Short kings

Short kings

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damn if someone commented that on my stuff id be hype


"I'm five foot something and I'm royalty" Edit: I'm actually 5'5 lmaao


Pocket Prince


Short king, mama, eyy


Ain't no 'must be this tall to ride'


I'm a fun sized, super nice guy


I’m 5 foot somethin and I’m royaltyyyyyyy


Short king mama eyyy, shorty


I'm 4'17"


How many months is that?


im 5'7 lmaoo


I bend the knee King


My tallest! My tallest!


Took me years to realize thats what they're called


Short kings rise up.


I'm 5'5" too, but that song actually helped me with my height complex.


Yea, how do we get on Sadie’s FYP? I don’t care how tall you tell me I am, call me king and I’m golden.


bro i’m saying. shit would make my head big so fast 😂😂


These assholes use short as an insult smh. So when someone calls them short they’re instantly offended.


Everybody 6ft


Everyone thinks I'm 6'2 because they like to think they're 6 ft, and I'm actually like an 8th of an inch short of 6 ft


I’m 5ft 11.5 I tell guys I’m 5ft9 though just to fuck with em


I'm 5ft 12


wow i love that and i’m taking it


I'm 6'3" and I've had people guesstimate that I must be 6'5" (not a lot, but enough) that people definitely have their measurements fucked up now lol.


I'm 5'10'' and I'm taller than a couple of my friends that are 6ft


I'm 6ft and I use it to measure everyone else to see if they're lying or telling the truth lol. Oh you're 6? Stand beside me, are we the same height? I'm also quite good at guessing anyone who's 5'10 to 6'2. Anything taller or shorter I get thrown off Sidepoint: Lots of people are 6ft if you include their hair, especially with the permed hairstyle that's popular nowadays.


It's so weird to me that people lie about their height. The number is secondary, I can see your fucking body right there


Worst part about being 6'1 is that it sounds like I tacked on an inch to make the lie about being 6 foot more believable. This has come up a grand total of zero times though lol


Best part about being 6'1" is people saying you're actually 6'3"


That guy is not 6'5


In fairness it looked like he was kidding




That's why I say 5'11¾", it makes me seem humble and honest


As someone with no knowledge of imperial units, I don't know if you are tall or short but your height is giving me flashbacks of 3rd grade math problems


Approx 182 cm


Thank you, finally someone using proper units on this thread


I'm 5'11 3/4 but I say 6 foot because I'm lazy.


Yup this is exactly me down to the measurements and everything


I'm 53' 1" 3/4 but I just say i'm 53" because I don't want to brag.


I am like 2mm shy of 6' even. I just say I am 5'11". I am not trying to impress anyone and it makes any 5'11 people around me look like liars lol.


this is exactly what i do lmfao. also 5’11.85”, and only claim myself as 5’11. I tell people if anyone claims they’re 5’11 and they don’t look as tall as me they are lying. Just to mess around lol.


Im 5'5 but i just say im 6 foot cause Im lazy


I’m the same but I just say 5’11” cause saying 6 foot seems like I’m lying lol


I am 5’8” and 100% whenever I hear someone say they are 6 foot I think “you fucking liar”


I'm 6'3" and I love saying I'm only 6' to mess with my friends that are a couple inches shorter than me.


I'm 6'3" and I have a mate who's exactly 6' and very weirdly vocal about it, whenever it comes up in discussions if i get the chance to mention my height before he does his i always just say 6' just to hear him to tell me to jog on.


I'm 5'8" and I say I'm 5'6" around other short kings. Y'all tall mfs probably don't know why we even fighting down here.


I assumed it was for some sunlight?


that was a low blow


DUDE I do the same lol and I'm 6'2


6’5 here and I usually say I’m a hair over 6 feet lol


That's some tall hair


Now that's chaotic evil


Semi-related how the first guy to measure Mount Everest got 29,000 ft exactly so added 2 feet to make it look more legit




That's why you're 6'1 now. Easy fix.




