Reminder that all these righties don't actually give a shit about the law, they just hate BLM.

Reminder that all these righties don't actually give a shit about the law, they just hate BLM.


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Rules for thee not for me


Do as I say not as I do


Do as I say not as I say*






or die


*and die. FTFY


Its ok because I'm white.


There it is.


Dems: “let’s spend money to solve social issues” GOP: “no” Dems: “ah, OK, you must have another idea, we’re all ears” GOP: “nah”


*Rules for black people because I’m afraid of them


Not afraid, just hate


I would wager both.


It's like our boy Yoda said: #He is full of Fear. Fear is the path to the Dark Side. #Fear leads to Anger; Anger leads to Hate. And we all know that Yoda was ~~never wrong!~~ only wrong about that one tiny little prophecy thing concerning one random padawan, don't worry, you've never heard of him.


Anakin will make a fine cub-scout leader * Yoda


"Alright, Younglings, who wants to learn how to debone a Sandperson carcass?!" "Mister Anakin, I don't think that that Sandperson is dead yet." "Tomatoes, tomatoes. Also, it's *Master* Anakin, youngling." "...I do not grant you that."


Ok kids, here are the women and children, get to cutting! Just wherever you feel like it, don't worry just keep cutting and we'll ask questions later.


Actually, depending on how you look at it, Yoda *wasn't* wrong; he was just inaccurate. Anakin *did* bring balance the Force, but the relative absence of Sith practitioners and extensive presence of the Jedi put the Galaxy heavily in a state favoring the Light Side. Anakin brought balance to the Force by cutting down the Jedi to match the numbers of the Sith, allowing the Force to swing back to center.


"Fear leads to panic, panic leads to pain, pain leads to anger, anger leads to hate."


"Conservatism consists of exactly one proposition, to wit: There must be in-groups whom the law protects but does not bind, alongside out-groups whom the law binds but does not protect" - Frank Wilhoit


[A composer of contemporary baroque music would you believe](http://webbermusic.com/people/wilhoit.php)


In a movement that’s full to bursting with hypocrisy Charlie Kirk stands out in how flagrant he is with it.


And how he slips into illegality and gets away with it


Charlie’s been rich his entire life, he’s never had to face consequences for anything and probably never will.


To be fair, with a face like his, the consequences would have to be tiny.


If there's anything I've learned these past 5 years, it's that conservatives really do not care about hypocrisy. It's really whatever so as long as their emotional needs are met.


They have no moral compass and really do not believe in anything but their own self interests. They will say whatever they think their voting base wants to hear so that they can continue to keep their job. They are the biggest whores in the world. Total scum!


It’s amazing how many Don’t Tread On Me types there are like this.


Yeah, because they mean them, specifically. It's not "don't tread on us".


None of these comedians are immune to the classic “this you?”


For everything they say, there’s always something they said before against that action






[You can get it straight from the source!](https://www.twitter.com/realDonaldTrump)


This won't ever get old


Just like Matt Gaetz’s girlfriends


“That's what I love about these high school girls, man. I get older, they stay the same age.”


For every Stupid Action-there is an equal and opposite “This You?” Reaction.


It just makes that racist shit so much more obvious. If it was about actual issues, you wouldn’t have to talk out of both sides of your mouth to make your point.


> For everything they say, there’s always something they said before against that action That's a bonus for a narcissist. NPDs hate getting caught, but the one thing that they love more than anything else is getting caught *and then getting away with it.* Rubbing it in people's faces is a way for them to prove that the rules don't actually apply to them. So Kirk and the rest actually get a kick out of it when people hit them the with "this you?" line. Their inner dialog is "yes, that is me, what are you going to do about it? nothing!" That doesn't mean its not worth doing, just that pointing out their hypocrisy won't cause them a iota of discomfort.


And what makes it a “This You?” moment is that they haven’t changed at all from the time of the old post to the new. I’ve been “this you”’d a few times with the premise that my views on a subject haven’t changed since in the four years since, which I did. The same cannot be said for ~~most~~ almost all politicians.


Normally I’d say it’s because Twitter literally forbids adding any nuance to anything, so you’re comparing someone’s pithy slogans to their other pithy slogans. But since it’s Charlie Kirk, we all know the headline is right.


