Superficial and Ignorant

Superficial and Ignorant


Useless trivia I stumbled upon today: Brad Pitt is 5'11".


Barely Useful trivia, if you're 5'11'' I'd suggest you move to basically any country outside the US where the "tall height" is 1,80m which is roughly 5'11". Alternatively that's another reason to support a switch to the metric system.


Another funny thing is most of those countries where 1.80m is considered the “tall height” (Europe), they tend to have a taller average population than the US




Viva la México




Yemen! That actually sounds like a real country






https://youtu.be/ImN2ze6opHE Friends - Chandler accidentally goes to Yemen to escape a relationship.


Idk what dick size has to do with this


If you look there is a strong correlation between height and health. Countries with good healthcare and nutrition have taller populations. I.e. Denmark vs India.


My family is filled with 6'0+ and 5'7+ women and men so we just look so weird as indians. In some older houses men in my family have to duck their heads lol...... I got the misfortune of growing past 6'0 though


I loled at this


Even more useless. He’s shorter according to some. He is a hair taller than Tom cruise. Still one of the most desired men of the modern era


yeah and thats because they have chiseled faces lol


That’s true. Can’t beat handsome


You can but then that would be a crime


You don't talk about the fight club.


Tom Cruise is 5'7"


He is ALLEGEDLY 5'7 WITH HEELS. Tom cruise is apparently 5'6. Apparently he has been trying really hard to appear taller since marrying Kidman, because the press would pick on him for the height difference.


A hair taller? Tom Cruise is much shorter than that.


He’s also rich as fuck so that negates it


Outrageously handsome too. If you came across Brad Pitt on a dating App, you’re swiping right on photo 1, even if it’s him standing beside a “Must be this tall to ride” sign.


I just pull an uno reverse and only date women 6' or higher


Me, a 5’11” woman who only runs into dudes with complexes (or wild ass fetishes) about tall women, endorses this lol


Omg the funniest message I got from a dude(I'm also 5'11) was "you're exactly my type, but you're too tall." 🙄😂😂


Sooo…I’m not your type then…?? Lol I wouldn’t know what to say back to that


RIGHT. I called him boring and blocked him. Lol


It was only right


Listen, I will totally admit as a 6ft male, I'd death by snusnu with some 7ft+ female basketball player. The issue is most women over 5'11 won't even talk to a 6ft guy because of the whole height social stigma. Idk, the whole height thing is a bit goofy. If it sexually works (like you can comfortably enjoy each other), the social stigma is just stilly.


Oh I agree but I have to offer up that usually by the time we start catching the eyes of the taller guys (or at least in my experience) we’ve gotten “joked on” so many times that we tend to shy away because we’ve been made so painfully aware of our height that sometimes you want something to totally over shadow it and end up wanting the 6’4”+ so we can chase that “femininity” that we must somehow be missing just because we’re tall 🙄 Okay, rant over lol


Haha, it's cool, I get it. I'd imagine nothing is more uncomfortable than getting pointed out that you're so tall every 10 minutes.


I just got used to cracking jokes to disarm people before it can get too deep. Them: omg, you’re so tall! How tall are you? Me: 5’12” Them: “Oh I tho- **glitches in place** Oh that’s a *goood* one!” Me: Ikr! And then run lol. The sports questions are coming next and it’s a slippery slope from there But I imagine you’ve gotten your fair share of these experiences too


Society is so dead set on 6ft being the cut off for male "tallness", that I never get any remarks on my height. No comments on being short or tall, which is nice I guess.


Im 6’ and recently dated a woman who was 5’10. First time being with a woman taller than 5’4 or so, and I didnt find her any less feminine. Her height was actually kinda cute (if that even makes sense). Just realized its not a big height difference, but she mentioned a similar insecurity about feeling less feminine because or her height.


As a 6'5'' guy who has only ran into 2 women with wild ass fetishes about "tall & strong man" and ran out of there, I can only imaging what's its like to be a tall women getting hit on by dudes like that. Meanwhile I can only think how simple some things would be dating a tall woman, no more bending over to kiss or feeling like having a backpack while spooning.


