Audino with triple dust


Why audino? It doesn’t seem to do anything


A normal Audino gives you 2,100 dust per catch with 3x dust and a star piece you would get 9,450 dust per Audino. I want dust lol


Oh yeah


It does have an unreleased Mega…


Regular non-shadow gardevior has a higher fairy dps than mega audino. It only has some niche use as a support option


Would be a great reason to add Echoed Voice as a fast move and Hyper Voice as a charge move. Audino is like miltank, tanky but stuck with bad fast moves.




Given how long it took Shinx, I dont see Timburr for a long time, but it could totally get Rock Slide to sub for Stone Edge which would be great


I’ve had several ideas I’d like to share, though a few of them are lofty. Pokemon with extra XP like Staryu, Audino & Combe with three times stardust would be greAt For moveset, I’d be interested in Onix (perhaps Dragon Breath when Mega Steelix comes out?) &/or Croagunk. Another thing I’d like to see would be for Pokemon that require adventuring to evolve like Pancham or Galarian Slowpoke get to skip the requirements on Community Day My last idea: For spotlighting Pokemon who already have shadow forms, It’d be cool to see their shadow be the only one available from rocket grunts for the time and would give more opportunity to get good shadows (though I’d prefer Frustration to be TM’able away at the same time, something Niantic likely wouldn’t do)


Starmie needs Psycho Cut and a cheap water charge move. A CD for Psycho Cut and Surf (or a reworked Brine) would be amazing.


Oooo reworked brine sounds great


Right now it's 50 energy and 60 damage and there are so many near-spice waters that would appreciate a new mid-range water charge move.


What would you change it to? I think a 75 power -45 energy move could be nice for water types. It's another scald situation where only Omanyte has it. Buff it and give it to Starmie, Wailord, Golduck, and Lanturn


Trubbish with triple dust bonus


This would be a game changer for me now that Im focusing on shadows


Shellder with triple dust bonus! In January, when it's mostly rainy in Ireland. 1250 base dust, 5.6k per catch with star piece. I'd go all out on that day


^This. I wish we would get more bonus dust events, feels like we always get exp and candy bonuses but rarely any dust ones.


I feel like we had a recent wave of bonus dust events, I know there was something during October cus I was taking in 1500 dust per sableye catch. But yeah, I'd love for there to be more dust bonuses but I feel like there have been a few recently, it's just such a spendable resource that we always need more. Keep in mind that certain mons give bonus dust and if those are ever featured in an event its just as good, if not better, than just double dust across the board. Think about the earth day (?)event when trubbish was EVERYWHERE , or more recently the alolan meowth spotlight hour. Technically those aren't bonus dust events but the spawns make them so worth playing hard if you're grinding dust.


January 2022: Chespin (likely) February: Aron March: Fennekin April: Togetic May: Froakie June: Deino July: Timburr? After that I’m not sure, the alola starters have yet to be released so obviously wouldn’t be in a comm day until 2023, possible candidates for new comm day shinies could be hoppip, spheal, starly, and gothita.


If we had the alolan starters released by now, would expect that kind of release above, but 2 month between the starters like this year rather than 1 Still could get them next month though


Togetic, with 1/4 egg distance (since Togepi is... egg) and preferably learning Fairy Wind upon evolution into Togekiss. I have no idea what Fairy Wind even does since it's unreleased, but hopefully it'll be a decent alternative to Charm. Also shiny Togekiss is neat, even if it is subtle, and I'd like to get a few. :I


If candy XL weren’t in the picture I could see them doing it, but because Togetic is considered a second stage evolution, that would mean a guaranteed candy XL per catch and I just can’t see Niantic being that generous.


They could just change that for the 6-hour period so it's not guaranteed. That said, if you're chasing XL candies on Community Day, it's really not hard to get enough to max out a Pokemon, much less three or four of them. I went hard on Gible day and I'm sitting on about 600 Gible XLs.


Goomy would be great but probably a long way off. More realistically Lillipup, Stoutland is already good but a decent legacy move would be great!


I would love a Goomy com day!


Stoutland could totally be relevant with the right move too!


I feel like even though they won't be as cool, there's still some old shinies that could use a CD to get a good move. Magnezone- lock on Aggron- can go anywhere with it's insane movepool, maybe body press for fighting coverage Golem- all three of the other gen 1 trade evolutions got a day, maybe an elemental punch? ​ For new shinies and ones I'd really like to see: Haxorus- grass knot or surf for coverage Galvantula- electro ball? Goodra- surf, weather ball


Haxorus already learns surf


Alolan geodude might complicate that but would be a good time I'm sure we'll eventually get all the pseudo legendaries but spread out to make them more hyped


For sure. Never understood why people were mad or shocked Gible got one. They were more generous early on but as the game’s life cycle continues, everything will have its day in the sun. Also I wonder if both Golem forms can get a move? Maybe fire punch or rollout as a quick move or Rick charge move that boosts attack?




