First ones in an animated MOVIE. Though I wish they did mention other examples that lead to it.




The gay stuff in Lightyear is between two adult women


Yeh, not teens


Also tbf the lightyear thing is blink and you miss it It's very possible to go through the whole movie without knowing about it


That’s why I don’t understand why that scene pissed so many people off


Pretty much just ridiculous levels of homophobia


Yep Even though it’s literally just a 2 second scene that wasn’t even the main point of the movie


Gay *teen* romance


it's amazing how much they are stretching it more and more to find a way to call every gay character they make "the first"


The FIRST gay romance between a girl with freckles and a girl with a sunburn in an animated feature!


the FIRST gay romance between a boy who wears nail polish hat and is 1/4th native and a boy who may be genderfluid (but he will only use male pronouns to not scare our conservtive viewers) and can do a handstand in a radio drama.


The FIRST gay romance between a man and a woman in a Google spreadsheet


The FIRST gay romance shown during an animated feature to premier during a Lunar Eclipse on a Thursday!


The FIRST gay romance between a boy who was born 12/9/1990 at 3:28 PM, weighing 4.1129488399 pounds, and a boy who was born 10/1/1991 at 1:56 AM, weighing 5.435656878 pounds in a slideshow!


the first gay romance has become the number pi at this point


"BEHOLD! MY FIRST GAY CHARACTER!" "Disney, this is the 7th time you introduced your first gay character"


This isn’t a Disney press release, it’s a news article. It sells to keep making articles like this…


If you add enough adjectives everything is the first.


It's Pixar, not Disney main animation studio


I haven't seen Lightyear yet


Well it wasn't a major part of the movie. They never even kissed.


They actually did. But I’m not at all surprised you didn’t notice. It lasted about a quarter of a second and you could literally blink and miss it.


I was even searching for it and still missed it.


Yet another 'first [queer rep] in [media of content]'. Really patting their own back


I mean, I wouldn't judge it too harshly. Good rep is always a good thing, and movies tend to reach a wider audience, especially among younger people who are still figuring out their place in the world


Yes, I'm just annoyed about the sheer amount of firsts they say they're making. Oh, so the first trans masc in an animated fantasy film set in a fictional world is totally different Disney?


It's a good way of getting attention. We might be able to use that, but I understand why you'd be annoyed.


Ye, its kinda pandering


Disney didn't write this. Blame NY Daily News.


Time to cleanse the press *loads lmg with anti pandering intent*


Yea, when “animated feature” is mentioned, they mean movie


Are we sure it isn't going to just be a short five minute animated feature? They did the same thing with the first plus size heroine character. She was voiceless in a 2 minute "short film"


It specifies “animated *feature*


And technically even that's not correct if you count Mitch from *ParaNorman*. That one was pretty inexplicit, but it still predates this movie.


It’s cut off here, but the article specifies by Disney


At some point they have to be just adding qualifiers to try to make some kind of superlative out of it.


The Owl House is the first 2020 animated show on Disney made by Dana Terrace to feature a protagonist


The thing I love about this is that it implies that Dana made another animated series for Disney in 2020 that just didn't have any main characters.


I wish


It's been that way for fuckin years my dude I remember seeing something about a TV show lately which had a black female director for *one* of it's episodes... and it was being championed as some kind of winning blow for minorities everywhere. Note: not 'the first black woman to direct a TV show', just one episode of this *specific* TV show. Thank god we finally broke that barrier.


Paranorman doesn’t count because it’s literally just one line at the end and the jock’s bf doesn’t even appear on camera. That being said, I’m like, I saw Adolescence of Utena and Kase-San and the Morning Glories on theaters, I ain’t gonna give Disney credit here, either.


Also look at the trailers we see one teen in every trailer scene. It'll be a throw away line as well.


I think Paranorman is the first openly gay character in a family feature. The couple doesn’t appear together ever


They didn't show the romance there. He just said he was gay


its still obviously a deliberate move by disney they give us breadcrumbs of representation and then tell us we should be thankful for each stom of it and while many will probably defend them bc things like limity: thats what they want, its marketing While im a big fan of toh and am so happy that we got lumity i will never stop hating disney


The Owl House, and every creative aspect therein, is the result of Dana Terrace and her team. Funding and distribution is not insubstantial, but it has nothing to do with the artistic merit. Disney will never create a gay couple, because the actual man of that name is not alive to do so. And a corporation will probably never write a character that isn't an advertising mascot.


thankfully people are getting tired of this, because it actually undermines the progress lgbt representation is making, by gaslighting people into thinking a character being allided to being gay is sehow something new and worthy of mention