Little spoon gang


I’m sorry but the backpack while spooning bit is taking me out 😂😂😂 But yeah, the searchers of pain are definitely dating hazards to look out for lol. Quick question, did you get asked to lift them by any chance? The same friend has this thing about being bench pressed (yep) by dudes 6’+ and it blows my mind that she gets so many participants lol And so many bennies. But The Stiletto Stepper is what we’re being interviewed for 😭😂


My ex was 5'2'' so yeah spooning and ending with her being the big spoon was funny or that time during and earthquake she was trying to put on her shoes before going out, I just picked her up and ran out of the house. **I'm sorry bench pressed? in a sex/fetish way or just "drop to the floor and bench press me!"?**. This may get a little NSFW but this is r/tinder so I'm assuming we are all adults. I use to play basketball (power forward) from elementary to college so usually lifting someone I'm dating would come naturally either when I don't want to bend over to kiss them / I want a "regular" hug (*cheek to cheek instead of looking down and seeing the top of their heads)* or in a NSFW in the bedroom when there's a good height difference *(standing up while lifting them is easier and apparently appreciated).* While I have not been asked to bench press them, weirdly enough the only 2 times when a girl asked to be lifted *(while in a date setting)* were those 2 wild ass fetishes encounters so you may be onto something here. One basically wanted to be slapped and the other was "The Stiletto Stepper" and wanted someone bigger to basically do that to her, for obvious reasons I Usain Bolt out of there.


I meeean that was lowkey more efficient so it is what it is lol And both 🥴 Like she’ll honestly just be like can you lift me and they’ll oblige. And then I peace out lol. (Surprise lifting during sexy fun times is very much appreciated) I often wonder about the slapping 🤔 Like honestly wonder about it. What’s in it that’s so good ya know? And ouu the Stepper wants to be stepped on. I can see why you zoom zoom lol


Guy lifting friend during a party..... aaaand that's my cue! When it was brought up it left me wondering too, like you do not see the size difference? is it the same as a spank? are you not afraid that I could miscalculate and hurt you?


There’s so many questionssssss


Issa jetpack, holmes.


I get those too. Dudes who only seek out women that are taller than they are to date usually have a dominatrix fetish. At least in my experience.


Frfr. And the stuff they be wanting me to do 😳 I be like sir, this is not the red room of pain lol


Yup! Yes I do have heels, no I won’t be wearing them to stomp on that


I call it the Stiletto Special atp lol. Maybe if I were more enterprising I could have a nice little side career 😂 But no, I just wanna bury my face in someone’s chest while we hug too 🥺 Is that so wrong *shakes fists* lol Edit: That it’s was bothering me lol




That’s the best route to go tbh


As a 6’4 I’m also being considerate and getting rid of em in honor for my 5ft boys.


Bless you my tall brother


Don’t mention it buddy *casually uses your head as an armrest*


Me next


Can I pet your head and feed you from the hand?


Who even needs women


Just kiss your bros good night


[it’s not gay if…](https://pics.me.me/thumb_im-not-gay-just-enjoy-the-homeyotouch-homey-saberry-checake-59264397.png)




What's crazy is how they demand a dude over 6 feet tall, while being like 75lbs overweight and totally unattractive... Fucking hello?


I've seen a few profiles like that. I wonder if that is a "reject other defense before they get rejected themselves".


They don't care when plenty of people will match them anyway.


Ouin, surtout au Quebec... Les gars sont thirsty en criss.


C'est partout pareil mon frère. Quand t'es pas attirant t'as que la chance avec toi


Oublie pas que le gars moyen est pas full attirant, donc fourre pas souvent. La grande majorité des dudes sont thirsty as fuck.




Being 5'7, if I could hug you without taking your balls to my chin, I would. <3


I'd see it as a bonus


Us tall bois must defend our shorter brothers




Thanks tall brother from a 5'8 man






It prolly depends on what exactly ur looking for on tinder but someone could say "only 4' and above" and I'd still swipe left because if someone has that in their bio, I don't think that's the kind of person I could see myself w/.


4ft and above sounds like a parody of those 6ft+ requirements


I was using exaggeration as a form of comedy. (Yeo, those language lessons really paid of... fml)


My profile says “I swipe left if you’re less than 200 lbs” then watch all the hotties implode over getting in my DMs.


oh man, that sounds awesome. i would do this if i had any hotties in the dm's to begin with


If you make it, they will come. They even message first, talkin’ bout “Ew, why do you like fat chicks?” “Easy, because I’ve never met a skinny chick that can handle the pipe.” Casual readers are swooning as they see this.


I do that too, but at the same time I question whether it’s ok for me to go out with girls who would date people under 6ft.


And why you think that way?


