Lucario. Just finished maxing a lucky 95% and then hatched a hundo, so we grinding again.


Classic case!!


Similar for me, used up most my candies on a 91% lucky Lucario and recently hatched a 100% so gotta restock.




I'm somewhat new so maybe you can help me out, I'm waking a lucario but it's cp is only 1600, so I need to max it out before it will find XL candy correct? Do I also need to buddy it to max friendship?


You need to be level 40+ to get xl candy. Any cp Pokemon can find xl candy as a buddy as long as you are level 40+.


But if you level your pokemon to above level 40 it's a guaranteed XL candy. Below 40 it's a chance


Still not guaranteed above 40. I think the breakpoint is at 31, and my own personal experience there may be another around 40, but I've still missed plenty of candy above 40.


Oh really? I never missed one, and i thought i once read here on this subreddit that it was guaranteed lol. The chance is still worth leveling it to 41 imo, think we can both agree to that haha




That's what I've been doing, although I did feel like I got candy more often with a 5km mon than 1km, so I also wonder if they affects the rate.


It's like a 70% chance I read


Only reason I'm not doing Lucario now is because of the mega release. Once that happens I'll switch to my level 40 Lucario for XL and mega energy. Currently working on getting my hundo Manectric candied up, previously finished a hundo Gyarados.


Super sad story


Mamoswine, just because I like them. Hoping for lots of snowy days this winter. Edit: I'll do axew if I ever get one


I'm a platinum chaser and just started walking my two hundo Mamoswine. The male us called "Manfred" and the female "Ellie" get it? 👀


He’s not fat- it’s just the fur!


Finished best buddying my shadow hundo mamoswine a few weeks back. Still short by 60 regular candies to use in ML.


Shadow hundo mamo 🥲


Yea man…got lucky during 3-4 days, where I got 7 hundos, I believe. Shadow mamo and shadow machamp within those few days. Those days!!!


Jesus Christ man :( I’m at 7700+ rockets and only a hundo.


You guys have hundos? My strongest shadow is a 2 star.


Yeah man, I got one shadow hundo too! And it's an Oddish... Got a 98% shadow Machamp at least


Big sad for the Oddish, but the Champ at least is a fantastic attacker! I’ve been farming Fighting Rockets like mad and the best I got is 96%


Yeah I don't interact with my buddies much. Have 3 hundos and a 98 shadow but only one is best buddy


Wait axew is in the game already?


What do snowy days get you


Weather boost on ice


Right now .. my Archen and Axew.


Are you best buddying a hundo or close? Just got my first axew this week.


i need about 50 more xl.for my hundo haxorus. i love this thing


Gyarados. Easy XL for just 1km. I have already maxed my 98% shiny, three 4\*, and another 98% one. I have 3 more 98% and a 96% after that. I don't do PvP and there is nothing else I need to get candy, except Noibat, and I really can't be bothered walking that for just a dex entry. I still need 160 candy for that.


Got a lucky 4* one and hatched another sometime back. Both best buddied already. Not yet evolved. I want to use it for megas!!!


Noibat gdi….


That was mine for so long


Just made my shiny shuckle lvl50. Next project ia shiny sableye lvl50


Bidoof, currently at 572 XL candies


[Hold my XLs!](https://imgur.com/a/R7nH58E)


[Hold MY XL's!](http://imgur.com/a/EaJQNM0)




You dropped this 👑


After seeing your xl & regular candies count i'm deeply enticed to buddy up my lundo. I named him God, because he deserves it.


[come at me bidoof XL](https://imgur.com/a/a3GaNWS)


This is the way. 🔥💪


[I´m almost speechless](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kbGSa11yA1c)


I've had my hundo mewtwo as my buddy for like 4 months. After I just got done walking my shadow mewtwo. Then I hit 40 so i had to walk for XLs. I need 40 more for my hundo and my shadow is next


Lucario and Conkeldurr, since neither of them can be found in the wild


Are you best buddying a hundo or close? I am yet to get a good stats one.


I have a hundo best buddy Conkeldurr, but unfortunately I have also yet to hatch a really good Riolu :( My best one is a 93% with 15 attack. I already have 152 Riolu XL candies though, so once I (hopefully) hatch a better Riolu, I’m probably be close to being able to max it.


mega lucario coming ( i think ) so some chance to get XL


Jigglypuff!!! Because I love him.


Shuckle. Gonna max out my shiny shuckle one day.