Do you have any examples of this being the case every time? I feel like I just saw sveeral on screen gay kisses on Disney Plus not too long ago I think it’s a very simplistic outlook to call an entire company a hive mind. There are very overt cases of representation in Disney properties. It’s not always the Star Wars 2 second kiss scene. And different people are behind each of these representation projects so lumping them all together as villains comes off as lazy. And don’t call “explaining a company’s actions” “defending them”. That pisses me off to know end. You guys act like companies should be your friend but they’re not. They exist to market and make money to as many people possible. Explaining that is not “dEfEnDiNg”. The “defenders” are trying to snap you guys back to the bleak reality that corporations don’t exist to make you specifically happy, and the quicker you realize that the less hurt you feel when they let you down over and over again. They’re a collection of thousands of different people with different agendas. You can’t put so much stock into wanting them to consistently do the right thing, because “they” all want different things


Next word in headline that's cut off is film.


You know what's horrible here? That Disney is not doing any good marketing to this movie or at least I didn't know anything about this movie before until I saw this post meanwhile The Lightyear movie got a lot of marketing.


Because Disney aren't confident in this movie and they don't want to waste too much money on marketing. They knew everyone was gonna watch Lightyear because everyone loved Toy Story, so no matter what that movie was gonna hit.


I really wanted to like Lightyear. I was the target audience. Unfortunately the movie was just so astoundingly bad that no amount of bias could make me like it.


I really enjoyed the movie and I don't even care about Toy Story. I wouldn't say it was a flawless masterpiece, but wouldn't call it bad personally. Maybe I just had no hype for it so had no expectations to be disappointed.


From a storytelling perspective there were some pretty serious flaws. Like: 1. If it had been 60 years, why hadn't any other Star Command vessels showed up to look for them? They are clearly capable of building faster than light vehicles, finding a deep-space exploration ship should have been a priority. 2. If it had been 60 years, surely Star Command would have advanced in their technology and been able to reach them more easily, or at least find them with a probe. 3. If they're a deep space exploration vessel with FTL, there isn't any reason for them to even be asleep. The only reason that Buzz and his teammate are out there alone in the first place is a contrived set piece. 4. Even if we ignore all that... What even is the ending? They say that they start a new star command, and a new space ranger garrison to... Protect the universe? From what? The only antagonist in the movie WAS a space ranger... There is no ongoing interstellar threat. And even if there was, why is it their job to enforce Star Command law on an unexplored region of space? It makes no sense. (Also the ham sandwiches with ham on the outside were disgusting and stupid.)


And the whole "Careful, this movie contains gender theory!!!" advertised itself.


The funny thing being that by only heavily marketing movies that you think will do well, you pretty much make a self-fulfilling prophecy. I'd think that any Disney or Pixar animated movie would be a hit if it was marketed.


And even though it was a guaranteed hit, it still bombed and barely made back its budget. I think that was because it was a pretty bad movie by Pixar standards, but homophobia did decrease its revenue, especially in the International Box Office where a bunch of countries banned it.


I honestly believe that a big part of it is that they are releasing a movie with a gay character, setting it up to fail, and then will blame it on the gay character therefore justifying to themselves (and more importantly their shareholders) to not have a gay protagonist again for a long time.


Animated feature not series. Lumity opened the doors for this. We should celebrate.


TOH isn’t an animated *feature film*. That is actually a bigger deal, especially since the feature film department has been more hesitant to show representation than smaller divisions like DTVA.


it's not but it should be


Lightyear is a feature film


Not really a “teenage” romance. And it was also a big deal.




…they’re becoming more inclusive and showing more representation, something that they have (historically) been very reluctant to do, and they’re the biggest media company on the planet so it gets this representation out to the largest number of eyeballs, but that’s “no big deal” and Disney is “dumb” for doing it?


Most are saying that they should stop leaving nuggets of representation and actually show people in a relationship for more than two seconds


Oh boy, yet another "first ever Disney gays." I think this is the seventh one.


This is our first film with a gay character! This is our first film with a gay kiss! This is our first film with gay teen romance! Please buy our things we’re so tolerant you see


Next up, Disney's VERY FIRST live action exactly-238-minute film featuring two gay teen kisses within thirty minutes of each other to EVER be released on a Thursday!


Oh my god it’s true! Disney is really an ally!


Disney didn't write the article.


considering the number of franchises they have its not too surprising it going to be said more than once. Also all the different things that can be represented so that just adds to it. So yeah expect a lot of "firsts" especially since its actually news sites and fans pointing that out. Fans are obviously and should be excited about these first times things as it should mean we are going to get more. You need a first to get more. As for news sites well pointing out "first" will sell more or get more clicks/attention. I don't think Disney sit in a board room discussing a film or show and write ways to incorporate so many different first time representations or get pitched films like with "first ..." (not because they are against it, more of the fact that that's not how it works and sounds stupid). They just do what they want with the story and probably acknowledge the fact.


gay not lesbian. also, cops from gravity falls were oh-so gay.