Beacuse it just means more competition. Like if I end up with a girl that is fine with short guys, it will be slightly harder for all shorter guys to find a girl, but if I end up with a girl that wants a 6ft guy it won't make a difference for them.


The solution is don’t date at all so you don’t add to the competition


How noble of you!


I have always felt tall guys are wasted on me because there's someone who really wants that and I'm indifferent...but then again tall women can reach the top shelf.


I felt that way the couple times I’ve dated women with big boobs. I’m ambivalent at best about breasts, so it felt kind of like a waste for her to be dating me when pretty much any other guy would’ve loved to trade places with me. I got over it by telling myself that she and I were both actual human beings with value derived from attributes other than the shapes of our bodies.


If I know I need something off the top shelf I have to grab my husband before he takes off his foot. I am older now and homie don't do step stools anymore.


I am confused and delighted


Dead ass. Fuck the system


Praise the giant


As a man over 6 feet I also swipe left on those. Fuck em


I usually swipe right, if they match I tell them I'm going to unmatch because I think putting height requirements to even let someone talk to you is super shallow, and unmatch. Maybe I'm being a dickhead, but I think it's better they know. I'm ok with preferences, but I've matched with girls who don't match mine, gone on dates and had a great time. Preferences shouldn't rule out every single person who doesn't match one of them. And yes there's a certain irony in my preference being no shallow girls. But I see it as a deal-breaker, not a preference. And I don't have it in my profile.


I think a significant factor is that we have endless options so can be highly discriminatory without having to worry about not finding another guy from the huge list of suitors while guys from what I understand struggle a lot more to get matches. I can't even have a facebook page without being spammed with thirsty men trying to add me from all over the world or finding public photos and spamming them with hearts from complete strangers. My ex boyfriend however never had to deal with any of that.


She's not humble bragging. I had an amicable split with my ex, and she let me look over her shoulder when she used Tinder. She had been messaged by about 40 guys. What was interesting to me was how surprised she was that my own wasn't a mirror of hers.


This is 100% true. Not a humble brag. I think there are a lot of men on tinder that swipe right on everyone to see if they get a match. My neighbor looked over my shoulder once and exclaimed at how I could possibly have 99 “likes”, and I told him, easy…I’m a chick 🐥 it didn’t occur to me that it wasn’t the same for dudes


Not even close, I tried for a month, swept right without looking, I never got a match, I mean I get that I'm about average looking, but I fully gave up on dating apps afterwards. Got lucky and met my wife by chance though and couldn't be happier.


Honestly chance meetings are always the best sort…dates from dating apps have a layer of magic that’s lost


What a humble brag


Right? I mean, *if that’s what an ugly chick can get…* /s


Sorry it came across that way, just trying to empathise a bit and explain from my point of view why women tend to be like that. Not that I agree with it mind. But when you have more variety of choice which does seem to be the case for women you can afford to be more descriminating on your choices. And for men I assume for many it's a case of beggars can't be choosers sort of thing.


Yea I'd say probably only the top 1% of men have a similar amount of matches as 99% of women get. Mind you I was never near that top1% of men and still did fine


It’s more like 4% of men and 50% of women. Those are the respective right-swipe rates of women and men, so the top 4% of men are swimming in options while for women it’s the top 50%, probably more like the top 2/3-3/4. Ugly women have it almost as bad as average men when it comes to matches on the app. When it comes to actual relationships, though, far fewer are being well-served. Most of the 50% of women who are matching with 4% of men are scratching their heads wondering why guys won’t commit and only want sex from them. They’ve even tried putting “not here for hookups” in their profiles, but over and over again, they meet a great guy and everything seems great until he ghosts her right after sex. The reason for this isn’t rocket science. Men are just as picky as women when it comes to relationships, if not more so, but we are a lot less discriminating when it comes to casual encounters. So what happens is a top 50% (say third quartile) woman matches with a top 4% man and goes out with him. She’s excited because he’s a great catch and she sees so much potential. He, on the other hand, is also swimming in matches, and has several “better” women waiting in the wings. He meets up with her and really isn’t particularly impressed, but since he already put on a clean shirt, he might as well follow through at least enough to get laid, but he can do better; he’s not going to see this one again. This is largely speculative on my part, but I strongly suspect that scenario - a middle-tier woman matches with a top-tier man and feels used - represents the vast majority of Tinder dates and therefore accounts for the reputation of men on the app as only wanting hookups. Of course it does go the other way as well, but perhaps not as much. In that scenario, a top 10% woman matches with a top 10% (90th percentile) man, they go out, and she rules him out for a serious relationship because she has many potentially better candidates in the wings, but still goes ahead with sex because he’s good enough for that… and while this happens much less often than the first scenario, it happens often enough that even most very attractive men think that women on Tinder are just there to hook up. None of the characters in any of these scenarios were actually “just there to hook up.” Each and every one of them was looking for a relationship. Half of them engaged in the hookup hoping it would be the start of something real, and the other half engaged in it because of sunk cost.


