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As an adoptee who has been involved in the adopted community for over twenty years it doesn’t even have to go that far. Adoption in and of itself is a trauma, and while some manage it well and thrive many others do not. You can google some version of “adoptees over represented in addiction recovery programs” if you like. Fuck him and every piece of shit like him who view adoption in this way. For those of you unaware this kind of thing makes many in the adopted community feel like we’re commodities, just a thing to be bought and sold.


That makes a lot of sense actually. Why are people who have gone through adoption never tied in on these conversations? Seems like they’d be a valuable voice to have involved.


Because the people pushing that agenda aren’t interested in the facts, just their agenda. They don’t care what I as an adoptee think about adoption, just that it’s a humane sounding way of promoting their pro life position. The fact that adoptees commit suicide at an extremely elevated rate doesn’t concern them at all. Matter of fact the only group that I’ve found that commits suicide more frequently then adoptees is rape victims, though if anyone has better information I welcome your input. Does anyone really want to compare adoptees to rape victims?


I believe it. Just based on the amount of emotional stress alone that happens with adoption, even if it’s right from birth, is immense. It’s losing both bio-parents at the same time which is traumatic enough even if someone has a relationship with their parents. Also stack on higher rates of abuse in adoption agencys, higher chance of abuse rates by non-bio parents, and you mentioned higher chance of substance abuse. Ya, that’s all going to compound into a lot of trauma and the adoptee may or may not get appropriate emotional support. Obviously forgive me if I say anything offensive I’m not trying to be. And yes you’re right, pro-lifers have a very big alterior motive and don’t want anything but their agenda pushed. I’m surprised pro choice don’t bring it up more, or even that others trying to parse out their own opinions don’t bother to consider this angle as well. I dunno, it seems neither side really takes into account the emotional reality of the child in either situation, despite prolifers claiming to do this I find their “empathy” leaves something to be desired when considering stats and real world application. Those who are blindly following morality and conscience live in a fantasy world that can only be explained as an idealistic utopia and those leading the charge seem to be actively malicious. It’s a weird combo.


For whatever reason we’re a fairly silent bunch. I however won’t be silent. My life and my adoption worked out but that will not stop me from advocating for the members of my community for whom it didn’t work. I will always support them.


They're more interested in citing the suicide rates of transgender people as "evidence" of a pathology.


Autistic people actually have the highest suicide rate, to the point if we live past child hood it’s the most likely way we die, especially males, having twice the risk of women with autism. Our average lifespan is 35-45


I’ve never heard that but I thank you for making me aware of it. It’s heartbreaking to hear such a thing.


That’s a damn good question. They only talk about the people waiting to adopt.


>For those of you unaware this kind of thing makes many in the adopted community feel like we’re commodities, just a thing to be bought and sold. That's the neat part, we are! For-profit foster care is a thing that exists, and in many cases may be the only option for children! It's a fucking nightmare!


Exactly how I feel being adopted


There are resources available to you. Very few are concerned about us so we try to look after our own. If you need help say so.


Damn cuz I probably do need actual help. Its feeling harder and harder. Its all just confusing with biofamily and adopted family and adopted family being divorced. Its just complicated and I dont like it or feel fully cared about


Gonna PM you. I generally refuse to talk in PM’s but this is different.


https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Decree_770 If the case of Romanian Orphans doesn’t change Steven’s mind, then I don’t know what will. For those of you who don’t know, Romania banned all forms of contraception and abortion from 1967-1989 as an attempt to raise their birth rate. Wealthier women were able to get around this by bribing doctors while everyone else died or were severely maimed by an unsafe abortion. The orphanages were so overwhelmed with unwanted children that some of the orphans were placed in psychiatric institutions. Sanitation was extremely poor, so diseases spread like wildfire. The orphans were subjected to starvation, sexual and physical abuse, severe neglect. Many who were neglected from infancy ended up feral. After Ceausescu got overthrown, the Romanian people knew the horrors the abortion and contraception ban brought, so they resorted access to them despite being overwhelmingly orthodox christian.


