I'd like examples of these conservative arts


Gerrymandered map artistry?


Restroom gender assignment?


Teenage sports genital inspection?


Advanced Cognitive Dissonance


Hypocrisy 101


I'd like to major in Truck suspension systems with a minor in armored plating technology.


All of these are excellent band names


Using Jesus as a Weapon Against Liberals


Dog Whistles 101


You joke but I think a lot of conservative voters don't even know what those are. They see the left calling the right racist but since they cant "hear" the dog whistles they think the left is just making shit up. There needs to some some kind of ad educating people on them.


You joke, but society has forgotten the definition of ‘liberal arts’ and ‘classical liberal.’ The terms are blindly associated with Dems.


Likewise, "conservatives" now work for the overthrow of our system of government and are on an apparent quest to bring about the end of days. So pretty much the opposite of "conserving" anything.


That’s the dichotomy. The conservatives (*NOT* meaning ‘Conservatives,’ another term society has forgotten the meaning of) may want to rise up to stop a change or to return to the way things were; but if the Conservatives on 1/6 were *so-o-o* sure democracy was under threat, why didn’t they fight? By their own logic, either they chickened out or they weren’t convinced it was actually worth it. Speaking to the meanings of these words, classical liberals are those who believe in human rights. That’s most all of us I think. Consequently, we are conservative in that we don’t want the protections for human rights to be reduced. We are conservative classical liberals. But, we are beholden and beset by Conservatives and Liberals, neither of which truly represent us. Vote them all out.


Modern "Conservatives" only want to conserve their own power and return to an economic model for the Gilded Age and a social model of anything that has women and minorities "know their place." edit: updated the word conservative to reflect the comment made below by ithappenedone234.


I’d make the distinction that Conservatives and conservatives are two different things. Just like liberals and Liberals are two different things. New Hampshire is often an example of conservative liberals who oppose Conservatives and Liberals. They are open minded about adding new protections to human rights, rights which are expressed in ever evolving ways. I’ve interviewed several people from NH who eg opposed Obama Care as a breach of federal power given under the Constitution, but wished to see it implemented as a state program. Big c Conservatives may want much of what you describe, but conservatives hold to the foundational principals of human rights for all. Not that there are many conservatives and not that the principals have been held to well or often, but the principles *ARE* the law, and void all law and conduct that oppose those laws of life, liberty and property. The blind MAGA Conservatives who worship their Trump idols are in a terrible category all their own.


You are correct. I should have capitalized the word conservatives, or at least put it in quotes.


Capitalization. Please go with a cap C it means one thing very much related to a political party and with a low c it means another. When we use the words interchangeably we risk giving the cap C’s slight credit for holding the line (‘conservatively’) on things like human rights that they don’t deserve credit for.


>The blind MAGA Conservatives who worship their Trump idols are in a terrible category all their own. I also include "reasonable" non-Qult Republicans who nevertheless support Donnie because they can't win a primary without it. They're as complicit in January 6th and the attempts to take over our election systems as DJT himself. In other words, virtually everyone running as a Republican and everyone who votes for them.


The ‘but we have to hold our nose and vote for X, or the other guy will win!’ voters drive me up a wall. If we’d all stop holding our noses and start voting for people, our friends or neighbors, that we respect enough to trust with elected office, we’d be a lot better in just one election, and could take over the entire government in 2. But we have machine politics where the amount of dollars wins. Both parties love the system, they love keeping the facade of our elections as a binary choice and they never vote so unanimously as they do when legislation is considered, which reinforces the two party system. As someone else said in this thread, they are two sides of the same coin. A coin I hope we throw out immediately.


Classical liberalism is not as good as you are making it seem


You and I may criticize the laissez faire principles being taken too far, as we are dealing with today, but otherwise it’s spot on: Constitutional rule of law and freedom of expression/action through the exercising of our human rights, are all core tenants for the good of humanity across the nations and cultures of the world. If you’ve got some other criticism, I’m genuinely curious to hear it.


The lack of actual government size to enforce the rule of the law, and the lack of social safety net. Plus the lack of government oversight on the markets is almost inherently counter productive in exercising an individuals human rights


Classical liberals (in the US at least) aren’t known to oppose state and local governments enforcing the laws, nor do they oppose the fed enforcing the fewer laws the fed is allowed to make, nor are they known for opposing social safety nets at state and local levels. As I mentioned with NH, many just wish the Constitutional restrictions on federal power, and the counterbalance of the power delegated by the people to more local governments, to be adhered to as is legally required by the 10A. Social safety nets are denied to the federal government and are reserved to the states or to the people by the 10A, but doing so at the state level has been supported by those who are (partially) classical liberals in both the R and D parties. > Plus the lack of government oversight on the markets As I said, laissez faire can be and is now taken too far. Freedom to enter into a business contract as one sees fit is generally good, while freedom to harm your customers with e.g. substandard food, is bad and should be strictly enforced by state and local governments and by the fed when the food is a direct result of interstate commerce.


