Fun times in the delivery room

Fun times in the delivery room

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Many great sitcoms have a birth-giving episode, but rarely as fun and funny as this one.


Even when they are [surprisingly similar](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XaBfSCF3hLY)?


[Jeffster](https://www.bing.com/videos/search?view=detail&mid=F4D6834B2D4CD7D43DDEF4D6834B2D4CD7D43DDE&q=chuck+jeffster+push+it&shtp=GetUrl&shid=df4b3488-0ed9-46d8-bfb8-8f9775b2dd96&shtk=Q2h1Y2sgUzA0RTEzIHwgSmVmZnN0ZXIgLSBQdXNoIEl0IFtGdWxsIEhEXQ%3D%3D&shdk=VGhpcyB2aWRlbyBpcyBhIHByb3BlcnR5IG9mIFdBUk5FUiBCUk9TLiBFTlRFUlRBSU5NRU5ULiBObyBjb3B5cmlnaHQgaW5mcmluZ2VtZW50IGludGVuZGVkLiBGb3IgdGVhc2luZyBwdXJwb3NlcyBvbmx5LiBUaGUgQmVzdCBvZiB0aGUgQ2h1Y2sgU2VyaWVzOiBodHRwOi8vd3d3LnlvdXR1YmUuY29tL3BsYXlsaXN0P2xpc3Q9UExGMUMxOUU5OTU1Q0ZBMTA1&shhk=T3rmN4%2BkfYslnKuzklks32hp%2BqdAOKDRWZn878Ys488%3D&form=VDSHOT&shth=OSH.skdctK3Pb0CkIFyxOYtBGA) did it better.


Bing search lol. But glad you brought it up. Good to see Chuck again.


dude im convinced brooklyn nine nine steal their jokes from other shows. I knowww they've stolen jokes from the simpsons and now this!? sus!


I miss Chuck


So much joy and love


I wish I was that baby.


The vibes in that room? Immaculate.


Epidurals are a godsend.


This family doesnt need an epidural for this


I do.


Although it would've been better if at the end the baby would have popped out and did a little dance to the song. Maybe something like the alien singing and dancing after popping out of the guys belly in Spaceballs


a goo goo.. gah gah...a goo goo gah....


I’ve never had a child nor do I plan on having one - is it normal to have that many people in the delivery room as guests? Seems like a lot. They honestly look like a ton of fun though. Super groovy way to give birth


This seems like a visitation before shit goes down. For everyone I know that's had a baby it's usually significant other and maybe a parent in the room but that's it.


I gave birth in front of my mother, my sister, the doctor, 3 nurses and a RN student class of about 7 nurses in training. They asked permission, I said yes. They cheered when he came out. It was an experience.


I had a ton of people too. My husband, his mother, and his grandmother (who are all amazing!), my doctor, and about 9 other nurses and staff because my daughters heart rate decreased rapidly. It was crazy to see 10 people rush and in and tell me it was time to push!


Our baby's dropped too and the on duty nurse pushed the emergency button and 10 nurses poured in immediately then they just kept coming until there were about 20 staring at us and one finally asked her to turn off the alarm, haha. Baby was fine, but crazy how fast they all got there.


You can imagine that seconds could be the difference between saving a life so yeah lmao I’d be more surprised if they didn’t arrive fast. I wouldn’t be surprised if nurses drop everything non vital to beeline to alarms


Oh that’s scary! Really I hope your little one was okay after all. At my first, I had my husband, my midwife, three nurses and something like seven students (if I recall correctly). They asked and I welcomed them. All of the students stood in a semi circle towards the end of the bed a few feet behind the midwife, along with one of the nurses, while the other two prepared for the baby and held my hand. I asked that my family stay in waiting room, and they respected that. I only labored for abou six hours total, and natural. My water was hooked because I was fully dilated for quite a while with no breakage, and really only had to do like four mega (screaming) pushes to make the magic happen, but everyone else was so quiet and comforting- it was like they weren’t even there but at the same time all very present. Everything went so well. Did I mention that I watched it all too? One of the students held a mirror for me. After, they filed out one by one, saying thanks and congrats and shaking my hand as they left. I was so impressed by how serious and yet kind they were. By the way, I was still a teenager. It’s a such a surreal memory.


We had the same thing, except my wife and I didn't realize they had all come in. At one point I turned around and there were people everywhere. I asked one of the doctors if I needed to get out of the way so he could get to my wife and he told me no, he could move me out of the way if he needed to. Luckily I never got pushed out of the way and our kid is super healthy now!