I'm 5'11" but when's the last time you've heard someone say they're that tall


Same Also, at 5'11" I'm weirdly taller than most of my 6' friends


I'm 6'1" a few years ago I was a barista in college, My coworker was a 5'10'' girl who claimed that I was "obviously" 6'5"... she got actually angry with me when I told her repeatedly what my actual height was, just completely convinced I was lying until I brought a tape measure the next night we both worked. I think she was comparing me to all the 5'7" guys who claimed they were 6', which i never understood since... she was taller than them


I'm 6'4" and noticed there's been a weird uptick in girls that I go out with for the first time trying to convince me that I'm at least 6'6" the last few years. Finally figured out it was all this height stuff and dudes saying they're taller than they are lol


So...wait..did she think she was like 6'2or3"?? Hahaha


I just tell people I’m 5’ 15”.


I'm 8'8 he look 6'5 to me.


I'm 9'2 this guy ain't 8'8.


I'm 11'3 and I need help.


All these guys 5’10


For real. I’m 5’10 ^5’9andahalf


What's wrong with being 5' 10"? Why does height matter?


Us in the 5’10 crew have never cared about height since the beginning of time itself. We are perfect.


Big 5'9 energy


Are other dudes really that insecure about their height? Lol. I'm 5'9"... You know what's the worst part about being the average height? *Nothing*; the world was designed around it. I can reach everything and fit inside of cars, showers, etc. comfortably. I'm also dating a 5'10" cutie.


My husband is 5'5" and I'm 5 '10" and height has never been an issue in the 3 3 years we've been together. He loves me enough for someone 6'10" 💕💕


My husband and I are both 5’7”. He says “I may be short but at least I have all my hair” And he has a hell of an ass.


My boy is running short on hair these days, but considering who he's married to, I'm surprised he held on to it as long as he did 👍


Lying through his teeth!


How would you know that? Lol


My phone is barely 7 inches tall and he fits in the screen




This is kinda weird to see because I'm a 5'5" male and never really worried about my height. Although, I'm mixed Hispanic and I'm sort of tall compared to the Hispanic side of my family.


Same. I'm Hispanic and grew up in Hispanic community so I didn't know I was actually short until way past high school, and by then I never developed any of the strange psychology stuff that short guy seem to have. But I also don't mess with that silly online dating stuff because there's always latina shorties to met in person 🇲🇽


I am 5 foot and grew up around hispanics and Italians. Went away to college to realize I was shortish


Yup, grew up in Jersey in an Italian American community. People on Reddit act like anything under 5’6” is short but I had friends and cousins growing up who had ladies chasing them at that height and shorter.


That's around 170 right? That isn't that short. I'm 180 and there were many that were way shorter when I was on vacation in Italy.


Yeah, just a little less. I totally agree, I don’t consider it short. Most of my family and friends from home are around that height or shorter. It just seems crazy to me when I see the Reddit posts about how guys under 5’8” (or 6’ !) are doomed because of their height. There are definitely communities where that’s not at all the case.


I'm dutch so I'm actually pretty short for where I live. Most guys are more in the 190ish and most girls are 180ish


So I moved down to El Paso(much love) and l tell you what, going to concerts was great because I could easily look over people's heads. Love my short kings.


As a short king myself, this is the perfect scenario of a symbiotic relationship between tall and short kings lol


Strange psychology? I'm 5'6" and often the shortest man in the room. The only thing I worry about with regards to height is "I wonder if my hair looks ok from above?"


I guess I mean that some dudes that grow up feeling like they're short end up with a chip on their shoulder or get insecurities from feeling like that during their formative years. I'm short but I never feel short, if that makes sense. Even if I'm in a room and like 80% of the guys are taller than me.


My husband is Cuban and when we travel to more indigenous parts of Mexico or Central America, people gawk at him. He’s only 6 foot but he’s a giant depending on where we go. Now when we were in Greece and Hungary…


Yeah this Hispanic guy in my high school was shorter than you but he had so much confidence and good looks he was constantly rotating through girlfriends— all taller than him lol


I wonder if that's a thing because I loved dating tall girls as a short guy lol


My dad is 5’10 and in our family he’s basically a giant. My mom, sisters and me are all under 5ft. My husband is 6’2 and gets murdered constantly because we joke too much.


