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He knows, he was at a meeting last week.


Hosted by Clayton Bigsby.


Don't deadname Candace Owens, please.




*starts clapping slowly*






Clarence Thomas is doing those now?


Pardon the term, but Clarence Thomas seems like the biggest and most powerful Uncle Tom that exists in today's society.


It seems like a midway point between two things, from my perspective. First, Clarence Thomas is *extremely* fucked up. Like, he has serious issues. His childhood was horrible (he lived in the kind of poverty that most people probably don't even realize exists in the US) and it seems like he carries a lot of resentment and outright strangeness with him to this day. Second, he's got a really good grift going. He recognized pretty early in his career that his future prospects as a Republican were far greater than his prospects as a Democrat.


Because you have to be competent to be a democrat.


I'm very left leaning and this is fucking hilarious XD dems are too incompetent to make any meaningful changes like codifying RvW or choosing likeable candidates.


No they arnt, they choose to be this way so we can keep pretending we don’t have a single corporate party.


*chaired by David Duke*


Racism has little to do with how you treat people you know, and everything to do with how you treat the people you don’t know. My father claims he isn’t racist because he likes his neighbor, but also says he “knows a good one when he sees one”.


My father in law claims he’s not racist, but he sure does say a lot of bad shit about black people, always mentions someone’s race in a story when it’s not even remotely relevant, and immediately asks “were they black?” when anyone tells him a story about a rude person or some crime being committed. However, he has a black guy on his bowling league whom he claims is “one of the good ones.” Also, one of his neighbors is black and he likes him. He actually told his black neighbor that he’s one of the good ones. I don’t know how the neighbor didn’t punch him.


What's his reaction when he watches the news and sees white folks committing crimes? "not one of us"?


It’s usually quickly forgotten.


That’s actually quite a good way of putting it.


“One of the good ones” is ridiculous. You don’t even know these people. All of sudden they read auras or something?


It's actually a subtle warning to his fellow members




How could you tell it was him with the hood on?


Steven Crowder, black studies and KKK historian.


And yellowface enthusiast.


Did he really do yellow face?


[I don't want to link the original video, but here is a tweet containing the image in question](https://mobile.twitter.com/shaun_vids/status/1372619296405348356)


What a fuckin inbred


Thats some shit twomad would do


wait has twomad done racist shit in the past? i know pretty much nothing about him outside of that "goodnight girl" video


I mean yeah hes done some racist shit but i dont think hes done it in a "imma belittle *insert race here*" more like a "bet you werent expecting this shit haha content!" Like when he would "invade" school zoom calls https://youtu.be/FJzMm-Cmfqk


I don't get why Twomad is popular. "Lawl so random XD" type of "humor" has really fallen out of favor since the early 2010s. And I don't give a fuck if he does it to be "funny" or not, it's horrible! Black face started as a comedy routine too, should we let THAT fly again just because it's a "joke"?


What would twomad not do


Right? Dude does anything awkward for a laugh. The n-word pass video is still legendary. Also can’t forget about the time Hasan challenged him to a debate and never even showed up to his own challenge against a damn walking meme, lmao.


Holy shit.


And experienced trans-woman impersonator


Steven Crowder: Racism Enthusiast


Average Racism Enjoyer


He wishes. College dropout.


Wait a minute, wasn’t there a Black person who actually befriended some KKK members? I remember watching a video on it…


The only time I’ve ever seen a black person interact with the KKK was this YouTube video I saw of a guy who found a KKK leader and pretended to be part of the BBC doing an interview and was like ‘can we get a clip of you saying how much you liked this BBC’ because funny


lmao that guy, no there also was a black guy who befriended KKK members too, I saw a ted talk from him, incredibly respectable man


That'd be Daryl Davis. He's extremely talented musically and very fascinating in general.


That'd be Daryl Davies, who is known for befriending KKK members and convincing many to leave the KKK. But in between befriending him and officially leaving the organisation, they would indeed have been "KKK members with a black friend", so that's a pretty good counter-example. Also, the Nation of Islam was known to work with the KKK on occasion (which was denounced by civil rights groups such as the Black Panthers and the NAACP), but it would admittedly be a stretch to call that "friendship" per se.