I just finished with a purified hundo Wobbuffet, literally maxes out at 1160 cp and is still an absolute tank in GL


I'm like 5 candies from doing the same!


Have 96% purified one. Still a lot of candies to go. But is a good option to buddy. Thanks!!


Gyrados, because I only have to walk it 300km, and while that's still going to take months, better then the 1500km for most useful mons, which will take years.


I walk 250km a month, just from regular activity. Do you just not very much


How? That equates to about 2 hours of walking every day. Do you walk during work or run every day? Or do you actually play for over 2 hours each day? The only significant distance I get is if I actually go out for a walk.


I tend to get the 50km walked weekly at around 54-59. I don’t have a dog and my work has me moving around a fair bit but not too much more than most office or retail jobs could see. I have a friend with a dog who regularly breaks 100km a week. They need to introduce a 25km egg just for her lol


Chansey because I need thiccer Blissey for those big city gyms


Just finished mine about a month ago. 3117 cp is very nice :)


Blissey is the scariest mon to see in an opposing gym, aint nobody got time for that!


I've got a hundo Chansey. Should I evolve to Blissey? I thought I read somewhere Chansey was a better defender.


I think that chansey xl is a beast in GL


It depends. If you don't mind feeding it berries every now and then, Blissey is better. If you just wanna put a pokémon in a gym and forget about it Chansey is better since cp decays very slowly.


Chansey health will decay slower, but that's it. People usually put both Blissey and Chansey into the gym.


My Trevenant with #3 Ultra League IVs. 0/12/13. Only 20ish more needed.


Nice… Got rank 15… already have XL for that… I am seeing it a lot more in open UL.


Different IVs needed for open UL vs premier classic


Can you elaborate on this?


Well the optimal IVs for trevenant in Open UL allows for XL, you can't use XL pokemon in premier classic. \#1 IVs for Open UL = 1/15/15, Level 43,5 (XL) \#1 IVs for UL Premier Classic = 10/15/15, Level 40 Unless you want to power up 2 trevenants you're better off just levelling a 10/15/15 trevenant to level 40, if you level a 1/15/15 trevenant for Open UL it can't be used in ULPC. Unless you just don't care about ULPC in general, then go with the 1/15/15. All this is of course assuming perfect IVs


Premier classic does not allow you to use XL candy so you need higher IV to reach the CP cap


I have a Rank 1 for premier classic. 10/15/15, gets to exactly 2500 cp at level 40. So satisfying.


While people hate the system, I've been exclusively walking mega pokemon. I find that they're good for two reasons: \- PvE raid buff, helps a lot with short manning and just face melting quick raids \- The catch candy bonus. Been running my 100% charizard in an attempt to get him to best buddy, while getting extra darumaka and litwick candy during this event. Even if the PvE buff doesn't work for the specific mon (lopunny being out dps'd by lucario, slowbro for psychic, etc) the catch candy bonus when you want is amazing.


I do this because i like walking megas sprites. I almost always have a mega running even if its a beedrill slowly working towards the badge.


I'm currently walking to get my shiny, lucky pokemon with mega forms to lvl 50. Already have Charizard, Mewtwo, Absol, Beedrill, Garchomp, Lucario, Metagross, Tyranitar, Gengar, Medicham, Gyarados, and I'm currently working on Salamence. Also have shiny, lucky Scizor, Latios, Latias, Sharpedo, Steelix, Aerodactyl, Houndoom, and Venusaur only to lvl 40. Need to lucky trade for the others still.


Relicanth! I grinded for a hundo when it was available in Washington, DC, in summer 2019 for a fossil event. Honestly one of my most prized Pokemon given its geo-status, IVs and sentimental value (I moved to DC that week — so quite the welcoming gift!)


I need Shieldon XL candys, I get the lvl 50 rank 1 of GL


Wow!!!! I wish man!!! Got rank 50 something as my best. That one is a good shout out to buddy!!! Thanks


I have a rank 13 shieldon


I would have powered up that one for sure. Tanky AF.


I got a lvl 50 rank 2 shieldon which I am currently best buddying. Hopefully it will make a difference in my rank push since I never get past Ace rank.


I can guarantee you that if the XL Bastiodon is the only changed variable for your charge to Veteran then no, it’s not going to help you become a rank better.


Gyarados because I'm at 49.5 and need 3 Pokemon to max out for lv 47.


Alternating a Pinsir for the eventual Mega Pinsir, and Conkledurr.


