Why is taking Paid Time Off (PTO) such a work place taboo?

Why is taking Paid Time Off (PTO) such a work place taboo?


That's a sure sign of a toxic workplace. A huge red flag. Obviously, bad employers don't want their employees to take any time off, since they have to pay for the time you're taking off and not getting any work out of you in that time. And depending on local and state laws, they might not have to pay out unused PTO when you quit. However, a good company, and yes, they do exist, actually cares about employees burning out, because then they have to hire and train new employees. This is especially true in jobs where there's a severe shortage of available workers. Someone burning out could take upwards of 6 months to replace, all for the sake of trying to keep them from taking five days off once in a while? Another advantage to having employees take their time off is it gives the employer a chance to see if that employee was doing anything shifty related to their position. There are tons of stories about this. For example, a medical office manager who was scamming huge numbers of opioids by ordering tons extra when the office was restocking, only to be found out when a shipment came in while they were away on leave.


Yep. My new job (first ever non-temporary job that is actually wonderful!) provides all holidays off, breaks, PTO, etc. and it’s fucking amazing! I was finally able to see my mom for Mother’s Day for the first time in 3 years all because of a change in work benefits and a change in scheduled hours.. which is sad if you think about it, but I’m glad I finally have it. My dad hates that I took 2 days off when I got food poisoning when I was working in a restaurant (I still work in the food industry.. which it’s basically 10x harder to find a non-toxic place to work in lmao so I really lucked out) but I don’t listen to him. I listen to him when it’s something he actually knows what he’s talking about.. cars, finances, maintenance.. and that’s.. yea, that’s it. Everything else he thinks he knows what he’s talking about, but they’re either dated information that no longer applies (kissing up to your boss and hanging your head low to climb up the ladder for example.. they’ll just take advantage of that now) or just completely false information and yet he thinks all of it is 100% true and applicable today. Ha! OP, don’t listen to him. If they didn’t want you to use PTO, then they wouldn’t have given it to you. It’s yours. You earned it.


Does your dad want his food cooked by someone in the kitchen who's puking his guts out? I never understand that thinking process. It's the same as student doctors and nurses being expected to work twenty-hour shifts. I don't want to be seen by someone working their twentieth hour. I want to be seen by a well-rested and sufficiently hydrated medical professional.


Precisely. Like.. health inspectors will shut that shit down, hence why I called in lmao. Idc what people say, imma do what’s right and what’s best for me.


Same! My new job is salary position, and I get 1 hr lunch breaks (if I want), I can take periodic breaks, free to walk around and relax, I get to work early and leave early and finish up anything urgent at home if needed by logging in at home (quick email reply etc). Holidays and holiday eves such as new years eve/black Friday, good Friday, etc. Also unlimited pto lol I just took 1 week off and they said I deserve it!


Dayum! That’s a goldmine!!! I’m happy for you:) we close early on eve holidays but since it’s 9-5 I still have time to drive to my hometown (2 hours) and see my grandparents on my dads side. We see dads family on Christmas Eve and moms on the day of. Haven’t seen dads side during the holidays since I was 17.. I’m 21 now so it wasn’t that long, but they’re in their 70’s ffs. I wanna see em!


Thank you🐱 and That's amazing. I wish I had a good family that missed me :) I am displaced but I have my nuclear family living here with me, just 3 of us + 2 furkids :) I am glad you get to see your families now!:) I do love my job, I don't get paid extravagant amount but it pays bills and work/life balance and stress level is maintained. I was bullied before at my previous work(hence my user name lol) so this is an eye opener for me too even after 2 yrs!:) Edit: words


Yes my previous job was toxic and unhealthy too. My current one still doesn’t pay as much, but it pays more (finally at $15/hour). Still not enough to live on, but better than before.


Definitely feel you. I'm so happy you moved on from a toxic job. It was unbearable for me too. I know this though, it only gets better from here:) and you too deserve every good thing that will happen from now on :) Have a wonderful day :)


>good company, and yes, they do exist, actually cares about employees burning out, because then they have to hire and train new employees. No, a bad company cares because they then have to hire new employees. A good company cares because of your well being.


In my experience, a bad company doesn't bother to backfill positions. They just distribute the work among the remaining employees.


