Am I naive/stupid/a slut for letting a stranger pay to massage my feet?

Am I naive/stupid/a slut for letting a stranger pay to massage my feet?


I meaaann….. if it were me? I’d be at that park every day making bank!! Compared to what? Working at foodlion like most people my age currently do? Nah, I’ll pass. They can judge all they want; Bread is bread.


Eck fuck food lion I used to work there. I work at a different grocery store now and we actually get an employee discount on everything store brand... Most I got from FL was a 10% off coupon once a year that they gave me a day before it expired :P


After you make $5,000 your friends will probably shut up. Be safe. 😁


And your feet will thank you


And you will thank your feet.


And the stranger will thank you both.


Yupp sounds like jealous bitches lol


Nah they seem too bitter to be happy for her


Right? It's a good pay day. She's no sucker.


They'll still complain lolol Some people just hate sex work 🙄🙃 But kudos to you


You're a consenting adult, you can do whatever you want. People who judge you for something like this are stupid, is it a little weird? Yes, but it's not hurting anyone. You got 500$ and someone got to satisfy a fetish, no one was hurt and everyone left happy.


Keeping it in public is smart. Stay safe, be aware of your surroundings, and don't drink anything. Make sure your boyfriend, and or at least one other person knows where, and when, maybe even set up a track your phone app. The dude is likely harmless, but it's best to be safe with this type of arrangement. Had a foot guy in my local punk scene years back. He was nice, polite, and quite. Until the day he wasn't. He proposed his foot offer to a 12 year old girl, and was confronted. He resisted a bunch of kids yelling at him. Then us adults had to remove him. It could have gone better, or much worse. He didn't come back after that.


I'm a dude, and I would let another dude massage my feet for fifteen minutes for $750. That's 83 cents a second. 15 minutes of basically awkward silence, and think about what you could do with that money. If the same guy starts sharing your name and clothing store location to other feet-fanatics that are willing to put that kind of money up front, then that could turn into a "putting yourself in danger" problem that your girlfriends mentioned. Or if they see that you're willing to do 15 minutes of feet massage, what would you be willing to do for more? Wear brand new sneakers for a week, and then give it to them? Make a video of you stepping into a pie or mashed potatoes? It can get worse, but I'm trying to keep this comment PG-13


I'd pay good cash for a video of someone stepping on boiling mashed potatoes ngl


I'd be out in that park every day with a sign.


Nope. As a 33yo dude i had someone give me $120 for MY feet pics. People are weird and I want money too. Edit: Hey, thank you for the award!


Damn, do you have OnlyFans or something like that? Or some random dude asked you?


Just some random guy in WOW was asking to buy feet pics, told him sure and that I was a guy but he didn't care. Wanted dem feet pics, sent me his number and then sent pay...so I kept my word. I mean it's my feet, tf do I care? I should start a OnlyFans for feet lmao






OnlyToes y’all try too hard


No need to be so callous now


honestly that's my dream. I send pics of my braces all the time on OF. no shame.


For sure no shame, only young once and as long as you're safe and happy. I just can't believe someone would pay 100's to see my hobbit ass lookin feet!


Also your friends are liars or just ugly, jealous haters.


I mean as long as you're aware that it's definitely sexual for him and you're ok with that, you're fine.


I second this. Also, don't let your friends opinion question your decisions. You cannot pass every friend's judgment. You wanted to get the money, discussed with a person you trusted and came back safe. If you want to do it next time as well, go ahead. Who cares about what anyone thinks as long as YOU want to do it. It will be your decision and money so celebrate the outcome.


Are you not worried about your sole? Don’t worry, it will heel.




Bah duh bum


This one should b higher


A friend of mine did that too. It's money AND a foot rub! But since this is probably sexual for him in some ways definitely set boundaries! (Like clothes stay on, no kissing the feet, no touching anywhere else, whatever you're uncomfortable with make sure it's off limits!) As long as you are safe and feel comfortable and he respects your boundaries I see nothing wrong with it.


He probably came in his pants but so what? Consenting adults, €500, and no animals were harmed.


“...and no animals were harmed.” Not sure why this made me laugh. I mean that’s always a good thing but just so out of left field for the context of the post 😂


Yeah sure he did. But as long as it was in his pants she didn't really care.


id let some bloke can rub my feet for 5 bucks...


when he calls back dont be surprised if it escalates sexually Youre not naive, stupid, or a slut. though it was smart to include your boyfriend in the decision.


