If pride exists in this version of earth then that means Oh, oh no. Poor amity is gonna learn about how terrible humans are


Luckily I doubt it'll show up in the show


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Pretty sure BI still has sexualities and the names for them. They just don't have homophobia.


But would they have our words specifically? Like lesbian is derived from the island of Lesbos in Greece. Then again they already speak English over there so this might just be me overthinking things.


Yeah you kinda just run into that issue with all non-earth fantasy realms. Most words have origins that wouldn't make sense in most fiction but you just kinda have to be ok with the suspension of disbelief there.


England just colonized every fictional world.


Rule Britannia!


My headcanon is that Belos introduced English when he became emperor, and everyone just speaks it now because of him.


Except for the fact that Luz went back in time 400 years and English was still the lingua franca.


Fuck you’re right


And then remember before going to the Deadwardian she first stuck her head into what was clearly the medieval period of the Isles and they're still speaking understandable English. "I'm going to revel until I die". Meanwhile actually real world medieval English would be almost incomprehensible to us.


Well there’s that theory down the goddamn drain.


They wouldn’t have had Lesbian or Sapphic, those both come from the Greek poet Sappho who came from the island of Lesbos. Interestingly enough Sappho was probably bisexual like most of Ancient Greece, since some of her poems talk either about love for women or dudes


Ok but stuff spills over from the human realm to the Demon realm all the time. If they have Azura books in both realms they can have Sappho's poems in both realms.


I mean I don’t think the Boiling Isles speak Greek, let alone Sappho’s dialect of Dorian Greek so they’d probably not understand it Not to mention that her poems are sadly very very very rare and most no longer exist


I like to think thay Amity doesnt even know what the word lesbian even means, but likes the affection luz gives her via pride gifts