Mamoswine, Rhyperior, Magnezone, Machamp, or Gyarados. All are 3 km buddies or less and will all be useful in some way no matter what. These are the best buddies to walk for XL candies.


My 100% Beldum that is patiently awaiting the return of meteor mash. I need about 50 more XL candy.


Tyranitar, have hundo that i want to max out for mega, whenever it comes to Go


Does it have Smack Down? I have a 4* with rock moves and another with dark moves and wonder which to prioritize for XL.


No, best smack down tyranitar i have is 98%. I was thinking about getting 2 ttars to lvl 50, one as rock-type attacker and other as dark-type. For now i'm focused on hundo.


I'm doing Lucario, I just hatched a hundo not too long ago while I was working on a Heracross. After I'm done with that, I have: * Mewtwo (just best buddy, not gonna try to BS some 20km for XLs) * Lugia (same as Mewtwo) * Tyranitar * Absol * Chespin * Fennekin * Froakie * Goomy


Shiny teddiursa because he’s cute AF.


A Tyranitar, because I like her. And so I might have something usable for Master League.


That lame bat that costs 400 candies to evolve and is as rare as a pseudo-legendary for some reason Only 1000km to go...


My hundo mewtwo. 1800km in. 45 XL to go. Doing lots of interacting to get half distance as much as possible


Rhyperior Shlundo. Annoying as I level 50d my normal hundo last week 😭


Zar... very slowly as it is max. 1 XL per 20km and the last 3x I didn't get the XL candy 😢


I’m walking zarude too. Currently at 10xl candy so by my calculation it will take me about 6884km to go before I can max it out. 286x20x1.2 (the 1.2 is because I remember reading that you get an xl candy 80% of the time)


I believe it's 70% but that's after the Pokemon is level 31 or higher. The lower level it is the less chance you have. Once you hit 31 it's the highest chance it will be


You need to power it up first to have better chance of XL.


I was able to finishing walking my GL XLs; Purified Sableye & Basti, during the Halloween event. I’m moving on to my UL 3km distance ones like Scrafty and Jelli. I’m also collecting a bunch of things to transfer during Shinx CD.




i only max out 4*, so right now I’m working on Hydreigon


Good shout out. Have 98 deino. May be soon, I will power it up. Thanks.


I'm about to finish my 4* Gunfisk for ultra league, and then I'm planning to max either my 4* Vespiquen or my 98% Absol - I know those species aren't that great, but they're two of my favorites and I love them lol


I’m doing my UL rank 40 A-tales right now.


Alolan Stunfish




Right shoot.


And here i was thinking you might be some sort of time traveller lol


Because of the fact they are rare... normally I buddy my hundos. Of all the ones these two are easy choice




Trying to max out my bastiodon to level 50 since I have a rank 12, no idea what I’m going to walk after it


Yea man. I have 100 odd from catching when it was in wild. Have rank 50 odd one, don’t think I will power it up.


Just finished a Mandibuzz, probably going to do ATales next.


Rank 3 UL shadow politoed. I need the max 290 xl


Right now is my #3 shadow Sableye.


Yea. Sableye is currently the best investment for me, helped me a lot to get to legend.


Galarian stunfisk, 98% for UL.


Nice!!! I am still waiting for a good IV one. Have required XLs for it though. It is spawining a lot in areas near me.I mean Unova stunfisk is spawing a lot.


Medicham, Just finished a Sableye.


Just finished Talonflame.




Shiny Azu with decent stats for XL Great League, hundo Aron and Larvitar for megas, Gengar and Charizard for mega energy, shiny Happiny just cause I love this little mofo <3 I'm looking for next one.


Just got my 98% shiny Samurott to level 49 (50 with buddy boost) but only because it’s my favorite starter line and Oshawott is my favorite Pokémon. After this I’ll start grinding Eevee candies for an Ultra league Umbreon.


Done Galvantula, Ferroseed, Frillish and meditite recently. now working on XL Chansey for the upcoming Kanto cup.


My shadow gardevoir. The dragon destroyer.




During the Halloween event I managed to finish collecting enough to max my hundo Charizard (which was the 1st 4* I ever caught on its 1st CD), my 98% lucky surfing Pikachu for fun, and enough for a Gyarados. Now I’m working on Lucario and Metagross. I already have a best bud of each (96% Luc & lucky 93% Met) but I also had a 98% & 93% shiny Metagross that I’d love to max too so that’ll take a whiiiiiile.


