Ah yes child abuse

Ah yes child abuse


LiBeRaLs ArE iNdOcTrInAtInG oUr ChILdReN




You see, liberals are the largest hypocrites alive! I want freedom to destroy, they proclaim. Get out of America commies!


Prager U literly made animated videos for children about the wonders of free market and unregulated capitalism.


Your snoo reminds me of Steve.


Here’s a fact: Dennis Prager should frighten you.




*Kitchen Nightmares dramatic violin*


My God, there's times they'll play it like three times in short succession. Why is that show so horribly and lazily edited? Oh yeah because they still make money.


The other Gordon Ramsay shows are much better. The UK equivalent of KN is much more enjoyable because he's actually level-headed rather than an asshole for show.


Gordon Ramsay on UK television: Calmly, yet firmly reprimands an employee for screwing up. Gordon Ramsay on US television: YEET THAT MEAT


*Uses Cinema Snob creepy music over video of Dennis Prager.*


“Obedient children are happy children” “Obedient children are happy children” “Obedient children are happy children” “Obedient children are happy children”


Well I'm trans so he's scared of me too




First off, you're confusing gender with sex. Sex is biological and gender is a social construct. The only people arguing against that are a very vocal minority. Second, you don't know me or what I want. You can believe all you want that it's a conspiracy to reject science or whatever, but in reality we just want to live our lives without people like you telling us what we want or trying to take away our rights. No one is saying that a man is a woman and a woman is a man except for dumbasses, all we're saying is that trans people exist.


Too bad they deleted their post. I really enjoy cyber bullying transphobes.


You woulda lost brain cells reading it


Lots of transphobic parents abuse trans kids to death, so your little "nightmare" of "oh no, they've stolen my children!" doesn't happen often enough.


First of all, “…and that I can have my children taken away…” ???? Second of all, get out this sub if you’re transphobic.


Why doesn't Communism have the same terrible reputation as Nazism? Reason number 1: They have MUCH better music.


[song at the beginning of Che’s funeral is epic](https://youtu.be/lD04L6FsxuY)


I will be moving this school's focus away from academics to unjust suffering.


It is known: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=vvCGZEqk8Ak




I like, MURDER


I like, to kill people for fun


I DON'T LIKE heterosexual sex


That God is not only not good, that God is cruel. He made a world FILLED with liberals.


that god made a world FILLED with URINE AND FECES!


The wonders and glories of GENOCIDE


That god is a _black_ **lesbian** T O I L E T.


I gotta rewatch that YTP, honestly. It's been too long.


Get outta heeeya


Yeah so should the boogie man.. do you hear yourself, **DENNIS PRAGER ISN'T REAL**


Okay so as a fairly liberal person living in a conservative area, I will admit I want to "indoctrinate" my children to a certain degree and I'm willing to homeschool for a few years to do it. I want my kids to be tolerant and accepting little humans who are at least a little resistant to racism, homophobia, etc. I want them to know, before they enter our conservative leaning public school environment, that sometimes people are mean for these specific reasons and that those reasons are wrong. They shouldn't be friends with kids who are mean to others for those reasons and mommy and daddy don't keep friends who have those beliefs either. However, I will not be rewarding my kids with material goods for consuming ridiculously slanted left wing media and literature. That's just...weird.


My kids won’t get to eat until they’ve written their daily report on the communist manifesto


Beep. Boop. I'm a robot. Here's a copy of ###[The Communist Manifesto](https://snewd.com/ebooks/the-communist-manifesto/) Was I a good bot? | [info](https://www.reddit.com/user/Reddit-Book-Bot/) | [More Books](https://old.reddit.com/user/Reddit-Book-Bot/comments/i15x1d/full_list_of_books_and_commands/)


Good bot, this will help my kids eat


You're lying, everybody knows commies don't eat, that's why Europeans are so skinny.


Also communism is when no food.


Actually gomunism is when no food and kommulizm is when no iPhone


>kommulizm is when no iPhone no that's socialism


No socialism is when government becomes dababy


If Europeans don't eat, then why am I so fat? Curious...


good bot


okay kids line up for your Panera bread bowl.


Communism no food!!!😡🤬


So you want to parent your children? am I saying that right? like this is called parenting so you are going to parent. that sounds weird but like you get what I'm trying to say right?