You didn't need to explain it to me, I understand what classical liberalism is. I am saying these are what make it not as good as what you say.


My favorite political slogan is "Don't Reelect Anybody." Not meaning to vote for the Challenger in the general, but rather to vote for the Challenger in the primary. Limit every office to one term.


For all the many discussions of what policies we should enact to fix the problems (eliminating First Past the Post etc) I think we too much focus on the consequences of the problem and not the cause. The cause of our problems is the mass of unethical candidates. We elect too many of them, all of them, that’s all we elect it seems. We really need to focus on ensuring the forthcoming generations will keep to their oaths when elected and protect the human rights of the citizenry.


I’m not sure there is much of a systematic approach we can take to address that other than encouraging people to pay attention to politics, and to turn off cable news and the political “entertainment” industry AKA being an informed voter… kind of what the Founding Fathers had hoped the nation’s citizens would do.


There may not be a systematic way to best teach ethics etc, but there is a way through parenting. The adults can actually raise their kids. But there is a systematic way. We can actually teach the Constitution in school, instead of skipping it almost entirely for 13 years. We can laud those who have been great role models of ethical conduct, those who were not mad for power, like Carl Albert who didn’t play politics and block the confirmation of Ford as VP, during Nixon’s administration. Albert was Speaker and could have shut down the process, and taken the Presidency for himself, but thought it unethical to do so when the people had elected someone from the other party. His photo needs to be in every classroom in America.


Yeah, and that’s on our school system. Growing up I often heard about how one of the goals of formal schooling was to make me an "active citizen", but then I was fed Revisionist history and my political education was all "how it works on paper" and no "how it works in real life". The closest I got was an exceptionally wonderful English teacher who included media literacy in her curriculum; There's a reason that glossy magazine ads with a group of people showing off their hot new Levi's have the black person at the bottom of the composition. You know, until I went to college. The vast majority of my "active citizen" education came from schools that are out of reach for most, at least not without taking on exorbitant debt. And of course, that's no accident 🥲


Which is what makes conversations about politics with my American friends so *confusing*. In America, “liberal” means with “socially liberal, but fiscally conservative”, “conservative” means “socially *and* fiscally conservative”. However, everywhere else, a “liberal” is an adherent to liberalism and a conservative to conservatism. Big-L “Liberal” *is* the Republican Party, and big-C “Conservative” is the once-fringe, but increasingly, frighteningly mainstream Republican. Also, “Libertarian” in America seems to have *nothing* to do with actual libertarianism, and everything to “wanting the benefits of society without taking any personal responsibility”, as well as being a more politically-charged label than “Independent” that allows people to lie to themselves about being free-thinkers whilst consistently siding with the GOP base. As a result, I take mild offence to being called a liberal on account of my socially ~~progressive~~ *radical* stances, and they take somewhere between mild offence to confused screaming at my calling the Republicans “Liberals”, the Democrats “centrists”, and Bernie Sanders “centre-left”.


> In America, “liberal” means with “socially liberal, but fiscally conservative”, “conservative” means “socially and fiscally conservative”. Actually, neither term really means anything as the mass of the American population can’t define either word. That’s the thing, for the ‘little l’s and c’s’ they aren’t diametrically opposed. We can hope for general agreement that we should have an unchanging framework (conservative) that respects new and differing viewpoints (liberal), which can be exchanged respectfully and without violence. I’m on oath to uphold our human rights (liberal rights) such that they remain the uninfringed cornerstone (conservative) of our society. I’m conservative (little c) because I don’t want our liberal (little l) rights to be attacked.


I'm pretty sure most people assume conservative/fascist when they hear "classical liberal", thanks to Sargon of Akkad


I’d like to send that ignorant sophist to the Phantom Zone. Or at least boot him off social media.


He's pretty much irrelevant now, thankfully. He let the mask slip too much with his fascism and pedophilia so he got phased out. Kids nowadays say "who?" When you bring him up


Thank Primus... that said his already existing fanbase is annoying AF and still actively doing damage to society


DARVOlogy 104


Got conservatives finally appreciating abstract art


"SJW & Feminist Cringe Compilation 2016 \*triggered\* "


More reactionarism than conservativism, but these days, I’m sure? https://youtu.be/xA_QQ6_p4vo?t=06


Perfecting logical fallacies


Painting 101: Caucasian Jesus


How to bang your underage step-daughter.


