Hi /all TLDR a member of a YouTube group who whole ‘thing’ is that he loves his wife and kids, he’s our internet dad, cheated on his wife with an employee


I'm in shock. I feel so bad for Ariel and their kids, and also to the other Try Guys who have to pick up the pieces.


They’re probably devastated, too. I feel for everyone, so much. Hopefully them posting without Ned is an indication that they’re still willing to move forward without him. I’m sure they will since they have so many employees and people dependent on the company.


coming soon- Keith, Zach, Eugene as The Tri Guys


Yeah if my best friend who I considered to be a brother and built my whole business with and who (I thought) unconditionally supported me ended up having such terrible character I would be absolutely devastated.


Me too this must be so stressful for everyone involved. So many people effected!


I can't imagine how awful this is for all of them. Especially having to scramble today to figure out how to manage the social media aspect.


I was holding on to hope that it wasn’t true at first, but then the evidence just kept piling up. I’m so devastated for Ariel and the kids. Idk if it’s just me, but I definitely want her to stick around and be part of Second Try (only if she wants to, of course). Fuck Ned, though. I never want to see him have a career as a public figure or be in a position of power ever again. Edit: clarity, because damn, apparently some people are still okay defending a boss who had an affair with a subordinate


I would love to continue to have her on you can sit with us at least, but I also understand if she doesn't want to be in the public spotlight anymore.


Me too! But I’d understand if she didn’t want to… To be honest, she was the main reason why I tuned into the pod anyways.


Fuck Alexandria too, her poor fiance having to find out from some stranger on the internet and seeing photos of the whole thing. They both can fuck right off. Wonder if she will be let go too or will she just quit.


Very likely they legally cannot let her go. But I imagine there will be a mutually agreed upon exit soon.


Legally speaking, they might not be able to let her go (or at least immediately). The fact that Ned was her boss screams sexual harassment.


That must be where the “consensual” part of his statement comes from.


Hope ya'll don't stop watching the channel though since Eugene, Zach, and Keith have worked their butts off to establish it


The cynical part of me hopes this drama will bring them more viewers


Totally. People watching to see if they give any explanation, people watching who were reminded that they used to watch but stopped for a while




Even the dog unfollowed him 😭🤚🏻


You know you fucked up when the dog unfollows you


Not even Bean wants his Pillsbury white cheating ass 😭


Not the dog too😭


all the guys have also unfollowed him




Those three aren't that online as the others, they have day jobs




As someone not on IG, I appreciate the real time updates lol




I agree. I feel so much for Ariel, the other guys and anyone else involved.


this being 100x harsher than the fifth harmony "via her representatives" Camila exit letter.... not even a perfunctory "we wish him well" damn this is actually devastating


Yeah, this is blunt as fuck. They are clearly *pissed* at him. ETA: This was posted right after the announcement went up, and nothing had been confirmed yet. Now that we know more, yes, they absolutely have every right and reason to be mad at him. At the time I was remarking on the terse nature of the statement itself, and nothing else. Thank you for the responses, but I don't need any more breakdowns of what happened and all the reasons why they should be mad at them. I know, I get it, and I agree.


He put them in such a difficult situation. Getting into a relationship with a subordinate is a lot of legal grey area and sans a proper HR department, there probably wasn't any disclosures that this was happening or any protection from sexual misconduct suits. He is an owner of that company - it puts the entirety of the Try Guys at risk to have a scandal like this. They have partnerships and brand deals that could potentially be affected by this negative press. How stupid did he have to put his ego above the well-being of his family, his friends, and his company?


I 100% understand and I 100% agree. They have every right to be pissed, I'm just saying that statement doesn't try to hide it at all.


He put their entire company at risk with his behavior. And there is a chance this means losing their food network show, possibly being cancelled before the rest of the series airs. It happens. Not to mention feeling so disappointed on a personal level. They were family.


Damn Rachel, YB and Will with the quick likes of the post on IG


Yb has been getting a stupid amount of hate on her social media so I don’t blame her.


I don't understand it. Unless she helped cover up the affair, then she should be left out of it.


I think many people just refer to the affair partner as "one of the food babies" instead of by her name - Alex, and YB is much more popular than Alex so people mistook YB for the affair partner...


Alex, the one that's been featured for all the wedding videos this year? Man.


Yes. That Alex. *Formerly* Engaged to Will somethingoranother. Edit: added formerly.