Your boyfriends street name is now gator


Gator don’t take no shit!


You knew what you were doing, both you and your partner were ok with it, and you made a considerable amount of money in no time at all. Your friends can go fuck themselves if they have a problem with it.


Your body, your choice. There's absolutely nothing wrong with sex work, and this is pretty damn vanilla! If you're safe, if your partner is supportive, and you're all consenting adults, it's no one's business 🤷🏻‍♀️ Get that green, I say. If he gets shady or the rules change, tell him the partnership is over lol


Look, he has the money to throw, you need it, he gives you a massage, seems to me like you made a bargain. Don't let him ever get more and be ready to pull out. The joke's on him.




Yeah, I mean he's the one paying 500£ and she has the upper hand. But looks like he desperately want it and has money to throw away, so yeah probably he sees it as a bargain as well.


NGL foot fetishes are weird to me lol, bt honey if someone came to me with this offer, I would do the same damn thing. Fuck what they have to say. You were smart by not only keeping it in a public space, but you discussed it with your bf. I would suggest though to have your bf near just in case the guy gets too comfortable/creepy.


It's the most common fetish of them all


I’m a foot guy and I think this guy was super generous, your very lucky actually that he has the means to do this, I wish I did lol.


Go for it. Easy money. I understand the guy.


This is the saddest thing I've ever seen Uh..but 500 is 500, i wouldn't overthink it




Your friends are just mad they weren’t offered


%100 this.


this is the saddest thing you've ever seen? really? what a charmed and jolly life you must lead in the agreeable bubble you live in.


Shit I would do that for 750 bucks. Hell I would massage any random strangers feet for that much money in only 15min


I mean, yah it’s low key Sex work, but I would totally do it if I was in your shoes :P. Sounds wayyy better than working retail for hours! Just maintain your boundaries clearly and stay safe!


You would be naive if you didn't understand that the transaction is sexual. As long as you understand that, it seems as though you are staying safe and know what you're getting into


I’m a guy, if a girl offered to pay me 500$ to rub my feet, it would be the fastest yes you’ve ever seen.


hell yeah girl do whatever you want!!! even if it is considered sex work, it's still work. I have a really great career but still do SW because you can never have too many streams of income. <3 stay safe babe. share your location and always bring your bf with you to stay in the car or something.


Low-key prostitution, yeah maybe but fuck it that's damn good money. Most prostitutes don't make anywhere near that kind of money and you didn't have to take your clothes off. It makes me wonder what the dude would have paid if you were willing to just watch him jackoff.


People will pay for cuddles and hugs and touching the feet, etc. So this isn’t weird to me in terms of requests. Make that money but always be safe!


Ok. As someone who has been paid for sex in the past, a foot rub does not make you a prostitute. What I did, made me one. I am going to tell you it started off with things that weren’t prostitution. Side note: know what’s harder then turning down 350 dollars for a dude to lick your toes? Not laughing during it


i would not do it. It seems easy, it sounds nice at all, but you dont know who is on the other side. Imagine if someones films you and you end up in a porn site for 500 pounds. Nope, its a no for me


Is it very similar to prostitution? Yeah ofc but if you are cool with it I dont see the problem. Beware of the government coming for the tax


If you feel okay about it then it's ok. Maybe you put yourself in danger, but I would take the risk for £500 too


You got paid to receive a foot massage. That’s the dream. Congrats! Stay safe and honestly...sounds like your friends are sipping on a little haterade. They would 100% do it. Get some!


£2000 an hour. I think your friends might be jealous they don't get paid to have a pedicure in the park.


Have your boyfriend or someone who you trust to protect you near by just in case and stop being friends with those girls.


Man, as long as you are in a public place and someone (like your bf) knows where you are, go get that bread. It's odd, but hey, why not make some money?


You are a genius. Tell the rest of us how to do it.


Used to work with a girl who sold her dirty socks online when she needed some extra money. Honestly I was a bit jealous no one wanted to buy my dirty socks.


Getting paid to RECEIVE a 15 minute foot rub is everyone’s dream! I’m glad you agreed to do it in a public place! Safety should always be your #1 priority. Did you go alone or was your boyfriend with you (or in the area)?


If you were being safe....who gives af?! You made serious easy money, and if you’re alright with it, doesn’t matter so much what other people think. Live your life on your terms, and tell everyone else to eat a dick


This is a Sex and the City episode.