Brought together by a shared hatred of the Jewish I suppose.


Yes, in addition to them both supporting segregation/racial separatism.


Haters gonna hate


He's also what most people would call a "useful idiot". He's used as a way for white people to point to black people and say "why don't *you* try changing the minds of people who want to kill you and your entire family?". Davis went to a trial of a white supremacist who shot into a crowd screaming "die n*****r" and told the judge, under oath, that the white supremacist was reformed before he'd did that. Davis went and defended him as a character witness. But white supremacists can hide behind him because they know his actions are ineffectual and moderates can point to the targets of white supremacist hate and question why the targets don't act like Davis if they don't want white supremacists to try and kill them.


Yeah, they really like making it the victim's responsibility to educate racists.


You pretty much summed up why Reddit's majority demographic's boner for this guy is one massive eye-roll. >He's used as a way for white people to point to black people and say "why don't you try changing the minds of people who want to kill you and your entire family?". Literal entire threads expressing this very sentiment with 1k+ upvotes everytime this guy hits the front page. Nauseating cringe everytime.


Niko omilana!


[Daryl Davis](https://www.ted.com/talks/daryl_davis_why_i_as_a_black_man_attend_kkk_rallies?language=en).


He's also what most people would call a "useful idiot". He's used as a way for white people to point to black people and say "why don't *you* try changing the minds of people who want to kill you and your entire family?". Davis went to a trial of a white supremacist who shot into a crowd screaming "die n*****r" and told the judge, under oath, that the white supremacist was reformed before he'd did that. Davis went and defended him as a character witness. But white supremacists can hide behind him because they know his actions are ineffectual and moderates can point to the targets of white supremacist hate and question why the targets don't act like Davis if they don't want white supremacists to try and kill them.


Yeah once he started going to their trials, I became much more skeptical that any of them have changed. Did they change or did they know if they said and did the right things they’d get a lighter sentence? Reminds me of the teen who was recorded telling his mom something like “I’m a 16 year old killer, all I need to do is cry to the judge and I’ll get a lighter sentence.” Had he not been dumb enough to say it on a recorded call, his crocodile tears may have worked. Plenty of people fake remorse and reform to get lighter sentences.


I've heard that a number of people he convinced to leave the klan ended up just rejoining when times got tough. Lost your job, can't make your truck payment, your candidate lost the primary... you know a group of people who'll have your back and make you feel better.


I remember reading that he was being used as an indicator to the court systems that members of the KKK getting release from hate crimes were in fact no longer racist. You could look at that and say that genuinely they were no longer racists, or you could look at that and say he was serving as a token black man when they needed to hide their racist tendencies.


He was caught being paid to be a character witness


Source? I can’t find anything to verify that. He has definitely been a character witness for several atrocious people but that’s all I’ve been able to establish.




Do you have a source for that? Tried googling and found nothing. Pretty strong accusation to make without a source…


And yet it got 20 upvotes, sigh


[Yes! You're thinking of Daryl Davis](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daryl_Davis)


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This isn’t even true anyway. My next door neighbours are Neo-Nazis. As in, they read Stormfront, collect German textbooks from the 1930s for the aesthetic, and once loaned me their copy of Mein Kampf I was too awkward to say no to. They also love my mother, who is visibly First Nations. Plenty of racists have their token POC friend who is “one of the good ones”.


Wait they loaned you their copy of Mein Kampf *unprompted*? Jesus even if you were a card carrying Nazi that would still be a weird thing to randomly loan out.


Yes, Daryl Davis. That dude is awesome. He befriends them and most of them give up the KKK. I believe he collects their robes.


It also happens at a rate of about 11 people over like 20 years. It's completely ineffective and only serves to make some white people think the problem doesn't need to be addressed because good ole Darrell is fixing it.


>make some white people think the problem doesn't need to be addressed Also make some white people think black people should devote their time and energy to befriend racists


He's the irl equivalent of "why didn't the Jews just try hugging the Nazis?"


As a Jew, I do believe in hugging Nazis. And by hug, I mean squeezing til they pop.


One of my favorite parts of Wolfenstein 2 was sneaking up behind Nazis and "hugging" them


At the last meeting of the New World Order, I was told that hugging with a cast iron pan was now acceptable. BTW, where were you? We missed your kugel!


