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Here’s list of permaboosted aka 1/64 Onix Lickitung Chansey Scyther Lapras Ditto Aerodactyl Pineco Gligar Sneasel Skarmory Nincada Feebas Chimecho Clamperl Bronzor Audino Alomomola These are all wild encounters and stay permaboosted even during events with boosted spawnrates. The following are boosted but might not be 1/64. Gible is boosted but I’ve heard different reports for it. Final evolutions with megas are boosted. Rufflet and Vullaby are boosted. As is all babies. Alolan Grimer, Sandshrew, Vulpix and Meowth are permaboosted. All Galarians are boosted currently. Mawile, Absol, Shinx, Klink and Timburr are boosted.


Are you sure on rufflet? I’ve always read it to be full odds…..even when available in raids. Which sucked for anyone using their passes.


At the very least, it was boosted for the recent event featuring it


The last time rufflet was widely available in quests it was permaboosted. Right now there are much fewer encounters available but considering the reports on shiny discord it seems likely it’s still boosted.


Gible and Final evolutions have shiny odds 1/128 Most Alolan and Galar Formes are also permaboosted, that is shiny odds 1/64. (Exceptions Alolan Rattata, Alolan Geodude, Alolan Diglett) I believe Mawile, Shinx, Klink and Timburr are 1/64 and Absol is 1/128. But those barely (if even) spawn, so it's hard to confirm.


Anything in mega raids has the permaboosted rates. So final evo things like Venusaur/charizard etc all have the 1/64 rate. Not 1/128. Absol is also the 1/64


So does that mean Alolan Rattata has normal odds? If so that’s exciting to me, I never get shinies and I have a shiny Alolan Rattata.


You sure about Lickitung and Alomomola?


Yes, that's typically what people take Permaboosted to mean; any mon with regular odds of approximately 1 in 64. The main reason why some lists will be at odds with one another is that we don't actually know the actual shiny rates for mons, we're just taking educated guesses, based on data collection and analysis. There's not a hard and fast rule for what we think is Permaboosted and what isn't. Some mons that fit patterns aren't permaboosted, and some mons that don't fit; are. To give a rough description of what is and isn't permaboosted; it's roughly: "Any Pokemon that is not in the general spawn pool, or spawns at such low rates that it is very irregular for a person to see them." So, to break it down further, and try and make sense of why some mons are Permaboosted, and others aren't; "Permaboosted mons" generally fall into the following categories (Bear with me, this is going to be long): ___ * **"Egg-Only"** Pokemon that are generally those that fall under the "Baby" Pokemon category; so currently *Pichu, Cleffa, Igglybuff, Togepi, Smoochum, Elekid, Magby, Azurill, Wynaut, Budew, Bonsly, Mime. Jr., Happiny, Riolu.* Tyrogue, Mantyke, Chingling and Munchlax will probably fall under here too, when they release. An additional pseudo-member of the above is *Vullaby*, which is also only available from eggs currently, although it should be noted that it's counterpart, Rufflet, is most likely not permaboosted, which implies that GBL availability may impact Niantic's decision to make a mon shiny at Permaboosted odds. _ * **"One Star Raid Pokemon"**, which don't spawn wild (normally) and are exclusive to eggs (generally 10km) and one star raids, which are currently *Shinx, Klink and Timburr*, but will probably include Espurr, when that shiny is released. _ * **"Research/Raid only Pokemon"**, which generally are only available primarily from research tasks, or from Raids. They are sometimes featured in the wild, but this is generally the exception, not the norm. This includes: *Alolan Raichu, Alolan Exeggutor, Alolan Marowak, Galarian Weezing,* (Probably) *Lickitung, Chansey, Lapras, Nincada, Mawile, Spinda, Absol, Chimecho, Clamperl, Audino, Alomomola and Druddigon*. This does *not* include Sableye, which is commonly associated with other mons in this group, but is almost certain to be base odds. _ * **"Rare and Hard to Find Mons"**: These mons are quite uncommon in the wild; but finding them wild is the normal method of encounter. There's not a massive amount of rhyme or reason to what is and isn't included, (and it's somewhat arbitrary making these distinct from the above), but as complete a list as I can compile is: *Onix, Scyther, Ditto, Pineco, Gligar, Sneasel, Skarmory, Feebas and Bronzor.* _ * **"Alolan and Galarian Formes that are not deemed wild available"** So this one's a little weird, it generally depends on how the mon's availability was at the time it was released. Alolan: *Sandshrew, Vulpix, Meowth and Grimer* and Galarian: *Meowth, Ponyta, Farfetch'd, Zigzagoon, Darumaka and Stunfisk* are all thought to be Permaboosted (in addition to the four already listed above), and Alolan Rattata, Diglett and Geodude (which were all fairly commonly available in the wild at the time of their shiny release) are thought to be at Base odds. _ * **"Pokemon capable of Mega Evolution... probably"** Again, here we're on unclear ground. It's unclear as to whether fully evolved pokemon not featured above (i.e. *Venusaur, Charizard, Blastoise, Beedrill, Pidgeot, Slowbro, Gengar, Gyarados, Ampharos, Steelix, Houndoom, Manectric, Altaria, Lopunny and Abomasnow*) that are catchable from Mega Raids (And sometimes the wild) are at Permaboost odds, or at Mediumboost odds (About 1 in 128). *Absol* and probably *Aerodactyl* (although there's not the full data supply yet) are excluded from this ambiguity, as they were available as permaboosted prior to their Mega release, which certainly in Absol's case, seems to be fairly likely to have kept them as they are. _ * **"Shadow Shinies... probably"** It's fairly widely accepted that Shadow Shinies from Team Rocket Leaders are at permaboost odds, although currently I believe it's a bit debated as to whether Niantic has fiddled with something with them. I'm not 100% sure on that front, but the historical data on them has typically leant towards being permaboosted. _ * **"Deino... probably"** - See my reply. __ Above are all the currently available permaboosted shinies as far as I am aware of them. I've probably missed one somewhere. This is getting very long, so I'll write a follow up comment about historical and shinylocked permaboosts.