I completely agree. Where I used to work it was unheard-of to take pto. it was really looked down on. As a result employees were very stressed and depressed. At the place I currently work at it's encouraged to use your pto. The boss reminds us all the time that she uses hers for "stupid stuff" and we should to. A few years ago I started feeling burnt out. There was a ton going on and I was overwhelmed. I went to my boss on a Thursday and requested a long weekend a few weeks. She gave me the next day and the following Monday off, as well as the long weekend I requested. She told me she would rather me take a few days off and recoup than to be stressed and unproductive.


In a lot of cases the management (that one person who makes nearly what you make) has to deal with all sorts of problems, as a result of you leaving. (Having to figure out tour shift, or duties, etc.) But you should absolutely take your PTO. If the company creates a toxic workplace, regarding PTO or *anything else*, it is time to look for a new job.


Lol man I get 3 weeks a year and if I don’t use it I lose it. Bet your ass I use all 3 weeks. PTO is never looked down on, especially when it’s requested weeks ahead of time. You don’t live to work. You work to live. Don’t forget that. Enjoy your pto when earned.


>You don’t live to work. You work to live This is so important, but yet so many people seem to forget it!


I had a manager once ask me whether I worked to live or lived to work. I replied work to live and he basically wrote me off from that point on. I wasn’t going to lie and allow you to take advantage of what you believe to be my set of ideals….


Unless you have absolutely a dream job, you are a fool if you live to work. The reason it's called "work" is because they pay you to do something you wouldn't ordinarily chose to do.


They even force you to use it or they'll get in trouble.


After my daughter work is the most important thing to me right now. This statement seems so alien to me.


Some people do important jobs they love. I sir do not at this time. I work IT to pay the bills. It’s not fun and in my current position not that important. I 3D print, build gaming rigs, work on cars, fix boats/jetskis. But none of that pays my mortgage. It’s all relative man. OP sounds like a kid or young person just trying to take a day off.


I get that. I'm an employment lawyer, the sense of achievement I feel when I can help people with a problem they don't know how to solve is amazing and gets me through tough times. In my private life I'm nobody, at my job I am somebody.


Yes, sadly the current situation is that the vast majority of people work at jobs that they don’t necessarily like, and may even hate. Most of us don’t get the privilege of choosing our dream job, we make the choices available to us dictated by our situation and options. So it’s important to keep in mind that life for most people is what happens in the small amount of time we are allotted outside of work. Easy enough to see, too. I don’t expect anyone believes that the tellers, cashiers, care techs, grocery stockers, sales people, phone center operators, and others that we interact with every day actually love their jobs. It’s really not a free country. It’s a nation driven on exploitation, overworking, wage fixes and monopolism.


That’s fine and all, but to say the statement is completely alien to you sounds like you lack the ability to out yourself in others shoes. If you were bagging groceries would you feel the same? Or would you want to just get through the day/week/month with as few problems as possible and get your paycheck.


Am autistic, do lack that ability. Yes maybe then it would be completely different.


If you’ve earned it, use it. That’s what it’s there for. Fuck all that bullshit!


Sounds like you need to find a job somewhere less crappy.


Do this, after using the rest of your PTO


Get approve for two weeks of PTO. Put in your two weeks the day your PTO starts.


^^^^ ^^^^ Best plan. Then cackle like an french villain while you walk out.


My wife did basically this except that she waited until she gave birth which got her like 3 weeks of short term disability. She then took her PTO (3 weeks) she put in her two weeks a week into her PTO.


That's a whole other can of worms. I took two weeks off when my ex gave birth, she took 50 weeks off. Because that's the way it works in Canada.




I worked for a roofing outfit that gave you 40 hrs sick leave a year. They wouldn't cash it out or roll it over. You bet your ass I was sick exactly 5 days a year




PTO is the employer's way of saying "we don't trust you not to lie." An employer who trusts you will give you vacation time and sick leave as separate items. An employer who doesn't trust their employees will ball them up together as PTO because they assume you'll cheat them. So... you get sick and your choices are to go in to work and spread the germs, or stay home and cancel the family vacation you were going to take next summer. The idea, I guess, is that if we give you ten days of sick leave a year, you'll 'call in sick' without 'really' being sick. That's a management issue; if you have a worker who calls in sick every 25 days, when another sick day shows up on their pay stub, you can address that. To punish everyone because you don't give a shit about your employees is just a shitty way to treat your employees.