Please yes


Pls no


Anything new that hasn't already been released as a shiny.


Definitely going to be less of those unfortunately because we're definitely running lower and lower on new shinies




I'd like that too, great mon, awesome shiny...but realistically we are still a couple of years away. The next dragon will likely be Deino, since they milked it a lot already through special events and eggs, like Gible before the CD.


Poliwag, magnemite and bronzor. Not because of any real reason, I just like them lol


I'd like spheal but any new shiny is welcomed


100% expecting Spheal to get one. Has so much potential for one too


I hope next season is ice themed, so we can get spheal cday AND shiny Kyurem


Love that idea


Litwick. Have so many candies for it now because of multiple events featuring it. But I still can't evolve them yet, because it being a two-stage Pokemon formerly in the 10km egg pool means that likely they will eventually be in community day with a exclusive move, that will make all the Chanderlure without that move irrelevant. So hopefully its CD will come soon. Also, its shiny just looks pretty.


There isn't much to give Chandelure to make it more PvE relevant.


What about PVP? I've seen a few people use it for Ultra league.


Its bad for pvp , its very Glassy and even with the good moveset it has it just isnt good enough to compete with talonflame and charizard , being better fire types


It's very frail. A bait move might help it, but probably not enough.


it's very decent spice but already has basically the best moveset it could reasonably ask for. Incinerate, flame charge, and shadow ball is a very solid kit.


Litwick is a weird one. It needs a new move that's truly busted to make it excel further in either PvP or PvE. PvE, it already has the best moveset it can. PvP, it's just not good and needs something broken to be considered usable, even tho it still may not be good because it's frail


we've already seen with Machamp that they could just give it an out of left field coverage move, and make the value of the CD easy farming of a meta mon rather than necessarily improving it significantly in either PVP or PVE.


A good point! Altho I can't even find something that would remotely work well as a coverage move. But, we could always see a new move (like Psychic fangs or Payback) ofc. Maybe Spite for a cheaper ghost move, Acid Armor as a poison power up punch clone or similar (only for defense, fixing its fraility), Shock Wave to deal with water types, etc.


Any that is useful for pve and not just more pvp ones.


While in theory I agree I can't really think of much out there that is a move away from being a top PvE Pokemon. Let's take the often suggested Axew or Deino. I can't think of any way to make Hydreigon or Haxorus strongly PvE relevant. So I'm curious what specific suggestions you have in mind


if you give hydreigon a new move with, for instance, shadow ball's stats (but dark typing) it would be the best dark type attacker by DPS*TDO^3. Haxorus with outrage (not sure if MSG-eligible) would be a glass cannon dragon attacker (DPS above Salamence, Dragonite, etc) but a little glassier (but better than dragonite by DPS*TDO^3)


Haxorus would still have less DPS than Rayquaza. There are a few unreleased dark moves Hydreigon could learn so ...maybe.


That's problematic, because most types kinda already have the best possible attackers. Take Eelektross, for example. It's a pretty good fit for a CD. But even if it gets the strongest electric PVE moves in the game, it's still weaker than Electivire, Zekrom, Thunderus, Magnezone, Zapdos and Raikou. And then there's the Shadows and Megas, who are even better than that. So in the end, no one would really have a reason to use it in raids or against gyms. So what is Niantic to do? They can release it as a 3rd rate PVE mon, or as a PVP mon which MIGHT at least be useful even at high levels of competition given the right circumstances.


It doesn't have to be top tier. I know lots of people that have returned to the game that don't have the best legendaries and giving them some useful ones to fill their dex out would help them in raids. I see people say this all the time, 'but this one is better so you don't need anymore to raid with' which to me is just a load of crap. I know that all the legendary ones will come back in raids at some point in the future but not everyone can afford to do 100's of raids in a two week period just to get a hand full of good ones. So why not have a few non legendary ones to help out new or returning players instead of yet another one that is only useful if you catch one that is less than 1500 cp and you manage to get enough candy and dust to give it a second move set so you can maybe use it in some cup or another.


Well, we did have Machop and Roselia this year. That's probably the kind of thing that raiders will have to look forward to.




Donphan would be a great excuse to add Rollout to the game. If it was a cheap charge move, that would be even better.