They're just buddies, chillax \- Alex Hirsch, in response to Disney S&P censorship attempts


the S&P censors was so bullshit it's hilarious


"Not S&P approved" has been approved by S&P


That video was the best of the 10th anniversary gifts


That video was a tenth anniversary thing?


Yeah.... GOOD buddies.


cops weren’t teens though


*they were teen at heart.*


They only played as teens for a PSA.


They averaged as teens. One was a crinkly, the other was a toddler. Split the difference, you got teens.


Being a lesbian... Still also means you're gay, right? Isn't it gay to like women as a woman? :o I assume you mean mlm gay, but still, words and definitions are funny.


It totally does, guess reddit just lack the term for mlm relations.


Is there a term for mlm relations that's in a similar, more specific vein to the term "lesbian," in general? I've never heard of one but I'd be really happy to learn of one if there is one!


Homosexual but it still works for lesbians so..... fuck.


Gay is pretty much synonymous with mlm because there isn't a catchy term to refer to mlm like lesbian.


I mean I guess it depends on your social circles and so on as to how you use words. In my lil transbean friend group we use gay/lesbian pretty 50-50, all referring to wlw. I find "gay" just works well contextually, depending on who you're talking about.


Those cops were also in an animated series. This is a feature film


Aren't those the same thing though?


on a technicality, yes.


How many times is Disney going to do this "first gay character" thing? Like it's become a meme at this point.


So after Strange World, who do you think Disney's next first gay character will be?


It’s so kind of Disney to put their 20th first ever gay teen romance into their movies!


According to the comments, a lot of owl house fans have dyslexia


It's the Lilo & Stitch vs. Frozen sisterhood thing all over again!




Lilo & Stitch and Frozen both have themes of sisterhood. Frozen was praised for being the first Disney movie to tackle the subject even though L&S came out years earlier. L&S fans were, understandably, a little pissed.


I think it's because frozen is a princess movie it was being praised to broke out the traditional formula while maintaining it's fairytale form.


They're referring to movies, and even if they weren't, lumity is not the first.


Every Disney gay character is the first lgbt+ character


i think they mean movies


Disney is milking the "First gay" title so unbelievably hard


Correction, news media is milking that. And do you want gays or not? There has to be a first.


I just mean finding every slightest excuse to call something the first. It's been my understanding that it's been Disney press releases calling everything the first, and then others report on that. But I guess I could be wrong.


Well yeah that's Disney's press, a separate division of Disney. They just acknowledge the fact that its a first and that will sell more especially if its something people want Disney to do more of which is representation. Disney probably don't write movies or shows with the idea that its going to be a first movie with a gay lead. They just make the story how they want it and the press finds way to bring attention to said project which other news site and media will probably do. Like Dana didn't pitch the owl house as Disney first show with a openly Bisexual lead. She pitched a show about a teenage girl going to a different realm of magic to go on a journey to find ones self. She just also happened to be Bi. So you are correct with the Disney press thing and I do apologise for forgetting that.


I wish they would have actual gays and not token gay moment for the marketing . come on you're telling me you aren't aching for a homosexual disney princess?


I am aching for one. And from what I heard stranger worlds one is more with the protagonist but I could be wrong. The marketing has been horrible cause I thought this wasn't coming out for like another year.


Wait for it It could be.


The first was the officer from onward, or one of their characters in the live action remakes. This is still under a strangely specific category. “First teen in a animated movie” is a bit specific


whatever sells. Plus the ones you mention are background characters while the example in this article is with the protagonist I believe.


I'm pretty sure they are talking about *movies*, as gay and lesbian relationships have happened in animated *shows* before the Owl House.


-overused formet -take things out of context. Thats a reddit post alright


Disney be like: No, no, no, we support, we support you giving us money at D+ and the theaters.


*ahem* deputy Durling and Sheriff Bubs


ITT: people thinking Disney wrote the article...


They are probably just going to keep saying “first gay teen” in the things they are promoting, so they have more attention


Animated “feature film”. Owl House has no feature films




If you had actually read the article you’d realise the word after feature is film


They are probably using technicalities, Amity is Lesbian, Luz is Bisexual, technically neither are Gay. Also TOH is not a movie


Five bucks says it's done in such a way that the scant handful of explicitly romantic scenes between them can be cut out for the international version. Disney sucks.


I mean Disney have gotten better to not do that anymore. At this point they just let whatever they make go untouched and let the countries that are against it decide if they want to attempt to censor it or just not have it anymore.




