[MoringMark] Pillow Fight

[MoringMark] Pillow Fight


Fanart by [MoringMark](https://moringmark.tumblr.com/post/662672349391437824) on tumblr and [Instagram.](https://www.instagram.com/p/CT9y2uWhoEj/?utm_medium=copy_link)


This pillow fight just turned to "Wholesome siblings pilllow fight" to ***"DOOM MUSIC STARTS TO PLAY"*** real quick...


I'm not sure what Hunter's gonna have to do to get Amity to forgive him for... a) threating Luz with the power of Belos and the Emperor's Coven b) stealing the key from her 'cause of that threat while she was holding it for Luz c) leaving Eda and King for dead after pretending he was going to help her but then kicking her down after she trusted him (Edit: As helpfully pointed out by another Redditor, he actually only wants to save himself, not help. And Amity still lets him go. And even though she obviously will have to stay behind to help Eda and King, he *still* kicks her down.) ...buuuut it's probably gonna need to be something big. Sure he's desperate to live up to expectations, but he's kinda needlessly unpleasant in the process, and is wont to gloat over it (also see: Separate Tides, Hunting Palismen).


I was wondering as well in that last panel if Luz knew about that fight they had and what happened in the episode... She looks like she's so 'what the hell you guys'...


this is what happens when you start a pillow fight with the guy literally trained for battle and the awesome girlfriend looking to prove herself


Yeah, the only explanation here is that Luz doesn't know. But I think Amity definitely would tell Luz. I'm sure she pities Hunter, but I really don't think she'd conceal anything from Luz. She wants to be the best girlfriend she can be, and that doesn't start with hiding stuff. And Eda and King have no reason to conceal what happened, and lying to Luz is definitely not something either of them would do.


I definitely agree with you on this! I like Hunter and I think he’s such an interesting character, but I feel like it’s common for people to infantilize him and go “he did nothing wrong!”. I understand he carries a heavy burden (including lots of trauma), and that he’s being influenced by Belos, but he isn’t 100% absolved of his crimes. At the end of his day, his hands are still committing the wrongdoings. It’s going to take a lot of effort on his part to be forgiven and redeemed, especially since every time Amity let her guard down because of his self pity tactics, he used that against her. The best example is when he’s digging his grave, she comes closely to console him, and he just steals the key from around her neck. Yes he had a mission, but he had a choice over whether to complete it it not. Compare him to Lilith, who often purposely let Eda go because she loved her so much, even if it came at her own expense. Hunter’s choices are influenced by his trauma and warped perception of reality, but he’s still making those choices. I just hope he is able to grab someone’s hand for help and try to become better. I can only hope that the events of Eclipse Lake don’t negatively impact Amity’s development and make her more reluctant to be kind to others, as well. That’d be really sad to see :( So yeah, I agree that Hunter is a very nuanced character and we should be more mindful of the way we view him. He’s not irredeemable scum, but he’s not a perfect sad boy who did nothing wrong. Trauma messes you up, and sometimes you can’t help but express toxic and unhealthy behavior because it’s all you know. I hope Hunter overcomes it one day and becomes a better person too.


I completely agree, with everything you said. I feel like a lot of Hunter fans rush to his defence without actually thinking through the nuance of his character, which is ironic. And you make an interesting point that Hunter's actions could have a negative consequence on Amity's recovery. I too hope that won't be the case.


What? He never pretended he was going to help Amity. All he said was that he needed to escape, at no point did he offer any assistance. He also repeatedly warned Eda and King of danger, and they only got in trouble because they ignored him every time. And the hill I'll die on is that if somebody kidnaps you (and drags you into dangerous situations that almost kill you, and mocks you all the while), and then eventually lets you go, you don't owe them anything for that.