That's a little unfair. Comedians are entertaining.


Tbf they are unintentionally entertaining




He’s a comedian?


More like he’s a joke.


His face is the punchline


no, he's a clown


He is not a clown, he is the entire circus.




What is maybe more interesting is that it is the human condition that all us have firmly held beliefs that if examined critically would be at odds with other firmly held beliefs we have. Our brains are ok with this though; we just make it work. Simply acknowledging this and working to understand why you believe the things you believe is the real key to trying to live a moral life, in my opinion.


Cognitive dissonance.


>work >Try So... They would rather die?




What do comedians have to do with Charlie Kirk? (You right though)


They both make people laugh? I guess the major difference is Comedians do it intentionally.


Man you think of all the hard work that comedians put into perfecting their craft. And then you see Charlie Kirk just say the funniest shit without even trying.


You should apologized to comedians everywhere for this insult. :P


Comedian? Ha. You now have a bigger career in comedy than he does.


I’m here all week


The Capitol riot proved that they don’t really give a shit about the law


Trump exposed American conservatism. He showed that they never cared about the law. He showed that they never cared about "blue lives" and only hate BLM. He proved that they didn't give a shit about Christianity (if they did they wouldn't have supported a man who cheated on all of his wives and bragging about adultery). He proved that they didn't care about spending.


Ah yes, the GOP, party of: - “Law and Order” - “Christian values” - “Maintaining a balanced budget”


GOP bitching about fiscal responsibility after Biden elected, right on cue


Lol I go on this investment site stocktwits and from immediately after the election and still going on now, whenever a stock is red they come out of the wood work "SeE WhAt BiDeN dId To ThE EcOnOmY?


Welcome to Biden’s 👎🏻 america 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 mother fucker ❌ , we 👪 warned u


"we wanred you with images from Trump's America!"


The first complaints were coming before he had even been inaugurated. It was incredible. Then it only took Sean hannity like 3 hours after he'd been inaugurated to start complaining about how he hadn't fixed the covid situation.


To be fair on that first point... The GOP does appear to be deeply embroiled in an episode of SVU every single day now.


Its all about maintaining white supremacy and fascism,it’s all about hating POC and the left


Lol, Trump didn’t do shit. Conservatism was always like this, and people have always seen it. Liberals may have woken up to it now, everyone else was already aware. Conservatives have just become louder and louder, until a grifter like Trump seized the opportunity to talk for them. Trump is a result, not the cause. And there are worse people than him. Much worse.


I feel like they at least tried to pretend before Trump. It was obvious to anyone with anyone paying attention that Republicans were hypocrites with no true values but they at least put in the minimum effort to give their voters plausible deniability. Trump came and proved to them that their voters actually didn't give a fuck, republican core voters cared more about winning then literally anything else so they didn't have to pretend to have values anymore as long as they win.


Tom fucking shit bag cotton comes to mind..


This is very true; neoliberalism is fertile soil in which fascism can grow


Conservatives are Nietzsche's last men. They don't believe anything, but they go through the motions of traditional practices not because they believe these things work, but because they're trying to turn their nostalgia into a fucking cargo cult. Thus, you see them making a big show about their participation in religious activities and their paeans to the ideals they have claimed to hold, but then obviously doing the opposite thing when it comes time to put up or shut up. It's why these people have continued to go to church even through the pandemic. They don't actually *believe* any of this. They never did. But they believe that if they go to church enough, and if everybody goes back, then things will be fine again.


Do they even want things to be fine again? The conservatives I know thrive on anger and outrage. If they got their wish and lgbt were forced back into the closet and Christian white men went back to being the only group in power, then I'm convinced that they would immediately just go back to fighting about which Christian denomination is the true denomination. Just like they did before. Unhappiness is their natural state.


Because that's how they whip up the base and keep their momentum. It's the mechanism of action; not the original motive behind the action, which is what the person you were replying to was talking about. The slaves and the masters are very different men. Both monsters, but very different. And the masters, by the laws of physics; are not entirely in control: they push without restraint to get their petty bullshit way, and an object in motion tends to stay in motion, unless acted on by an outside force. It's why the nazis *had to* invade russia like the dumbfucks they were, it's why the roman republic and USSR couldn't be fixed by dictators, it's why shitty means will always lead to shitty ends. Which is to say: two very different topics.