Hug their necks. With a rope. After a trial of course.


Those 11 people were enough to destabilize and dismantle all of the KKK in Maryland. He didn't solve racism, but it seems really disingenuous to imply he did nothing but make race relations worse overall.


Klan is still around, just underground. Most of them are now part of a militia or neo-fascist group. Oathkeepers, 3-percenters, Proud Boys, Patriot Front, etc. Same shit, different costume.


Yep, gotta imagine a lot of racists don't want to wear a sheet like a fucking weirdo


It wasn’t. The Klan is still very much active in Maryland.


I don't think that's what most people take from that. I always used that as an example of how these people are afraid of the unknown and actually meeting people combats radicalism.


I’m not making the claim it’s the most effective way to dismantle the KKK. Then again prob more effective than being snarky on the internet. Also I’m pretty sure he has stated the number is around 200 over the years.


There was a movie about one that was a government sting. Another was a guy who befriended one and taught him that black people were okay.


The movie BlacKkKlansman was based on a true story about Ron Stallworth, who infiltrated and exposed the Klan.


You talking about Clayton Bigsby


"I hAvE a BlAcK fRiEnD, sO i CaN't Be RaCiSt!"


That friend is usually just a co worker who probably doesn't really tell them what they think because the have to work together.


“Sure, Carl. I know you don’t mean me when you say the [hard-r]s are ruining America.”


He thinks calling people "one of the good ones" is a compliment.


You're so bright/eloquent!


And articulate. You really surprised me in that meeting!


“You DoN’T SOUnD BlAcK”


Lenny = white Carl = black


Or if you remember Roy Moore being accused of antisemitism, his wife's response was "one of our attorneys...is a jew!" (followed by obnoxious little head nod) Then of course it turned out that no he fucking wasn't, because there is no bottom with these people.


That might be one of the funniest things I’ve ever fucking heard.


Would be funnier if 650k people didn't still vote for a pedophile, but Bama gonna Bama


This is what I told my friend when he told me one of his older white coworkers "she supports Trump but otherwise she's a nice lady...", uhm, no.


Yep, I got great grandparents who explicitly said, “You have to be polite to them at work, but don’t ever invite them to dinner.” Pretty sure someone in that family bludgeoned my grandpa to death for moving in with a black family, but it was 50 years ago.


My brother was telling us that we're all too uptight about race and real working people are past it. Evidence of this is that he works with a black dude whose nickname is "moon cricket". I feel so bad for this man, and I hope one day he pushes my brother off a fucking cell tower.


The black friend they are talking about is some random guy from work to whom they've spoken once, and that was about the weather. See guys? I'm not racist. I can tolerate having a small talk with a black person!


"I even *shook his hand*. The use of hand sanitiser immediately afterward was purely for Covid reasons."


Also he doesn't wear a mask at the grocery store.


Points to a black guy. "my black friend" Black guy "you mean me? I just work here. Why would you think we're friends? What's my name then? What's my name?" "uh... it's um..." "that's what I thought"


"Don't get uppity. You know I just always call you 'boy.'


And then they’ll say how their black friend is good while all the other ones aren’t because of “black culture”. But they can’t be racist because they like one black person. I have several family members who do this.


Come on now. Nobody actually believes that Steven Chowder has friends.


"I've never directly engaged in genocide or ethnicity-based slavery. That means I can't possibly be racist!"


Thats sadly my friend :(


The fact that he's suddenly so emphatic about this right now... would suggest someone has made him aware that the intensifying alt right stick is not helping those he actually serves.


Right up there with “I have a girlfriend so I can’t be sexist” 🙄


That "probably" is doing some massive heavy lifting


It’s the same as donny’s “people are saying” Just because your brainwashed yes men are saying something doesn’t make it accurate.


"Wow, Crowder, what a great guy. I saw his YouTube channel and said 'wow, what a great guy'. Lots of people are saying it, that he's great. Which he is."


Pretty much every racist I’ve met says they like black people, “as long as they know their place” or “I like the good ones but just not the bad ones” or some other bullshit like that.