My family is from Romania originally. Wikipedia barely scrapes the barrel in how the Romanian natalist policy devastated the country and destroyed so many lives. You should read the article below and watch the documentary I sent. So many women and children suffered and DIED because of this policy and not just in the orphanages. So many babies and children were dying in the country due to starvation, malnutrition, and disease that they didn’t issue birth certificates until a baby reached 3 months. These people are nothing but murderers and monsters to me. https://www.hrw.org/reports/1990/romainia1290/romania1290.pdf https://mn.gov/mnddc/parallels2/one/video/2020shameofthenation.html


I know 2 adoptive families with multiple kids. In each family one child became an addict or criminal. Adoption can be very traumatic and cause issues for a very long time.


> For those of you unaware this kind of thing makes many in the adopted community feel like we’re commodities, just a thing to be bought and sold. “Everything are just commodities. Free market and capitalism!!!! Until it starts to affect me.“


That’s really kind of an out of touch comment.


Unfortunately that’s how conservatives think. Healthcare, education, immigration, housing, etc


How does this chowder head not get booted off of social media?


he brings traffic to twitter, that makes twitter money, twitter likes money.


Indeed, these are *companies* at the end of the day. They don't care lol.


you had a wallstreet bets avatar AND your comment was minimized for me, i was sure you would be saying some dumb shit, this is a pleasant surprise


I forget people look at avatars. I have them turned off


And the people who very much wanted a baby but the fetus isn't viable, is killing the mother


1 in 50 pregnancies is ectopic alone, meaning that's just one of countless issues where being forced to carry and give birth could kill the mother. What's weirdest about this anti-choice bullshit to me is that it essentially makes the woman the least important part of a pregnancy. It's bad enough that they're basically third class citizens (at best) in some states, but to make them the least important part of a pregnancy is some extra depraved bullshit.


It's actually more common than that. It's 1 in 50. Source: https://www.aafp.org/pubs/afp/issues/2000/0215/p1080.html


And even cases where it won’t kill the mother but the fetus isn’t viable. It’s traumatic to have to carry around a corpse for months. Those people are also being blocked from abortion


Rape shouldn't even have to be brought up. Carrying a fetus to term and giving birth is objectively dangerous. It's one of the most dangerous things that a person can intentionally do without criticism. To force a human to go through that out of some sense of moral superiority is monstrous. Even if it's unprotected sex, it's not a moral obligation to have a baby. This is an argument of modern civilization vs puritanical, false virtue.


Steven assumes every rape victim was probably wearing a short dress or whatever which is an incredibly irresponsible thing to do.


Don't forget the millions of people in the US who never received proper education on sex.


He did say chose so hopefully he isn’t that much of an idiot but it wouldn’t surprise me if he didn’t care about rape victims


Imagine you actually have responsible sex and your ultrasound shows that it doesn't have lungs but people like that make a decision for you




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Tell us you don't know anything about sex without telling us you don't know anything about sex.


Someone should tell him where cum comes from.


According to Reddit, Dogs? At least when it comes to Crowder.


Believe me, Semen Chowder knows.


He’s an expert on dog milking


Ben Garrison.


Im ace and I know more about sex


There were easier ways to declare his virginity


it's certainly telling how the basis of their argument is "stop having sex then, perverts".


Because we all know adoptions always go smoothly and the foster care system always takes care of the children in it right? ..... Right?


As someone who was put in an abusive foster home, fuck Crowder.


I wonder how many children Crowder has adopted. Oh that's right, zero.


And how many kids has he fathered, but hasn't even acknowledged. He seems like just the sort of piece of shit that would do that.


Or paid for the abortion.


Ding ding ding. Bingo.


I don't think that he does. He had to write a whiny holier than thou article about staying a virgin until marriage. I wouldnt be surprised if he would start to cry before he ever got a woman's panties off.


This isn't the progressive argument you think it is. Right wingers shouldn't be adopting people at all, since they are often abusive.