No speculation needed. This is exactly what happens.


Nah, they've looked into this, the bottom 50% of women on this one app got 7% of the likes. Guys assume all women have it easy when girls who aren't the cutest have it rough too.


Oh wow I didn't know that, though it's been some time since I've been on a dating app so been living with my old assumptions


It's not. Having random men hit on you because they're desperate for what's between your legs isn't flattering, it's depressing.


I can't even be on Reddit without get 3-4 thirsty weird messages a day lol. So, yea, you're not wrong


Literally have a dude in my Dm's right now. The fact that I have a girlfriend doesn't deter him.


I just ignore and block


Oh a gf? She single? /s


If you unmatch right away, she’ll never see that message.


I fuck em, but then I don’t call them. I stand by you my brothers


As a man right on 6ft, im glad im happily married.


Does this happen a lot?! From reading the comments it seems it does but I would just like confirmation.


Well sucks for her, Danny DeVito is 4’10


And he fiiiiiine


He foiiiiine?


And he's got a magnum dong. Her loss.


"Are 6 feet tall?" "Yes, are you 110lbs?"


"Misogynistic!!!" 🤣


“Do you have at least a C cup and nice booty?”


I’m more concerned how tall they are laying down lol


I’ve got 8 inches of Black Country pork for ya


Absolutely Haram


Pork 😂


Fair but at least part of Tinder is personal preference. Willing to bet you still only swipe right on people who you find attractive.


It's just a bitter pill to swallow that women get this level of preference choice on tinder while most of us men just take whatever we can get. If we can in fact get any matches.


Thing is they really don't. With women, dating is like trawl fishing near a nuclear plant, only 1% of your catch may be safe to eat. For men it's like regular fishing in a fairly depopulated lake.


Sounds like the beginning of a manifesto.


Man who is 6'3" here. This is exactly my mindset when reading these profiles.


So you swipe left on those shallow girls who want someone over a certain height and those people who you don’t find physically attractive?


Difference between preferences and “demands”. If a girl cares sooooo much about height that she puts it in her profile she is probably very superficial. But swiping left on someone you don’t find attractive is done by both genders. Just because you don’t find 1 part of someone attractive doesn’t mean they are an instant left for most people


Personally I don’t date anyone under 7’ don’t @ me


I put my height and that I’m looking for someone taller then me that I can wear heels with. Dudes get really weird when they find out you’re taller then them sometimes, like I stole their masculinity with my long tibias 🤷🏽‍♀️


I don’t entirely understand why it hurts people on this subreddit so much that not everyone finds them attractive. Like a girl says that she prefers tall men and suddenly she’s the Devil for having a preference in who she is attracted to


How the fuck are my brethren so fucking fragile? Get over it homies. Lol. Or is it too tall a task for you to get over it?


Is this an American thing? I have zero female friends with that particular preference. I feel like it’s usually the other way around, short men not being confident to pursue taller women. I’m 170cm (5’5” I think? Too lazy to Google) and I’ve been rejected by men with the same height as me :’)


No, it’s the same in Europe.


It's the same in Australia. Well at least in my area in the age group I'm looking at. Probably 10% of profiles with a bio have a height requirement.


Im a female and I never ask a guys height. I always have guys asking me what my height is though.


If I ever ask, it's because I'm curious. Never used it as an eliminating factor.


I definitely agree!


My ex was 6’4” and always asked girls their heights. I’m 5’8” and that was the “shortest” he’d go. I prefer men are at least my height but I find they get annoyed if I wear heels.