I didn't cut him out myself, but I lost a friend over his "support the troops" bullshit. Genuinely asked him what he's ever done to support the troops beyond his Facebook shares (pro war shit from right wing pages) and a bumper sticker. Told him the local VA hospital takes volunteers. He didn't like that coming from a liberal atheist.


They care about power, and power only.


Conserving the hierarchy.


I was reading some KKK background today and it was wild how the 1920s version was just really ultraconservatism. They beat and flogged people more for cheating on their spouse than for their race. They were in favor of law and order and ending social degeneracy. Seemed like they would have all been posters on the Donald


It’s sad it took that monstrosity to open some eyes to that. And it makes fucking despicable that there are still legions of so-called Americans who don’t understand this yet.


Or the budget. They don't care about that. Or ... Yeah anything but oppression terror and rape.


Beating cops with thin blue line flags because they "back the blue"


Weren't they shouting "fuck the blue" while they did it?


I'm not sure about that, but I do know they were saying "we're on your side" while assaulting them


I'm sure it was hardly the first time violence has been accompanied by something to the effect of, "why are you making me do this?" for *many* of the people present that day.


Well they did beat a lot of cops that were facing away. So technically they did kind of sort of did "back" the blue.


Backstab The Blue^^TM


They don’t give a shit about black people. I think that’s what we can take away from all this.


I've been saying this for literal decades now. If you are a conservative you are, *in the absolute best case and most charitable scenario,* OK with blatant racism.


I grew up conservative Christian in a rural area. You would have a difficult time trying to convince me that most conservatives aren't racist. It's their nature to be intolerant. Their minds are molded by tradition which is obviously rooted in the ways of old. That includes racism. Maybe not outright skinhead or KKK, but racist nonetheless.


They killed a cop with an American flag. It is beyond parody.


While the Star Spangled Banner was sung in the background.


The Capitol terrorist attack.


Tons of rednecks with Thin Blue Line stickers on their trucks decided that the best way to show their patriotism was to beat and cripple hundreds of police officers, and kill one. The report by the NYT on the injuries sustained by the DCPD is brutal. Many lost eyes, fingers, toes, teeth.


How is Charlie still not under investigation for sending them all those tour buses?


I don’t know, but I hope the law catches up soon.


It was a coup not a riot. this isn't Fox


Resisting arrest isn't a capital crime. For white people.


For white people you gotta be on the floor crying for them to shoot you.


I have a theory that the US is going down the road of race in Latin America, but in the negative way. Race in Latin America is less about being biologically superior and more about class and wealth. The wealthier you are, the whiter you become. So soon enough poor white Americans are going to be on the chopping block


It's been headed that way for a while now already and they just aren't paying attention. If you're disabled in America you're expected to survive off a maximum of $794 per month, and also cannot have savings of more than $2,000 at any given time...and there's controls and limits on how you're allowed to spend your money. It's designed to break the most disenfranchised amongst us for merely wanting to survive.


It is kind of like that but the wealthy conservative-leaning establishment has to keep projecting this image where poor/working class whites are part of a group of privileged "chosen people" in America. This is so the elites have the votes they need to maintain the status quo even if it goes against their interests which hasn't been too hard to accomplish so far since they see their actions as only harming other groups they don't like instead of themselves.




It's not heading that way it has always been that way. Look at your trailer trash. There are entire communities of people who are socioeconomically lower than the stereotypical black man who are constantly told that they have white privilege but don't see a single benefit of it. As always the US is not a first world country; It's a third world country with a Gucci handbag


For every video like that there are ten more involving a black man. The video you're talking about was terrible but don't try to diminish the race issue with it.


They weren’t diminishing shit. They were saying it takes more to kill a White person than a Black person. Reddit really needs to learn to fucking read.