It’s official. Keith, Eugene, and Zach have all unfollowed him


That hurts my heart so much lol I just keep thinking about their first few videos like the try ladies underwear or when they served sushi off of their bodies and stuff Like they really because best friends and they all unfollowed him How fucking sad man


Becky and YB were so quick to share this to their stories on IG......


For some reason, I imagine that Becky and YB, next to the other 3 guys and Ariel, are the most upset about this. Ariel and Becky have been there for the guys since the beginning and YB and Alex formed a real friendship through 2ndTry.


that and it seemed like YB was the closest to Alex. So i’m sure she’s in shock and hurt that this is all going on. So i’m not surprised she’s quick to share. at this moment though, let’s try our best to be respectful to ariel and the kids. if ariel wants to say something she will. she owes us nothing.


I think YB is also friends with Alex’s former fiancé so this could feel like a triple betrayal for her


and rachel. she and ariel are extremely close, they’ve said they text like everyday, and she’s the executive producer so she works with the guys a lot (i mean she went on the no recipe road trip with them).


Noticed that, too. Within seconds. They were obviously waiting for the post to drop.


I wonder if they were all in the office together, reacting as soon as they got the post up. Putting up a united front in this decision makes a lot of sense.


I get the feeling this has been known for a couple weeks now, and they've been trying to figure out what to do. The leaks simply forced their hand.


Also Kelsey Darragh who went with Alex for the wedding dress try on video when she got engaged…


I feel like there has to be way more to the story for everyone to be so publicly trying to distance them self from Ned now. Not that having an inappropriate relationship with a subordinate isn't enough, but I can't help but feel lke they are afraid something more is going to come out.


An affair is a pretty big deal. I think that people are distanced from this or haven’t seen a couple blow up from an affair but it’s bad. Happened in a friend group and the person that cheated was completely cut out and that’s without having jobs involved.


There are little bubbling rumours already about this being a pattern of behaviour. I'm also kind of wondering if there are some wider substance abuse issues at play, too.


I'm sure they want everyone to stop messaging them constantly asking them for information. I'd share it quickly too.


If Keith EVER does this to Becky I will not believe in love.


Now i'm thinking back to the second lie detector video where Keith said his and Becky's marriage was more realistic than Ned and Ariel's...yikes


or how the guys always described ned as a douche/frat guy/fuck boy


Yup, such a cliche stereotype but it exists for a reason 🤷🏻‍♀️


And where Ned said he probably has a better marriage than John the lie detector guy because he is older and has kids…


And honestly I always thought that keith was roght! It was soo sus, that he build his identity bout his marriage. Like there was nothing special to him except for being married


being married and a yale graduate were his only two personality traits


For real.


Also sorry I’ve been MIA- received emails from a few chat requests and got back on Reddit


Hey glad you’re back. Is it possible to pin this post?


Just did! Doing clean up of the sub atm


Thank you!! So glad you are back!


Y’all gonna take me a minute to get through everything. Working with only on mobile because my laptop is broken. Thank the lord I worked from home today Rip but pls be patient Edit: also if someone from actual 2nd try wants to jump in feel free to shoot me a message bc YALL


I blame Ned for the sudden increase in work you mods have to do. Thanks for trying to keep up.


You’re doing the lords work, much love!


Can't imagine how complicated this must be from a business standpoint for them. All the merch, pre recorded videos, TV show, etc. I wonder if he was pushed out or decided on his own to leave.


Agreed. The legal side must be a mess. He's probably still entitled to part of the profits from things that have his image. Also wasn't he in charge of a lot of the business side of things?


Not just business, but they were friends to. I know they aren't the immediate victims here, but it must suck to have to publically dissolve a friendship like this


Exactly, Zach and Maggie are wedding planning and I'm sure having to cut him out must hurt like hell.


Oof, I hadn't even thought about their wedding. That's going to be rough. I'm sure he was a groomsman along with Keith and Eugene.


He owns a stake in the company, they probably have to discuss buying out his share entirely or making him to a silent financial partner but nothing more.


They have already shot without a recipe episodes. They would have to throw all that footage out...crazy! I think he was definitely pushed out...maybe they were negotiating a graceful exit but twitter forced their hand.