I'm using the term "indoctrinate" here because if you teach your kid tolerance and acceptance of other cultures, abilities, and lifestyles then the right wing will say you're "indoctrinating" your children, whereas this kind of nonsense on their end is what they would call "good parenting". I also plan on being very intentional with the messaging I give my kids early on, more so than your average parent. We live in a very white, very conservative area and it's important to me that my kids are surrounded by overt examples of other cultures, family styles, and ways of life. My mom (and others I know, both older and younger) is a culturally ignorant white Midwestern lady and I do not want my children to be my age and reacting the way she does when she sees a "new kind" of person. An example: The first time I drove her through the Catskill region and she saw a group of very traditional Jewish people walking to synagogue she kept saying "wow, look at those" and I kept having to say "Look at those PEOPLE, mom. They are PEOPLE". She kept getting nervous about where they were all going in such big groups. It wasn't anti Semitism because she had no idea they were Jewish. They were just people who did not look and dress like her or like other people she was familiar with. It was a complete inability to process the existence of a new (to her) culture and to respect the individuals as people similar to herself. I don't want that for my kids.


i would be nervous if a huge group of people who i dont know were all headed to one place, regardless of what they look like.


Why? If they're not being loud or disruptive I don't see a problem. This was families with children walking to their religious service on a Saturday.


i grew up in a very atheist area, and so seeing large groups of people who arent in a group but are all heading to the same place creeps me out since i havent seen it much.


Sounds like your issue is more with people going to religious gatherings and not people heading somewhere in a group.


it rarely happens in a non religious context, although when it does (for example, school plays) it creeps me out there too


The thing is, in a conservative rural area you’re probably going to have to try harder if you want to ensure your children internalize tolerance. You might get lucky but the fact of the matter is you’re going to have to counter the prevailing narrative that will surround them. They’re going to hear a lot of bullshit from their peers and neighbors in a place like that, and without a special effort (more than is demanded in a diverse population center, for example) then they’re likely to come out of their youth with some bad ideas just based on the majority of proximal people spouting them.


O I understand that I just wish more parent understood how to raise their children to be decent human beings.


A little resistant to racism homophobia etc? Idk I'd want my sperm demons to be extremely resistant to all that... But that might be because I'm a far leftist and not fairly liberal....


Eventually they will be very resistant. I'm talking about a kid who's 7 or 8 at the oldest, going to public school for the first time. Not an adult who just kind of thinks those things are bad. Sure, lots of little kids with liberal parents will talk a big game about not liking racism or homophobia because that's what mom and dad like to hear but until they see those things firsthand and have the real chance to do something it is literally just talk. Not much different than conservative little kids parroting their parents.


My parents used to do the equivalent of this shit to me in order to earn computer time. Jokes on them, still turned into a bisexual socialist.


Omg that's wild If my mom had ever thought that I was anything other than a completely heterosexual person, I bet there would have been crying, and some yelling. And then I don't know what. She went to a Methodist church with many prominent and fully accepted gay members so calling her pastor to talk to me and make me straight would have been a no-go. I was a good judgmental conservative until I went to college and met other people and heard other things and learned more about myself.


>ridiculously slanted left wing media and literature like what? naomi wolf? not leftist.


Das Kapital


Bruh homeschooling 🤨


Bruh I've been teaching for about ten years now, it's gonna be okay. Our local public school provides a curriculum to those who want it so if you're planning to bring your kids into public school at some point - probably around 3rd grade for us - you have a solid plan as to what they're supposed to learn. And if my kids get through the first two years of high school and want to take the GED and be done early, I'll probably let them as long as they have a solid plan that isn't "sit at home and eat cheetos". If they want to get a part time job doing something related to a career interest of theirs and start trade school or community college at that point, I'd totally support that. Or they can stay and do all four years if that's what interests them. There can be more to education than what the one public school option available to us here, has to offer.


I see; honestly can’t blame you


I know someone who homeschools all four of their kids and tbh those kids are some of the most polite and intelligent kids I’ve ever met. Whatever the tradeoffs are seem worth it. They still have friends as well, they just meet them at extracurricular activities. Mileage will vary, obviously.


I think it’s the fact that mileage can vary *alot* that’s the problem.


you've got something personally against parents that choose to home-school? or otherwise, could you elaborate on the eyebrow emoji?


That’s a confused emoji lol; homeschooling is a pretty risky thing for your kids education.


It's risky if you don't know what you're doing and/or are not open to help and resources. You run into trouble when people have very strong beliefs than conflict with what is normally taught in school and purchase very odd or slanted materials and curriculum. I have no problem using the curriculum the district provides but when we get to the parts that gloss over important facts, we'll take the time to actually learn some of those facts.


