Is it weird to be an adult and not like fruits/vegetables?

Is it weird to be an adult and not like fruits/vegetables?


The more you eat the better it’ll taste. Also eat less sugar. That makes fruit taste less sweet


i mean yeah that's what they say. but again i'm an adult and i still don't like them no matter how much i eat them. i just don't like them.


Try some exotic stuff then! Maybe you like kumquats for example


Exotic fruits aren't really viable to be buying a lot of, depending on where you live. A fist-sized dragonfruit in Germany costs like 5 euro 😬


True, but it’s worth trying at least once!


I love loquats they're sweet and delicious. Texture similar to a mango but tastes different. Give them a try.


Oooooh. Are they kinda tart like kumquats?


I used to have the same problem, but then I started going through dishes (with veggies) that I genuinely do like and went from there. Stuffed Baked Potatoes: Potatoes, Broccoli, and Green onions Cheese burger: lettuce, tomatoes, & pickles Chili: Onions, beans Guacamole: Avocado & Garlic Falafel: Chickpea Chicken Pot Pie: Asparagus, Green Peas, Corn, & Carrots. Pizza: Peppers, Mushrooms And then from there, find similar veggies: sweet potato, spinach, cucumber, zucchini, Chive, brussel sprouts, squash, cauliflower, etc.. And! Figure out your own taste buds. It took me years to find out that I don't like vinegar (with the exception of raspberry vinaigrette, kimchi, & butter pickles) so what I do is steam my vegetables with a little bit of olive oil. I like spinach, but I don't like kale. Make salads with the veggies you do like (stay away from potatoes), with a dressing that works for you. It's deconstructing and reconstructing what you like. There are these flavor salts that are used for popcorn, I sometimes put a tiny bit of that on my steamed veggies. Sure I'm getting more sodium, but at least it's coming with a flavor I like and nutrients from the veggies.


Hmm now that I think about it there’s some dishes that I like that have some veggies in them, but it’s more that the other flavors/textures make the veggies seem like they aren’t there lol.


You add the flavors you like to the vegetable. People who love vegetables don’t just eat them completely plain ( I mean I do because I like them however). It’s just like cooking anything- you gotta flavor it.


My family does this! Put some cubed potatoes or brussel sprouts in some bacon grease and roast them and boom they taste great


I think it's weird to not like fruit, since you don't even have to do anything to a fruit, and if you don't like 1 for some reason there are a bunch of others that you probably will like. But lots of people don't like vegetables, and it's mainly because most people that prepare them suck at it.


My issue with fruit is its a game of texture roulette.... Will I get a nice crunchy apple or a gritty squish? Firm grape or soft? There's even difference in texture within a single blooming peach. The good ones are great, but there isn't the same consistency as with junk food. Still eat bananas because vitamins but urgh.


And is pizza consistent with texture throughout? It‘s also crusty and dry with a more moist center


Consistent as in you know what to expect from each part 🙄 honestly I do still eat fruit and I minimise junk food because its healthy and I feel sluggish if I don't but I don't have to *like* it. Texture aversion is also an autism thing ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


This right here. I've found fruit cups and canned fruit are better for texture consistency.


Eat apples, and always buy the same type of apple. Gala and Fuji are solid, flavorful, crisp, and cheap. Oranges and tangerines have highly consistent textures. Also, look up how to tell if a fruit is ripe


yesss i love my veggies raw, cooked, or anything in between but cannot stand fruit due to the textures of it.


I will never understand how you people can have such high standards for healthy stuff, but enjoy junk food. Will always baffle me.


The texture and taste is more consistent.


But it contains different textures. Sorry but I find it hard to believe to only like a single texture per fruit, for any fruit. For me most of the time one isn‘t necessarily better or worse than the other, just different. Also junk food doesn‘t provide anything, I don‘t know why you would eat hollow and arguably poisonous food, rather than something that like helps your body upgrade...