My top 3 being Deino, Axew, and Litwick! Of course I'll take a spheal day maybe as a January com day, but at least give us new mons,shinies, and moves we've been waiting for. For Chandelure id go with maybe adding a dark move like foul play or dark pulse. Maybe hydreigon can get a ghost move like shadow ball or ominous wind. And Haxorrus could get earth power, outrage, or flash cannon


I get the sense they will probably release the shinies of axew and litwick during an event in eggs and or/raids first to make money off of them. The actual comm days probably won’t come until later, this is how they did it with Gible and deino. Although deino should get its comm day this year.


There's gonna be maybe one of those a year for the next few years. You really want them to blow through the overhyped pokemon in six months and never have one again? That's what happened in 2018, they're smarter about it now.


There's tons of rare stuff, but realistically, I would like an Aron Com Day, to improve (mostly Mega) Aggron.


After Swablu day, Aron seems like the best candidate for a com day mega release sometime next year.


Thought that might be a great way to do aron and include the mega, but tempered expectations after we didn't get mega garchomp on that day


That com day was a big deal without anything extra attached, and the mega will be a big deal all on its own, unlike others with preeexisting common shinies and/or underwhelming megas that aren't out yet. Of course, some megas have already been shuffled out without this sort of fanfare or enhancement...in the MSG Lopunny can learn aura sphere, just sayin'.


Spheal and Litwick are realistic ones I want. I can see Magnemite and Misdreavous soon ish.


I wish they would do Misdreavous, or give it a move update. Will O Wisp as a bubble beam clone would be pretty hype, or Mystical Fire as an icy wind clone (for the fennekin line, too). Misdreavous needs a baitier move for sure.


I would love a Darumaka, either form but it would be super cool if they did one day for both forms and maybe they shared a rock or grass type move or something for pvp. I just want an easy shiny. I wouldn't want a CD for this necessarily but Galar Weezing also desperately needs better PVP moves.


They did have vulpix as an option a while ago during the voting, but didn't get it. Would be a cool way to do it but for Darumaka


No it wouldn't. They were going to have the alolan version of Vulpix in gyms and eggs. So the kanto shiny would have been easy to get but the alolan one was behind a pay wall. I'm happy if both are in the wild equally, but otherwise no


Gothita, Solosis and Tynamo. Anything that would make them more meta relevant (especially Solosis is stuck with horrible fast moves)


Volt Switch + Wild Charge would definitely make Eelektross usable. I'd love it


Confusion/superpower reuniclus would be great. Gothitelle would love to have Payback.


Gotitha with triple catch xp would be nice.




The amount of backlash around litwick this year, would be really surprised if we don't get it next October


Niantic: best we can do is shuppet.


With mega, or am I being a bit hopeful


Onix CD and Steelix to learn Steel Roller, throw in that 3 x xp for easy excellents




Walrein with Icy Wind or Avalanche. Cacturne with Fell Stinger. Lumineon with Gust. Klinklang with Gear Grind as a Volt Switch type fast move.


Poliwag or Magneton would be cool.


Waiting for the eventual Deino one so can evolve my shundo


If I had a shundo I'd evolve it and use an Elite TM on it in 2025.


Yeah, you'll have like 15 elite charge TMs by then, no reason to sit and waste time.


I've grown to love Jumpluff in PvP, and I would love to see them have a CD for it. New shiny, and any decent flying move (would have to be brand new) to replace Aerial Ace and it would become a top PvP contender. Maybe Bounce or Acroabtics or something. Sandile would be awesome too (won't happen for a while because screw 12kms). Giving it Power Trip as a decent Dark PvE move and PvP move (maybe a surf clone or something) and it could be far more viable.


Bounce needs to happen. I would also love to see Cotton Spore as a feather dance clone.


Bounce could be so fun. So many different things they could do with it. They could just do an effectless move and make it something like a Doom Desire Clone (deadly but I like it lol). Or, they could give it an attack debuff chance to mimic the paralysis (like what zap cannon did). Maybe an attack debuff Shadow Bone? Or a Foul play clone with 5 less power but the same 20% chance. Definitely good potential tho.


Jumpluff is sick it's like baby Tropius


I would love it if they would allow extra special trades and increased trading distance on community day. That would be something that players might fun. Which is probably why they don't allow it.


I'd go Aron (Iron head maybe?), Spheal, Kling and Timburr. I think we'll get.these as CD mons one day.


I think OP is Niantic intern working through lunch


Let's have a whale day I want Thanos whale


Shedinja. Seriously. How will this Pokemon even get Shiny debut?


Ninjask with X Scissor is kinda frail but has a ton of unexpected baity wins. This could be a move update, too, but it underlines how many pokémon could make a splash with one different move.