Lmfao my mom said “I’m not racist but sometimes I cross the street when I see a black guy ahead of me on the sidewalk. Crazy times!!” Straight face too


Red flag. Get out and find a new mom now.


I've heard this a few times: "I like black people. I just hate n*****s." Go fuck yourself, you racist piece of shit. Nobody likes you anyway.


Exactly it’s so dehumanizing


The "had" is getting a workout, too - falsely implying that the Klan is a thing of the past.


Also does anyone find the "had" weird as well. Like he's pretending the kkk doesn't still exist? If conservatives were actually as "definitely not racist" as they say they are, they would have no problem simply admitting the *the existence* of modern racism.


So is 'friends'.


So operative it could be surgeon general.


I love that these simple minded freaks think the line for racism is klan membership. Crazy that the world is filled with such idiots when so much information is so easily available.


That's a good point. Why is the standard for being racist "being in the klan"? The point when you're willing to terrorize neighborhoods and put burning crosses in people's yards and threaten to lynch them on the basis of the color of their skin, you've gone \*way\* beyond racist and turned full blown terrorist.


>Why is the standard for being racist "being in the klan"? It isn't; it's a non sequitir intended to help "casual" racists feel better about themselves because, you guessed it, they "have black friends". E: grammar


To be fair everybody knows [you can't be racist until you go to your second klan meeting](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WULYEegtTGc&t=737s)


By only showcasing the easiest visual manifestation of racism in America it leaves room for anyone to not be “racist” Even at its highest membership the klan was looked down upon by racists for being so flashy


It's also important to point out that even members of the Klan denied that they were racist. Racists have always maintained that the real issues are their constitutional rights and their states rights, as well as protecting black people. In slavery it was civilizing and Christianizing/saving them, in Reconstruction it was preventing a race war that would exterminate them, and during Jim Crow it was allowing them the space to form their own separate communities.


Sadly, this sentiment is more common than one would think. I see pretty consistently bad takes about what constitutes racism on the main subreddits, and conversely a metric ton of white people who think racism is nothing more than getting your feelings hurt.


True and it’s not coincidental. It’s a talking point pushed by people that understand perfectly well that klan membership isn’t a prerequisite for racism. They are giving themselves cover and it’s super obvious to those of us with a modicum of awareness.


While ideologically aligning with, and belonging to the same political party as the klan.


honestly i'm more shocked that steven crowder has actual real life friends


People like Steven Crowder don't have friends, they have groupies and people who want to be part of the "in" crowd to their little hate party. If any one of them died, Steven Crowder would not attend the funeral, of that I'm certain.


I disagree because funerals are great networking opportunities for assholes.


Anyone can say they have friends


Oh boy now I finally have friends!


He just has people he pays to be around him.


"I have loads of black friends" is an excuse I have heard racists use my whole life, after they just said something super racist. My response is always, "Do your black friends know that you use them as your 'Get out of racism free card?' If we told your black friends the racist shit you just said, would they still be your friends? Are your 'black friends' even aware that you would call them a friend, or are they just coworkers, or people who happened to be at a friend's party you attended, or parents at your kid's school or something?"


I forget who it was but a black comedian once put it as "Having a black friend doesn't mean you like black *people*. It means you like black *person*."


Slave owners: I can't be racist! I have half black children! (Don't tell my wife!)


Reminds me of those people who act like Thomas Jefferson "had a relationship" with one of his slaves, as some kind of evidence of how enlightened and progressive he was. Yeah, I'm sure it was really magical.


It was so magical that Jefferson continued to keep her enslaved. You know, kinda like Joseph Fritzl with his second basement family


This 1000%. They never actually have a black friend. They just have a black neighbor they waved at once. Also, they could legit have a black friend but that black friend could be a racist piece of shit too. Being black does not make you immune to being racist or having shitty views. See : Candace Owens and the likes.


I always post this but I always ask these people if their black “friend” has ever invited them over to their house and vice versa. Or if they’ve met their “friend’s” significant other/kids. Or if they even have their “friend’s” cell number, have ever called or texted each other, or have hung out outside of work or school or solo (if they’re in the same extended friend group). It’s funny how quickly they freak out and can’t help but drop the mask. I’ll also ask what black authors or historical figures they read/learned about outside of school. That last question ended with a broken beer glass once. I’m mixed and my (white) mom was far less racist than others of her demographic to begin with but she’s still had to learn and grow out of unconscious biases, as we all do. I’ve met plenty of other less fortunate mixed kids with racist white parents/family members and it’s such a sick situation to be in.