It's not exactly a single texture, it's consistency between them, as in I can never be sure what to expect. It's the fact that I can eat one apple and its great and I love it and I'm like I need to eat these more often they're delicious... And then I'll have another apple a different day and it will be soft and sour and just nasty, even when it's the same type because one got more sun or was picked at the right time. Instead, processed food goes through rigorous quality control to keep it consistent... I do try to minimise it because it doesn't feel as great for my body but it's *safe*. Also I do eat lots more vegetables because they honestly tend to be more consistent than fruit. So don't worry I'm still getting some *"upgrades"* whatever the hell that means... Lazer vision perhaps? Also you do realise that liking fruit doesn't make you better than people who don't like fruit? There's no need to be so dismissive and patronising. We still eat it because we're adults we just don't necessarily enjoy it as much as you do.


It‘s just advertising junk food which is pathetic imo, besides „consistency“ it offers literally nothing, also it‘s doesn‘t make sense to compare something fresh with something processed. And yeah, it goes through quality control to be consistent, but it doesn‘t go through quality control to have some actual quality. Imagine being such a picky eater that you praise junk food and even try to find an advantage with processed foods, despite them being one of the main cause for heavy health related issues. I‘m not forcing you to do something you don‘t like, however I‘m still allowed to voice my opinion that being such a high level picky eater for fruits is really weird when you praise junk food in the same comment. I never said I‘m a better person, nice straw man, but eating healthy is inarguably better for the body as processed foods, especially junk food. And if health benefits aren‘t upgrading your body I don‘t know what is.


I'M NOT SAYING JUNK FOOD IS HEALTHY I'M EXPLAINING WHY SOME PEOPLE PREFER IT You're being so rude and dismissive of someone who's opinion differs to yours... Do you want to know why I have texture aversion? I'm autistic. The "wrong" textures make me literally gag. Consider what your life would be like if a tomato that is too soft made you gag every time - you probably wouldn't enjoy eating tomatoes! And don't you dare try and infantalise me because of a sensory disorder. I still eat fruits and vegetables, ill cook them into things because I have to. Junk food isn't healthy, honestly some of its is grim especially the American stuff (pop tarts for example), eating a healthy balanced diet is good for you, honestly this is all correct stuff... But you're acting incredibly rude and dismissive for someone not *liking* fruit which in all honesty the more "pathetic" thing. I'm not saying people should all stop eating fruit and vegetables and just eat processed food, I'm explaining why someone who has sensory problems might prefer to eat something where they know exactly what to expect. Have some god damn empathy. Also you're not a blooming software system getting an upgrade. You're just a person eating a banana. Get over yourself.


I never said that you said it. But praising junk food for consistency and justifying the consumption of it for that point alone is limited thinking. Sorry. Good for you to live in an entitled environment where you can be picky and go in a sub to cry about an apple being too sour. Lmao. And don‘t straw man. I‘m not arguing because someone dislikes fruit, I‘m arguing about that pathetic first world problem type of arguing. If you just don‘t like the certain taste - fine. If you go into a sub and cry about how an apple can taste differently that‘s some Karen type stuff imo. Also, if someone has sensory issues, then there are a lot of other fruits which are a lot more consistent, for example oranges, bananas, watermelons, grapes... And of course someone who eats unhealthy stuff needs to diffame the usage and benefits of healthy eating, lol. And thank you doctor for clearing up. Didn‘t know that everyone who is an insanely picky eater has autism. Same argument that everyone eho‘s obese has a sickness leading to it. Lol


Evidently every apple you've ever eaten is sour judging by your sour attitude. Also your "first world problems" argument is inaccurate because being able to eat fresh healthy food IS a privilege. Fruit and veg goes off too quickly for someone who can't afford to shop often while juggling jobs, or who doesn't have the time or energy to cook from scratch so processed will have to do because eating *anything* is better than nothing. Ironic you call me privileged when you can't see your own. I'm don't arguing with you, you're not worth my time


Trust me I’ve tried all kinds of fruit there’s not one I actually like. Only ones I can tolerate.


Is it the flavor? Or just the texture? Cause you can always blend fruit up and drink it, it's exactly the same as eating them whole.


both, but mostly texture. most fruits seem to either get soggy/squishy OR dry/flaky as you eat them. pears and apples in particular seem to get dryer and harder to swallow the more you chew it it's fuckin weird and i hate it.


Yeah, I hear that. Give smoothies a shot, $15 for a shitty blender could change your fruit world.


you might also have a very mild allergy or at least geographic tongue which is contributing


What about dried or freeze dried fruit? They are usually pretty consistent


dried is honestly a lot more tolerable, cause the texture isn't as weird.