I'm 5'6" and this is hilarious. People always poke fun if a short dude is insecure about his height but tall dudes are just as insecure about their height that they feel the need to prove they are not short. Haven't cared about my height since high school and I can laugh at myself when a good short joke is made.


As a 5’ 10” Mexican I tower over all my other relatives 😎


I'm 6'1" and the height difference between me and my abuelitas never ceases to amaze me.


Also 5'10" but filipino. Certified giant as well 😎


I love how that guy feels the need to stand up and prove it


He's 6' if you include the hair


Even hold his hand up to demonstrate his height!


And included the two inches of hair.


His hand is a yardstick, ok?!


And he looks really small when he does hehe


I love how there’s a trend on TikTok that goes on the track off “6ft tall and super strong” and he emulated the meme to verify his height.


Im 5'8 so I'd be like aw hell yeah sadie


5'8 is short?


I noticed dudes 5’8”-5’11” have huge insecurities about their height than the dudes shorter than that. On Reddit at least.


Fun fact: There is no man that is 5’11’’. I was a TA for a statistics course back in college and we took a survey about various things to show the distributions. We know peoples heights mostly follow a normal distribution. The funny thing was not a single guy said they were 5’11. There were a bunch of 5’10’’ then a HUGE jump at 6’. This was a lecture class of around 150 students for reference.


I know a guy who is 5'11", and he told me the other day that he feels bad saying that he's 6'0" because he worries that people would think he was lying lmao. He said that saying he's 5'11" is more believable since someone who is lying about their height would be more likely to claim that the were 6 foot. The funny thing is, if he had told me he was 6 foot i'd have believed him, since i'm like 5'7" and he looks pretty tall to me.


I like to fuck with people more. My friend is 5’11 and tells everyone he’s 6 foot. I’m 6’1 and tell everyone that I’m 5’10 when he’s around.




I have always had a thing for guys in the 5'4 - 5'9 range. I'm 5'4 and I guess it's just a preference as I've dated guys taller but just in general I'm more attracted to the "short" guys. In college I was dating this guy who was 5'4 and was fully 100% confident, did not care he was short, and had no problem with the jokes. One day we're with some friends of his at a bar and as we go to leave through the crowded entrance someone says "hey where's Landon?" so I turned around and said let me see, then bent down to look like I would for a kid. The whole group fucking lost it, I was a legend & Landon got a kick out of telling the story for years to come. My husband is like 5'9 and the first time I introduced him to my family my little sister said "Oh hey he's not even that short!" he said "Sorry I couldn't hear you from down here" ... Guys who can take a joke about themselves are the best guys.


5'9 is pretty much exactly the middle of average (for men in the USA) so it's pretty weird that so many Americans think 5'9 is short


Just ended a fling with a man who is about 5'8, can confirm, he was super insecure about it. Then I saw his dating profile after we split and he's definitely lying about his height. It's really sad that men feel like they have to do things like that, and it's not okay to mock this issue. Body shaming is not okay. This isn't funny.


I was going to say, I'm 5'8... I've dated some gorgeous girls and have never had a girl call me short. This just seems to be recent internet shit in the last couple years, or else I'm too sexy for height to matter


Yeah same like I don’t get what the point is of obsessing about your height, it’s not gonna change


My partner is 5’8” and he can get very upset quickly over it. I love his height tbh, I don’t see the problem. He’s in closer kissing range and I don’t have to raise my hand very far to slap his ass, so it’s a big win for me


The average height for a man in the world is 5'7½". This varies a bit from country to country, like in the Philippines it's 5'4¼"and in the Netherlands it's 6'. Whether 5'8" is short depends on where you go


5'9 is avg american male height so no 5'8 is not short


According to the meme <6' = manlet.


I didn’t realize that was the girls name and got so confused when I read this comment. (That’s my name)


Pocket Hotties


Fun size fuckbois


Teenie tiny take downs.