What’s wrong with liking tall guys?


there is nothing wrong with only liking skinny model chicks with nice titts either. But if you put it in your bio it seems douchy and I guarantee you if guys started posting this in their bio they would get a bunch of hatemail. You already have your selection based on swiping. No need to be a dick and put it in your bio and make others feel bad


Nothing wrong with having a preference, you can’t control what you’re attracted to. But also then don’t get down on guys who wouldn’t want to date a heavier gal due to her weight


Nobody claims that to be an issue. Just don’t be mean to people. Don’t say “hey you’re short” to a dude under six feet, or “hey, you’re fat” to a girl on the heavier side. That’s all the vast majority of people are expecting of you. Just be a decent person.


You’re literally agreeing with me lol


the person in the post didnt suggest anything close to that


The same way guys get down on girl who wouldn’t want to date a short guy?


Absolutely nothing.


Tall is one thing, but putting a number on it feels weird to me. Not that they shouldn't be able to filter down to exactly what they want tho. That's their priority


It’s usually mean spirited and used to put down others when made vocal


Nothing. Just like being attracted to certain races is okay. But putting "No blacks" on your profile is not something that makes me think you're a Mentally stable partner.


What wrong with putting 'no blacks' in bio? Same shit, genetic discrimination. You can have your preference but there's a certain way of illustrating it which is regrettable.


It's fucked there are people who straight up will put that in their bio. My favourite when swiping in Singapore was "No indian monkies" 🤢.


She’s gotta like you first 🤣


I don't need who needs to hear this but finding reasons to hate the women on Tinder is only going to make you bitter and decrease your chances when you actually match with someone.


See the cool thing is I can still find my way outside of tinder so I’m not bitter I just don’t want to talk to those kind of people


Bring on the downvotes, here comes a pent up rant: There are so, so many of these posts, and it really amazes me how it’s so upsetting for people. Why is it such a problem? So what if it’s arbitrary? So what if it’s superficial? So what if the girl is only 5’0? Attraction isn’t fair, equitable or logical, it just is. I swipe left on girls for all kinds of incredibly superficial reasons, mostly entirely beyond their control. No I don’t advertise it, but I’m doing it nonetheless. Should we all be equal opportunity daters? Give every person an equal and fair shot, ignoring physical attraction? What exactly is being advocated? Why is height in some kind of special protected category? Yeah, it is indeed comparable to weight, bra size, or generally any other physical trait. And yeah, girls don’t usually like it when you ask them some of those questions. If we expected some kind of ‘fairness’ or ‘equality’ in dating, that would appear hypocritical. But men and women are different, our modern societal gender/sex roles (while ever evolving), are very different. And like it or not, the online dating dynamic is not even remotely structured to be ‘fair’. As we all know, men are, in general, expected to do the majority of the ‘courting’, and women essentially hold more far more power, insofar as they have to expend significantly less effort and have exponentially more options. Again, we all know this. It’s not fair, it’s not egalitarian. It’s just how it is! The average woman on Tinder matches with 44% of the people she swipes right on. That’s the average! Why shouldn’t a woman apply as many filters as she chooses to narrow her choices, however superficial and arbitrary they may be? There’s only so much time, after all. It’s not like they are saying short guys shouldn’t have rights. Or that they are fundamentally inferior. This ain’t politics. It ain’t racism. They just don’t want to go out with them. Is that really so bad?


I mean let's be honest. It's a bitter pill to swallow that many women get to apply these arbitrary criteria, be rude about it, and *still* never have an issue getting dates. Whereas most men just have to take what they can get. And you're acknowledging the power disparity, but a lot of women I've spoken to have *no idea* how big that disparity is. This is not some universally accepted thing.


Bitter is definitely the right word to describe these posts. And yeah, in fairness, it sucks. Full disclosure: I only match with about 1% of those I swipe right on, which is low even compared to the average guy. But why do we expect any different? Where did we get the idea that something like this should be fair? We should definitely root out discrimination in society, have living wages and have equal opportunities for success and the pursuit of happiness. But this is dating, it’s not supposed to be fair.


As someone under 6 ft, why? Women are allowed to have standards and them calling out what they want from a potentail partner makes it easier for me to filter out those who otherwise wouldn't want to date me anyways.


Every dude gets pissy when you ask their height but lots of men don’t want to date super tall women either.


On the contrary, I’d climb an Amazon woman


Where’s my 6’ Queen? I’ll do it.


same bro same. Gimme lady long legs all day of the week over petite ones


Am i the only one that finds this statement cringe as fuck See also "just trying to climb a tree" + "death by snusnu"


Real question is “Do tall women wanna date short guys in the first place?”


I'd estimate that abt 20% of this sub is people salty about women's dating preferences...


I’m just here for the memes.