Hey if someone wants to pay that much to rub your feet I say go for it, you’re taking the necessary precautions


I’d accept money AND a foot massage from nearly anybody with no problems


They sound jealous. Do you’re thing


No, but you are a prostitute.


Not at all. It’s your body, your choice. Just be safe! That said, this is sex work, and you shouldn’t delude yourself into thinking otherwise. But as long as you and your SO are both fine with it, there’s absolutely no problem. And I may get downvoted for this, but honestly, I wouldn’t feel comfortable ever doing this myself, or dating someone who did. It’s the combination of the fact that (1) money is exchanging hands, and (2) it’s almost certainly for sexual pleasure that does it for me. But that’s just me and my personal views on sex/relationships, and *my* views or anyone else’s should never control what someone else is free to do with their own body.


It's risky, but if you think it's worth it, who am I to judge.


As you said, there are clearly sexual undertones there. Every relationship is different, but for me, i would be incredibly upset if my partner took him up on that offer. Yeah, its just a foot massage, but there is clearly more meaning behind it than that which i am personally not comfortable with. I think its inappropriate and you probably should not be doing it, but also you included your partner in the decision and he doesnt mind. So basically, who cares what your friends or anyone on reddit has to say. The only opinions that should matter are yours and your boyfriends. F*** anyone else


As long as you're safe, and don't think about what he does at home before washing his hands with your foot sweat still on them, you should be fine. Anyway, there are some really interesting self defense tools if you ever feel that this could go in an unsafe direction.


I mean it's low key prostitution. You are selling your body (even if it's just the feet) to a weirdo, who probably isn't really a masseur but just has a massive feet fetish/will probably jerk off to the smell and feeling afterwards. That being said it's not as Slutty/disgusting as your friends make it, cause not all people see feet and go "damn dats hot". But in the end as long as you both are fine with it, cash is cash and there is no problem. I would probably do the same and pull out once it gets too creepy (which is honestly the biggest fear with those kind of creepy strangers). The only thing I just find sad is how people like this exist. No kinkshaming but how did it get so far.. If you are into feet there are cheaper ways similar as to "getting dominated as a guy" (dominatrix) if that's what you are into.




Just make sure you don't let him guilt you or try to trap you into doing anything you *aren't* comfortable with. You don't owe him anything. Know your boundaries, your boyfriend's boundaries and maintain them and a safe environment.


If it was that, then I would be very concerned about stalking. Just try and stay aware of your surroundings and maybe change up you route home or other common places after work for a while.


How about selling one's time to a Food Lion for 8 hours a day at minimum wage? We sell ourselves every day. Calling certain kind of selling our time "prostitution" is nothing more than making moral judgements about \*how\* one sells one's time.


That's weird as fuck and the dude was definitely getting off on it, but Jesus shitballs, $750? For that he could suck my toes for all I care. Hell I'd let the man nut on them for that.


Lol, for $750 that's crazy I wish something like that had happened to me lol. Anyway, I think it's ok but be careful. Make sure you stay in public areas and maybe ask a friend or someone you know to stay around just to be safe (you can pay them part of your money lol).


My stance exactly


I mean, if you don't mind being murdered one day. My advice when my female friends bring up situations is this: any man who is willing to pay money to do that is weird as fuck. Don't risk your safety for money


Exactly! Get in a relationship and do this. Women will do anything once in a relationship. I've done some sick shit. Now I didn't pay her in cash but I PAID.


Lol let me know if her wants to rub the feet of a 61 year old dude for £500 in the park. I can probably make it a weekly event.


I would personally never do something like that, especially since that man could be dangerous, stalking you, etc. He knows where you work and how to find you, and I would not like to invite any of that risk into my life. I mean, you do what you want with your body, but you're kidding yourself if you call this anything but sex work.


Yeah but that applies to every person you meet. Everyone could be dangerous or stalk you. You could literally not invite anyone home ever if you live by that. Or your sweetest, kindest friend could have a foot fetish that you don't know about. I don't think a fetish also means danger.


No, someone with a fetish is not inherently dangerous, but by actively involving yourself in someone's fetish, you put yourself in a vulnerable position.


That's probably true. It's definitely important to set boundaries and have the other person respect them. Wether it's a foot rub for money or your partner.


