I wonder if Hunter would be dead already here by The Collector's hand reaction.


It's okay, the Collector was holding back this time. Killing the Grimwalkers was Belos game, and the Collector has no interest in it...not yet, anyway.


Probably, but his powers plus being an unpredictable being that makes him an irresponsible person to be able to hold his powers back which that's the biggest character flaw of The Collector but well, it would be good to know how much The Collector knows about Hunter.


Even if he was holding back he probably still send hunter flying maybe not lethally but should at least be a bit injured


Pretty sure The Collector can control his powers, it's not like Belos shot through the wall and flew into space, which he probably could've if The Collector wanted to do that.


Yeah, his dialogue, facial expressions, and tone during that scene seemed to strongly imply that Collector knew exactly what he was doing when he flicked Belos (also the fact he literally restrains the latter beforehand and pulls him into point blank range)


not a bad solution


Except being in front of The Collector is already a big death risk considered he is supposed to be a super unpredictable chaos kid. King needs to help here by reason with him maybe or find a way to reason with him or just make The Collector notice that Belos is here again.


Setup wise you're not wrong but how ya explained it is generally how I see things going down.


Probably. Honestly, I don't know what to think. What if The Collector submits by the goo of Philip or what if Philip possesses the Titan or something or what if Philip gets beaten in the second special and the moral conflict of The Collector is the final one of the show. Whatever thing can happen there.


The titan is dead so think that's feasible. The Collector though seems like a reach. Belos struggled with getting Hunter under full control. No way he can take over what is basically a god.


“How many times do we have to teach you this lesson old man?”


Hunter about to get his first real taste of Wild Magic, as Belos is about to get a taste of a bat.


It's a lovely evening in the demon realm and you are a horrible goo monster.


Untitled Witch Hunter game.


Untitled Goo Game was right there.


True. But Belos is not the traditional Goo Monster.


Art by [Aeria_ivy](https://www.instagram.com/p/ClhkSbfJTBp/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=)


Belos: *I don’t feel safe.*


I will call them the twilight sibling hunters the moon luz is the sun and the collector is the eclipse 🌕🌘☀️


Wait this is actually an amazing name holy shit-


Hunter: "Belos is alive" Collector: "Are you fucking kidding me?"


Abraham Lincoln: with this blah blah blah


Hunter: Okay, once we're done reducing Belos to particles would you like to join me and Gus in our Cosmic Frontier club? I'll make you your own costume.


Fu&@ belos


Hey watch your fucking language


“This is for the good of your souls, you’ll thank me later!” **he’s dead upon arriving to the demon realm**


Belos: *survives* The Collector: "...and I took that personally."


I am an *exceptional* goo monster.


The other way to beat the collector


Imagine if the finally is them bonding with the collector over beating up belos together


Why does it look like belos is filpping them off wirh his horns


Pretty sure his real reaction would be "Who?"


Still don't get what Belos' plan is, here. The collector blasted him to bits just for grins and giggles; they aren't anywhere near on the same playing field of power levels. And why is he worried about the BI anyway? Wasn't the whole purpose to get back to Earth?


1. He's not worried about the BI, he's worried about humanity. The Collector is basically a God with the mentality of a child and since Philip feels he's a "hero", of course, he's going to try to stop the "threat". 2. He didn't finish his job of killing all the witches. With Collector free, the Draining Spell obviously failed in a process with what kind of wild card the Collector truly is. 3. Belos never intend to return to the Earth, not until such an opportunity appears in form of Luz and her portal. As Philip, he mentioned he just has to live long enough to see this through. Philip used to be dead-set on the goal of killing all the witches whether he would return home or not, but since Luz is here and she has the portal, maybe just maybe he can actually be the hero he always dreamed of being, but that illusion is quickly shattered by the standards of 21st century. 4. Belos is capable of possession and the only entity that supposedly can overpower the Collector was the Titan himself. Maybe that's the purpose of the heart in his throne room. After all, we all saw the Titan waking up from his slumber in deleted sequence from the Hunting Palismen.


"So let's put our conflict aside and-" I just realised... What conflict? The Collector really has no beef with Hunter or *any* of the Hexsquad, as far as I recall. The only thing I can think of would be lying about how they all play the Owl House game? But that's about it.


Maybe the real terrible goo monster was the friends we made along the way...


Wait why does it kind of look like below is possessing another hunter or vee did belos make a grim walker just too possess the body or did he possess vee to gain the magic sucking ability so he can get stronger


I shouldn’t have swiped because I don’t wanna die by the person who I relate to with every ounce of my soul.


Thought Luz was giving Goo Belos the finger for a second there lol


The collector out there, gaining the aproval of the older noceda sibs by the good and old ways "Killing the Beloos"


All I'm imagining now is those three reenacting the printer scene from 'Office Space' on Belos


This is a cool comic, nice job to the artist! :)