that organ donor quote is corny and self-defining as an "influencer" is cringe. but some people think corny cringe is hot, so just keep doing you and let the magic happen


THANKS FOR THAT! At least someone’s honest


If you lead with this picture the first thing that comes to mind is street performer, you have an electric guitar with no amp it seems, or if it exists it is out of camera. You also have no crowd. Ditch the guitar, it’s clear it’s a prop for you because you think it looks good for this picture. If the first picture hasn’t caused people to swipe left, they will when they read the bio. Just delete the whole thing and start anew if you do include one; few people read bios and you only limit yourself by saying you are religious and a brand ambassador. The pun is also bad. It’s fine to be Christian just understand other Christians, not just non believers, are also going to judge you and your faith just by your presence and how it is perceived on the app, so even within religious circles you’re doing yourself no favors by leading with it and limiting yourself this way. Besides, your faith is personal and once you match you can use that as a conversation piece going forward, so it makes sense to save that card for later.


This whole thing is cringe af. Tear it down and start again.


"Influencer" "brand ambassador" 🤣🤣


Your post itself is cringe




Just one picture??


I have 9


This doesn't tell me you want something serious at all. This tells me you want to fuck around with lots of different women, you're likely narcissistic, and you probably don't have a real job.


God first doesn’t help. You need to get off of Tinder and go to eHarmony or something honestly