Who else can say they got a standing ovation when they entered the world?


I had about this many, too! Everything went great, and one of the students even offered to do the recording so my husband didn’t have to deal with it.


Good for you! Too many people say no to letting students watch procedure but then demand doctors and nurses with tons of experience. Experience starts with watching and learning! I always welcome students along. My kids pediatrician almost always has students with her and I always give them permission perform check ups and such because my kids are super easy to deal with. Gives them some confidence.


That was my thought process as well!


As a nurse, thank you being willing to do that! Being part of a delivery room cheer squad as a student was some of my favorite memories from school. And if my own cohort was anything to go by, I can promise you that all 7 of them cried in absolute joy during the debrief. There is nothing quite like seeing a *family* born before your eyes!


I love helping out students. Like the other comment I can appreciate the experience that comes from that exposure.


When I had my daughter I had both my parents and my brother bedside, the doctor and several nurses all in the room (mom was taking pics) when she came out. It was amazing chaos. A family affair. Nobody asked, they all just stayed the whole time. Maybe it depends on the hospital.


Everyone was supposed to leave but my mom and my SO, and everyone knew they were supposed to cut out. Yet by the time it happened my MIL, dad and brother were all in the room. My stupid butt didn't want confrontation and I didn't say anything. So everyone saw me poop. One and done, so no more babies, but if I could do it over again....


Cool. So does the baby look like you or the brother?


Nah, looks like a combination of me and the father who was not there and has been an absent father for 26 years now. My brother stood at the head of my bed out of direct view ( also they had a sheet blocking the view to my knees), same with my dad. My mother actually watched the birth directly. The pics she took were tasteful, all things considered). I was only 20 so maybe because I was that young and no father present the hospital staff found it more allowable to have three people in the room? I'm surprised your mind went directly to that thought? I was sharing my own personal experience but I guess people who are more familiar with incest might immediately have drawn your reaction? Personally it didn't even occur to me when I made the comment that people might react like you have!


I know they look funny at birth but calling them "shit" is a bit too much


I don't know, from what I hear, shit literally goes down


It does


That’s something that people love to repeat on Reddit. While I’m sure it does happen, it doesn’t happen to everyone. I birthed two babies and I did not poop either time


It happens to most women who have a vaginal delivery, but not all. I’m a nurse who deals mostly with neonates and I know many L&D nurses. Bless them, they are absolutely world-class liars when it comes to moms pooping during labor. OBs, nurse midwives, L&D nurses are all experts are quickly and discreetly wiping up and fecal matter squeezed out of the colon as the baby is squishing its way out. So there are three groups of women who delivered vaginally—the small minority, who didn’t poop… those who did poop… and those who did poop but don’t know it because they were lied to about it. Thankfully, unless someone has their labor on video start to finish, no proof will ever exist one way or the other! BUT HERE IS THE COOLEST THING… **It’s probably good for baby to be born with a bit of mom’s poop.** C-section babies have a lack of gut bacteria when compared to their vaginally birthed counterparts and they also have higher rates of immune disorders later in life. So scientists believe the contact with lots of vaginal and anal bacteria through vaginal birth that initiates gut priming may prime the immune system too. Researchers tried seeding C-section babies with their mothers’ vaginal microbiota by rubbing them, primarily their mouths and faces, with gauze that had been placed in the mother’s vagina. Didn’t do the trick. So they tried feeding small amounts of their mothers’ diluted fecal matter (carefully screened for harmful pathogens) in breastmilk instead. That did it! The C-section babies’ guts normalized and matched the microbiome of babies born vaginally. So, really, babies are probably supposed to be exposed to and ingest tiny amounts of mom’s poop on the way out. It may be no accident (and instead an evolutionary advantage!) to have the anus right next to the vagina, and to have baby compress the colon and squeeze a little poop out so he or she can be exposed at birth and get that little immune system online. Heck, babies even rotate in the birth canal to come out face-down. **TL;DR—Yes, MOST women will expel some fecal material during vaginal childbirth. It’s very likely a good and important thing for baby!**


Probably the most mind-blowing TIL ever


I also birthed a child & fortunately did not shit when delivering. Yay for us!


Giving birth feels like shitting out a basketball so I'd say it's appropriate.


For a second there, I read "parent in the room" and was honestly confused, will the significant other deliver the baby? where would the parent be?