Well it doesn't force it as calling in sick falsely is typically a fireable offense, but yeah it's a dumb system.


My dad saved up all his paid days off then took the last six months off work before his retirement. So, he basically just got to retire six months early and there wasn't a damn thing they could do about it. He just quit going to work, when the called he said, "Yeah, I'm cashing in my 40 years worth of paid days off I never used."


As a supervisor, I tell people the company is paying you to stay in your pjs all day..why wouldn't you take advantage of that? My boss feels the same way. I'm currently in physical therapy and need to see a specialist. My boss told me to take the time I need no matter when that is and our team will cover me if needed. (USA)


That kind of an asshole company to work for.


It's not, unless your job sucks (at least in the US). More often, companies will remind you to use any accrued PTO before the end of the year so you don't lose it. The only standing exception is paid sick time - that does actually work against you in most cases.


I'm sorry, before you lose it? In Australia our PTO doesn't expire at the end of each year.


It is becoming more common here in Canada, that you must take and use all your PTO each year, and they won’t let it carry over to the next year. If you don’t book it yourself, management will book for you, or you get paid out.


If it's paid out or rostered in that makes more sense.


In the US, it depends on the state. With my company, when I was in California, we could carry over up to 40 hours, per company policy, but anything over that had to be paid out by state law. You weren't allowed to "lose" any of your PTO. In Idaho, it's a use it or lose it state, so the company still let's us carry over 40 hours but anything over that we lose. I accrue 5 and a half weeks per year and bet your sweet ass I take it all.


I'm in the US and we can carry over up to one year's worth of vacation into the next year. Anything over that is lost. Sick days keep accruing and aren't lost. We also get one floating holiday, and the time between Christmas and New Year's off. Where I work, we are encouraged to use our vacation and any sick time as needed. I supervise a few people and I always remind them not to forget their floating holiday. I'm at a university though, so the culture is a bit more relaxed than in the corporate world, I think.


I get 25 days PTO a year. I can only carry 5 into the the next year. So in Australia can someone just hoard all the PTO for like 5 years and take a sabbatical?


Its only taboo if you work in a toxic work environment. I'll text my boss at 6 am and be like "Yo I need a mental health day". All they ask is "you okay?"..."yep". End of conversation. Let HR know to add it to timesheet. I think older generations have this idea that they owe something to the company they work for. My attitude is, I do x work for y dollars and thats it. You give me benefits? Great, I'll use them at my leisure. Everyone thats employed by someone else is expendable so you don't owe them jack.


Same here. I've seen whole buildings get fired because they weren't able to justify keeping our jobs. People with 20+ years at that company were basically told that they had a month to find a new job internally or gtfo. They opened something like 20 jobs for 60+ high level chemists. You're always expendable, in a corporate world especially. Enjoy those benefits because you don't know when they'll just decide to fire your whole team and hire a bunch of kids at half your salary to do your job. If you can find a job and a boss that legit cares it is worth more than your paycheck.


It's a generational gap. I took one day off around Christmas to give myself 5 days off (Christmas fell on a Friday) and my mother flipped. She said all sorts of nasty, mean things about how I have no right to be stressed with my $X/hour job. How I was a whiny bitch and asking to be fired. How I was shitty at my job for taking a day off. I earned it, I'm going to take it. It's still seen as a "work yourself to death" to get success kind of mentality (hello fight for $15) and they believe everyone should be miserable and struggle. That old way of thinking can also get annoying if you have leadership that maintains that you should care only about work all the time.


This is the most bizarre shit I’ve ever heard. Wtf do you do with vacation time if you’re not using it?


Bro, that's like asking why complaining about being beaten makes you a bad housewife. Anti-PTO mindset is super toxic and a sign you need to work somewhere else. And I say this as a manager at a 30,000 person Fortune 500 company.


Thank you for being one of the good ones!


old boomer mindset to give everything for a company who gives zero fucks about you


I can't understand why older people in the US think this way. In the UK, many older people worked in heavily unionised industries and would take issue with an employer trying to infringe on their rights. They went on strike regularly over pay and conditions, something rare today. For reference, I get around 25 holidays a year and if I haven't taken many by September, my boss will start pestering me to book my time off before year-end.


Because America is a shithole full of people who care about no one but themselves, and who are constantly trying to beat you down to build themselves up. It’s just our American dream way of life.