Most fruits hurt my jaw for some reason. Or give me indigestion. So I kinda quit trying and just drink more juice when I can stand it.


I love all vegetables and I am “meh” at best with fruit. Some fruit I can’t stand at all (guava, bananas, peaches - so awful).


I don’t really like vegetables either. I just eat them because I know I should.


I hate the word “weird”. Let’s say it’s unusual. But definitely something you could fix with a bit of dedication (i don’t say you should, you do you)


Not weird. I don't like vegetables either. And I'm a vegetarian.


So you don’t like ANY fruits? I’ll just add a list of the most common ones I can think of just to help. *apples, *pears, *bananas, strawberries, blue berries, blackberries, raspberries, watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew, tomatoes, cucumbers/pickles. These are all fruits that have very distinct tastes/textures or at least compared to the different fruit families like berries vs melons, I find it a little hard to believe you don’t like ANY of them? And with the whole vegetable thing, vegetables, at least the ones like Brussel sprouts or broccoli and the other weird green ones; if you’re someone who doesn’t like them raw you NEED to cook them properly or at least experiment in a way that tastes good to you. A lot of people grew up with parents who-I’m sorry but, didn’t how to cook, so the people grew up hating vegetables due to their parents figuratively murdering the vegetables a second time through poor cooking.


nope there's not a single fruit i can think of that i actually like, only a short list of fruits i will eat for the sake of eating some fruit. as for vegetables, i would never eat them raw. i can barely stand them cooked. i think eating raw vegetables is gross. god i can't imagine how tough broccoli would be raw.


try roasting then




Smoothies are your new favorites


So this is my exact issue. Turns out I have a mild form of ARFID (Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder). Inconsistent food textures or "ugly" foods gross me the hell out, and that pretty much sums up ALL fruits and vegetables. They can't be trusted. You know what foods have the highest likelihood of being consistent in texture and appearance? Processed junk foods... which like you, I would also try to solely survive off of if I could. I can *tolerate* a few vegetables (fruits can go die a fiery death), but there's not a single one I can say that I actually enjoy. Go check out r/ARFID and see if it fits how you view your relationship to food. You're not alone. Cheers!


What? No dude I just don’t like them.


Not liking fruits and vegetables is different from not eating them. I don't like to brush my teeth, it would be stupid to not do so. Fruits and vegetables have nutrition that you need, so even if you don't like them you need to power through and eat them. That being said, I'm not sure I know anyone who doesn't like *any* fruit or vegetable.




That’s not a bad idea, I never tried the smoothie thing. Thing about that is I absolutely hate pulp-like texture. Unless it’s gonna be blended so much that there isn’t any that won’t work for me. The only thing I hate more than fruit is soggy squishy chunky fruit.


I feel like I like less foods than I did as a kid. I used to eat and like fruits and veggies all the time but now I hardly ever do and I know it's not healthy but it's too expensive to buy fresh fruit and veggies. They usually go bad before I can eat all of them, which is a waste of money. They often taste too sour or bitter or leave an unpleasant feeling inside my mouth that lasts for what feels like hours. I do try to make meals that have vegetables as a main ingredient, however.


Sorry, but I think this is more you overcomplicating stuff and telling yourself to not like them. I hated veggies and most fruits myself as a kid and teenager, but now I absolutely love them, I kove cooking and I‘m really into food, special ingredients, different cuisines, etc. I‘m not sure about the science behind, but I‘m not entirely sure how it is determined what you like and what not...


i understand not liking vegetables but fruits? I never thought i would say this but OP's taste is wrong


For what it is worth, I prefer my fruits cooked and my vegetables raw (obviously not potatoes, I'm not a monster).


Whaaaat? You don’t like eating your potatoes like an apple?


Believe it or not, I actually tried that but every bite reminded me of so many better ways to have them.


Sometimes ya just gotta eat em raw homie. Survival stuff, never know when you have random potatoes while stranded without fire.


I can manage it again, I'd just rather not.


