I'm heading to Florida this week. What region-locked Pokemon should I be hunting? Websites are outdated.

I'm heading to Florida this week. What region-locked Pokemon should I be hunting? Websites are outdated.


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Maractus is the other. And make sure you hunt prior to the Halloween event staring on Friday. The event spawns may greatly override regional spawns.


Thanks for the tip!


North Florida has Tauros. It doesn’t spawn in central or south Florida.


I remember catching Tauros in Daytona Beach, but I think the Heracross line is just south of that.


I live in central FL and we have plenty of Tauros. Also, I second what that other user said about playing before the event starts, Corsola is a rare spawn and can be tricky to find when you’re looking for it. Go to Orlando and you will find Heracross everywhere, Carnivine and Maractus come out when it’s sunny.


It depends on your definition of "central". The line is pretty well established as just north of Orlando.


Maractus, Illumise, Tauros, Seviper and Panpour are the other regional spawns available in Florida that you didn't list.


Thanks for the advice! I guess I glossed over everything but Maractus because I have them where I live already, but good for anyone else going to Disney or Harry Potter world!


Why is Florida the place with the most regionals in the world? I can’t complain since it’s my favourite vacation spot but I don’t get why.


It is one of the most popular states in USA for people to visit on holiday.


Were also one of the most mocked state in the country, LUL. So we will take what we can get XD


Because the bounding box for north america cuts off a chunk of florida, so while still being in the USA, niantic's border runs across the middle of it giving people access to both spawns. This border also happens to be inside the bounding box/stripe around the planet that gets corsola,


I went to Florida this past April/May. Spent half a week in Orlando and half in Tampa. The hardest regional for me to find was corsola. But keep in mind, if there's an event going on in the game, all regionals become harder to find. In my week there, I found 6 corsola. 5 of them I caught before an event started, but only found 1 after/while an event was going on. Good luck to you!


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As a Floridian, I can verify you’ll have no trouble finding any of those listed. They’re everywhere.