Deino, Axew, Goomy, Timburr, Venipede, Sewaddle, Gothita, Solosis, Litwick, Tynamo, and Vanillite are all pretty much certs, though how soon we'll get them is questionable. I'd say we're probably due a few Unova community days next year. I'd put good money on Starly being January's com day to tie in with Legends: Arceus. Chespin, Fennekin, and Froakie will come eventually, though not likely till the end of this year or perhaps even the year after. Noibat is one I really hope will happen, there's precedent now they've done Swablu and Magikarp but it won't be for years yet. They'll probably release the shiny first and then there'll be a com day a couple of years later. I'd like some more Johto and Hoenn com days though. Spheal seems likely, Snorunt could happen, Hoppip and Wurmple potentially, Teddiursa would be cool. Seems odd we haven't had a Lotad day to match Seedot (not that I'm complaining though). I'm hoping for Shuppet selfishly because I still haven't got one, but Banette has a Mega evolution so it's possible. Electrike is possible to tie in with a future Electric-type event at some point as they can give out Manectric energy too, I still haven't got enough energy to Mega evolve it. If we get a Togetic day (not sure how likely that is but it'd be fun) it'll almost certainly come with reduced hatching times so that we can hatch shiny Togepi. Togepi is still fairly rare though so I don't think it'll happen any time soon, but I've been wrong before.


I know I posted here days ago, but somethin' has been in my mind since days ago. What if we had community for the gen 1-4 starters ( 1 for grass, 1 for water and 1 for fire. I think new players would be grateful for this.)or "community days" for pokes with special-only-available-by-elite-tm moves (gust Pidgeot/grass knot Breloom)? What's your opinion on this?


I'd like to see magnemite get one. Just fond of the little guy dropping nukes while resisting everything. Would like a high iv shiny for the lineup.


I'd quite like a Burmy or Wurmple.


Came here to say this. Need so many shinies to complete these families.


Galarian Weezing. Idk how it would work since you can't evolve into a galarian yet that I know of. It gets play rough and overheat already but needs a fast move desperately. It only learns tackle right now.....


I unironically second this. Galarian Weezing with a half decent fast move would be max spice.


With Incinerate it's got a 55% win rate vs the GL meta. That's not spice. That's full meta.


I see that as an Incinerate or Fairy Wind move update. Maybe even both.


Yes it would be a good candidate for fairy wind. Play rough for STAB and overheat to cover the steel weakness and still hit grass types hard.


Also Sludge for a cheap, STAB bait option. Two Incinerate per Sludge.


body slam banette


Honestly, I don’t care, until I can get more Pokémon storage. I know it’s not a problem for everyone, but it is for me, and there’s so much I miss out on (and Niantic misses out on me paying for) when I have nowhere to put new Pokémon. The cap on how much Pokémon storage should be eliminated. As for special bonuses…always, always more stardust. I’d also like the chance, somehow, to earn an upgrade to the infinite egg container to an infinite super incubator.


I know you wrote this 2 days ago. But did you see the news? Additional storage up to 5000 for Nov CD and then up to 5500 for Dec. Also more item storage on both days. I'm only at 3250 max storage and it's only about 3000 full (soon to be much less once I dump everything I've been saving for shinx day) but I feel for you and other collectors, there really should be a much higher ceiling for storage, Additionally I think it makes sense to start new players off with more room then they got when the game first came out. I think the starting storage is only 300, maybe 350, but that's not even half the available mons... at least bump the starting up to like 500, and to make it fair for long time players just give everyone a 1 time, free of charge (yeah right) increase of 50 or 100 spaces.


Thank you for the heads up. I had not seen the news. That will make things so much easier! 🥳 The other thing that would help (because there are a good number that I’m holding on to for trading purposes… and yet I don’t have the time to do a lot of trading) would be to take away the limit on one special trade per day… especially on community days when it would be extra helpful to trade all those shinies, because most (for me, anyways) have crap IV’s on catch.


Litwick and Alolan Raichu


Litwick for sure.


I could see a Magmar/Electabuzz-style dual com day for Geodude. They could introduce Magnitude for K-Dude, though it would probably have to be incredibly OP to make it relevant. Not sure what A-Dude could get that'd be notable.


~~Ditto, except they announce it as Axew.~~ But yeah seconding Litwick.


After swablu day had the mega as well, I did have hope that gible also get mega released on its day, but that didn't happen. If it did, was kind of expecting aron would get one Other wise, would like shiny release at least some of the time, doesn't have to be every month a new one, but always get better community engagement


I’m biased because its evolution is my favorite Pokémon, but why not Golett? Out of the eggs and into the streets!!


I really want a golett community day


Axew =)


Exeggcute, with Dragon Hammer


Give me a Rayquaza community day please


Has there ever been a legendary community day?


More like community hour w/ Meltan boxes. (If the shiny is active)