Was doing Dialga for a few months


Charizard, it's taking forever to max out.


I Finally hatched a sandile so thats my new buddy focus for about 74 more candies. But I just finished my XL cofagrigus too. Totally worth it, Ultra it wrecked those Giratinas this season.


Hope so. I got rank 4 maxing at 2500 done. Have to figure out a team before I use it. Probably will use it with giratina.


98% Scrafty for UL, need about 100 more XL candies to Max out. I'm going to do my hundo mamo for ML next


Currently working on Lickitung for kanto cup. Wishing I hadn’t worked on lucario when we had the boost a few weeks ago. Unlikely to make it in time lol




Usually near 15-20 at a time. I rotate, try to get max hearts for 5 poke a day if i can. Currently focused on the mega-eligible mons. 4* Gengar, 98Slowbro, 4* Absol, 96Pidgey, 4* Ampharos bc I like to max out the mega energy in addition to the XL candy


My 100% togekiss


I've done Chansey, Lucario, Dragonite, and Metagross. I haven't really walked anything for pvp, as I usually as get to Ace rank and call it done. This time, I went for veteran cause I wanted the hat lol. If I tried hard enough I think I could probably get to legend rank... but it's so time-consuming, and I rather not. It really depends on what you're into I guess? For PVE and gym stuff, you can do what I did. For pvp, consider searching for the top picks like Stunfisk, Medicham?


Just finished getting my hundo Umbreon up to level 50! That was a grind. Probably work my hundo Pidgeot next.


I literally just hit 40 so Eevee for Umbreon, then Pidgeot because it was my first 100% and then idk probably one of my other 100% Pokemon that aren't great but that I like


Gyaradose for candies, gengar for energy and probably will do shadow machamp next


Sceptile, because it’s always been one of my favorite starters and it’s mega has to come out eventually.


Yea. When I restarted pogo, a year back, sceptile was the first pokemon I powered up. For me, shiny treeko is the best looking shiny in the game.


Combusken. I just finished walking my Porygon 2 for weeks and weeks, I started with like 2 candies.


Perf lucky metagross, currently level 48.5


98% shadow metagross. Then 98% Dragonite. I'm sure these are bad choices but it takes so long to get enough XL candies for those mons I don't have to really think about what to do next.


Just finished my UL Gunfisk over Halloween, taking a break from the whole "get buddy excited then go for a walk/put my phone in my shoe and tap my foot a lot" thing for a while now I think Next one to work on is probably gonna be Jellicent.


Mamoswine. Maxed my regular hundo mamoswine then got a 98% shadow right after so... Time to suffer!


I swap my buddies 20 times daily, To most, I will do: \- feed berry, \- take snap, \- play together. Some will have extra hearts from: \- gifts, \- Walk together \- Battle together


Hundo Weedle... more to gather Mega Energy so I can work on my Successor Badge. Hundo Pikachu... Trying to get 1000 XL Candy without converting any of my 31000 regular candy. Just need 50 more XL Hundo Garchomp... Already maxed to level 50, but have three more hundo Garchomp, plus a 96% Shiny... so going to need a lot of XL Candies! Hundo Charizard... My favourite Pokémon


I have a shundo lucky Mewtwo. I want to max that out. It’s sitting at lvl 47.5 before the best friend bonus.


My 100% IV Chandelure… I focus on hundos and Future Megas.


Currently a 96% Lugia at 269 XLs. Just got a 98% Dialga to the 296 XLs required for level 50 about 2 months ago. Not sure who to do next, maybe Kyogre.


Shiny 98% absol so i can also get mega energy lol


I just hit 2000 mega energy and was bummed to learn it stops collecting. I love my shiny absols.


Shiny absol is great!


My hundo lucky pachirisu :)


Houndour, just got a shiny and already 50XLs in, I have about 70 to be Transferred on shinx comm day


My 100IV Alolan Ninetails kills in Ultra League. at 2442, still searching for XLs


I'm doing my Slaking / Slakoth right now. I have two 4\* IV's, and I just want to be able to fully max one of them so I can put a 5,000+ CP mon in a gym


I'm farming xl candy for my 4* shadow sableye to reach the highest cp which is under 1500


15.15.14 shadow machamp


Shundo Salamence in preparation for the mega! Only another 90ish XLs to go


I have a perfect giratina whose currently at 3700 and some change so I walk him. One day I will have him fully powered up. It will be nightmare fuel






Shiny 15/15/13 Timburr, wanna power up him to 3780CP (got a thing for 5s and 10s). Then possibly I will grind for 15/14/15 shadow Swinub or a Lucario if I hatch some shiny and/or decent one, unfortunately powered up a "worse" ones already... That, or my favorite shiny Articuno, the legnedaries have an insane grind, so maybe I will wait until winter is over and get on my bike to hit Adventure sync.