Ah yes you're indoctrinating your kids to be decent human beings who respect others


Don’t homeschool your kids ever, don’t deny them of some of the greatest years of their lives because of your politics. You don’t need to keep them from school to make them good kids


Someone's gonna be very confused when their kids never want to visit.


!RemindMe 6 years We'll probably see the kid post about their batshit crazy, fundamentalist parents right here on this sub


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I think I've been banned from r/politics for saying "I hope you live to see your kids reject and abandon you." You know, to some terrifying right winger whose baseline beliefs are violent oppression. I thought it was an agreeably non-threatening way to say I hope they reap the consequences of being shitty. Apparently you can't be too docile if you're not an actual fascist. Fuck that.


> I hope you live to see your kids reject and abandon you #BASED


r/politics only accepts "civil" discourse as it relates to woke liberals and modern conservatives. Anything outside of that is "uncivil" since their baseline for civil discourse is what they see on CNN.


I was banned for a very similar thing


!RemindMe 6 years


Literal brainwashing and they're bragging like the kid did something good


Yes but if I dare tell my future kids that gay/trans people exist it's "indoctrination" because it's only brainwashing when liberals do it 🤡🤡🤡


Uh oh, you want them to treat others nicely, what a horrible thing to teach when there’s hatred for almost everyone on the planet as an option!


To be fair, I immediately discounted conservative evangelicalism when I transferred to a private school that taught that the Holocaust was punishment to the Jews for abandoning Christ, that black skin tone comes from the Mark of Cain and justifies all suffering that befalls them, and that dinosaurs were too big to fit on the ark.


....but there were a lot of small dinosaurs!


Those are now crocodiles and alligators, duh. Let’s just ignore all of the marine megafauna that would not have been affected by a flood.


The Marine Megafauna all just went to Loch Ness.


What the fuck?


Are American schools not required to be factual?


No, they are only required to put disclaimers in science textbooks that evolution is only a theory.




I don't think it is, I think PragerU started an online kids show or something and it has worksheets and shit to fill out


I think this is older.


Yes, PragerU is indeed fake. Very fake.


I'm free at last


Fake. That's actually a Ben x AOC fanfic, found in Ben's house after a police raid.


There’s a fanfic written between them where.., read it yourself it’s actually kinda good lol


I pray that this is actually more r/ThatHappened than r/InsaneParents


It's still insane parents, even if he made it up




Could just be a stock photo of homework. I assumed this was a joke tweet at first, could be wrong but I'm gonna choose to believe it is for now


Hey Jessica, take notes on fifty erroneous videos or you won't get your precious Barbie light up shoes (or something). He sounds like the type of guy to force her to get a job at his church or something.


“Dad I don’t like working with the pastor. He looks at me like I’m dinner after a long day.” “Shut up, he’s a man of God and you should be glad he’s looking at you like that.”


Gheuugh! this just made me almost vomit.


He also sounds like the type of guy who accompanies her to purity balls.


He's a well known Christian apologist


For one brief moment my poor soul thought she watched them and made notes so she and her dad could snark on them, and I felt so warm inside. 😢


that would be so cool, instead this is him trying to make his kid as dumb as him :/


***Villainous Parent:*** *What's that child? You want* ***new shoes***?? *How dare yo....* *...Hmmm, on second thought, you are at the right age for the brainwashing to begin. We must close your mind early, else "inferior" concepts such as* ***equality*** *may find their way in. The world has de-volved so much that you Aryan females choose to copulate with...* ***Them.*** *Here, child. Watch these FIFTY videos and take notes. I'll know if you're lying, and then you'll have NOTHING!*


That kid is going to rebel, *hard*.


The sad thing is they probably won’t unless they realize they’re gay/trans. I’m assuming the kid is white because PragerU. Unless they realize they’re part of an oppressed group other than women they’ll just turn into a Karen and live life thinking they’re the victim EDIT: I’m should add I’m glad there are exceptions to this, and I said “probably” for a reason. I’m just saying I personally had to come to a realization that I literally could not be myself and be around these people before I had the determination to leave that life behind. If you don’t have to deal with the majority of the consequences of what you support because you’re white and middle class (I wasn’t exactly middle class but we lived like it) you probably won’t change, because it’s actually quite easy to be stupid like that. All you’ve got to do is parrot what everyone else says and you literally never have to back it up with action because you’re just assumed to be correct. If I wasn’t transgender I would never have come to the realization that I could never be a part of their group and I would never have become who I am today. Which is one of the only reasons I’m okay with not having been born a cis girl. I’d have been insufferable.


yeah, coming from a pretty far right environment when I was younger definitely pushed me further to the left. having a such a detailed blueprint of what NOT to be like certainly helped


Nah, my parents did this shit to me and I turned into a huge leftist.