I get 25 days PTO, 1 personal day a quarter (use it or lose it) and 7 days company holidays. We can carry a max of 280 hours before we lose it. Better believe my mgr and dept head will be on my ass if I am about to lose a personal day. Even more so if I don't take PTO. You work in a toxic environment. Get the hell out and never let ppl tell you that you can't use PTO. It is apart of your compensation.


Because working yourself to the bone is still seen as a symbol of good work ethic (no matter how incorrect that actually is). Its the quickest way of forming a judgement about others without looking at their work. Time is money. PTO is just a different way you are getting compensated for your work. Instead of dollars you are getting your time back. Lets put it this way: Can you imagine giving back one of your paychecks to the company? No? Then take what they offer and enjoy your life.


Also, the best way to combat that mentality with coworkers is to stop feeding the beast. They are bitter cuz they followed the same unspoken rules when they joined. STOP THE CYCLE. We all feed off one another. If we supported one another more and set examples of a different way to work, others may follow suit. Encoruage a coworker when they say they have to go to their kids' recital. Ask them about it the next day. Respect and acknowledge each others work life boundaries.


And getting sick (and actually needing PTO) is seen as a sign of weakness.


I have never had a job where I was expected to *not* use PTO. If a boss ever suggested it I would laugh in their face. If they pressed me about it I'd let them know that's a shit way to run a company and will incinerate good will.


My boss is the best. I work front desk at a dental office with another woman. We both wanted to take the same day off. My boss’s solution is to book a light day and have one of his assistants work the front desk. Not only is he paying me PTO, he’s losing production.


wow man America is weird


Cashiers are forced to stand most places. It blew my mind when I heard that in Europe most places gave you a chair at your register. (It's getting better, but its still an issue most places. "If you have time to lean, you have time to clean.")


Managers can cram it right up their ass if they hate it. I. Dont. Care.


People think working themselves to the bone is necessary. They think, "If I have to suffer, everyone must." The (mostly American) belief that you using your PTO is taboo, is fucking bullshit. Use that PTO before you lose it, and fuck anyone who tries to shame you for using that time.


Run don't walk away from that place. That shit is toxic. I have never worked somewhere in my 25 years of being employed that had the expectation that PTO wouldn't be used. I would be straight up with your new boss about PTO and their feelings on it. If they try to say you shouldn't use it fucking run. Unless they are paying you some outrageous amount of money way over expected pay there is no excuse. You earned it, you should use it. My current employer MAKE us take our PTO. They will even schedule it for us by the end of the year if we haven't used it.


What industry do you work in?


What country do you live in? What capitalistic hell is this??? I get 1 month paid annual leave. That's the norm in the country I work in, annual leave ranges from 4-6 weeks and sometimes people skip a year and take 2 months of paid leave and it's all very normal. I'm sorry I have no advice to give, I'm really sorry to hear this. But this all sounds so wrong


The managers who “hate it” are to be viewed as placeholders and nothing more. Never let your job dictate what truly matters personally


Who cares what managers think? Its your time.


You work in a toxic environment. The place I work is not like this at all. We get a fair amount of vacation days and if we don't use them we lose them. Everyone uses them and no one cares.


So are you guys hiring?


Yes. We are hiring a lot.


Excellent news. Got a link? I'll write a cover letter and everything


It's a suppression tactic by employers to scare employees, cause if you are not working, then you aren't making them money. Take as much time of as you want, man. And fuck anyone who tells you not to use it.


My manager isn’t the best about a lot... but PTO? Listen, if we even get close to maxing out, she basically forces us to take it... Also, you earned it, take it. They aren’t gonna give it back (Granted, for my manager, it may be partially self preserving- a certain number carries over year to year based on how long you’ve worked for the company... so, in theory, we COULD take a month + off- and she’d have to make a strong argument it wasn’t earned)


It is an older and thankfully dying sentiment, but the heart of it is the idea that if you're not there then others have to pick up your slack. Depending on the occupation that may be more true than others but you should absolutely be able to use your PTO without shame so long as it isnt frivolous and flippant. Going to a funeral is one thing; not coming in on Tuesday because you just feel like a day off may unnecessarily burden coworkers for the day (though this can still be done courteously by not taking off on a day with important meetings, etc, presuming your boss allows it). But make no mistake: mental health days are very much a thing and may make a difference between losing an employee or not, but even then it's a difference of needing the time off versus using it flippantly.