Or say your being treated like a minority and other whites will feel sympathy


In no world should someone die for "disobeying a lawful order from a police officer." No, just no, there is no "they should have just listened" that's utter bullshit and does not fly. You have to be jumping through the largest mental hoops and have some sort of brain rot to cover for something that is complete and utter obvious bullshit. Unless there is immediate threat to themselves or other innocents, then no. If I "accidentally" killed someone, guess what? I'd still be charged with murder or manslaughter, and I'm not supposedly "trained" to know better. Cops are not judge, jury, and executioner, even though they seem to roleplay it. Cops are suppose to de-escalate the situation, but when you have shit like [this](https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9460269/Gov-calls-probe-traffic-stop-Black-Army-officer.html#article-9460269) where the supposed "criminal" is attempting to de-escalate, you know the system and the training is fucked.


You are aware this is America, yes? These people have rationalized, normalized and justified far worse...for far longer. People are tired, beyond words, of the normalness of it all.


Remember, he deleted a tweet about how TPUSA was paying for 80 buses of people to DC on Jan 6. He then started tweeting nonstop about how Antifa actually stormed the Capitol.


Right wingers: antifa is funded by George soros to destroy America Also right wingers: sends a bunch of terrorists to attack the Capitol


The gift that keeps on grifting.


Yeah, Charlie just says whatever the consumers of his content want to hear. I know conservatives often suffer with a lot of cognitive dissonance, but this guy is also clearly grifting.


He said specifically "more than 80 buses." How much you wanna bet it was 88 buses?


Dude was fucking panicking around that time. He was probably shitting himself thinking he's going to get arrested as an accessory.


How's that prick not in trouble for it?


Right wingers and q annon crazies believe that bullshit. I'm just sitting there like Have you seen the pictures? Why would antifa fly trump flags if they hate him? That's idiotic.


Philando Castille was complying. Didn’t matter for him.


Breonna Taylor was sleeping.




Elijah Mcclain was walking home


Tamir Rice was playing in a park.


Tamir Rice is one of the most egregious, indefensible examples of police negligence. So sad how avoidable his death was and how tragic. Police need to be made accountable.


I hope his shooter wakes up in a cold sweat every night, remembering how he killed a 12 year old child.


Say his name! Much love for remembering.


Daunte Wright was arrested and killed over an incorrectly sent email.


Nobody asked John Crawford to drop the toy he was carrying in the (white) open carry state of Ohio.


Rest in Power Philando Castille. ACAB


["Freddy, Alton, Oscar, Walter, Eric and Stephon, Velando, Sam, Temear, Terrance, Michal, Sandra, Sean."](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vweTyy3lZG4)


Oscar grant was facedown and cuffed.


Philando Castille. Daniel Shaver.


Ok trans youth in Arkansas, Charles gave the order.


For every conservative criticism, you will find an equal but opposite defense from that very same conservative.


perfectly balanced as all things should be


It’s easy to understand when you consider that the criticism is meant for the out group (generally the “colored”, gays, the leftists, etc) and the opposite defense is meant for the in group.


You should be allowed to resist arrest when the officers do not provide a valid reason for detaining you.


In a perfect world, if the police officer states an invalid reason for detainment you should protest but not resist and work it out in court. However, if there’s no recording of the officer’s statement (whether they don’t wear a body cam, turn it off, or destroy the recording) gooooood luck getting the judge to take your word over an officer (especially after they fix their story).


Even a sinple arrest can spiral into loss of employment and homelessness. Police know this and use it as a weapon. Cops shouldn't have the power to ruin people's lives with impunity.


What's that saying? You can beat the rap but you can't beat the ride? It's literally "do what I say or I'm gonna fuck up your whole day with an abuse of my authority."


“Conservatism consists of exactly one proposition …There must be in-groups whom the law protects but does not bind, alongside out-groups whom the law binds but does not protect.”


Came here to make sure someone said this.


no but see what you fail to appreciate is that when charleth kirkleton says “orders that violate our natural rights” he means “orders I don’t like” 🅱️ibz destroyed


natural rights Why is my dog suddenly barking


What is up with these life, liberty and pursuit cocks? They really are pro life until it’s someone being killed by police


cus theyre authoritarian nationalists who think cops should be the fuckin judge jury and executioner


*We can't tolerate orders that violate our rights! It's time to resist arrest- Wait not you, you are black*


“We’re not racist, here’s this black man from a breitbart article that said it was alright” - Them probably


A reminder that this melon-headed Jack O'Lantern and that tiny, childlike ventriloquist's dummy Shapiro think they're examples of a superior race.