If someone wanted to give me £500 to rub my feet I'd agree without a second thought. Usually that transaction goes the other way around. I have to pay to have anyone go near my feet. Enjoy the massage, have a nice night out with the partner, anf fuck anyone who thinks ill of you for it.


Sounds like they're a bit jealous they didn't get paid for a foot massage. If it could be done in public then is it really fair to be judging?


If the man had a foot fetish, you were basically a sex worker. I feel bad for that man. I'm lonely too, but I wouldn't pay somebody for anything like that. You probably should have made him aware that you have a boyfriend. He will obviously want things to escalate between the two of you.


A big question you should probably be asking is what questionable things are going on around someone driven - or maybe worse, finds it necessary - to pay that much money to rub someone’s feet. This isn’t just a fetish, but closer to an obsession or something pathological. For a well-adjusted person with this type of fetish, there are far easier and less expensive ways to fulfill such a fantasy. There are more ways this scenario could ultimately go wrong than could go right. Always remember that if things sound too good to be true, they probably are.


If you had a daughter and she asked you this question what would you say? Do you have a younger niece? That's your answer. Also, no offense, but your boyfriend is an idiot for being ok with this.


If that is prostitution then the guy is prostitute but he is paying you and your getting the massage so it is not




I mean, if a guy is willing to pay you 500 just to rub your feet, its really no big deal. Your friends are being kind of dumb about it


>as soon as I mentioned it to my girlfriends they seemed completely shocked, accused me of putting myself in danger, called it lowkey prostitution, and were generally negative. Get better friends who are more concerned about your safety than judging you. Nobody should care as long as you're keeping yourself safe, which it sounds like you are.


It's sex work. But sex work us still work. Just be careful, it will escalate.


All of the above.


No but he who pays you is a pathetic fuck especially if there is no sex involved..


I sold a dude my piss once. You’re fine. Way to be safe and congrats on the $500. Your comfort is what matters; fuck the haters.


That was pretty innocent. But would you allow him to massage your private parts with his penis for let's say 5k quid?


It is low-key whoring, no doubt. You're literally selling your body. Personally, I wouldn't worry about it though. So you're a whore, what else is new?




Honestly this sucks ass, like I get it that money is money, but I would personally hate to having resolve to some dude rubbing my feet in order fo get additional cash. Shit's unfair and we shouldn't live in environment where we have to basically sell ourselves to get additional cash.




For enough money they do.


Get a good paying job where you can provide for someone and hopefully the woman you're with won't consider something like this. A truth of this world is money brings happiness (to a degree). Nobody wants to be a wageslave at a retail store, but that's OP's life so that's why she does things like this for money.


Those types of names are really subjective and relative to everyone’s opinion individually. That being said I think as long as you know what you’re about and you’re safe about it there’s absolutely no shame in making great money to get a foot rub. It really boils down to what you’re partner thinks and yourself, but I think most people would say take the money. Foot rubs are very different than prostitution so I’ll leave it at that.


My wife managed to land a sugar daddy that would pay her 300 a week just to talk to him, some occasional photos, and be really insulting on occasion... we managed to furnish our house quite a bit. Get that money while you can, but be smart and careful.


It is technically sex work but that doesn't mean there's anything wrong with it. Just continue to be safe and always listen to your gut about your comfort level 😊


It’s quick cash until it turns into a stalker. There are crazy people in the world, be safe.


Your friends are right that it is low-key prostitution, BUT so what? You are in your right to do what you want and feel comfortable with. Even your BF was in the know... No, I don't think you are any of those things... but be careful still; it might be a road you are not prepared to walk further down.


Friends are jelly


That’s a question that’s up to opinion but I’d say you are just someone who’s found an easy way to gain some cash so no harm no foul


If he’s bi... send him my way! My dogs are *barking* /jk Plus, western cultures specialize everything way too much. As long as he’s not mentioning how nice your head would look on a plate, go for it!


Made that money girl


Keeping it public is definitely a good idea and you should stick with it just for safety reasons. So long as you're doing that and you feel comfortable, I say full steam ahead! Make that money!


>£500 for a no strings attached Stupid for this part, I'd attach all sorts of string and make that bitch sign a contract or sumn and milk it /s


It’s fine but don’t go without a concealed hand gun. Feet rub in the park from someone with deep pockets like that could prob turn nasty really quick.