India has one of the most unhealthy workplace practices and still we don't consider taking PTO as taboo. You definitely need to switch jobs.


They want you to feel bad about taking time for yourself


People that hate themselves want you to hate yourself too, because it makes their failures less painful. People that worked so much that they lament missing out on life want you to waste your life working too. People that actually care for your well-being, which is the minimum requirement to being a decent person, will be happy, even proud, to see you hold agency over your well-being. Don’t buy in to this mental illness. It dies, hopefully, as the exploitation of human beings becomes more passé.


Weird Americans. Here in Belgium you are forced to take your PTO.


In the US, if you aren’t rich or employed you are fucked. No healthcare and virtually no support network. It’s fear of poverty and death that keeps us Yanks in harness often till we drop dead.


By paid time off do you mean like, holiday days? For example each year I am given around 35 days 'annual leave' so if I want to go on holiday, go fishing or just sit at home and okay games I can take a few days off. If PTO is the same and you're being told not to take it then whoever tells you that is literally sucking the dick of 'the man' Presumably is America? Here in the UK as the end of the year approaches our bosses will actively keep reminding us to take our holidays so we don't lose it, although contractually we're allowed to carry a few day over. This year I have 40 days


I might be wrong but I think this is an entirely American (US) issue. In the UK we are allotted leave/holiday days (usually 25 or so a year) which are paid and we must take them within that year (although some companies allow the transfer of a small amount from year to year). I can’t imagine feeling guilt, or threatened with removal from your role, for taking a paid leave day! It’s pretty fucked up!


Take your PTO. Its yours. If you get canned for taking it TRUST US you didnt want to work there anyway. Do it without a single second thought.


I would seriously want to know what their damage is. "Hey, Jim, I just wanted to ask you; no hostility, no angst, nothing like that, I just want to satisfy my curiosity. Why was there a shift in the way I was treated after I used my PTO?" I mean, I really want to know what kind of answer a person like that would give.


Yeah fuck them and fuck that company


Idk man where I work my manager politely but firmly ask me to use PTO because I never took time off.


this shouldn’t be normal, you are entitled to use those days off however you please. in my industry time off is made mandatory.


There's absolutely nothing wrong with taking PTO. You're Dad is just plain wrong. If your work is, as you've described, that toxic about taking your hard earned PTO days, then it's time to find a job, somewhere else. I've never worked for a company that was like that about PTO. I've never even heard of it, until i read your post.


Once in a meeting with the managing director of large corporation one of the meeting members brought up that he was going to be using two-three weeks of saved PTO. The managing director told him then and there, "good luck finding a new job when you get back, if you can take three weeks off you must not be that important to keep around".


Lol maybe your coworkers should take some PTO, fucking degenerate assholes. You earned that PTO, take it, and shove it up their asses.


Because the earth is made up of mostly parasites, and people like emulate they're environment for maximum efficiency, aka laziness/ general assholery. "Crab logic" so says Peterson. He is the doctorate.


Make sure you use your sick time while you’re at it. You earned that too and employers will pay as little of it as possible to you if you ever leave




That's because the US has a lot of toxic work culture that revolves around "pride" of your "work ethic". Apparently if you shirk your family duties and mental health and replace that with shitty attitude and being overworked, you're seen as a star employee some places. I've been there, and I will not work anywhere like that again. I remember asking for time off because my grandpa died in Florida and I told them I didn't know if I had enough PTO and bereavement to cover it, and they told me not to worry about it and they'd find a way. It was the first time I was ever treated like a person in a company.


Nah you earned that, use it happily


Go work somewhere else, probably outside USA. I don't get it, why people have this obsession with their work, when it's basically all their life and they are proud of it. Jesus, live a little.


Boy, this is so true for us Americans- who seem to live to work, not work to live. I am involuntarily retired/unemployed since this February after working 52 years from the time I was 16. And I love being retired. I should have done it years ago. Fuck work, fuck the bosses.


It's not, your job sucks . . . as others have said


Because they only hired the bare minimum and operate with a razor thin margin that will fall apart if 1 person is gone.