It’s going to depend on how much they push their kid. Can’t watch a Harry Potter movie because it invokes witchcraft and dark magic? Rebellion. Can’t play anything as innocuous as Pokémon because of some bizarre religious taboo? Rebellion. Can’t hang out with certain friends because parents of those friends don’t go to the same church? Rebellion. Just being told every day that Nixon is the greatest, they are great because they are law abiding white people, and get sent to an all-white private school where they dick around and date rape girls to be groomed for the Supreme Court? Probably not gonna rebel.


Their videos are around 5-10 minutes. You have to write down like every other sentence to fill a page like this


Sounds like the sort of guy who'd say "My little one is so smart. The other day, she came out with 'Daddy, why are the Jews so evil?' completely unprompted. It's so obvious that even a twelve year-old can see it!"


Bribing your children to follow your conspiracy theory beliefs, A+


Sean McDowell's going to have to bribe community colleges to accept his daughter in 6 years.


Geez... he couldn't just give the poor kid some chores and a weekly allowance like a normal parent would? Christ almighty...


Look, it's called "trickle down" parenting and it WORKS! Never speak to me or my son again.


Gaslight your child into being a bigot with one easy trick


Shoes? Having to do that much work to get a necessity? That’s literal child abuse


Ah yes the classic conservative father daughter bonding over hating minorities and poor people


Ah, Prager Jungvolk und Bund Prager Mädel


I made the mistake of looking at that turds twitter. Super jesus freak.


I watched a video about him just yesterday. He's a pastor and apologist who goes to Christian colleges and pretends to be an atheist philosophy professor so that he can debunk himself


"No pragerU means no shoes for you." - Parents of the year, probably.


But remember, the liberals only listen to their echo chamber all day


Having seen indoctrination this bad since Mass Effect.


Either she'll become a radical leftist when she grows up or we just lost her


This is literally how liberals are constructed. She’s going to cringe so hard when she thinks back to her childhood


fuck fuck fuck i wanna downvote this so it goes away fuck fuck fuck fuck


What? No “traditional” home-schooling? Is that because the dining room table is currently buried beneath a mass of MLM merchandise?


Being paid for a work you can't extract profit from? Sounds like COMMUNISM


"Discussing them together" probably means the parent rambles for an hour about capitalism and their kid can only say, "Okay"


wow, forcing a kid to do something like this as a condition to getting something that is a basic need. never mind the fact that this is pragerpoo


And now she’s dumber than when she started


They call theirselves a university, but make videos that (supposedly) can be understood by 12 year olds. Hmm.


To earn new shoes? Wtf?


What 12yo would even do that? Poor kid, must be tough to have a dumbass dad like that


He didn't mention handcuffing his kid to the desk before she had to write 50 essays or she wouldn't see his mon again for 6 months.


Guaranteed this kid is going to be attending therapy in 10 years time to talk about her parents abusing her.


if i had to make notes in return for anything on even just one video, i'd just kms tbh


Doomer fuel


I might want my kids to watch a few of them with me so that we can discuss what's wrong with them. They need to learn to think critically about things they see online.


Holy shit, not even a new toy or a new video game system or something not necessary, FUCKING SHOES


Ahh yes, liberal professors are indoctrinating our children once again. /s


I would do this and discuss why most of their stuff is BS as the scary trans lesbian


Literally how does she have that much in notes?? These videos are NOT dense (the people in them are, though)


Poor kid


wait wait… this guy made his poor kid do all that… for SHOES? a living necessity?! even all that work (which would be draining on me even, an adult in college, let alone a 12 year old…) wouldn’t even be appropriate for a reward like a new toy or something :(


Non American here, what the hell is pragerU?


Right wing propaganda outlet (in)famous for making videos with hot takes like “slavery was pretty good, actually,” and “Israel has the most moral army on earth”


Isn't this a pretty clear case for some child protection service to intervene


It's only indoctrination when liberals do it.