Youre not naive unless you believe he has no sexual pleasure from doing this. Youre not stupid since you are making bank for doing nothing. And youre not a slut because their is no sex involved. Would i be cool with it if you were my gf? No. I dont appreciate you sharing and intimate moment with someone else just because they are paying you. and maybe youve lost a little respect for your bf knowing hes cool with sellng you out.


I want to make it clear that I am more than aware, if thankfully inexperienced, of the atrocities that happen to women everyday and the manipulation they are often under to fulfill men’s needs. This being said, I’m damn jealous that I’m not a woman in this day in age. Onlyfans? Paid foot rubs from strangers!? I’d make bank. Nobody wants to see my male body... I look like a dropped lasagna that’s just been rejected for a bank loan. OP, your body is yours to do with as you please. You have the trust and support of your partner, so whatever else you think you might be, you’re considerate, responsible and £500 richer.


Take care, be safe, and if you are comfortable, go for it I guess


Man this subreddit has gotten way too weird. I’m out.


If I was your boyfriend and there, if you were good with it I wouldn’t give a shit, you got a foot massage no matter how bad it was and cracked the five hunjie. Win, win, win. Nah you’re not a slut or any of that shit. Absolute hustle. Well done.


Depends how ugly he is


He is getting a boner while massaging you, then goes to his house to masturbate If you are OK with that I see no problem, however, I should say I wouldn't be OK if my girlfriend does that.


Friend... You got paid to receive a foot massage. That's free money and a foot massage. That's a win.


Sex work is real work!!


You discussed it with your significant other and had their support. That's what matters! It would be questionable if you did it behind your boyfriend's back. I don't think you're stupid or a slut at all. Your friends might have been alarmed by the unusual situation and might have reacted poorly out of fear for your well being?


For me it is a little odd someone would want to pay you. The more I think about it. People pay to go get a spa all over the world. Spa reatments are massage, facial, body treatment, manicure, and pedicure. I wish someone would pay me to rub my crusty ass feet. Sounds like your friends are just looking out for your safety or maybe they're just a little jealous. Why would they want to call you a prostitution. doesn't that involve some kind of sexual activity?


Low risk with your boyfriend there. Was it a good foot rub? Seems like a win for everybody 🤷‍♂️


If the only contact was between hands and feet, I would say not a slut. Feet in lap may have resulted in some through clothing contact, though, but that would be(I assume) his doing and not yours(if you were even able to notice). You discussed it with your boyfriend(meaning someone else has knowledge of the situation) and concluded to do it in a public place, so I would say not stupid. Your friends sound jealous, although there could be some concerns, their criticisms seem weak. ​ I wonder if he will he want to do it again? Will he up the ante? Offer a grand but this time in private, or you have to wear something specific, etc., IMO, this would be a red flag. If he came back and made the same offer, I'd be torn. I would make clear and concrete rules that keep you safe and comfortable. Did he ever buy anything from the store? If not, makes me think he targeted you, which creeps me out, and I'm a guy. Has he been to the store since? Maybe I'm just a pessimist/cynic and he got what he wanted out of it and he's scoping out the next pair of feet and you'll never see him again.


I would have someone nearby keep an eye on you but otherwise it's a win win. Extra cash and a foot rub!


As long as you feel safe, nothing wrong with making money from his fetish. It's consensual and safe enough to be in public so no one loses out really. However, how well do you know the guy? You should make sure he won't turn into a stalker or a potential danger down the road when this comes to an end eventually.




#you would be Pepper Jacks best hoe


i mean like... while it is technically “prostitution” it’s not like you’re fucking him behind a dumpster for £20. You get a foot massage and a lot of money and this guy gets to do some weird foot thing he wants to do 🤷🏼‍♂️ Win/Win to me.


Dude, if I didn’t have the ugliest feet on the planet, I’d be all over that.


if it's in a safe place, no harm possible, no harm done and you and your bf are cool with it then take the money, and ignore your juyey and possibly jealous friends.


I mean, I'd say it's okay as long as you are in public and people can hear you. Because if that fetish kept developing and he wanted more then you might be at risk, but honestly, 500$ for a simple 15mins nearly sounds too good to be true! Just be safe


I’d do it. It’s a win-win for me because I love a foot massage. I’d be more than happy to accept money to provide a service for something that I don’t find sexual to someone who gets off on it. If someone wants my worn knickers or tampons or sweaty socks and they want to give me money, then I have no problem at all.