“I’m 6’1…..and I could have anyone I wanted” LOL okay bud


He was reading the comments, someone had said he could have anyone he wanted because he was attractive. Its a bit small to see but its there


Thank you for clarifying because I thought he was cute but then he went all Patrick Bateman and I was like ???


Cool it with the antisemitic remarks.




It's a quote from American Psycho


I can't believe that Bryce prefers Van Patten's card to mine


that subtle off white color


If he just said the first part, it would be fine… but then the insecurity leapt out.


Don’t think it was insecurity… he was literally reading the comments


You took that out of context. He was reading a comment, shame on you.


I don't understand why American online dating is centered on male height. What's the point? You want your man to pick a fruit higher on a tree?? Edit: ugh, of course people in other countries like taller men too but it's not a deal breaker like it seems over there. There are memes here and in r/Tinder that makes it seems like a amusement park: *You must be at least this tall to ride*. What is this? The opposite of "not all men"? "Actually every country..."


Being the same height > being different heights Change my mind


A couple inches taller is the sweet spot imo. Something just feels right to lower your lips to meet hers


Anecdotally, I am 5'8", and have a tinder. A few months ago I uploaded a photo I took with a friend of mine who is 6'3", and none of the other photos I had on my profile included other people. For the 4 months I had that picture up, I received 0 likes on my profile. Now, I am not super active on tinder, or super attractive in the way that I would expect so many likes, but before this I would get at least 1-2 per week and can start talking with some one new, so I could tell that something was up. I took the picture down 2 weeks ago, and now girls are starting to like me again.


I don't get it either. Kissing a guy who is much taller than you is incredibly frustrating.


Just carry a step ladder at all times, respect yo neck


"Does he treat you well?" "No, but he's tall." Priorities.


If your taller than 6 foot allways say your 6 foot and watch ppl try to convince you your not because their 6 foot so you must be 6.5


Knew a guy in college who said he was 5’7. His girlfriend found it so frustrating because she wasn’t even 5’7 and she was taller than him.


I have a friend who's short but lies about it. He was hanging with another friend and two girls and he said he was 5'10. The other guy said no you're not. And of course he argued so the guy says stand up and prove it. He literally went and got a tape measure and measured him in front of the girls lmao. He's 5'6.


I don’t get this stuff… why is everyone acting like height can’t be measured? Like most stores even have height things for the security camera at the exit…


Sooooo many people lie about how tall they are that now a lot of women have this skewed perception of what someone who is 6’ tall actually looks like. Their ex boyfriend kept saying he was 6’ tall for so many years that she now thinks 5’9 is 6 feet as an average dude. Im barely 6’1” and i regularly hear dudes tell me they are 6’ tall when they barely come up to my nose. Next time a dude says that im gonna tell him im 5’11”


I'm 5'8 and I remember a guy being my exact height telling me he was 5'11. Like bro, I get it, I too would like to be taller but how are you going to lie directly to my face after my identical height ass just told you my height.


Am 5'9 (and like maybe 1/4") woman can confirm. Most 6' men are my height.


My ex said he was 5’8 when we talked online but I’m 5’6 on a good day and felt a bit taller than him when we first met in person. I was confused once I noticed but I didn’t bring it up. I don’t understand why something that can easily be verified as wrong is even worth lying about lol I don’t care how tall someone is and I’d prefer not to identify a lie during first impressions


My daughters measured me and said I am not 6', I am 5' 12''. I just go with it.


But what if you *are* 6'5?


5'6 prince checking in


Me being 5'6: "G thanks....i guess 😐?


Lmao!!! Omg this is the best troll I've seen in awhile.


She has another vid where she asks about their hairline 💀 Lol to those of you getting mad at me I’m not the one making the one making the videos if you’re mad that’s on you lol.


I just went to Tiktok live and literally EVERYONE IS DOING THIS NOW. And some guys are kinda sad about it and it’s actually kinda mean. Maybe if they’re tall they can play it off but people are doing it to shorter guys and just commenting “short king” or even just “short” and it’s actually not funny anymore :(


I mean, was it ever?


Yeah this is not really a new trend, it's literally just more people than usual making fun of short people.