Poor Ariel! Wishing her and her two children the best ❤️


Man, this bums me out. The Try Guys was always comfort TV for me and my wife. When we were bored, we'd go back in their catalogue and just start a random video and see where it took us. While I don't think thos videos are ruined, it definitely taints the homey-ness of the backlog.


Good on them. Making such a decisive move was the best thing they could've done. And lets be honest, likely the only way to save the company.


I have always had a tenuous theory that there’s a correlation between people who post a lot about their relationship, talk a lot about how great it is, etc and situations like this. It’s purely anecdotal but I’ve seen it happen so many times with people I know personally. The couples who don’t feel the need to advertise seem to be the ones who stick it out. Not sure what this says, if anything, but it’s one more anecdote for the pile.


When you feel the need to perform your relationship for others, it speaks to a lack of satisfaction in the daily and personal part of it, imo. Like there is a massive difference between celebrating “highlight” milestones (trips, anniversaries, etc) publicly as a sort of proud thing and a more constant “Hey, can’t you see how in looove I am” posting that feels like you’re seeking validation you aren’t getting internally


I think that’s exactly what it is—you’ve articulated it in a way that I’ve never been able to. If you’re fulfilled and secure in what you have, there’s no need to invite external approval to fill in the gaps.


No it seems valid, projecting the total opposite of how you really are in order to portray a false lifestyle (see John Mulaney). It’s sad and only makes the fallout 10x worse.


>I have always had a tenuous theory that there’s a correlation between people who post a lot about their relationship, talk a lot about how great it is, etc and situations like this. It’s purely anecdotal but I’ve seen it happen so many times with people I know personally. The couples who don’t feel the need to advertise seem to be the ones who stick it out. Not sure what this says, if anything, but it’s one more anecdote for the pile. I 100% agree. As a married person with married friends who exist on a varied degree with this kind of behavior - those who brag literally will drag each other after a few too many drinks. It's so transparent and so sad.


Imagine building your whole brand as the guy who loves his wife only to cheat on her...


You mean like John Mulaney?


Yeah, like John Mulaney, except Mulaney also had generationally good stand-up that the branding was used for... Ned's like... the My Wife guy and what else? Kinda sports-bro and Yale?


completely ruined his career and possibly that of his friends + employees.


I think the try guys will do fine without him. It’s a shame but hopefully it doesn’t impact them in the long run


I think Keith and Eugene have become much more recognizable members in the last couple of years. They’ll be ok.


Yeah luckily for the brand, Ned was the most forgettable one. If they can survive anyone leaving, it’s him


He was my least favorite try guy, so it won't impact my viewership lol


I’m sure he’s lost everyone because of this. I can’t imagine the other guys wanting to continue a personal relationship


Imagine losing everything so you can hook up with a subordinate.


Literally. EVERYTHING. Wife kids career best friends. For a make out session with none other than your employee??? Insane


exactly!!! so fucking stupid


truly so bizarre. this is why i just truly do not understand what is going through the minds of people when they cheat. how do you NOT see all the potential consequences for your actions? especially being so public about it.


Eh, sadly men with connections almost always find a way to bounce back in LA. He may not focus on YouTube for a while but I'd bet he lands somewhere.


Felt increasingly sure that this was going to be the only solution. If any of these allegations have merit, Ned jeopardized the entire company. A boss and an employee?? All she has to imply is that she was scared of retaliation and losing her job and the company is sunk. This is the smartest move, though I know it hurts everyone involved deeply. Devastated for the whole team to go through this and still here to support Keith, Eugene, and Zach.


I just want to say that it's refreshing to see them hold Ned so accountable. Business legality notwithstanding, this shows the other guys' character is genuine (not that I thought it was a shtick for camera, its just that we all know the stereotypical "men defending men" piece in the media). I also want to extend my support/love to Ariel AND Will. they \*both\* got hurt. Just because we don't see Will on camera, doesn't mean his fallout is less than Ariel's. They both deserve to be happy and this isn't easy for either of them. ETA: also hoping the kids are okay. Wesley's old enough to grasp that something's wrong with mom and dad :(


It seems like The Try Guys worked their asses off to create the company they have on their own and it also appears their employees enjoy working with them, even the ones that have left. Maybe we will get a different story now or maybe this was just on Ned. But it sucks how selfish Ned was not just to his wife and kids but to everyone involved. Try Guys seemed like a seemingly joyful little place on the internet. The fact that another employee is allegedly involved makes it worse. Ned you really suck.