You can basically smell the bitterness anytime you come into this sub


Why so much sympathy for short people there are plenty of other reasons just as superficial as this that people get rejected for. That’s about the third sub today. Just play the hand your dealt and be happy for the extra legroom and never banging your head.


I have literally never seen 1 tinder profile with a listed height expectation, or gotten one message asking me how tall I am. Honestly I think this whole topic is some weird larp at this point and you guys need to stop milking it for karma. I’d call it beating a dead horse but it’s not even a dead horse at this point, you’ve literally atomized the horses dead body.


This sub has really gone to shit, it’s basically just dudes complaining about women having standards at this point. I feel like rule 1 and 2 used to be used kind of ironically, now people have fully latched on to it, and believe that it’s the reason they never have any luck.


>I have literally never seen 1 tinder profile with a listed height expectation, or gotten one message asking me how tall I am So because you've never seen it, it never happened? That's not a very good argument


I can screencap if you would like?


just because it doesn't happen in you area doesn't mean it doesn't exist. in bucharest, romania, there are some girls demanding for 1.85 (6'1") or left swipe, others saying " don't bother if you are a minion". not many, but there are some. however there are a lot of them that do not list a height demand but are saying "please be tall". just because it doesn't happen to you it doesn't mean it doesn't exist, is world hunger not a problem because you have enough food? i agree that people put too much insight on height and that it's not thaaat common, but to go out and say it doesn't exist is a bit much.


All right I know I'm going to get downloaded but hear me out. some, only some nowhere near all of them for sure, are posted by taller women. And most women want the man to be taller than them not necessarily over 6 ft even if they say it but just taller than them. I know for me specifically I live in an area where most men are between 5'6 and 5 ft 10, and as a taller woman that still my height. Now don't get me wrong I don't have a only 6 ft and above tagline but I list my height and say you need to be taller than me because well my preferences you need to be taller than me. So yes it is a little shallow to say only over 6 ft especially if you don't list your own height, but for a lot of women it comes from a place of insecurity and not wanting to be the same size as the man you're dating. Still swipe left on them but at least maybe now you understand where it comes from. But also fuck the girl that's 5'2 and says she only needs to date someone that's 6 ft and above. Cuz honey a man that is 5 ft 8 is 6 inches a WHOLE half a foot taller than you that's plenty. But for all my girls out there above 5'7, keep trying.


I don't think guys have an issue with taller women wanting taller men. I think this is an area where Hinge is superior, you have to show your height. Like you said in your last sentence, it's the shorter than average people wanting taller and the ones who are just plain rude about it, I have seen profiles literally saying "no munchkins", "no manlets" or even "I want a real man, if you're not 6 feet, fuck off" I know there are rude people on both sides of the gender divide but the shitty guy profiles aren't seriously defended with "they're allowed to have preferences".


Finding a man over 6' is literally not difficult in my country




I feel like the population in the US is getting shorter. I am 6'1 and it tends to be more normal for me to be talking to people who are not tall as me. I definitely notice it when I am talking to someone who's taller than me since it's not a normal thing. It also makes me realize I don't like people who are taller than me 😅


Are you Dutch?


I don't even put anything regarding my height in my bio. Its not a defying factor for me


Me with men who have weight limits.


Me who is 6'4" : Ay bby. How YOU doin?


Literally none of my friends are shorter than 185cm (above 6ft) with 4 of em above 2m. I guess we dutchies have it easy on Tinder then


Gods walk among us.


Insubordinate and churlish


Insubordinant, and churlish


Tall guys are out, tall women are in.


I love how you guys are seeing how annoying it is to be objectified by your features and having others place value or lack of value on your body. It is completely superficial. Now apply this to how you think about women pls, thx


I just don’t understand why people can’t have preferences. I like big boobs. Im less likely to swipe a girl with little boobs. Its not her fault she is the way she is and there’s nothing wrong with having little boobs, but I like big ones. There’s plenty of people out there that do like them. Why can’t girls do this with height?


i mean, if she was 5'11 i could relate. I do not want my girl to be taller than me and im sure women dont like their men shorter than them.


Almost every woman I have dated is taller than me Including my current partner.. I'm not even short just around average in my country.. so your guess doesnt add up for me. I mean I've dated women almost a foot taller than me.. oh and it makes little difference sideways :D However!! I have noticed stronger intial intrest from shorter ladys, but its the taller ones I end up with quicker and long term