Practice makes perfect as they always say


The better question you should be asking yourself is what is your diet, and what are your preferred foods? If it pertains to food high in fat or salt, and your diet consists of a lot of prepared or fast foods, I’d highly suggest that you stick to more fresh foods. Edit spelling


Try asparagus. Lots of ways online to prepare it. It’s soooooo good. I have started eating healthier and really found a good range of veggie only meals sometimes that taste so good too. Texture can throw me off but I found asparagus to be my new #1 fav I like to make lol hope you end up finding some new things to try! :)


asparagus is trash. it's like broccoli but even worse to me.


Maybe just take a multi vitamin I guess 😂


I don't know what to tell you about fruit, there's some fruits I love and some fruits I hate but I can give you some advice with vegetables. When it comes to eating vegetables there are many people who think that they don't like them, but what they really have an issue with is the way the vegetables are prepared. What kind of vegetables do you typically eat and how are they prepared? There are so many different ways to cook vegetables, you should experiment and find a method you actually enjoy.


Yeah bro it’s weird


I wouldn't say there's anything wrong with not liking fruits or vegetables, you can't help disliking them. Your taste buds won't magically change to like them when you get older lol


Some people just never develop the taste, or even don’t experience the same flavor as others. For example, my brother can’t eat cilantro because he said it tastes like soap to him. And I didn’t try a ton of different vegetables until I was in my mid-20’s.


I like fruit but honestly I don’t eat many vegetables. It’s more of a texture thing though, I do this with other foods too. I know it sounds silly to not like vegetables as an adult but I’ll gag


when i was a kid lots of fruits veggies made me gag. now i can just stomach them. jackfruit is probably the only fruit that would still make me gag, but that's cause my parents used to try to force me to eat it as a kid even though i puked every time. now just the smell of that fruit makes me gag and it's a strong smell.


Nah not so odd. For me I will eat more raw vegetables than cooked but I'm still a picky eater and don't really like or eat most fruits.


Bro it’s good for you just eat it


If it's a texture thing, try mixing or blending finely chopped veg into soups and sauces. If you like the taste of the dish, you'll come to associate that with the vegetable. Different types of curries might be a good place to start.


M’y kids 21 and trying to get him to eat a vegetable is hard. Anything green he won’t eat


It's more if I just eat shit, I start feeling shit. My body craves nutrients and if I constantly have pasta and cheese I feel like a solid tired lump. A nice stir fry with good flavours and it lights up my tongue and my body.. I wouldn't say its unusual but I'd say you're doing your body a disservice by not having a balanced diet. And if you've adjusted your taste buds to NEED sugar (treat or heavily processed food) then yeh it's probably falling short but veg and fruit have a variety of textures and flavours ideally there should be a couple you may tolerate more than others. If I don't have sugary things for ages, then have a sweet apple (red not green) it tastes sweet as anything!! As a kid I only liked broccoli stalks, tomatoes and potatoes, and strawberries with icing sugar. I eat almost anything now (except onions/garlic due to intolerance and also the fact onions are disgusting). I'd say try cooking without those slime overpowering scumbags and see if things taste nicer but I'm biased. Join us over in /r/onionhate


I absolutely love fruit I can eat just about any fruit anytime of the day. I've always liked the vegetables too never had a problem with them for the most part but I won't do mushrooms, onions, cauliflower or cooked broccoli.


Try adding fruits and veggies to the food you already like , so you could make a burger with tomatoes , onions, peppers, go crazy. As you eat more you will get used to the taste and start to like it. Also, when eating them as a stand-alone dish, think you are eating something you like. Hope I helped!


I'll personally eat a tomato like an apple but you could incorporate veggies into dishes you normally like but in little pieces you either can't tell they're present through texture or taste or maybe even in sauces. You're gonna need the fiber and vitamins as you age and try to cut out the processed sugar


I don't eat vegetables either. People try to give me shit about my eating habits it I always say, "It'll make me gag and there's one thing I will voluntarily gag on and it isn't food "


The more u eat the better


It's weird if you want to be healthy.


Ooh you could try gardening if it’s an option. Home grown is almost always delicious


You need to eat them for a while until your gut flora changes, then you’ll start enjoying them. Look into how your gut flora influences your palate and cravings.


Absolutely childish.


No not at all. I mean if they ain’t your thing, ain’t nothing wrong with not buying them