I don't really f wit gbl anymore so I pretty much just walk buddies for dex fills atm. So far, 9/10 times, as soon as I finally get enough candies to evolve something they suddenly become a common spawn for one reason or another. Just like how I neglectfully transfer all of a currently super common spawn and then they completely disappear before I ever get around to evolving one (wooloo.... I didn't know!) Fortunately I'm almost done. Got a few to go on Sandile and a couple of burmies. Then... A long road with Axew which I finally got my first one of a few days ago. After that I reckon I'll be walking stuff I want to max lvl.


My have a hundo shadow Mewtwo I have been working on for a whole, but occaisionally I swap it out. Right now Im working on a shiny swampert who is low key probably the most useful member of my ML team already, looking forward to having him maxed out. I get a shitload of exercise and I have AS one, so I get pokemon done surprisingly quickly. Im already on lv 47 with the mewtwo, and 46 with the swampert.


Litwick and timburr for raids


I did alolan ninetales, purified sableye, shadow ttar and shadow Gyarados so far..


XL jellicent, XL talonflame, XL abomasnow, XL Drifblim are all in the queue to hopefully open up more team options for ultra. Eventually I will need to redo my XL sableeye and my XL medicham, those were the first things I did when I hit level 40, and I was just excited to XL them a little bit, and I didn't really understand the PvP rank system, so they were only slightly XL.


Currently doing my shiny 5 year anniversary balloon Pikachu! Even though at level 50 it maxes out at around 850cp it's cute and one of my favourite shinies


I buddy my mega Pokemon for more free energy, nice side effect: I get them to level 50 as well. I maxed Absol, Gyrados, Gengar, Slobro, Pidgeot, Lopunny, Altaria and (Beedrill) that way already.


My 100% Mandibuzz for UL. After that, I'm gonna power up my lucky Medicham


My 98% Shiny Sky Noodle


Right now, I've got my hundo Lv51 Umbreon as my buddy so that I can A) get the CP boost on my broken af XL team & B) farm that sweet sweet Eevee XL candy.


Just maxed out my hundo Lucario. But then it's been negated by the amount of CP 3117 Blisseys I see in gyms nowadays.


I'm walking my 100% Pidgeot. It's got the best legacy moves and everything. I figure I can take out 2 birds with one stone. It's awesome for ul and it's mega is good for raids. Next I'll probably walk my Gengar boi or trevenant.


Charizard for those XLs... want that 5,000CP Mega Y


Hundo lucky Mewtwo. Very hard going. Poffins needed to get it down from 20 km to 10 km.


I'm going with mega-capable (in MSG, doesn't have to be enabled in POGO yet) hundos currently, after that other relevant hundos, after that may move to that 98 Lucario and then Rampardos but probably won't spend candies, just gather them


kinda "new" to game, just collecting the 400 magikarp candies, then probably gonna max whatever good shadow I can get tomorrow


Slowly working on fully maxing my shundo Deino


Just finished maxing my shadow snorlax, so now starting on my hundo chansey.


Currently switching between Alolan Marowak and Zigzagoon.


Trevenent for the next time UL comes around


Actually, my. BB undo Greninja, 6 XL left and I'll max it. Then I don't think I'll be gathering XL with other buddies, since I want to keep Greninja as a buddy (favorite Pokémon).


My shadow machamp. Working in getting enough xl candys to max him out to level 50


I am currently buddying up my 100% IV MewTwo, got a long way for best buddying it.


Jellicient. Already at 35 XL :')


Wobbuffet and Lickitung were two of my favourites and I was kinda sad to switch them out afterwards. I´d walk a hundo Chansey if I had one. A-Tales is also nice for UL and depending on the IVs it could also benefit from being level 51. Currently in the same boat as you with Exacdrill. After maxing out a 98%, I caught a hundo and obv I miss some XLs now lol


Absol, need 40 to get to to level 50. Im not a F2P player, but I also don't waste much on raid passes.


i’m doing ttar :) while waiting for his mega