In every new show it will be "bold" and "first time" until gayness goes out of fashion.


Burn the rat


*animated special* But Disney is still in the wrong for not advertising and marketing the movie enough


this is like the 90th first gay xyz disney has


They love to claim it’s always the first. They’ve done it before but haven’t really followed through in the past.


It's about a first major couple in Disney animated movie. Lumity is from TV series


They keep stretching to any length to use First repeatedly lmao


Honestly, they have been using the "first (insert LGBTQ+ here)" as a marketing ploy for a while. Just a shity way disney uses the community to make more money.


Every one is the first one


Tbf there’s a huge difference between a Disney movie and a Disney channel show


I love how many times disney will present the first [insert LGBTQ people] in animation and most of the time is bait or a fact outside of the plot that could be missed but when it's for real act really secretive


Tbh NY Daily News is fucking clueless. Never trust clickbait to be comprehensive.


I just hope that this REALLY the deal now! and not another case of "disneys first gay character“


I’m honestly shocked at this because of what happened with the Owl House…


A big thing about studios like Disney is that they’ll call every little thing about LGBT characters their first. Like Luz is the first bi character to come out and the first lead to have a same-sex partner, as well as have the first gay kiss on screen


Look, Disney's like addicted to the praise for having a 'first' and people won't stop giving it to them


Dang it. Now I can’t watch it with my mom. No more movies that I can watch with family anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I love lgbt rep. But my mom is gonna get suspicious of me.


The 2 cops from gravity falls


Yeah, though they were “just……. buddies… yeah, really good buddies”


Gravity Falls isn't a film.


It never said film just animated feature


It does say film if you just look at the article. Also, it says teen romance, right there, on the screen.


I missread it but cmon those 2 cops always get overlooked


Not *always*, but I see your point.


keyword: FILM


oh boy! it's Disney's 8th first gay character!


Bruh the cops from gravity falls have existed much longer.


I must have missed the part where they’re “teens”


Oh right duh.


Animated feature film. We do not (yet?) have an Owl House Movie.


There’s a likely chance it’ll just be a gay couple in the background for 0.3 seconds


one of them is a main character


Man, fuck Disney!


I have very mixed feelings about Disney. Sometimes they do the right thing. When they DO do the right thing they are attacked by cultural conservatives for it and thus feel an obligation to defend them from those attacks. But, in the end, they are a giant corporation that does giant corporation things and cares primarily about money. I love the Owl House but I recognize it will only be brought back if Disney Corporation thinks it can make more money from it.


I can see why Disney isn't bothering to promote this movie then.


And 1 of them it's the protagonist


That's the big one, disney movies have had homosexual relationships just for background characters/characters who are barely prominent as a couple (and then trying to claim it's a big move to try to placate people with hollow niceties). Also worth noting is that it's male/male, since from what I've seen animation seems more reluctant to show male/male relationships than female/female


She-Ra Legend of Korra


Don't care, it looks ugly as fuck, Owl house 2D >>>>>> Whatever the fuck Disney's style is nowdays


I'm just about to load shutgun and defend recent Disney movies But I guess you're not wrong about the owl house.


"Animated feature" are the key words here. Lumity is from a TV series.


This better be gay as in boy love boy and not girl love girl because I swear to god I wil go to Disney get the owl house and show it to them then slap them


It's a non-Disney news site taking about the Disney's first gay teen romance in a feature film, and it is two guys, which sums up to 3 entire reasons not to slap Disney, which I think it's a new record.


Oh so they heard the word


Who heard what word?


Oh I thought everyone had heard THAT THE [BIRD IS THE WORD](https://youtu.be/th13gSrNhB0)


I'm not sure how I'm supposed to respond to this.


Feature Film means not a TV Show. This would be valid if it was about some Disney+ series or something.


Naw, they been doing that for a while now


I didn't even know they were making a movie in general


Disney is seriously getting pathetic. If Chapek wasn’t CEO, we would accepted. Disney needs a better CEO. One who respects animation and isn’t a homophobe who supports Ron DeSantis.


\*goofy ahh yawn\* Bro they do this all the time. When Disney put a pipet drop of gay in their films, the media laps up this information like it's holy water.


Well yeah, cause it sells. Media sites can put that as a title for an article which will interest those who are interested in the film, those who want more representation from Disney and probably those who are going to get upset at the fact that Disney are doing more and more representation. No matter what, it's a click and clicks are what make money for media sites which is what they are all about. They tell whatever they can sell, even if it's not true or whatever


Surprisingly large amount of people in this thread who have apparently never witnessed clickbait. Y'all really need to get out more.


I forgot it doesn't take much to offend the users on this sub.


They're not gay, they're lesbians


That's lesbian