Meanwhile, people like this are the very same people trying to make it harder for same sex couples to adopt. "Just give it up for adoption, unless the loving home that sincerely wants them is gay, in which case go to hell kid."


They are also opposed to almost any funding for social services that deal with adoption and foster care.


I’m starting to wonder if they are doing that to ensure a few generations of kids who won’t see lgbtq as human. They are working a long con. The Catholic Church is ancient and think in decades. Rinse and repeat the outrage induced mlm schemes.


To be fair, gay people are the last people who will ever need an abortion


They like to imagine a “perfect” world when enacting republican policies where everyone is virtuous and helpful but an evil one for social policies where everyone is greedy and opportunistic.


No, that would be socialism!!!!!


They also think there isn't any medical care needed, just pop the baby out and go on your way


Aren't these the people that vote to divert funding from stuff like that?


So...women only get a "choice" after they have several choices made for them. Hmm...what does that sound like? Although, given Steven's stance on the implicit nature of consent, one can at least rationalize how grossly he over-estimates the significance his opinion has on the matter.


What did he say about consent?


Funny how the "irresponsible" party is always the one with the uterus


I read an article one time that basically surmised every pregnancy is because of an irresponsible ejaculation. I forget the name of the woman who wrote it, but that stuck with me.


I believe [this is it](https://humanparts.medium.com/men-cause-100-of-unwanted-pregnancies-eb0e8288a7e5).


Yup, this is it. Thank you.


"oh you were irresponsible with your own life? Well now be irresponsible for a babies life!"


If Rush Limbaugh produced nothing of value with his life’s work, this turd burglar somehow produces negative value. Absolute mind rot incarnated.


I mean Limbaugh probably managed to do more harm than Crowder, he was actually competent at being a monster But public persona wise, I never thought guys like Limbaugh would sound slightly more reasonable and more debatable when compared to others Fuck Crowder


Cons want pregnancy and disease to be the punishment for having sex, because they hate sex.


They have all kinds of weird messed up sex. They hate women


No, it’s because they hate women. Fuck this dude.


On the contrary. Cons want state enforced pregnancy because they want to flood the foster care system and maximize child sex trafficking.


I don’t think they want to maximize child sex trafficking unless they’re politicians in that perverse “business”. I think their self-inflated egos delude themselves to believe that it’s the right thing to do.


They want to perpetuate the cycle of poverty. Wealthy women will be able to have a safe abortion, so they're not affected. But, if you force women who can't afford save illegal abotions to have more children, then they won't be able to afford to set those children up for a chance to escape poverty. It's all about keeping a group of poor masses to produce value for the already wealthy.


Says the person without vagina. Or testicles.




You point out rape and incest, and they respond “That’s a small minority. They don’t count.” Although they use the small minority to justify their hatred for LGBTQ people and people of color.


Which is total bullshit because even if the numbers are small, don’t those lives and people still matter? They still count no matter how many people there are in that situation. It’s an invalid argument.


Yeah. Considering how big the U.S. population is, even one percent is still thousands of people.


I agree they should matter but we know very that in our society those life matter not. If you are in a group seen as minority for something you are fucked. You became extra expendable. Covid is a good example of just that: “old ppl will die soon anyway, they don’t count, let it sow”


Yeah I saw that “argument” and was baffled how cold of a thing that was to even say. It’s gross and awful.


Since you chose to have a complications with your pregnancy, you now have the choice to die from childbirth.


Yeah steve that 10 year old **chose** not to have responsible sex. Get fucked you piece of shit.


Funny how the "irresponsible" party is always the one with the uterus


I wish stevens mom chose to have responsible sex.


Yes, this is the end goal. Conservatives want to use pregnancy as punishment for women so they shouldn't have *irresponsible* sex. But conservatives also like having *irresponsible* sex with women. So they want the women to not have sex except with them, but then punish them for doing so. Oh and if they get raped it's their fault too because they shouldn't have gotten raped, *it's irresponsible*. Cause that's conservative logic. Edited to add irresponsibility to clarify the point


It’s so backasswards. They want to punish women but not take responsibility themselves.