Honestly after listening to the YCSWU podcast for so long all I can think about is how sorry I feel for Ariel. Ned sucks.


I wonder if they'll post the TryPod this week.


I was thinking that today’s episode of You Can Sit With Us must be getting great engagement


>engagement lmao


Ned is such a fucking loser for this. Absolutely no sympathy for him.


Same. Hope he goes away and never attempts a rebrand


Such a betrayal and let down to his wife, friends, family and fans.


This is sad and confusing. Why did they do this? They're both in long term relationships. If they weren't happy, why not separate? Why hurt their partners and their team? Why damage their relationships, their families, their friendships, and their careers? I just don't understand...


Not only that, Ned lost his job. If he was going to cheat. He could have cheated with someone he didn’t work with. Then that would be a personal thing to work through. Cheating with a subordinate could open the tryguys to a lawsuit


I know we all feel sorry and wish our best to Ariel and her kids, but there's another victim we should acknowledge. Will Thayer (Alex's former fiance' and whistleblower for this whole thing). ​ Will if you are reading - I'm sorry you are also going through this. I hope for the best with you - I know it sucks to have your heart broken by someone you loved. But it is better you know instead of going through a mess later on. All the best in the future.


Moment of silence for the mods tonight.


I’m really glad the rest of the guys aren’t letting his behavior slide. It really sucks for the fans though, hope it was worth it!


I’m sad for the company, hopefully this doesn’t have too harsh of implications on the business/financial side of things. One person’s selfish mistake can impact an entire company of people😵‍💫




I've commented this elsewhere, but as a divorcee who had a marriage break down because of my ex's infidelity, my cheating radar has been pinging on Ned for a while. I can't pinpoint when, but there was a point at which Ned went from charmingly enamored with Ariel to overly obsessed with being *the married guy*. His constant public declarations of devotion closely mimicked what my ex would do to keep up appearances in the eyes of family and friends the more he cheated. Ned's whole husband spiel rang hollow and smacked of "the lady (or the Ned) doth protest too much". I feel so deeply for Ariel and anyone else that this situation has negatively impacted, but mostly I feel for Wes and Finn and how this will change their childhood.


I’ve thought for awhile that it’s odd that his entire personality is simply “husband”. We’ve seen Zac delve into his love life and health issues. We’ve seen Eugene delve into cultural, sexual, and political issues. We’ve seen the comedy, acting, singing and food interests of Keith. It always felt like Ned was never willing to show another side of himself. I wonder how long he’s been cheating. I can’t help but think it’s been going on longer than even before Alex was around. He’s never really let his walls come down.


Do we think Alex will leave too?


I think so honestly, I doubt people are going to be happy with her at work, and YB did unfollow her


I'm not sure about the legal framework around firing an employee because her superior had sex with her. There's definitely a weird power dynamic at play...


If she leaves there will likely be some kind of generous severance pay. Those things are usually in contracts for salaries, and they won’t be able to get out of it since Ned was her boss and not the other way around. If Alex was sleeping with someone under her it would be a different story.


This exactly. They'll buy her out with a generous windfall in exchange for an NDA. She'd be too much of a distraction on camera or behind. Maybe, _maybe_, I could see them having her do some freelance editing remotely. But in the office and certainly on camera are out of the question.


She’ll likely voluntarily leave.


Maybe forced to resign but not actually fired. I guess they can stop putting her in front of the camera but I doubt her coworkers would want to work with her. It'd be a tense environment for everyone if she stays on.


I think she will resign from her position as a "mutual" departure, I doubt she will be officially fired.


I can’t imagine staying at a job where everyone knew I slept with one of the bosses + then one of the bosses left as a direct result. She’ll probably resign. Or maybe they’ll offer her a decent severance package if she agrees to go quietly, sign an NDA, etc.


Not to mention a married boss.


She won't be fired (that's a lawsuit waiting to happen) but my guess is she won't want to be there.


Probably get the option to resign with severance. I can't imagine the rest of the crew will be excited to work with her anymore.


Ruined his career, marriage, and bag for an affair...


I will never understand men who can blow up their entire lives like that. And in this case the collateral damage is HUGE. He could have easily cheated on Ariel with some rando and it would have been a personal issue, but he had to do it with a subordinate.


