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When I worked retail customers would say that. I would reply well customers would be mad if I had a day off to see my family. This way they can get (I then look to see what they have), a car air freshener and an Arizona Ice Tea, instead. Then they would be reply, well I'm sure you'll get to see them. Sure when's the food cold


I said happy Halloween yesterday and didn't even realize it.


I said merry Christmas to about ten customers on purpose just to fuck with them


I love this man’s existence


I don't have tik tok is there another source? He is a funny man. I would like to see more.


Instagram @scottseiss has some stuff.


I liked the “go look in the back” [check it out](https://www.instagram.com/p/CMnhENlAsF9/)


Me too!


The holidays have a completely different feel after working retail. Everyone being excited about black friday, talking about all these door buster items while I'm having Nam-like flashbacks about working during Thanksgiving dinner, coming home to cold food, getting a few hours of sleep just to be thrown into the black friday hell of being yelled at because the line is too long. Huge respect for anyone that's working any customer service job on the holidays. I'm doing my part by not going anywhere on Thanksgiving and Christmas.


I absolutely despise a lot of the stuff about the holidays now. I used to love it. Now it just makes me sad.


I think this guy should be the president


15 hours?




I love him with my stomach


Consumers are not the enemy you idiots, management is


usually both. mostly fucking consumers


Oh no.. IM consumer!!!




Most of the videos on here aren’t.


Of course not


Read the subreddit description my guy, there’s flairs for a reason


i normally avoid this, but this year my roommate used all the butter making pies in the morning and I needed some for potatoes :p


He's hands down the most annoying person on tik tok, he makes teenagers dancing to shitty songs seem incredible.


Most annoying? Nah that one chick with the braces who makes awkward faces and sounds and has millions of followers is by far the most annoying person on TikTok.