Stupid questions about dental practices/routines in Sweden?

I am living in Sweden now, originally from the US. I was wondering what are common/routine visits to the dentist like here? For example, in the US we typically go to the dentist twice a year for a cleaning by a dental hygienist and inspection by a dentist. Excluding things like root canals, braces, extractions, etc. I made an appointment with dentist here, and they just took x-rays and examined my teeth, but did not clean them. How do I make an appointment to get my teeth cleaned? Do I need to specifically make an appointment with a dental hygienist? How often do you have a dental cleaning here?

Sorry I am just ignorant about the dentist here and don't want to sound stupid trying to make an appointment!


If the dentist thinks you should book a new time at the hygenists’ to remove tartar, they’ll let you know. The dentist should tell you to book a new time whilst paying in the reception. They also notify the reception saying its time to book a new time for xxx. So, you either didn’t need a time to remove tartar, or they forgot.. which isn’t common. Most commonly the patient forgets to stop and pay, and therefore doesn’t book a new time. The dentist wont send a new time if you don’t book it yourself. So, simple solution: call and ask. :) And also: some dentist’s DO remove tartar themselves during a routine exam. But only if its a little and they have some extra time. Mvh Tandsköterskan 👩‍⚕️🦷


Yes, you have to book an appointment with a dental hygienist. The dentist will only examine your teeth during an examination, but they should have recommended you to visit the dental hygienist if you needed it.


>but did not clean them Either you did not need it, or the dentist was bad at their job. >How often do you have a dental cleaning here? Depends on your genes (and to some extent, how good you are at cleaning; but brushing your teeth usually isn't enough for most people). My partner and I go every year. My dentists usually asks me. I can clearly see the difference afterwards so I know I'm not being scammed :) >Sorry I am just ignorant about the dentist here and don't want to sound stupid trying to make an appointment! You're not going to look stupid asking a receptionist to book a time for removing plaque. It's a standard procedure. (Note: I assume you mean removing plaque when you say cleaning your teeth. I belive some people do excessive polishing but that's probably not good for your teeth?).


It's more of a we'll fix it/provide services for you if you need it. It's not like the US where they do stuff even if you don't need it. If they saw that your teeth were fine then they won't do anything else unless you really ask for it.


They often separate tooth examinations and cleanings and they won't clean your teeth if they don't need them. I go to the dentist something like once every 16 months. For people with dental insurance in the US, there is a much higher frequency of visits and orthodontic care. The US is also one of the few countries in the world that preemptively removes wisdom teeth. In general, US medical care is much more interventionalist.


Go to the dentist (Folktandvården) he/she will examine you and fix eventual problems. They will then tell you when its time to come back depending on your oral status. I only go ever 2-3 years (dentist recommendation), but its automatic and you will get a letter when its time again. Ask when you're there and they will explain. But now when I think about it I haven't been called for long, have to look into that asap! This is only regarding folktandvården, I dont know how it works when you go to a private clinic.


It is only automatic if you have a dentist insurance (frisktandvård) or if you are a youth (different age limits in different regions). Grown ups who have not signed up for insurance need to remember to book visits themselves every few years.


Not at all. Adults get called just like they do with kids. They call me once a year for a checkup and remove plaque of there is some. I don’t have that insurance. Edit No they don’t call me that


I googled it now, and its different with different dentists and you can get unlisted if you decline to go when you're called. I think I booked some appointments with studenttandvården when I was younger (because it was much cheaper), I guess I got unlisted then? "Efter det fortsätter mottagningen ofta att kalla dig till undersökning. Om du tackar nej till undersökningen blir du ofta avskriven och blir inte kallad fler gånger. Då måste du själv kontakta en tandläkare, antingen inom Folktandvården eller privat för att bli inskriven och få regelbundna kallelser, om du vill. Tillsammans med din tandläkare kommer ni överens om du vill bli kallad och i så fall hur ofta. Hos många tandläkare kan du själv höra av dig när du vill besöka dem, medan andra vill kalla dig regelbundet. Ingen tandläkare kommer att kalla dig mot din vilja." https://www.varden.se/guider/allt-du-behover-veta-om-att-ga-till-tandlakaren


Same here, but I do think jag ramlade mellan stolarna so to speak under pandemin.


Ah yes those infernal stolar. I almost did too when my dentist got sick during the pandemic but I am back in the rullorna again now.


Are you an anti-dentite!?


Next thing you know you'll be saying, "they should have their own schools!"


They do have their own schools!


Folktandvården (at least in region Stockholm) has a dental insurance-deal. I pay about 120 kr a month and they book all the appointments they deem necessary. Usually this is an appointment with a dentist every 18 months and an appointment with a hygienist every 9 months. The insurance also cover all other procedures — like removal of wisdom teeth and so on. It’s a pretty good deal IMO.


Har inte varit hos tandläkaren sedan 2020 och jag har försäkringen.... Scammar de mig?


Ja! Men du är kanske ung med fina tänder? Jag är gammal med tandsten. Kräv din rätt!


A bit of topic, but maybe take that dentist money, buy an air ticket to say Slovakia, stay a few days, fix/check your teeth, have fun while you're there and get back to Sweden and still have some money left ;)


Yes, twice a year is the recommended frequency, once to the dentist and once to a hygienist. You do have to tell them you want to go that often though, and make separate appointments. A lot of Swedes are fairly bad at going to the dentist though, as they were used to being called once a year as kids/teenagers for free.


Private insurance everything, don't even bother with the public system unless you fall off a cliff and break your limbs as then they will be forced to do something and not just send you home with painkillers (they might though).


Is there a private dentist insurance in sweden? Can you recommend any?