I might be wrong but I think this is an entirely American (US) issue. In the UK we are allotted leave/holiday days (usually 25 or so a year) which are paid and we must take them within that year (although some companies allow the transfer of a small amount from year to year). I can’t imagine feeling guilt, or threatened with removal from your role, for taking a paid leave day! It’s pretty fucked yp


Fuck this way of thinking. Take time off, take your vacations, call in sick if you need, take a mental health day. My happiness is more important than my job.


Because your relationship with your employer is that you're there to make them money with your labor. Actually taking the PTO they give you isnt making them money, its costing them money they dont want to actually pay out. They want you to be enthralled by the concept of what they're offering and then never take them up on it.


Boomers frown upon it, it changing though. Young people walk in late with starbucks in hand


A couple of jobs ago, I had a cow-orker (he was under me in the org chart but acted like my supervisor all the time - real jagoff) yell at me because I left work at 1700. I told him on my way out the door "I get here at 0800. You show up at noon every day."


Internalized capitalism is a real thing.




Not if your company is halfway decent. Every company I’ve worked for encourages PTO and gives promotions based on performance


I can see companies being angry if employees take PTO right before a deadline but they should also be understanding of an employees situation too.


I use up all my PTO, it actually makes workers more productive when they have adequate time off to recharge.


Simple... when one person agreed to go to paid time off it means the upper level manager can enforce the workforce to take paid time instead of overtime pay. This happen most in the office space with greedy people, they will take overtime pay and if they are not going to be cater they rather want holiday leave. I’m just saying I have a office worker like that before, and told her what I choose is my option and it is mine and it’s not yours if you need money take it. I don’t need money I need time. Just know your right and observe how your office environment make a small conversation to the most senior in the space so you will know the vibe. Since mine is ours use or lose on certain threshold, i rather use it but any remaining time is payable once you retire. So the name of the game is survival of the fittest on your used to be office space, no sick leave also. And that true it’s red flag to work in that kind of workplace.


I've never worked anywhere like that.


In my new job taking time off is frowned upon by the boss. I've had to rage quit twice because of his management practices. He's older and generous but cannot wrap his head around time off. He needs me and we have a mutual respect but I require flexibility. I'm seasoned and came from insane flexibility so his outlook on time off has been a roller coaster. I'm happy to report he's accepted my summer Friday schedule and has had nothing to say about my last couple vacation days. I would not stay anywhere without time off.


Im not saying that problem is specific to that workplace, it could be that you’re in a more toxic industry where the “die at your desk” mentality is more common. In my field (social work), we strongly encourage using PTO. I also regularly deny my employee’s one-or-two-day PTO requests and give them comp time instead, when I know or suspect they’ve been working extra hours.


don't listen to your father. use your PTO. company I work for doesn't allow you to use PTO after you put in your 2 weeks notice AND doesn't pay you your unused PTO. but my boss is the best and told me to use all my PTO before I put my notice in (I'm moving to a different state soon, she is aware that I'm leaving soon).


In japan, it is kinda frowned upon.


It's probably just your company. Where I work (and where I previously worked) it was totally okay to take time off, even our managers and bosses took time offs way too long lol. Probably why they're more than okay with us taking time off even if we don't have enough leave credits left.




Leave. PTO is part of your compensation, we need it to not get burned out. Also, re-evaluate what you want in a workplace. Do you like co-operating or co-mpeting with your coworkers? If you like competing, I hope you like 50+ hour weeks, working unpaid, not taking a lunch, etc. etc. Fuck that for me, I work to live not the other way around. I would call someone out and say "Why?". Unless you're like on week 2 of the company and brand new, it's ok to take PTO. Plus your father is an asshole or a sucker for saying that. "Don't ever take a single day off ever and work monday thru friday forever until you leave your job" wtf kinda thought process is that? One of the reasons why workers rights are going to shit.


Fuck that, fuck them. You need a day? You want a day? Take it! They're you earned god damn hours. Fuck anyone that tries to give you shit for it


It's not in Australia. I always take them.


Your work will be assigned to someone else and everyone is already working at max capacity. Resulting in delays and another employee under additional stress. This should begin the conversation of identifying risks and making improvements but usually results in searching for a person to blame. It should not stop you from taking time off. However, if possible, complete all assigned tasks before you take the time off to avoid shifting your work. If that is not the case then you are probably working with a bunch of old people that think it is ok to never see your friends or family and live to work. Don’t put your self in that situation. You want to be a better person which means taking time off to decompress. Management should be aware of this but, depending on you career field, may not care because someone else is willing to eat dirt and ready to burn out for the company.