That is what porn is for, isn't it?


The "step" is optional


Econ 101 and nothing after that


"Everything you need to know about trickle down economics and why it's great for America"


Badge sniffing 101 and bootlicking 102


Sexual Assault 103


How to oppress minorities and "the sexual deviant" 104


Gender Studies 101 : There are two genders, class over.


There would also be Gender Studies 102. Biblical relationship models and how to keep your wife in her place.


Religious Studies: Christianity and a bunch of bull shit.


"Gender Studies 102: Not only are there only 2, but if you want to swap to the other one you're mentally ill and don't deserve human rights anymore."


“Setting it Afire: A Survey into the Works of Jon McNaughton”


A blank canvas?


But like, one that no matter what you try to paint on it, it always remains blank. You can dump a goddamn bucket of paint onto this blank canvas, and it’ll still be completely blank.


180* contact angle, perfectly hydrophobic and oleophobic canvas. Checks out, conservatives have a lot of phobias.


Sounds like an SCP


Green is not a creative color.


Ben Garrison for fine arts. Probably a shitload of candidates for creative writing courses, though.


How to do your own research: A survey of Conservative thought leaders.


Practical tribal body-scarring


That would be Stonetoss, Hedgewik, and Freedom Tunes. I don't think that you want examples from them, though.




Meteorological Map Meanderings brought to you by Sharpie, official sponsor of all dictators who prefer their nukes used for hurricane purposes


PE the fundamentals of grab’er by her pussy


Business major


History, Philosophy, Theology, Law, a little Anthropology. You know, the things that *used* to be referred to as 'the Liberal arts' because they served the cause of Liberty.


Fake it till you make it 101


We’re talking courses in flat earth, anti-vaccinations, christianity, truth about the *deep state*, history of only white people, men’s rights and a special class taught by Alex Jones, but that one is only for select few.


Marketing, or the most effective lie for selling you stuff you don't need and never asked for


Have you ever seen an art piece called "bored monkey" or something like that?


Sewing a white hood .


Goalpost moving 101


Woodworking, metalworking, rodeo, taxidermy.


PragerU 🤡






Political compass meme illustration


Churning butter in Amish country


Opera which is a shame because seriously opera is cool


Assassin 33 AD


They can’t loose if they don’t concede an election


Learning about the plights of man throughout history and then going “well good, ____probably deserved it”


Mein Kampf... Yeah better stick to liberal arts


Look at Ben Garrison


Dennis Miller jokes and shitty Ben Shapiro movies?


Hate Crimes How Tos


I mean did you see the homemade flags and banners they made for their January 6th insurrection? Some of them clearly put a lot of their creative thought into such tapestries like, "HANG MIKE PENCE", or tshirts saying, "6MWE".


Making sweet crosses to burn. Knot tying specifically kinds that slip tight. Sewing up pointy white clothing.


NASCAR and it's postmodern use of circles as metaphor for climate futility aren't enough?


Google: Albert Speer architecture


Trickle Down Economics 304:. The richest student gets to take the class for free. He promises that he will help the rest pay off their student loans after college. He never does.


See: Trump U


The art of entitlement


History, architecture, agriculture, ancient philosophy and tree-huggin', ecological conservation


Business school


Social media bigotry classes




Cuntry music




Dear liberals, if academia isn't biased against conservatives, then why do conservative students get lower grades? 🤔


Lmao fuck that’s genius


I believe that’s a paraphrase of a real pen shabio tweet.


I think it was a paraphrase it was a different TPUSA parody meme which was also a parody of a Charlie Kirk argument, but I don't know *exactly* where I remembered it from lol


Yeah it was like satire tpusa meme, right? And it was based off of something Kirk said? Damn I'm so close to remembering it but can't quite.


Micheal angelo painting the cathedral ceiling. Oh wait that was a liberal artis who took a shot ton of money from the conservative authorities and painted dicks and tits all over their church....still funny.


Based on how renowned it is, the last judgement is definitely the gayest painting ever made.


The donkey ears added to that one Vatican official as a veiled critique against the common censorship of the piece is a fun in-joke by Michelangelo as well.


Michelangelo* (full name Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni)




So a lot of people are being satirical as intended but just in case you too think that liberal arts is a political thing, the idea of liberal arts is being well rounded. Getting a "liberal" education means you're taking in a lot of info from a lot of different focuses. Nothing to do with politics, it just so happens liberal arts college attract all the liberals and boom there's the stereotype.