That's terrifying




I wonder if she watched the one that praised a guy who killed slaves for trying to free themselves from oppression


It’s just the n-word over and over again


Sean McDowell? That brings back some memories. When I was in eighth grade this super christian girl who sat next to me in social studies told me to go to his website seanmcdowell.org and then proceeded to try to convert me to christianity for a couple days until I told her to stop. Weird shit.


I gave him a google and all his stuff seems to just be right-wing flavoured Christian apologetics aimed at teens.






bad bot


you can downvote me to remove :(


You made the bot sad


What’s the issue with prageru? (Never heard of them to my recollection)


They’re alt-right propaganda. Feel free to peruse their YouTube channel and let me know how that goes.


What does this mean?


I refuse to believe there's more than a short sentence capable of summarizing most prageru videos.


Can someone please say they found the image on reverse image search.


The only people who can enjoy prageru are 12-year olds


to .... *earn*... shoes??


yes this is child abuse




“Doesn’t always terribly misrepresent” come on now.


Abuse is a bit strong, manipulation works


What's the context here? Because I remember seeing this pop up before and the guy was teaching his kid about propaganda or something.


Prager University is a conservative YouTube channel that portrays themselves as “educational” while failing to stand up to fact-checks or provide reputable sources. They have many short videos which they dub “courses”, in which they push right-wing talking points. Sean McDowell over here is making his daughter intensely study many of their videos in order to “earn” shoes, something every person needs and that parents should be providing anyway. A quick look at his website and Twitter reveals he is *intensely* Christian, as well as a Christian apologist. He’s also written many books advocating for Christian teachings with a seemingly right-wing leaning like how to best oppose to gay marriage. I learned all that about him within about 5 minutes of research. I doubt he’s teaching his kids *about* propaganda rather than making them listen to it.


Maybe it was another person who was having their kids use prageru videos to sort out misinformation. Thanks for the response! I just thought it'd be funny if they retweeted this guy but the guy was actually teaching his kid that prageru is shit.


This guys ideas very much align with some of the propaganda pieces that Prager U puts out. Even the slightest bit of bothering to look into it demonstrates that pretty quickly.


Everyone hates when you ask questions about the posted topic's context because you can "just google it". If you're tired of answering these types of questions and you don't think it adds value, why not downvote and move on?


I suggest you go to his twitter and see for yourself.


Everyone hates when you ask questions about the posted topic's context because you can "just google it". If you're tired of answering these types of questions and you don't think it adds value, why not downvote and move on?


Because you can. I did. Welcome to Reddit lmao


All information can be googled to obtain. I guess there's no reason to ever ask a question? Interesting perspective.


first of all: that parent is an idiot. i would not call this "child abuse" though. if i had a child i would want it to learn about politics too, and if it wanted some treat for it this would be a good motivation. of course only if she already had good shoes so my kid earns something they don't necessarily need. so i understand that the parent is trying to educate their children, it just sucks that they provide bullshit as a source and waste everybodys time


Actually I fully consider it to be abuse purely because it’s Prager U/ conservative media. You’re teaching the child to believe in things that will literally only ever hurt them and be maladjusted so they can only be friends with other wackos. It’s like Christians homeschooling their children not because public school isn’t working but because they want to make sure their child isn’t exposed to “alternate ideas.” My aunt is currently doing that shit which is why I feel so strongly about it.


oh i fully agree that this action will hurt the kid in the future. the only benefit i can find is that idiots live in groups and the kid will have really dumb, yet loyal friends. i kinda expected to get downvoted to oblivion though :D




my parents tought me the great wall of china is visible from the moon. they were wrong about that. they tought it because they wanted me to get smarter and educate me. they believed this themselves. i don't think this is child abuse this women is teaching her kid absurd bullshit. she is wrong about this. she teaches this because she wants her kid to get smarter. she believes this. she is trying to give her child something, that she thinks is an important source of information. she is absolutly fucking wrong. but she is trying her best and abuse is the wrong term. imagine comparing the fate of an immigrant child in a cage with some brat karen offspring. and i don't get why i get downvoted for this. i agree with everyone here that the entire tweet was advanced dumb, i just don't think she is abusing the kid.


They apparently didn’t teach you spelling or grammar.


Even if you wouldn't call it child abuse, you can at least agree that it's fucked up. You should not force your children to learn a certain political ideology to "earn new shoes."


Oh yeah, i totally agree on that. I just assume that the kid already had shoes and wants a special expensive pair, that it doesn't necessarily need. I guess I didn't emphasize this enough