Okay, so, continuing on with the niche cases, historical permaboosts and general confusion; * **"The Shinylocked Three"**: It's somewhat uncommon for Niantic to re-shinylock a Pokemon, but excluding accidents (Looking at you, Go Fest 2019 Abra), they've all been likely Permaboosted on first release. Various formes of *Unown* have been available, and relocked, and whilst a few releases have had unusual data that would suggest Mediumboost or Base (1 in 512ish) odds, it's generally been the case that the data has supported Permaboost odds. *Meltan*, additionally, was probably Permaboosted on first release, although more recent periods of availability have suggested the possibility of either Permaboost or Mediumboost status. The last member of this trio is *Smeargle*, who, in his one current appearance, was almost certainly Permaboost odds. _ * **"The Gible/Deino Problem"**: Okay. So. Gible, on first release in December 2019, going off historical data, was probably Permaboosted. At some point during 2020, it was very likely dropped to a Mediumboost rate. The exact timings of when it occurred is somewhat debated, but it's fairly likely now that Gible is currently Mediumboosted. Deino, too, is likely to have started out Permaboosted, but in more recent times, especially during the Dragonspiral Descent event, has evidence to suggest that the shinyrate has dropped. It's unclear if it has, whether it was just for the event, or what, but as of currently, it's a bit uncertain as to what the shinyrate for Deino is. _ * **"Limited Research Days"** It is likely that all Limited Research days post Minccino have their featured mons boosted to Permaboost odds, if they were not already at Permaboost odds (under which case, these is no boost). The data is less clear on the initial three events, although it is still reasonable to assume permaboost odds. The exception to this is the Meowth research day, where Galarian Meowth was not released as a shiny, and Kantonian Meowth may have had lower rates than Alolan Meowth. _ * **Events (not including Costumes)** Event boosts are slightly easier to track. Generally speaking, the data suggests that Go Fest 2020, 2021, and Go Tour Kanto have increased the odds of featured shinies to permaboost levels, if they were not before, but do not increase the odds of any mon that were already at permaboost levels or above. I haven't seen any reliable data on other paid for events, so I can't comment on those. In terms of free events, the boost is generally to Mediumboost odds. This includes Fashion Week 2020 Kricketot, Hoenn Week 2021 Aron, and Dia de Muertos 2021 Sunkern. The words: *"If you’re lucky, you might encounter a Shiny"* aren't a good indicator, as this can apply to both mons that are boosted, like Hoenn Week 2021 Aron, and mons that aren't, like Sinnoh Week 2021 Buizel. There are also exceptions to this. Heracross and Kangaskhan were both boosted to Permaboost odds in the Ultra Unlock: Space event, but have since both gone to Base odds, like all other regionals. _ * **"Costumes"** Costumes are honestly a bit of a lucky dip when it comes to shiny odds. Generally speaking, if the mon is either exclusive to research/raids, like Holiday 2021 Glaceon, or is exceptionally rare in the wild, like Fashion Week 2021 Butterfree, it's permaboosted, although this is not a hard and fast rule. Sometimes it'll only be boosted to Mediumboost. Sometimes it'll be base. It's a bit hard to predict these with good certainty, especially on repeat availability. Some costumes, like Christmas Stantler, have been likely to be at Permaboost odds on initial release, but was almost certainly at Base odds in the Christmas just past. _ Finally for historic shinies, the season-boosted shinies; Arcanine, Espeon and Umbreon are likely to have been Mediumboost odds, rather than Permaboost odds, but I have not found any reports of any of the three anywhere since the season they were tied to ended. There are some other periods where Pokemon may have been raised to Permaboost levels, but the above attempts to refine it to the important parts for both current availability of Permaboost shinies, and also predicting future ones.