I feel like there's recently been a societal stigma about colleges pushing politically Liberal propoganda. Philisophically I am sure there's something to be said about how people seeking higher education learn to identify bias in communication and largely conclude that the Conservative agenda is not in their own best interests to support. "Not all-" yeah, that argument applies to *most* groups, outliers always exist. In my own college experience most professors tried to remain neutral during lectures, political zealots from either wing would get shutdown over saying anything asinine. Most "Conservatives" that become "Liberal" during college are just people that had no strong personal political beliefs but had followed their parents lead up until that point. Imagine adjusting your beliefs upon acquiring new information? "blasphemy, must be some sort of cult!" As long as the powers that be keep the peasants squabbling with each other nothing will change to truly benefit the greater population


There's been a stigma only in conservative circles. As you say, people go to college, develop critical thinking skills, and realize many of the Truths they grew up believing are not. Of course, there are plenty of college educated conservatives, as well. But they ignore their own "liberal" education because they're there essentially to learn a trade.


Came here to say this. Liberal in this sense is not meant to mean progressive but rather from the root word, more closely associated with words like liberty. A certain level of education can free you from the place and caste of your birth. That is what is meant by a liberal education.


From the wiki: Originally these subjects or skills were held by classical antiquity to be essential for a free person (liberalis, "worthy of a free person") to acquire in order to take an active part in civic life, something that included among other things participating in public debate, defending oneself in court, serving on juries, and participating in military service.


Conservative 101: The art of deception, gerrymandering, getting your way no matter what civil decorum you need to crush, and how to enslave as many poor people to keep your profits soaring.


Conservative arts fell by the wayside after finding that the pairing of sharpies and meteorology was unpopular


Because "conservative" and "art" are antithetical to each other.


The fact that I see people unironically complain about a lack of "conservative arts" colleges while not having any idea what liberal arts mean


No one better tell them then what “neoliberalism” means or even classical liberalism, lest their heads explode…


Because conservative arts doesn’t exist? Simply because nothing about the creative process favors conservativism, except perhaps weapon manufacturing: “Why the hell would you hire a goddamn maniac like…” Because, Admiral, *sane* people do not build weapons like this.” - Admiral Bates and Tom Breaker - *Under Siege 2*


No no no, conservative arts exists…white Jesus. That’s about I got though.


I thought it was learning how cry on command and play victim about every little thing that inconveniences them or that they don't agree with. Great group of actors, I gotta give them that.


Good call, Conservative Theatre 101


“Liberal” from the Latin for “free”. Liberal Arts are the basic knowledge that a *free person* should have. It includes courses like: math, geography, humanities, etc…


The art of the steal isn't a textbook for a good reason, Jordy.


Conservative arts what a joke. It's always glorified homoerotic statues of racists and war criminals. We don't need any more of that.


University should have bias against conservatives. University is a place for ideas and moving forward. For learning and research and striving to break down barriers in all areas of life.


Conservative art is Ben Garrison comics Liberal arts is Ben Garrison comic cum edits


As a Canadian, sorry for JP He had a few cool things to say in the beginning, but got cultified by the MAGA republicans. Dude's not even American (yet), but hates Canada now so must be why he's sticking his nose in your business. Just noise - pay no attention.


When did he say something cool?


I thought making your bed every morning was good advice. It's not his. The military, and many other organizations/people teach a philosophy of small accomplishments throughout the day. However, it's a good piece of advice. I read part of his first book to see what the hype was about. It's a self-help book, and is mostly rhetoric-free


The only reason he got any mainstream attention at all was his delusional take on a law which added "gender identity” and “gender expression” as protected grounds of discrimination in Ontario’s Human Rights Code. Adding those two terms was literally the only change, and Professor Peterson inferred that this law would make the use of neopronouns mandatory, and expected the Cultural Marxism police to throw him in jail for refusing to use their words. Then he goes "while I have your attention, y'all should make your beds" and everyone calls him a genius.


Conservatives have frats, what more do they want?


I know he isn’t that stupid. Liberal arts education in the sense that you study a broad range of subject


I'm really starting to think that jp is more like Ben shapiro: they're both absolute fucking morons but they're good at making themselves sound smart by using big words and saying them real fast


Bruh I go to my laptop and look up one political video on youtube and now I have two videos of this dumbass at the top of my page. His 15 minutes are up stop shoehorning his shit to me youtube


In America, donald trump was the "party leader" for 5 years, give or take, and currently being investigated for no less than 30 different crimes, ethics violations, and every kind of fraud. Let that sink in. If you don't see a life long con man, you are the *MARK* , lol. He appealed to the "religious right" despite being a gluttonous narcasist, and *they ate that shit up* , signaling that all they claim, is a lie, they live opposed to Jesus, but talk the opposite. Gaslight. Obstruct. Project. That's what gop means in 2022.