At my job, everyone uses their's as soon as they get it. So at the beginning of the year and one every quarter. The managers don't love it, but they don't have to work the overtime, the workers do. Lol.


It’s not. You need downtime for your health. Where you’re working sounds terribly toxic and I suggest you get out ASAP. Quite frankly I’ve never heard of such nonsense.


We get written up if we don't take our pto. But we also get paid double if we somehow aren't able to take it by the end of the year. So ig to prevent that.


People here aren't really answering your question. The answer is that most businesses simply aren't set up to handle PTO. Businesses which have hourly employees don't really have surplus labor available and working each shift. Imagine a small restaurant with two cooks working and one calls out sick. For businesses with salary employees, work doesn't stop when someone is out. Deadlines remain, a lot of work can't readily be transferred from one person out sick to another, or it simply isn't feasible to do so when an employee is out for one day.


What the difference between PTO and vacation days?


Where I work PTO is an combination of your vacation days and sick leave.


Ah makes sense, I can see why there is objection to taking it then, if it goes beyond vacations days and the person isn’t sick. Still if someone is entitled to it it shouldn’t be an issue.


Totally agree. US employers are rife with this bullshit attitude; they think they own you.


That’s what it’s there for... I book time off for any reason or no reason, feel like a 3 day weekend this week? Chuck in a form for Monday off. The office will either think great we ain’t got that much on that day anyway, suits us. Or nope we need you in it’s a busy day, request denied. If I don’t use the time off they still have to pay it all at the end of the work year, I usually have a weeks worth or so extra pay left over at that point.


Dunno , seems like a pretty specific taboo to your workplace. The only thing I can see being "annoying" is if you take a day off suddenly without warning. But I assume you tell your boss and colleagues when you take a day off atleast 2-3 Days beforehand.


I'd get out. Where I'm at, everyone uses PTO as they please


That is crazy! Here in the UK u get about 6 weeks holiday a year. Can't imagine a company trying to tell u not to take it, they'd get laughed at! That doesn't include sick days, which differ by company. But my bro works in a hospital as a theatre assistant (not a high up job), he just had 6 months off sick on full pay, and still accrued holiday in that time. So he was able to use that to be off another few weeks. Same with maternity, get 9 months off paid, another 3 unpaid if u like, and accrue holiday/paid time off all the time. Jeez I'm so lucky to live where I do 🍀


Reading this while 17 hours into an 18 hour shift cause somebody called in 5 minutes before show up time. Shift work here, using time off is great. We get overtime to fill the role. People gets mad when you call off without enough time to fill the vacancy and they get stuck without prior notice.


Laws are not in favor of the employer. Employer doesn't like employees to use those laws. Employer gets mad.




America seems the only rich nation where this is still a thing.


they were gunning to fire you… because you took a single day of annual leave? what? in what world does that make sense? so they work 365 days a year i’m assuming


In my experience (15 years in the banking industry), as long as it’s planned and available, there’s no issue with PTO. Unplanned PTO, if excessive, can definitely be an issue because it puts a strain on co-workers and that can piss people off. Obviously sometimes its unavoidable and people usually understand that. Now if you’re calling in sick every other week, people are going to notice. But all my managers, co-workers, and myself use our PTO (scheduled) as we please. That’s what it’s there for. Any manager that makes their employees feel guilty for using planned PTO is a shitty manager. And probably miserable in their own life if they don’t use their own time as well. We’re not robots, people need days to unwind sometimes. It’s better for your health.


One thing I didn't see anyone mention - did you take your PTO unexpectedly, or did you request it before the schedule was made? In some kinds of workplaces (like many office jobs) you have personal days that you can take at any time, even minutes before your shift starts, and vacation days that you need to give a little notice. For my husband he only needs to give 24 hr notice for vacation PTO and it's not a huge deal to do so. For me, there's daily workflow that needs a certain number of staff to run and legal requirements on staff ratios (healthcare). I don't have "personal days" and am expected to make PTO requests before the schedule is made. I can't just say "I'm taking PTO this Friday" without good reason and special permission. Many healthcare and customer service jobs are like this. So if you are going against the usual culture of your company and taking PTO unexpectedly, that might explain why your coworkers got shitty.