There’s risk in everything, especially if this guy “targeted” you by identifying you before you realized and made you this offer later. I probably wouldn’t do it but if you follow through just make sure your boyfriend is close enough in the public setting to call for help if things take a turn for the worse. I’d also recommend using a fake name and keeping as much of your info as possible secret ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ . But yes, money is money and you’re not any lesser of a person for doing this.


I mean the dude def got some sexual thing with it but as long as you are comfortable with it and your partner is fine with it too then it's fine and also what is even wrong with prostitution it's just paying for a service nothing else but i wouldn't really call it that anyway, it would be like calling a stripper a prostitute ohh and yayr make shure you are safe when you do it cause it is kinda sketchy


I'm pretty sure that's how people end up getting abducted by stalkers but at that point it's gonna happen whether you say yes or no so might as well get paid.


Damn, got that guys number? 👀


Can I have his number.


Meh, as long as the guy is respectfull towards you and there are no strings attached and you and your boyfriend are ok with it, its absolutely okay.


If your friends want to be jealous bitches, tell them your new rate for listening to it is £2,000 an hour. 😁


This man has you at a disadvantage right from the start because he knows more about you than you know about him. Singling you out at work for such an offer almost definitely means he has been watching you, and the amount of money he is offering is a likely sign he has built an obsession over you and it.


Yes. This is obviously a depraved foot fetish and in a month or two he'll be asking for your socks. He'll want them to be sweaty. It may evolve beyond that to asking for panties, straight up wanting to pay you for other things, etc. This is a fetish that you're feeding, so don't be surprised if his fetish becomes more pronounced.


hey shit get that bag, i’d let that guy give me shoulder rubs for that kind of money. just be careful though, shit like that could turn around real quick but otherwise, it is easy money and you’re not stupid for taking that opportunity


Your friends suck


So, you get the massage AND the cash? Who exactly says would not do it....?


You do you lol I'm envious of women for this exact reason, like I wish I could make an OF and get rich, but I'm a guy and no-one wants to see that lmao So hell yeah get that money! I would be if I could, just be safe!


This would be like a dream come true for me. I don’t care what anyone thinks. Not to mention, sex work is a legitimate profession and needs to be decriminalized and recognized for all its potential benefits. It’s human trafficking we need to stop, not consensual sex work.


No! That's just very lucky! They're just jealous, plus you did it in a public place. It's weird, but hey you didn't lose anything. You get cash and a massage. He gets some satisfaction out of it. Where's the weird that pays to give you back massages? I need him lol


100% OP is a guy who fantasizes about doing that, new account and he posts that on every sub.


Well besides not knowing where his hands were (not to give you stress) I don't see the harm.


This is literally a fantastic business opportunity, so no, you are in the right


It sounds like you’re a consenting adult who made a business decision. Who’s better than you?




I mean as long as you are conscious and in control of what you are doing, the rests on him.


Easy cash Maybe let him even lick your feet clean LUL Enjoy


That kinda made me want to look at your feet. 🤣😂


I think prostitution should be legal that however isn't prostitution he had a kink and that definitely made him horny and he's probably Jenkins off right now thinking about it but a foot rub isn't sexual




Messaging feet is nowhere as close to prostitution


No, I pay people to massage my feet. You're smart.


Red flag to your boyfriend here. I wouldn't date a woman willing to literally rent out her body to some foot fetishist. Where is your self respect? If I were your bf I would rightly believe that you would probably escalate to other things. Its a question of how much money




Yes this is my point. If my wife were to suck a dick for a million dollars we I would divorce her obviously. If she thinks more of money than If her relationship then there you go And I don't agree with you. Not everyone would do things like this for money. You're projecting your perspective on everyone else. Just because it's what you would do doesn't mean other people would. Any woman with good looks could probably make much more money as an escort than they do in their current jobs. But yet most women don't follow this career choice. Why is this? Its self respect. They value their self respect more than money.




I can think of better ways of making money and being happy so no


Also. I didn't say it good or bad. That's judging. I said in my opinion its a red flag. It's also a reasonable assumption that if she is willing to accept money for this then there is a good chance though not guarantee that she would do other things too. If she said no. Then clearly she isn't sort of person to sell herself to some weirdo. And the guy is a weirdo. Normal people don't offer £500 to rub women's feet do they?


Your friends are wrong. Feet aren't inherently sexual. You had protection (Your boyfriend) and made an easy 750$ for GETTING a massage.