how people made "permanently boosted" into "boosted to 1:64" and apply that term also for temporary boost to 1:64?


"Permaboost" is just the shorthand name for those odds. I believe it originally did just apply to those mons that were Permanently Boosted, but then over time, it just became the de facto name for any mon with those odds. Given how widespread the name is now, it's probably too late to change it, and it seems a bit redundant to call permanent Permaboost mons and temporary Permaboost mons different things. Especially given that "permanent" Permaboost status may be removed later down the line, like with Gible.


but it makes no sense, permaboost is boost that isn't event exclusive and there's nothing about odds in it...


That's just what happens with language sometimes. Personally, I differentiate by saying "is permaboosted" and "has boosted odds". But it's a short leap to switch the latter to "has permaboosted odds" to specify 1/64, and an even shorter leap from there to say "permaboosted" for things that aren't permanent.


Like what Glencurio said, it's pretty much a language thing. When GO started releasing shinies, there was only one level of permanent, non-event exclusive boost to shiny odds, and now there's three; 1 in 24ish (for legendaries), 1 in 64ish and 1 in 128ish. If we were to call any boost that's permanent the same thing, we wouldn't be able to accurately give a representation of the shiny rate, which ultimately, is the more important fact needed to be communicated. I agree, it is a bit of a misnomer, but at this point, the idea of "Permaboost" being a 1 in 64 chance of a shiny is too heavily ingrained into the community conscious to change anything about it, without confusing a lot of people.


and on the other hand using it wring way is going to confuse tons of people


Impressive data, agree on everything. Except deino. From what I know, it was full odds when release, permaboosted for go fest, And probably back to full odds now (or at least mediumboosted). But really thanks for your post!


Deino's annoying in that it spawns infrequently enough to make it hard to tell when they change the rate, but not so rarely that it's impossible to work out. (Looking at you, Lickitung). Completely omitted that it was probably base odds on initial launch, that's entirely on me not looking back far through enough. Post that, there's some suggestion that it got boosted a little while after that - possibly when it went into 12km eggs? - although this is by no means concrete. Was definitely permaboosted over GoFest 2021, and seems to have stuck at an increased, probably mediumboost rate between then and Dragonspiral. It was definitely base odds during the Dragonspiral event; and now it's unclear where it's at. I think it might still be at base odds? There's not the level of reports you'd expect to see (relative to the spawn rate) if it was still boosted. We'll see in the coming weeks, at least.


They have reduced species from the 1/64 "permanent" rate before, like Gible. It got lower odds once they started the slow drive to it's CD by making it more and more available in paid events, then raids, field research, and so on. This isn't a common pattern, but it has happened before. We learn which species have permanently higher rates by doing research, collecting data from sources and doing statistical analysis.


Thesilphroad list is the best list of what is permaboosted. I believe they made up the word, but it’s not like a formal Pokémon go word as far as a know. It doesn’t really refer to any Pokémon with boosted changes. During some events like community day, and the tour events some Pokémon are boosted for that event but i have never seen that temporary boost referred to as perma boost. Legendaries are also 1/20 and it’s just referred to as its own thing. As far as I know gible is the only weird one where they have done weird things with it’s rate so that’s why people some people don’t know exactly what to call it’s rate.


silphroad have list like that ..


Yes, just like this one [https://thesilphroad.com/shiny-pokemon](https://thesilphroad.com/shiny-pokemon)


The 1/64 page doesn’t list most of the pokemon that are permaboosted


Like which ones?


It only shows 24 for me when I click the arrow to show more.


there is a checkbox to include not avaiable spiecies


IIRC, horsea used to be permaboosted but then got pushed back to the standard shiny rate




I would think all mega Pokémon have 1/64 odds if only because having Absol and Aerodactyl have different shiny odds to the rest would be weird.