Actually I get why he would cheat with someone specifically like Alex: Alex is also in a relationship and has something to lose like him so it would be easier to hush it up together. Cheating with a rando has the untimely consequence of affair partner suddenly dropping bombs on IG eg Adam Levine. The question is wtf were they so openly brazen about it in NYC unless this has been going on for so long they got a bit lax about hiding it.


Yeah, I'm so confused on why they were just out in public doing that shit. Cheating is always dumb as fuck, but two pretty well known people just going at it in the public view makes it even dumber


Probably has been going on for a while for them to be that comfortable. Plus it’s the narcissism that they won’t be caught since they got it away with it already so many other times.


The fact that Ned refers to it as a “workplace relationship” makes me think it went on way longer than just that one instance.


You know, even with all the speculation and being pretty sure it was right, this announcement still kind of stunned me. Ned, you stupid fucking idiot.


Poor Ariel, dude. I can’t imagine having to go through this privately, let alone sooo publicly. What a stupid way to throw away your career, life, relationships. And he’s put their company in jeopardy too by fucking around with an employee. What a moron.


I really hope that they take proper time to heal from this. Ariel and the kids are the big victims here, but this is very damaging for everyone with the Try Guys as well.


"No longer working with" is an interesting phrase. I guess it's because he's still a co-owner of the company until they buy him out or otherwise settle that.


Lmao imagine cheating on your super hot wife and losing everything. What a loser.


If Emily Rajatowski and Shakira taught us anything, it’s that no matter how hot, rich or sexy you are, a man will still be an idiot.


+ Beyonce!




Imagine being able to have an incredible career making fun content with your closest friends while also having a beautiful family and throwing it all away for a quick make out sesh in public. Wild.


This feels like a fever dream tbh


“A consensual workplace relationship” would’ve been okay if 1) you weren’t her BOSS and 2) you weren’t a MARRIED FATHER of 2. Such a cop out. You and Alex decided to cheat on your respective partners. End of story.


I think it's pretty clear that this was the only morally correct thing to do, and also the only way the company decided they can keep going. I wonder what's next for them, how they're going to acknowledge the situation in greater depth, and how they'll move past this.


Just that they’ve also all unfollowed Ned - I’m so shocked


Imagine throwing everything away like this. Sheesh. I feel for Ariel and the boys.


I really hope Ariel sees the outpouring of love. And even though I think Ned deserves to be fired and dragged I feel for the kids who are gonna have to read this online for themselves eventually.


Wow. I don’t really have much else to say. I did not expect this when I woke up this morning lol


I think this will be hard for them in the short term but might be a benefit for them in the longterm, maybe they can try rotating in replacements to see who fits best (likely after taking a bit of a break). I think this is a great chance to reinvent the brand when it’s felt like lately they’ve just become a food show at times.


maybe it will pay-off now that he did get a chemistry degree from Yale...


We all know Eugene is muttering “goddamn straight people” under his breath at the moment


I mean to be fair he did say in a polygraph video that he thought they would divorce as after his parents divorce he finds it hard to think people will stay married


you are a bright spot in the sea of serious comments lol, thank you


He destroyed his career, his family, his business, his friendship circle, and countless relationships. Can’t believe somebody would be so stupid.


I’m disappointed but I’m also glad to see people stuck by Ariel instead of covering things up if this was the case. Especially if it was with a younger employee, i don’t think I’ve ever seen an all male group be this supportive.


Shocking but not surprising. This really hurts as a fan, and I just can't imagine what Ariel is going through. Sending all the good energy her way.


Holy shit this should confirm all the people doubting that it was really them or not in the picture.


Ariel removed “Ned’s wife” from her bio. I am absolutely devastated for her


This blew up so fast but I'm glad they made a statement to at least alleviate some pressure


God I feel bad for everyone involved, but I couldn’t imagine putting my blood sweat and tears into a company for 1/4th of it to go fuck everything up. I hope this scandal brings them more viewers tbh


It’s wild to me that a fan saw Ned and Alex together at a Harry Styles concert in MSG.


This has been my worst parasocial day on the internet since Ryan Haywood. It’s always the “wife guys” ETA: Also ProJared


Usually I’m pretty good at predicting this kind of thing, but I was genuinely shocked to see this kind of behavior from Ned. Dissapointing.


Honestly me too, maybe I'm foolish but I always thought he genuinely loved Ariel


It’s sad, but as more and more time went on, the proof was in the pudding.