Less time dog cum chugging and more time reading, [chowder head.](https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2019/02/28/no-mark-meadows-having-black-friend-doesnt-mean-youre-not-racist/)


> Out of nowhere, Chowder suddenly wants to assure us that he is definitely *not* a member of the KKK. Not even that. I have a hard time imagining any non-white person considering Cold Feet Crowder their friend, and he doesn't explicitly state that he has any non-white friends.


Guaranteed as he was writing this his brain was going "YEAH! Get em big Steve! I'm so not racist because *I* have black friends! I've got... Uh I've- erm... Oh! I've got Candice Owens! And I've got uh.. okay it's just Candice but that counts! Hehe hell yeah *not a racist*"


What a weird thing to say unprompted


Like suddenly saying "I absolutely do not participate in necrophilia."


There is an old saying "You do not advertise a restaraunt by promising not to jack off into the clam chowder."


-Abraham Lincoln


The moron doth protests too much, me thinks


Hitler couldn't be an antisemite, he had a Jewish doctor.


I went to high school with a bunch of guys that were in the Klan, and most of them had at least one black "friend" that couldn't stand them but was too polite to tell them to fuck off. Edit: And I have to go back to high school for that anecdote, because unlike Steven as soon as I was given a choice of who I associated with I stopped being around klansmen.


Those of us who lived in the Deep South in the 1950s and 1960s are aware of two important things: KKK members and hard-core racists associated professionally and socially with black people ALL THE TIME. As long as the black people acted deferential and 'polite', then the whites didn't mind mingling with them, as long as they *kept their place*. Some of those whites even claimed that they had black 'friends' and had grown up playing with them as children, and had 'nothing against them' as long as they conformed to their role in society. Many, many KKK members and racists had sex with black women. They raped young black girls and women, and patronized black prostitutes. However, the white men went batshit nutso at the idea of white women having sex with black men, and that was the inflammatory issue that they used to upset people. (Try telling a Southern white woman that her husband or father or grandfather probably had sex with a black women, and watch her become furious and throw you out of her house for saying such a thing.)


A black friend of mine's father (also black) was asked by the local KKK to join because "he was one of the good ones."


Was he recently accused of being a klansmen? Because why would he feel the need to defend that’s he’s definitely not in the klan?


Right that’s what I was wondering


My dad had lifelong African American friends, and he absolutely adored the mixed race family that we called our overall extended family (I know it wasn't an act). But that bastard would not hesitate at all to drop the N word when he got drunk and started to talk about Obama. He was a complicated idiot whom I have tried to rationalize ever since he died and I simply can't.


Not JUST a member, but a gilded wyvern!


Allegations/Proof incoming in 10 9 8 7 ....


Did some news outlet contact him for comment on an article? Usually when that happens, these guys scramble to do damage control out of nowhere.


Someone need to tell him that having friends that do black face does not mean he has a black friend.


I like how a known and overt racist thinks he can tell people what is and isn't racist. I think if you try to re-enact the George Floyd arrest to prove it was somehow his own fault that his neck was knelt on until he suffocated, you're probably a racist.


conflating racism and klan membership is wild what year does he think it is


I’m sure he uses the word “friend” very loosely…he’s probably including the Starbuck’s barista he tipped a dollar. Why do these numbskulls think that the only two options are 1) So vehemently racist that you can’t tolerate even being anywhere near POC or 2) Not at all racist ?


Does he know his Twitter handle is scroter?


Not really the point but please don't soil the legacy of Chowder by associating this dog cum guzzler with that lovely cartoon, it feels like my childhood getting kicked in the balls. He's doing his part keeping the "I have a black friend" meme alive


If a lot of racist people like you because you're racist, it doesn't matter how many black friends you have


This sounds like the first page of the FAQ from the Klan Handbook. What if someone says I’m a racist? Easy just tweet the below……..


The KKK is not in the past. It exists today.