Where i live you pretty much have to take your pto days each year, i think its pretty expensive for your employer if you leave them be (tax wise). (Im belgian) But what you’re describing sounds very toxic tbh..


Because companies have stretched their resources too thin in order to protect the bottom line. When you aren’t there they don’t have enough people to do all that work and that is your fault. Most places I’ve worked essentially view PTO the same as any rebate program. The is going to be less than 100% of the benefit collected and every hour you don’t use dilutes your annual salary. $50,000/year = 270 available working days/year In this scenario each day is gross ~$185. Assume 2 weeks vacation. That’s $1,850 that you are PAYING THEM to come to work.


I wish a mf would give me shit about using my own PTO that I fucking earned


Just look at them as the daft ones for working their lives for the company and not taking time for themselves.


It is a old work mindset. The company I work for has a (relatively) young boss who encourages us to take our PTO. Infact the company itself also encourages us to take our PTO. But a supervisor for our maintenance staff is an older guy (early 60's) and he refuses to take PTO. He is currently at 200 hours of PTO, the max rollover rate. Since summer has started I have told him to take every Friday off for the summer to go fishing, and I know our boss would let him because of the time he puts in. But to him taking any time off is a bad thing and you should only take it if you are in dire need. I worked for another company 4 years ago that was much less willing to give you the PTO clearance. We got 120 hours a year, but in order to take it we would have to find someone to cover you at your skillset. I myself had a specific skillset that only 1 other person in the facility had. But even if I didn't, anyone who took time off would be guilty tripped to come in, and ostracized for weeks after coming back. How I see it, companies don't like it because they pay you to do nothing. Other employees don't like it because they feel like you are leaving them to do your work. Over all though I believe it is the older generation who has that mindset, and the entering workforce is more likely to be okay with people taking PTO.


Capitalist Stockholm syndrome. Fuck companies and people who perpetuate this type of work culture.


This is something my husband's company is trying to change. A couple years ago another company bought them. Before that it wasn't unusual for people to never take pto or vacation and to save it up because they could cash it out at the end of the year, but had to keep at least 40 hours so in the event you actually needed it it was there. Some people would never cash it out or use it because they felt as though they would get in trouble or looked down upon if they actually used it and weren't sick or on vacation. Once the new company bought them that changed. No more cashing out at the end of the year, you use it or you lose it and can only carry over 40 hours. Once you get to a certain amount of pto hours the company will make you take a paid day off or a forced vacation. The reason being is because they want their employees to actually use the pto they have gained. They don't want them to lose it at the end of the year. They encourage them to use it for whatever they need. It's been 2 years and they're still having to tell people it really is ok and encouraged to use your pto. So many feel like it's taboo to use it.


In Norway everybody get 5 weeks of paid holiday. It's mandatory by law. Freaking socialist maniacs.


Tell me you're an American without saying you're American 😁 As a European, we are forced to take our annual leave otherwise the company would just have to pay it out in cash which they would hate. 😁


I work HR and it's normal to take PTO that's your earned time. Where do you work lol


It isn't, as long as you don't abuse it by doing such things as: 1) Not giving enough notice you're taking it. If your workplace works up different schedules, you should let them know you need PTO before the schedule is written. If they don't, they will have a policy about notice (typically 2 weeks.) 2) Taking PTO during a major event such as a state inspection or during a critical project. 3) Taking PTO on a regular schedule, such as every other Monday.


Generally taking pto before a year looks bad because you need to ‘pay your dues’ but apart from that don’t know what the issue is.


A better question is, at what managerial level in the company you work for does unlimited PTO kick in?


IMO, unlimited PTO is sort of a scam. They might tell you that you have "unlimited" PTO, but it's more like you have zero PTO and have to beg for whatever you want to take. I'd much rather have a defined quantity of PTO that's "mine" to take when I want to, rather than having people question the amount of PTO I'm taking. A lot of companies seem to be going to "unlimited PTO" for salaried employees and to me it's a red flag.


For what it's worth, I've found it to be just the opposite. It wasn't until I wound up in an uPTO situation that I was able to get a couple of surgeries done at long last without going on unpaid leave or getting fired for it. As for places where you still have to beg to use uPTO, I really have to question the toxicity of the environment there. If you don't *have* to stick put up with that kind of bullshit, don't.


Meanwhile in South Africa people supplementing their paid leave with sick leave because they know a dodgy doctor