They say shit like this, and then pretend not to know why people accuse them of not caring about the wellbeing of others.


How many children has he adopted?


They always say choose adoption but they never choose to adopt. I have been to the local orphanage when I was fostering kids that had been there for years. It is full of great kids that want to be in a family but nobody ever shows up.


That’s heartbreaking. I’m childfree, but if I change my mind, I’d adopt in the future with my partner because those children need love and good homes to go to.


Let's pull a DeSantis and bus all the unwanted babies to Crowders house.


Crowder’s the same guy who once said condoms are for beta males.


If men could get pregnant, Stephen would be first in line at the abortion clinic.


Not if the adoption is contested you can’t. And when the adoption fails, these women get to either fight for custody and/or live in shame because everyone is supportive of adoption until they meet a mother who actually decided placing her child was the best thing to do….. then it turns into …. you gave up your own child.


I'm assuming he's in favor of the father having his wages garnished to pay for prenatal care. I mean, otherwise he'd just be a woman hating hypocrite


He's even wrong about his premise - no you don't. The choice to gibe a baby up for adoption instead of "killing it" doesn't exist - because "killing it" isn't legally an option anymore.


Not sure why anybody would kill a baby when getting an abortion is an option.


Oh of course, I'm just quoting the way they describe abortions, despite it not being what abortions are


This man’s father was a Labrador I believe.


The truth: We want to punish people and have trouble hiding it when pressed


Who wants people to put their kids up for adoption instead of aborting them 🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋 OK now who wants to adopt them 😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔


I mean this is literally just generic anti-choice pablum, they've been shoveling this shit for decades.


There are PILES of kids in the foster system who don't have homes. If it was as easy as "have kid, give kid to someone else" there wouldn't be. Obviously there's a lot more going on there but the point is there are far too many kids in need of adoption and/or care than there are homes. Not to mention Crowder's ilk doesn't want gay people adopting.


Can a middle aged union member twice his age and half his size meet up with Crowder again?


Since when has the motherfucker ever cared about responsible sex.


They'll try to tell you it's about "protecting life" and not punishment for having sex. But then they'll say stuff like this every time.


I love idiots who believe that any protection used during sex is 100% effective. Pregnancy can occur from defective or broken condoms or even happen on birth control. Nothing but abstinence is 100% effective and to expect people to abstain from sex because Crowder doesn’t like the idea of someone else having an abortion is ludicrous. I don’t like the idea of Steven Crowder procreating but I can’t stop him.


Glad to see they’re finally admitting it isn’t about the “sanctity of life,” it’s just about punishing women for behavior they consider amoral


How many times does it need to be said: adoption is an alternative to parenting, not pregnancy. Abortion is the alternative to pregnancy. Crowder is just an insecure theatre kid who no one ever liked enough to steer him into a different field of employment.


Sounds like he’s in the market for a kid…


Why do people who can't give birth even get a say on this issue? Like genuinely


Because that’s how free speech works. Fathers should also have a say, but having said all that it shouldn’t be up to men. Their opinions should be heard though


Proof that drinking dog cum kills brain cells in 1 tweet


Yknow Romania also tried to increase their population via removing birth control and abortion instead of simply increasing immigration, way back in the 80s. All it did was create an orphan crisis. Theres still an ongoing orphan crisis to this day. It's one of the fastest ways to plummet a country into poverty.


Also Stephen: “why should we provide for orphanages?”


They really just want rich white parents to adopt poor black kids and let everyone else die honestly. I'm adopted and the system they want it clear through their rhetoric


“You know how you crossed that road many times without issue, until one day you did and got hit by a truck that came out of nowhere that you couldn’t have possibly seen, because crossing that road isn’t always 100% safe even if you DO look both ways? Yeah that was your fault, so you deserve to be in a wheelchair for the rest of your life.” -This asshole probably


What if it not viable? Do you give the corpse away after you are forced to carry it to term?