Of course some people in the klan had (and still have) black friends, or co-workers, or people in their life they act cordial with—they don’t wear those hoods because of how comfy they are! They have to hide their identities just like they hide their abhorrent racist beliefs when they’re in public with their face showing.


If you ever have to qualify your political beliefs by including the brown/black guy you work with who tolerates your rants, you are probably a racist.


Uh-oh! Looks like someone doesn’t really understand the inner workings of white supremacy!


(Which is to say that racism—which in the U.S. usually means white supremacy—does not require someone to be an avowed, openly vocal, wearing-sheets-and-burning-crosses kind of racist)


Kinda similar to the “I have an Asian wife” statement.


KKK members can have black friends. Nazis can enjoy watching Seinfeld too. You don’t need to hate literally every single member of another group to be a racist


At a conference in Posen, Himmler told gathered members of the SS that they would not be able to spare their Jewish friends from “evacuation.” So enough of these top-ranking SS officers had Jewish friends that Himmler felt it was a prudent reminder. I guess the men who created the Holocaust were not antisemitic.


A racist can have black friends the same way a serial killer can have friends that are alive.


Interesting subtext here is the implication that believing in or acting on racial prejudices any less than *the literal KKK* means you're not a racist. The bar has never been lower.


To be fair he technically didn’t claim to have black or brown friends, so 🤷‍♂️ what klubs he rolls with.


The mind games these idiots play to convince themselves and their fucked brain dead followers that they’re perfect.


Really? Crowder is actually the pushing the joke, "I can't be racist because I have a black friend", for *real*?! Crowder, everyone knows you're a joke. You don't have to go out of your way to show us all that you're a joke.


Who even asked?


I'm betting he considers brown people he never had over at his house 'friends' too.


*...and other things that normal people simply don't need to say*


I don't hate the chinese, my best friend is black!


100% lie. One of the primary ways even the worst racists tell themselves they aren’t racist is by pointing to someone they like who’s a minority and telling you they’re “one of the good ones”. If you ever hear this phrase, you just met a racist.


Living in rural areas I have learned that to a lot of people think that the black or brown people that they knew personally were great people but then they also had racist conceptions about those groups that these people somehow magically were not a part of.


Again, they purposefully set the bar so high for what constitutes 'racism' that hardly any racists qualify. Having a black friend absolutely does not absolve somebody of racism whatsoever, not even close. I should say there's a lot of people responsible for this conception, not just the racists themselves. The fact that people tend to equate racism specifically with 'hate' is part of the problem. The idea that racism inherently involves these super strong, vitriolic emotions on the subject. When I'd say that in most cases, racists dont generally feel this way. You dont have to loathe all brown people or want to kill them all to be a white supremacist.


‘If you’re married to a woman you can’t be a misogynist’


Yes, willingly having social connections with black and brown people and having them reciprocate is good evidence that you are not a member of the KKK. The KKK is not the bar for racism though, it's rock bottom. Hell, I'm sure actual slave drivers probably had friendly interactions with slaves from time to time, but I wouldn't exactly call them open to diversity. Racism is a spectrum. It ranges from performing beatings or lynching on people who are the wrong color to the people who fetishize people of a given race or culture. You can express open admiration for a race and still stereotype them, minimize them as people to their race and ridicule members of that race that do not meet your expectations that you admire about that race. You can be really into Asian women because "they're cute, meek, submissive, etc", or into black culture because it's "tough and cool" with good music, but then reject Asian women who aren't submissive or more "nerdy" black guys who aren't musically inclined. Reducing people to categories, placing expectations on this categories and/or judging people (positively or negatively) based on those categories is still stereotype and bigotry


Unprovoked he is using the ‘I have black friends I’m not racist’ line. How soon until he starts randomly saying there are only 2 genders but no gender can claim sole ownership over what kind of clothes to wear?


My god that is such an ignorant point of view. “I have black friends so I’m not racist” - Every racist ever


Some of them had black children. Fuck outta here.


Guys come on. No one, especially not people I directly heard say it, has ever said "you're one of the good ones" when referring to a minority in a small town. Racism is dead move on.


Least racist conservative comedian


If you have a daughter, you can’t be a pedophile