barbaric. The amount of harm, followers of christainity have done, only few generations ago, is very fresh. And last, I want to point out some stories I have heard from my white friends, of grand aunts being ill treated because of toxic purity culture. Of the treatments of friends as it became apparent they were lgbtq, of countless emotional horror that led to young kids throwing christainity aware. Anywhooo, like I said its not organised conspiracy against christains. Its just trendy. And trends can change. (If your question on reddit changes the trend I will be quite impressed).


It's OK to joke about all of them, unless you live someplace where they'll stone you to death for it.


You can joke about anything, the thing is, it has to be a joke right in context, not an intent to hide intolerance or hate. I have heard "jokes" about mexicans with the clear intention to offend me and because "it's a joke" I should not react to, but laugh.




Now do Islam!


> Other religions happily mind their own Oh buddy, that’s adorable.


Ooof, somebody needs to hit a few history books


as an american, i feel much more comfortable making jokes and poking fun at christianity because the majority of people in the US are christians and there is absolutely zero threat against them or their right to worship i feel less comfortable making jokes about islam/other religions because there *is* a very real attempt (primarily from christians!) to restrict the religious liberty and rights of people in those religions. our most recent christian president quite literally suggested a muslim ban and proposed putting all muslims on a registry. it's the difference between punching up and punching down


It's mostly a bias. The popular thing where someone lives or what groups you yourself fall under, it's always nromal to make jokes about those. Everyone can joke about white people in the US. Only black people and really joke about black people. Exceptions exist; if you're part of that group and they know you then it can be okay. Same goes for religion - living in a muslim country, lots of muslim friends. We make muslim jokes. And it's an Arab muslim country so we joke about Arabs too.


Because a large percentage of this site is American and christianity is a popular religion that everyone picks on for reasons that are understandable. However due to our politically correct environment, we are allowed to call christians, regardless if they deserve it or not, as idiots, homophobic, etc. yet decided that religious such as islam are free from judgement because people wanna seem woke and tolerant despite some things christianity gets shit for is in islamic texts as well. Hope this information helps


Name a Muslim comedian that makes jokes about the Muslim faith. I’d love to hear them.


The social justice “only punch up” idea. Hypothetically Christianity is on top (fair arguments for it and against it) so it’s okay. Same as men and white people.


Because Christianity and I’ll throw catholic into the mix kinda have it for very obvious reasons


It depends on culture and region. People in predominantly Muslim areas will joke about Islam. People in predominantly Jewish areas will joke about judaism. So the same thing applies to Christianity. Also, in the western world, being Christian automatically makes you privileged since u don’t experience systemic discrimination for yo it beliefs. However, Muslims, Hindu’s, Jews, etc. do face these hate crimes. And people like to joke about what or who is in authority partially because it’s funny, but also to raise awareness about the issue.


Imo, i don’t think it’s straight up “racist” to make fun of a religion, because you don’t *need* to be a certain race to be part of a religion. I make fun of christianity because they come off as cultusts sometimes lol, they just seem so brainwashed compared to other religions imo. From my experience, the people who genuinly hate other religions like islam for example, are racist christians lmfao. A lot of die hard christians I’ve met seemed to have a superiority complex, people i’ve met who practice other religions don’t come off this way at all. Going to back to the superiority complex thing, a lot of christians will shit on “sinners” while they are the biggest sinners of them all, but because they go to church every sunday it’s ok. Idk i dont like organized religion at all, and christianitynis the worst of all of them I think. EDIT: also christians get the most mad when you make fun of their religion, haven’t had the same reaction with other religions, no point in making fun if they don’t care lol.


Some Muslims very recently beheaded a teacher for saying something about their religion. You get extremists from all faiths but as of recently the Christians and definitely the Muslims seem to lead in extremism


Well, I mean, I personally find joking about *any* religion to be kind of... "untactful" could be the right word. I dunno, it just feels like you're kind of mocking someone for believing in something, even if the joke is not directed at them


Because white people