Let's say if you don't know enough about how a woman's reproductive system works to give them pleasure you shouldn't be telling them what to do with said system.


Is he saying the state should pick up the tab for others mistakes 🤔 sounds socialist to me.


Are we killing babies or fetuses…and if fetuses are babies, why do we call them fetuses?


The man made the choice to finish inside, not the woman.


An estimated ~1-2 million couples are currently on adoption waitlists. With ~600,000 annual abortions converted to forced births, even when factoring new young families joining the adoption pool and a large percentage of forced births still resulting in infant mortality, the curves easily intersect within 2-5 years, resulting in full saturation of adoptive households and hundreds of thousands of new births with absolutely no one interested in taking them in… #The Math Doesn’t Work


Love that it doesn’t dawn him that the operative word is choice. What a twat.


Wow what a week Stevie has had on Twitter.


A simple clump of cells is not a baby, moron.


Not a baby.


I really want to know where these assholes get there 100% effective condoms that never break or fail in anyway.


Does he not know what the word choice means or is this actually a pro choice statement?




Wouldn't it be irresponsible not to raise the kid according to this logic?


His parents should have worn protection


Adoption is ass ngl It's a horrible life for most children


A+ Libertarian take here. You’d think if someone was actually a Libertarian they would not care. But when someone is a fake libertarian to grift morons, these are the takes you get.


Now? I mean they had the choice for adoption before too. In fact, there were MORE choices available before. That’s why it’s called Pro Choice, dipshit.


Like i’ve always said, the point of abortion isn’t to make more children. It’s to control womens sexuality


Abortion controls a woman’s sexuality? And yes abortion is 100% not about making more children


This just shrieks out, "I have a sad because nobody would fuck me in high school/college"


Spoken like a true man that knows absolutely nothing about the opposite sex and what it’s like to go through all the ups and downs of child birth.


Republicans ALWAYS victim blame. Choosing to have consensual sex or not, its still an autonomy issue above all else.


Ah yes, with all of that affordable healthcare we have here in ‘Murica.


She refers to what she considers human as “it” lol is …is that irony?


Or I’ll make personal decisions for my body myself, I don’t need anyone especially someone without a uterus telling me now to run my body


Steven, how do you know it was not responsible sex? Protective measures l have failure rates for a reason.






My ex's sister did that. Because we let her stay at our apartment while she was hiding it from her parents she asked to be in birthing room along with the people that would adopt the child immediately after birth. I remember turning away when a nurse/Dr. grabbed scissors going for her vagina...I heard the "snip" that basically made the vagina longer so that the baby could come out. I can still hear that snip sometimes.


So who’s going to cover the tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills that the insurance company will determine that’s not covered? How about the pre and post natal care and doctor visits, tummy tuck, and possible reconstructive surgeries? Sure, adoption is cool and all, but pregnancy and childbirth are straight up dangerous and expensive business.


So young males should have a stick to tap or whack their man bag to calm down till they can ejaculate responsibly


I just really don’t understand this attack on a woman’s control of herself. It’s her body & god doesn’t exist but science is real.


They would just abuse it as it might be a “liberal’s baby,” and most of us are already their scapegoats, so we know better than to do that.


And the sperm donor can pay her $2k a month because pregnancy & childbirth are life/health threatening & truly changes a woman’s body . Since he chose to skip the vasectomy or his legal condom broke.


Steven Crowder's mother should have aborted


My mother was 14 when she was pregnant with me. Gave me up rather than kill me. I am a very productive citizen at age 45. I have two beautiful children and a killer wife.


He clearly needs fresh victims


Fetuses aren’t babies, dipshit.


Where the hell do I even begin with this? I can’t believe at one point I used to like this guy. He and Ben Shapiro are closed-minded, insufferable twat-waffles that can’t empathize beyond themselves and they’re disgusting, selfish people. A clump of cells is not a baby. He can whine and cry all he wants like one, but that doesn’t make the aforementioned so. There are Christians out there in favor of pro-choice. I’m one of them. I apologize on behalf of this jerk; he’s not a Christian and I know God will tell him someday he never knew him.