All mine were pre-covid, but you could have a few people around like this while you wait for the Mom to progress in dilation. Generally speaking once you get to the point when the mom is actually pushing you want to clear the room down to one or two support people. Also, they constantly ask non medical staff if they are feeling ok, or are light headed, because the last thing they want is someone passing out from the sight of blood, or honestly how the whole process looks. They are trying to care for the mom/baby and don't want to worry about someone passing out and getting a head wound. It isn't talked about much but there is a lot of blood, fluids, fecal matter that happens. It doesn't look like the movies. There is often a great deal of labial swelling as well. The entire process is amazing and beautiful, but very few people are prepared for the reality of it all. I wasn't for sure. Everyone is different, but odds are this scene is a while away from actual crowning/pushing/delivery. Could be hours away.


>tantly ask non medical staff if they are feeling ok, or are light headed, because the last thing they want is someone passing out from the sight of blood, or honestly how the whole process looks. They are trying to care for the mom/baby and don't want to worry about someone passing out Funny you should mention that! One of my favorite folks on tikok is an OBGYN named Mama Dr. Jones and she made a tiktok about a partner fainting when his wife gave birth https://www.tiktok.com/@mamadoctorjones/video/6769007875688795397?lang=en&is\_copy\_url=0&is\_from\_webapp=v1&sender\_device=pc&sender\_web\_id=6901121919811995141


What a delightful account that I almost killer my phone battery on


My husband fainted watching me get an epidural (had to take it out and reinsert it) so they almost didn't let him watch me give birth.


Pre-covid it was how ever many you wanted. Now days? Sometimes they restrict it to 2 but it depends on the hospital.


When I gave birth in October it was only my husband for the entire hospital stay. My mom met my baby about at about 4 days old. I liked it though. I was messed up from a C-section. Glad I didn't have to entertain.


September, and same! C-section recovery sucked, I was so glad to not have to slap on a smile for any visitors


My sister gave birth back in March and it was the same story, her husband was the only one allowed in while she was in the hospital.


Only my husband was allowed (January) and I had to have a c-section as well. We thought it was really nice to stay at the hospital in our own “bubble” while we figured out the first few days as first time parents.


It’s 2. Source: Currently in a delivery room with my wife and MIL.


Depends where, at my hospital it's been 1 support person during covid


Same, and masks were required for us.




I had my 1st baby almost 20 years ago. They said 1 person. That's it. I always find it crazy that people have a whole audience! I don't even know how people have their parents in the room. I love my mom and dad and we have a great relationship. But no thanks.


I had like 5 people in my room. I think it depends on the hospital.


I'm a nurse. During my student rotation we had 1-2 nurses, the doctor who would help deliver the baby, and normally the dad. It could get pretty crowded depending on the size of the patients room, but the hospital that I was at was fairly large.


I know medically there’s usually a lot of staff. I guess my question wasn’t so much about hospital rules more like the mothers preference.


Personally it's a HELL to he NAH for me to have that many people watching me give birth but YMMV.


They are hanging out on standby. Once it gets real the excess people wait in the hallway. We had 4 "extra" people when my son was born, but only her mom and myself actually stayed during the birth.


I would never have that many people. Covid means only my husband is allowed but even if Covid wasn't a thing I would still only have my husband in the delivery room.


During both of my children's births the Nurses made sure it was just me in the room as my wife's support, we didn't even ask for that but really appreciated it! They were also constantly asking me if I was okay. :)


Same. I only had my husband for both of my births. My second one was a drug free birth and I wanted as few distractions and people as possible.


Not in my experience, for whatever that’s worth. As the husband, I myself was barely tolerated by the nurses (my job was done months earlier). After the birth though, lots of families had folks dropping in constantly during the day. Nurses would try to limit the numbers but as long as folks weren’t obnoxious it was generally tolerated. Nights were quiet though, no guests.


Also, wouldn't it be kinda weird for your baby daddy's brother to be watching? weerd X)


During actual childbirth, only the dad is allowed. Typical procedure is to have the doctor delivering and two nurses to assist, the pregnant person and the dad. At least that was my experience.


With my first, I had originally wanted just my boyfriend, mom, and gramma there. 2 of my brothers and one of their girlfriends stopped in to see how things were going.. then the epidural angel came in. Everything happened so quickly after that, my brothers got trapped in the room and became unwilling witnesses to their niece's birth. Best birth control lesson ever. One of them told me he would have rather seen the crucifixion of Christ than that again. In the end though, remember that it's a medical procedure and not a spectator sport. Anything at anytime can go very wrong.