This is just so, so sad. In every way. But the silver lining is I'm glad the others are taking a stance against Neds behaviour and aren't turning a blind eye simply because it's their friend. Still sucks.


literally dropped when i closed this sub. i did not expect such a short but damning statment tbh


lol anyone else dreading the thought of rewatching old videos?


After a thorough investigation we have concluded ned fulmer ain’t shit


i’m interested to hear what is said on the try pod and you can sit with us


as insane as this is, i feel so bad for ariel and the kids, as well as alex’s (i assume now ex) fiancé. hope they’re all doing okay.


Becky liked it. I always got the vibe Ned wasn’t her favorite.


You just know that Becky is *that* girl. Intuitive with her assessment of people, chill, doesn't need to make her whole life about the guy she's with. The only Becky I stan


The wording leaves me so cold. I don’t know how to process this


I think this was written by a lawyer (which is 100% the right thing). I’ve bet they’ve been dealing w this behind the scenes and meant to move slower however the gossip forced their hands. Hugs as it’s been a tough parasocial day! Thinking of Ariel and the boys too. Hope they end up okay in this mess.


Oh no for sure lawyer writing it’s just. The last time I dealt with this it was Geri leaving the Spice Girls and it was all nicey nicey haha


It’s a business matter so they have to be direct. I’m sure they’ll do something for the “fans” one day but right now it’s get this out and start the next phase of the clean-up


Im also having a harder time processing than I ever would have expected as well.


I think that and the fact they’ve all stopped following him. It’s all just so…I don’t know. This shouldn’t upset me this much


It's lawyer-speak. Probably can't say anything else.


It’s so… telling.


When I first read it, my stomach dropped in the worst way. I feel you


Damn Rachel, YB, Becky, and Will with the quick likes of the post on IG


Just saw that Becky (Keith’s Wife) liked the post.


Holyyyyy shit. Gutted for Ariel and all of them tbh but there was no other way to go. Variety is saying allegations of misconduct? Perhaps there was more than just this incident , with other members of staff? Or harassment? Either way they were right to cut ties and protect the company


the craziest thing to me is if you’re going to cheat, very publicly i might add, why in the hell would you do it with an employee??? (like duh cheating is bad) but just business wise….like what the hell??? how could you be that fucking stupid?


Wow. This is not something I had on my 2020s bingo card. I suppose I'm just glad they're two hopefully consenting adults and not uh... *Stares at Mike Lombardo, Gus Johnson, Luke Conard, Alex Carpenter, Alex Day, Tom Milsom, Edd Blann (Eddplant), Shay Carl Butler* Not all the same level of ick but all are notable internet guys I used to like. **Edit so I don't have to reply to more sub comments** The Rogues Gallary, EXPLAINED - Alex Day, Tom Misom, Ed Plant, Alex Carpenter, Luke Conard, Jason Munday - All notable Youtube musicians/video bloggers who were in unfaithful and/or manipulative romance relationships. Gus Johnson - did not support his girlfriend during her ectopic pregnancy, was emotionally abusive Shay Carl - Mormon Family Vlogger, cheated on his wife with a sex worker, family went Full MAGA during the pandemic Mike Lombardo - Another youtube singer, had a parasocial relationship with underage fans that turned into sharing of nudes. Went to jail for a few years. Also was apparently a shitty boyfriend to one of his longtime girlfriends before he was outed for all of this.


This hurts for the boys and the team, and so disappointed in them two


EVERYONE is liking the post…. All of them…


Kwesi it’s your time to shine


The BEST next step for them IMO, he’d be the perfect new Try Guy


I feel sick. I've been cheated on, and the Try Guys helped me so much through that time. To find out that Ned of all people cheated... Disgusting. Literally, any rewatch of videos is going to feel like a lie because of how much Ned mentions Ariel. He's full of it.


BYE BOZO Imagine cheating on your wife and ruining every professional and personal relationship just to get it with an employee.


I can't believe this. The Try Guys deserve to be trending for something that's not this. I know it's human nature to be interested in great things and horrible things but this just sucks. Devastated for Ariel and the kids, hoping the Guys can pick the pieces up. Just stunned.


My heart hit the floor when I read that. It has to go beyond cheating. This is so serious. I really respect the rest of them for taking such a strong stand against his behavior.


Holy shit Ned wtff. I never imagined it coming down to this. And destroying your entire brand, friendships and family for what??