WASTE is the underground postal network. The ad in the bathroom says "WASTE only, Box 7391," which indicates that that a box number is specific enough to get it delivered. It's been a while since I've read it, but the whole book is about Oedipa discovering the WASTE network.


I asked PLEASE no spoilers. I don't understand, why spoil? Why not just say what the person below said - it was on the bathroom wall.


...there are no spoilers in that answer.


For the first point I think you are right, the box number is the address. For the second point - it says so in the text: "I saw it in a lady's john". She saw the following text: “Interested in sophisticated fun? You, hubby, girl friends. The more the merrier. Get in touch with Kirby, through WASTE only. Box 7391. L. A.” bellow the text was the muted post horn. In my edition it's page 38. I hope this helps and I hope I didn't spoil anything for you. Edit: spelling


Thank you!


It's been literally decades since I was close to this text... guess I'll have to revisit! I think TP sometimes purposely obscures passages like this in order to jar the reader out of a direct literal interpretation of whatever the subject happens to be. Having just finished AtD again, I swear there are passages of dialogue where he intentionally makes it ambiguous as to who is speaking.