>In the end though, remember that it's a medical procedure and not a spectator sport Insightful comment, I feel the same way about it (I don't have kids, but I agree with your view all the same).


Absolutely! There is poo, blood, body parts, hoohaws on display, things -tear-, baby may go into distress, afterbirth looks like cherry cobbler... it is a very, very vulnerable time.


Honestly I'm confused. By the time my wife was in hospital gown in the bed like this girl, shit was real already and she was not laughing. This girl doesn't even look like shes in full on labor yet.


I FaceTimed my mom while I was 7 cm dilated, epidural placed. Couldn’t feel shit lol.


I definitely had periods like this in the 24 hours I was in labour on the delivery bed. I took a phone call from my mum, ate some dinner, scrolled on my phone... there were periods where it was 'quiet', if that's the best way to describe it! If she's had a long labour then it's entirely possible for her to legitimately be like this.


Depends on where you deliver at. Every hospital has different polices. Mine had a strict two support persons in the delivery room and only one in the er so they’re not in the way in case of emergencies. I only had my husband there. I wouldn’t want that many people in my room but seems like they’re all really close and being supportive.


Her labor doesnt look like it's started. I had all my family in the room with me until it was time to push. Then I kicked out everyone but my husband.


It does look like fun. The C section births I was a part of were operation rooms. I was the only extra person, allowed in a few minutes before the yank out. One of them was during Covid, it wasn't much different except being masked the entire time inside the hospital. Visitation during Covid was one person max, not one person at a time - but the same one person for entire hospital stay.


It makes me happy thinking about a baby arriving in that room with those people.


This family is 🌟nutritional 🌟 for that baby


100% daily recommended dose.


First thing I thought. Baby’s entering life WEALTHY.


Well said what a cool group of folks!


You ever think about the kid seeing this video?


You can tell that baby is going to have so many fun memories


Im kinda jelly in a wholesome way 🥲


Imm have vodka in my tea today in our honour 🥲


I’m kinda jelly in a jam way


That baby’s gonna come out moon walking.


Just buy a god damn new crock pot. Please.


That's some solid harmonizing for a impromptu song.




I heard "What was the intro?" like she was trying to remember how the beat started. *Cue beatboxing


Plus I’ve never known anyone to actually know the lyrics to the song. That was sus to me. Still cool, not trying to take away from how neat the video is. Just feels planned.


I'm 25 so this song is before my time but there are some ~40 year olds in my gaming group that blew my mind knowing all the words to this song


....you've never listened to a song enough times to know the lyrics by heart?


Everything is performative. Hooray!


Have...have you ever been around musicians? Because yes. Music is literally performative. That’s like it’s whole fucking deal.


Meh, that's rather subjective, no? I mean, personally, I *hate* hearing music performed; I read my music, like literature, and then deconstruct it in my mind and savour it like fancy caviar. Hearing it *preformed* is so crass, no?


Whoever was beatboxing could give Bose a run for their money!


I'm reasonably sure that they've sung that song before, but whether it was planned for that moment or not I can't say, but it's likely an ongoing joke among a musical family.


So much joy in that room.


That's adorable.


That actually looks like a great time lol


Should have been there at the conception!


That baby is gonna have a good life


They are so calm! I already have anxiety about being by my wife's side in the delivery room and we are still trying to conceive. Seems like such a nice supportive family.


Lemme let you in on a secret about hospital anxiety: they have special machines. Specifically for heating up blankets. Blanket warmers. And they will give you a nice hot blanket if you ask. It’s that cozy fresh-out-of-the-dryer temperature and it’s amazing


They'll also give you several if you lose a lot of blood and start shaking uncontrollably. And yes they're really nice.


That just makes me want to sweat right now. Yup I’m sweating just thinking about sitting under a heated ass blanket especially when I’m anxious. When I get anxious I get hot.


You'll do fine once you get there. It's nerve-wracking at first, then you get to just sit....and wait....and wait. Especially if she gets the epidural and everything is normal. It's a waiting game once those meds hit.


Sheesh I'm nervous throughout the whole day. I get so nervous that my jaw just won't stop jittering.


Is there still pain with the epidural? I’m afraid of that


If it works, no, not really.


You’ll be calm. There’s a lot of waiting around that happens so you’ll have time to mellow out.


Honestly don't doubt yourself. It comes so naturally when you love someone.


Don’t worry about it buddy. The doctors and nurses have seen everything, they’re good at making sure things work out fine.