I wish someone would really ask this. The answer is because conservativism is a subsection of the Liberal ideology, specifically "Neo-Liberalism". So they are covered. Liberals believe in, amongst other things: Equal Rights, Democracy (*in some form*), and Free Market Capitalism. And if you point out that that last one undermines the first two, they will get very upset with you. Liberal Arts schools focus on these tenants, generally requiring students are exposed to Physical Education, Economic theory, and some form of Civics/Humanities. Which is all capitalism cause those are credit hours you will pay for, use em or not.


Why is that, that it seems that people start rejecting right wing talking points once they reach a certain level of education especially in history and social sciences? Is it simply dumb to be right?


Conservatives are so fascist they think anti fascists are a bad thing


Holy fucking hell. These people truly are stupid.


I just tried to read this in his stupid fucking voice.


Conservatives are incapable of art because self expression comes from within and they cannot think for themselves


Is this real?


Liberal Arts: music, writing, philosophy Conservative Arts: bored apes


How is this real? We have stooped so low.


Beginning Pompous Douchebaggery


“It isn’t easy being red”




That’s not what liberal arts means.




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Well probably because your regressive, moronic antivaxxx Republicans who are actively harming society and sucking the dicks of corporations till the earth is dead. If you believe in a Santa clause in the sky saying who's naughty or nice and who gets damnation or eternal life, you don't belong in college in the first place. Again you regressive fucks


Get a degree in business. There. Solved.


The real problems in the world, right here. Not that college is expensive as fuck, but that liberal arts isn’t conservative arts.


[Obligatory link to a concise video about why Jordan Peterson is a wacky little character](https://youtu.be/hSNWkRw53Jo)


Did Dr Lobster really say this?


OP told me it's satire...


Wait wait, I don't know what to believe anymore... did he actually said this, or is satire... please, be satire, please


It’s satire


Thank you very much, the crazy thing is that he is very much capable of saying something like this.




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This guys a phd?


I love when conservatives see one word, forget the real definition and then get mad.


"Liberal arts education (from Latin liberalis "free" and ars "art or principled practice")\[1\] is the traditional academic course in Western higher education.\[2\] Liberal arts takes the term art in the sense of a learned skill rather than specifically the fine arts. Liberal arts education can refer to studies in a liberal arts degree course or to a university education more generally. Such a course of study contrasts with those that are principally vocational, professional, or technical." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liberal\_arts\_education




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They don't discriminate conservative beliefs and policy, they just decrininate against shitty beliefs and policy, which just happen to be conservative. All shitty policy is treated equally. Get some better policy and beliefs and I am sure they will be welcomed. Treating everyone the same and as a human is a good place to start.


The inception of idiocracy... so sad for those in agreement with such fools.


Philosophy is a liberal arts degree.


A liberal arts education means a broad variety of study. It is not liberal in the political sense. People are so fucking dumb.


What a fall from grace with this guy


Surviving the burning feeling of hypocrisy 101


These idiots are the same idiots that will say they are right because they are republicans since the US is a republic, and don't understand that it's just a fucking name and so is democrat because the US is a democratic republic. The worst part is you don't know if they mean it as a pun or not.


He's more than educated enough to know the semantic bullshit he is shovelling to paint a picture of how oppressed poor white conservatives are. Since he got religion, he's become a real horses arse.


University of Colorado decided they needed a professor of conservative studies. They hired John Eastman, the lawyer who tried to overthrow Democracy.


"so much for the "tolerant" left"


I thought an MBA was a conservative arts degree.


Isn't that just classical arts? Or classics?


Degrees in finance and economics are Conservative arts degrees.


Ause he ain't harry potter and this ain't hogwarts


I hate that I'm not sure if this is fake.


Ah, yes, the art of nodding along as Old Lady Betsy rants about the Jews while working on a cross stitch of Donald Trump. Those Conservative Arts.




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...is this satire? Please be satire.


Snowflakeology 101


It's hard to believe he can clap and talk at the same time.


The Art of Sucking Dick, by Dr Jordan Peterson Chapter 1: Sucking dick in the workplace


Did he really say this? I genuinely can’t tell if it’s parody as it sounds like something Peterson would say.


Conservation, it’s pronounced conservation