Would it be as funny for a guy to go on girls’ fyps and say “we love a chubby girl”? Especially if the girls weren’t chubby at all? Or something similarly seen as kinda “undesirable” for women. I know they’re two different things but it makes me a bit uncomfortable tbh.


You mean they are two different things as people can have some control over their weight, right?


Exactly. And these people will continue to laugh at it and at the same time pretend they’re body positive people. The mental gymnastics they do to justify being shitty is outstanding.


Yeah, the way she was sipping and playing that music was obvious her attitude was that she wanted to get a reaction from these dudes so she could showcase "male insecurity" and get people to write it off as "toxic masculinity" or whatever. It's just a smug pseudo femme fatale sorta thing.


It's extremely mean. If a guy ran around doing this to women, imagine the backlash.


Imagine just commenting, “small boobs” on some girls tiktok. Yikes.


"yassss washboard queen"


Short king is the worst kind of swipe, because you’re mocking someone while disguising it as a compliment. I mean, at least be honest.


I’m 5’5” and started online dating for the first time. I’ve never had any issue with the ladies but online dating has been a funny experience…I’ve hit it off and had AMAZING fun/witty conversations with women and as soon as they realize I’m 5’5”, I’ve had some be very direct and end the conversations lol. I get that people like what they like, but I like to believe that I’m open minded enough to give it a shot if she doesn’t check all my boxes- as long as we click! I’ve never taken offense to it and it’s actually pretty funny to me.


I want to see the guys that didn't react like this. I'm sure she just uploaded the ones that gave off this type of reaction.


What's the "correct" reaction supposed to be. I'm 6'1 and if somebody said that I'd be basically confused and feel like they were mistaken. (Actually my very first reaction would be that she's saying I look good in shorts or have great legs or something lmao). If you're streaming aren't you supposed to interact with your audience? So you'd have to say SOMETHING right? I don't know what she was looking for.


Shit I'm 5'7 if a girl pops up and calls me a short king I'd be hitting her DMs lmao


Damn and here I am all 5'6" and shit lol


Dude, short men confidence is truly wonderful. I’m six foot and they made me feel like a goddess every time. Truly wonderful men don’t put down tall women


I mean, who gives a fuck what height anyone is? It's not like you chose it, or your decisions lead to it. I'm five foot seven, and I couldn't give a flying fuck. I'll date a lady a clear foot taller than me no bother. My wife might be pissed about it though.


Honest question here, how is it entertaining to make fun of people's insecurities so they feel bad about themselves?


yeah if you did this shit with something like "damn i love plus-size queens 😍" you'd get 50 million comments saying some shit about eating disorders and then promptly be banned lol.


There was literally a “we love a curvy girl” trend before this. I don’t think you understand how often women are insulted by men.


Because making fun of men's insecurities is hilarious since they can handle it. Just don't make fun of a woman's insecurity that would be cruel. /s


It perpetuates this vicious cycle where people who feel berated online about the stuff they can't change turn bitter and spiteful themselves. Misogyny creates misandry and vice versa. Realistically, feminists should despise this video, and I'm sure a lot of them do.


Playing on people's insecurities for your entertainment seems kinda messed up tbh, especially when you're mocking something they can't change like their height


I'm 5'3" and I've never had any issue getting dates 🤷‍♂️


Damn, they all fine asf, especially the Asian guy


Yo I thought you said except the Asian guy and I was like naaaaa u trippin lmao


People are unfortunately still entertained by body shaming, I see.


They are, until you refer to women as fat princesses.


Love me a short king too. They don’t need to lie to kick it lmaoo


Proud to be a short king


That’s so funny he thinks 6’0 is not short😭


Body shaming guys for entertainment


Cringe af what if this was about a man writing “we love a fat queen”


Honestly it's really offensive though. Why would you dare suggest I support a monarchy? 😤


The instant insecurity 😹


I think for most of them it's just confusion why anyone would call them short It's like if someone called me black king


Yea I’m confused. The vibe in this comment section is weird as fuck.


lol, its so funny making people feel bad about themselves!


daamn go off plus-size queen 😍😍