Hi! I’m Gemini, and I like to write fanfiction. I also like to make things. And since my last physical version of my work was recieved so well, I made another version of an older fic, a Beta Sibling AU fanfic called [On Earth and Boiling Isles.](https://archiveofourown.org/works/33907951) *“Luz is an overactive girl being sent to Summer camp. Her sister is a punk who picked too many fights on her sister’s behalf and is stuck taking Summer classes to make up for a suspension.* *Luz goes to the Boiling Isles, and meets Amity Blight, a witch who is her rival-turned-friend-turned-girlfriend.* *Lucia is stuck in class, and meets Amelia, a green haired, pointy earred girl and local class flirt.* *Luz destroys the portal that will take her back home at the end of the summer to keep it out of an Emperors hands.* *Lucia greets her sister back from Summer camp, and can’t shake the feeling that something is very wrong.”* This was written over a year ago. I started writing it almost immediately after S2E4, where “Creepy Luz” first appeared. It stays canon up until the end of S2E8, which was where I needed to draw the line on keeping up with the show, and the story started getting posted a week or two after season 2A came to a close, so it does branch off into it’s own thing. It has two covers, to mirror the two sides of the plot the story focuses on. One on Luz’s big sis, Lucia, and the other on Luz herself. One on Earth, the other on the Boilin Isles. Just like the title! I hope you’ll check it out if you haven’t already. I’m very happy with how this copy came out, and plan on putting it right next to the other fics I’ve made and turned into physical novels.


Oh yeah this one was fantastic! I really liked how you showed the awesome combat potential of shapeshifter and illusionist working together.


got this one on my list to read! Just got to finish the last few chapters Blight on Bonesborough! , looking forward to it!


Glad to hear it! I hope you’ve been enjoying a Blight on bonesborough, too!


I just finished reading that fic a few weeks ago. Really good work!


Thanks so much for checking it out! It means a lot to me!


Was making this one easier after having done the other? Awesome work!


Actually, harder! I did the other one first try, but kept messing up on the cover for this one and had to do it 4 times! Once, the scissors got away from me and ruined the spine. Second, the order for the reprints came out in the wrong size, third, I screwed up on the glue and had to order yet another replacement part for the back cover, then fourth, I got this one.


Ooh, a fanfiction… Imma read it. >:)


Okay, serious question... How does one produce a physical copy of their fan fiction?


There are multiple ways. The easiest would probably be to use Lulu.com. I know a few people who have done that. I prefer to make my own from scratch. That started with me re-editing the entire story to fit a book format. Once that was done, I turned it into a pdf, and printed it out using the pamphlet options. When you print like that though, it’s important to print it out a few pages at a time. That way you get a bunch of smaller inserts. Once those are printed out, I folded them all in half, then cut them down to the length I wanted. I made sure to put a bunch of blank space by messing with the margins during editing to do that. Then, I went through a process to turn everything into a text block. You can find tutorials on YouTube for that, but it basically means poking a hole into all the papers, then running string through them so they stay together. I then put it into a book press to get it as flat as possible, and glued the spine. Then I made the cover. I printed it out using Walmart, and had them shipped to me as a poster. Cut out the parts, and glued them to some thin board, which was glued to the spine with a flap. And then it’s basically done.


"\*Gasp\* it shimmers and shines and I must have it"-Eda the Owl House


this looks awesome! Definitely on my to-read list. Are you also the author of a Blight on Bonesborough?


Yes I am. I wrote both stories, and a few other, shorter tales.


ah, I saw your post about the physical copy and figured it might be the same person. I’ll be giving both a read when I have the time :D


This looks amazing, you did an awesome job. I'll have to reread that fic soon. You're super inspiring. If I ever write anything that long I'll want to do this too.


Thanks so much! If you ever need advice on how to make one, I can give some pointers!


That means so much. I'll try hard to be able to take you up on that offer.


tell me NOW where the fuck can i get this cuz is need it


You can always make your own. It’s not for sale, and I don’t feel like putting 8 hours into making another one!


How much for the book?