It’s not that they hate BLM as much as they just hate black people.


Yeah why do they keep bringing up BLM? It’s black people, not BLM.


Jarvis, make a meme of Charlie Kirk crushing himself with a boot.


They don't hate BLM, they hate BL.


Dude, conservatives even stopped liking GUNS when they realized black people were allowed to buy them too. The Black Panthers may have a controversial history, but damn were they good at pointing out hypocrisy.


"Authoritarian Measures" 4 years of Trump and he says that lol!


*Teargassing peaceful protestors for a photo op is fine but being forced to wear a mask inside Walmart for 30 minutes is 1984 /s*


Conservatism isn’t a consistent ideology. The entire ideology is based on one-upping the other side in that specific moment, even if it means doing a complete 180 on previous arguments. One cannot be a conservative without being a hypocrite, it is simply not possible.


"Conservatism consists of exactly one proposition, to wit: There must be in-groups whom the law protects but does not bind, alongside out-groups whom the law binds but does not protect." --Frank Wilhoit


One of the asshole bigots on Newsmax said that the African American Army Lt in Virginia deserved it because he had a firearm in his car. So much for the 2A


Everyone knows that the best way to descalate a police related wrongful killing is for them to go out and shoot a few black people in the back.


Charlie Kirk is a pudgy-faced little taint pimple who would whine and cry like the little pussy bitch he is if a cop ever kneeled on him.


Conservatives take L's everyday.


I fucking hate when conservative hacks say “don’t resist arrest then” as if police only fucking murder people who are resisting arrest... RIP Breonna Taylor


Yeah because resisting arrest makes it OK to kill that person. Thanks, Charlie Kirk, for your lil bits of ironclad logic.


Any group that hates people because of the color of their skin needs to be abolished and the racists exposed.


They don't hate BLM. It's worse. They hate black people.


GOP is full of racist hypocrites, fake religious people


I hate that man so much. Running from the police shouldn't be a death sentence.


When does Charlie Kirk just come out and say he doesn’t like minorities? It’s already very implied, just wish he’d be upfront about his bullshit


They just hate black people*


If a cop wants to kill you they will, and they will more than likely get away with it pension included.


Typical far right kid


It’s okay when republicans do it


Ok, who was killed now


If you couldn't tell by Charlie's tweet, it certainly wasn't a white conservative


Don’t resist UNLESS a you’re a trump supporter storming the Capitol


Facts don't matter if you push a narrative. The facts that serve your agenda will be held high and the ones that contradict you will be disregarded as lie.


Run from it, fear it. It doesn’t matter. “This you?” will always get you.


They just haye black people ftfy


I didn’t see LT. Nazario resisting arrest at all what’s Charlie’s excuse for that assault by police?


Natural rights? Don’t babies pee on their parents? Sounds like a natural right to me!


But you see Charlie Kirk is white


I just assume that every car with a stupid blue stripe flag contains at least one racist.


Don’t resist arrest if you’re not on my side*


They don't hate BLM, they hate anyone who isn't white and rich


I can't get a latte without wearing a mask. Clearly we need to overthrow the government. ---- Government is killing black people. Naw, shut up and sit down


Hypocrisy is a cornerstone of conservatism


George Floyd wasn’t resisting.


Add, "if you want to live." after each tweet, and it reads different.


Charlie Kirk, welcome to the Resistance.


I tried looking for this tweet and read about 7 tweets before I lost my entire brain


It’s not just that they hate BLM... it’s that they’re blatantly racist.


We have a term and a place for citizens who think they’re above the Law . The term is “ criminal “ and the place is “ prison “. Ask the Qanon Shaman, he’s in jail right now! Fa-fa-fa- fa-Q!


As a conservative, I can 100% tell you to resist tyranny in any form, be it a cop in the wrong or an overbearing government hellbent on stripping the bill of rights. Our government and all it's officials serve at our pleasure, they don't lead us. We put our faith in them to protect us and our interests, and we've let them forget that. I also believe that another Roosevelt style corporate split up is long overdue, companies like Disney, Amazon, and Google have far to much influence on everything.