Forget abortion, Steven should've been swallowed.


Steven Crowder can fuck off


I recently heard a very interesting (and somewhat socially unacceptable, certainly to the pro-life crowd) counter argument made by an adoptee: how could someone carry a pregnancy to term, give birth to a human being, then abandon them as if they're disposable, and call it ethical? Adoptees often struggle immensely with the trauma of 1. Being abaonded, because no matter the circumstances or the intentions, that is how the ordeal is experienced, and 2. Losing the identity they were often forced to give up by those that adopted them. Adoption is often not a good solution for either party in the case of an unwanted pregnancy. There's a lot more nuance to giving up a child for adoption than "A person who does it is bad" because of the implications of expecting someone to have an abortion under all circumstances where a pregnancy is unwanted, but the ethical implications of allowing a pregnancy to turn into a human being and then giving them away *should* be discussed more than it is.


Ok, people had irresponsible sex. So we should teach them how to have responsible sex, wouldn't you agree?


And it’ll never get adopted because it’s cost like 40k to do


since some teenagers fucked up how to do safe sex due to insufficient sex ed. they now are now fucked socially and financially thanks crowhorn, good take


Or I could just medically have the tumor removed. His avatar picture makes me think he wants to be the face of punchable faces


The right and sex have been such a thing for so long, it's so exhausting. These people are so obsessed with it in the worst ways possible


Right because the foster care system isn’t already a cesspit of [predators](https://www.focusforhealth.org/sex-abuse-and-the-foster-care-system/)


Thier was a guy who worked in marketing for the GOP, and he was a staunch pro-lifer. He was part of his high-schools chapter and even spoke at a pro-life rally. Turns out years later he was busted for CP because he's a literally pedo that loved baby cp. That's Steven Chowder.


Conservatives acknowledging problematic men are also involved in causing pregnancies challenge impossible


The same Steven Crowder who cancelled last minute a debate with Sam Seder at Politicon because he would have had is ass kicked. He could not even get through with an unwanted debate and now he is shaming women for not going through unwanted pregnancy What a fucking loser.


This may be a semantic argument, but it drives me crazy the way he phrased this. "Since you chose to not have responsible sex" is not the same as "choosing to have irresponsible sex." The former is vague and a stupid way to phrase it considering his argument is dependent on someone actively *doing* an activity, not *abstaining* from an activity.




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Maybe the issue isn’t keeping the child or not. Maybe the issue is what pregnancy does to your body.


Steven often forgets that there are women who are responsibly and intentionally pregnant, who may suddenly face life-threatening complications and learn that the baby they wanted so badly is going to be D.O.A. This is not fun, or a “liberty!!!” - almost every woman I know (and I am one) are terrified they might ever need an abortion, and do not want to have one unless it’s necessary. Steven has no idea what the fuck he’s talking about


So he is pro choice after all then?


And every day that goes by is one that he could be responsible and give himself up for abortion.


This guy needs to be force fed printer out copies of his tweets until his stomach ruptures.


*Fuck* this rancid cunt.


Rape doesn’t happen? Contraception doesn’t fail? Go fuck yourself Dog Cum Crowder.


Steven, you claim to be pro birth, yet you swallowed thousands of potential unborn puppies. Curious...


Steven Crowder is an inhuman piece of shit. CHANGE MY MIND.


His Twitter icon looks like he ate a fuckton of prunes and demolished someone's bathroom, and is trying to be sneaky and not get caught.


Hey Stephen, what about all those kids that were raped and forced to have their rapists baby?


Yep. It’s all about punishing women for having sex. Sex is not illegal. So you can’t dictate a punishment for it, dickhead.


Yuck, this is him talking to all the women he has locked in his basement.


Thats where the deepstate gets its Adrenochrome better to tie up loose ends




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Remember, the fact that they never call out churches for sex crimes means it's not about the children, it was never about the children, it's only about owning the libs