My husband almost fainted when he watched them give me my episiotomy. Everybody left my side and rushed over to him


Username checks out


This made me tear up. So much happiness to share with their little one.






These are lovely people.


That was sooooo cute though.


everybody in that room looks nice asf


This grooves


She must have already had the epidural


That baby is going to be a mix of salt and pepper






It was right in front of my face the whole time.


That kid will be embarrassed for the rest of their lives... Great parents to be!


So cute!


That kid's gonna be alright.


I love this and everyone there.


Are they all on meds in there


Pretty wholesome shit right there


What a great family to be born into. Good luck to them all.


I mean, i guess there are worse ways to have a baby


Drugs are a wonderful thing. Glad mom is so chill.


I think there might be a market for delivery room singers.


That little kid is going to have the most fun family life ever. This is so awesome to see


did not expect to see my hospital here wtf


Ok someone combine this with holt and terry dancing from 99


Finally found the comment about b99 ah I see you're a man of culture as well


Imagine the kid who was born that day finds out about the tiktok his mother and relatives filmed about his birth


what a rad family


That's gonna be a fun family to grow up in.


They seem like they'll be a great family.


That’s a lucky baby. Gonna have a lot of fun growing up.


That’s one lucky baby haha


When is this video from! Show me the baby! Tell this family they're invited my bbq to hang with my kids any day!


C’mon, show us the after pic with the baby !


I walked in on my mother giving birth to my sister and I’ll never forget the horrors I saw or the screaming I heard. I saw my own mother push out my bloody sister whilst shitting on her telling me “Get the fuck outta here”. I would rather spill scalding hot coffee on my lap while I drive to an important meeting rather than step into another room like that.


Yep that’s why us women give birth. We’re not wimps and we can handle that shit


I’ll prove you wrong and give birth as a man. Love is stronger than biology.


I wish my parents were that cheerful


So cute!


God willing, they are going to raise a great person.


That was a pretty nice beat tbh.


This is the best thing I’ve seen all day.


This is pure joy.


Having a great support system while in labor makes a world of difference. Even the most minor contractions can be so overwhelming and painful when you feel alone.


The vibes in that room with those people.


There's so much good energy in the room. They all are vibin, and baby is gonna be born into that and it's gonna be part of them. That kids gonna be cooler than the other side of the pillow. I love this so much.   ^^aahhhh ^^tsssss ^^push ^^it


That kid is gonna have a good, loving, fun life.


I want a redo on the birthing of my son lol I was walking around and in a luke warm bath (hospital just so happened to be low on hot water) 😂 But honestly what a room of love fun and family. So nice 🥰


Great family


Getting brigades by trump supporters who hate seeing happiness and that their spoonfed narrative isn't reality.


This is fucking awesome not cringe


Imagine wearing makeup when you’re giving birth (BTW I’m trying to get negative likes)


Nice try fucker I'm literally upvoting every comment rn.




This was pretty dope and all, BUT why so many people in the delivery room.




She's not in the throws of childbirth yet, man. sheesh. This is only the start. Pretty soon half or more of those people aren't even going to want to BE anywhere near what's about to go down.


Hey hey chill , I never gave birth idk how this works lol


Just to actually answer your question, giving birth can take a long time and if she is just at the start of contractions they can be quite far apart and things are pretty chill like this (Things don't get "messy" until the later stages haha). It's an exciting time for the family so think of this as a little visit from family to keep the mother calm, happy and thinking about other things (understandably there can be a lot of nerves around giving birth). For me personally more people before would make me more stressed, but everyone is different and this family seem especially lovely to be around so it's probably very helpful for everyone involved.


There's like 3 people


Or 7, but you were almost halfway there. 8 if you include the baby




3 that don't absolutely need to be there. So I'm closer. What's the problem?


Well actually four (the camera operator)... You guys are really bad at numbers.


My wife and I brought a karaoke machine into our delivery room, she sang push it, i sang break on through (to the other side). Nurses were not amused.


So it’s like a spectator sport.


Future single mother




Just because you were unwanted doesn't mean everyone goes through that champ.


This dude is a negative dog lol Look at his comments... Ugly cunt


Based af


These guys live a Disney life


I take it back! Pitch Perfect is a realistic movie and people suddenly just can just perform random acapella with perfect harmony is possible. ​ I'm sorry Bella I didn't believe in you!


This is so wholesome


I do love a good beat box but this is pushing it...


Isn’t the “okay” symbol a hate sign now?


Divorce within a year


Kid is gonna do fine in this world. He/She has a family of culture.