Ah, you're right. I misremembered. Kinda gave Hunter the benefit of the doubt in my memories there. He does only want to save himself, doesn't care about anyone else. And Amity still lets him go. And even though she let him go so he could *escape*, and she obviously will have to stay behind to help Eda and King, he *still* kicks her down. Thanks for proving my point he's needlessly unpleasant. Annnnd... they took the right hand of their greatest enemy, the most evil person on the Boiling isles, captive. Someone who was going to boil alive both her girlfriend and her girlfriend's second mom, on their first meeting. And stuck King in a cage and used that as blackmail. Oh and then the second time he met her girlfriend, firstly threatened her with imprisonment, and then secondly that she'd "be zapped into dust and \[thrown\] into the sea". Hunter gets pretty good treatment all things considered, especially from Amity. They could have tied him up, cast a sleep spell on him, and left him to freeze in the forest where he probably wouldn't be found. But they didn't. And what they *couldn't* do was just let him run off and, a) foil their plan to help Luz, b) help the most evil person on the Boiling Isles build a portal to do something *probably not great* to both realms. You sure pick an odd hill to die on, friend.


He literally cares nothing about himself and just wants to please his family. He thinks it's not worth living unless he can make himself useful to his uncle. Saying that he only cares about himself is the wildest take on his character you could have possibly come up with. Again, she let him go from the bonds she put on him in the first place. And Eda and King were in danger because they insisted on hitting the fool's blood after he told them it was dangerous. You keep ignoring the parts where Eda & Co. are also his enemies and actively working against him to begin with. Let's list them, shall we? \- Eda assaulted the ship he was guarding and robbed it \- Luz caused the ship's treasure, which was property of the Emperor, to end up at the bottom of the boiling sea \- Luz stuck a rocket on his back and threw him off the flying ship, which could have killed him. She could have used the plant glyph to immobilise him instead. \- Luz told him that arresting her for assault would do nothing because she would just break out of jail Add in the fact that he explicitly says that he is *not* going to boil them alive, he holds them over the sea for like 5 seconds then goes "nah" and responds with fair legal repercussions: you steal something, you go to prison; you lose our money, you work to repay it. I'll give you the blackmail. However, after that he cleared Eda from the crime she had committed and left her with a clean slate, and let Luz get away with losing the treasure. I mean, sure, if the alternative is *cold-blooded murder,* then being dragged into situations where you almost die twice because they insist on ignoring your safety warnings, rub your being powerless (aka magically disabled) in your face, and humiliate you all the while, is not so bad. Call me crazy but if you want me to think of Eda & Co. as the good guys, I hold them to a slightly higher standard than that.


Call you crazy? Okay, you're crazy. I'm not ignoring anything. Because what's important is that Hunter is on the *wrong side*. The show couldn't make it any clearer. Belos is evil, cartoonishly (lol) so. Opposing him and by extension Hunter is not only justified, but morally obligated, regardless of his personal hardship. And Amity tried to find a way to both oppose Belos, and help Hunter at the same time. But he refused to be helped. That's on Hunter. Amity did all she could, and as a survivor of ongoing child abuse herself, and likely suffering from complex-PTSD, that she could reach out at all like that was extremely meritorious. Also I'm not sure how you can paint Hunter running off literally to save himself as a selfless thing... but okay.


That's not how it works. For the inhabitants of the Isles, Belos is the voice of the Titan, the very thing that created some of their races and gave magic to the rest. Yes, Hunter refused to give up everything he has known his whole life for the sake of an enemy who was nice to him for five minutes. Duh. Amity *did* show a lot of kindness and compassion in reaching out to him. She is a good person, and I love the beautiful character development she has gone through. She is most people's favourite character for a reason. But the point is that being a good person doesn't magically fix years of brainwashing and abuse. You can't hug away a cult's indoctrination. Amity was kind, but it's absurd to blame Hunter for refusing her offer. *That's not how trauma works.* Again, he wasn't trying to save himself. If that were the case, he would have kept fighting after finding the dry lake and realising that he couldn't be useful to Belos anymore. Heck, if he thought he couldn't go back empty-handed, he could have just ran away. But the *second* he thought he had become useless, he gave up. He only started fighting again when he saw the opportunity to be useful again. Ah, and by the way. Hunter wasn't empty-handed. He had a palisman. You know, one of those things Belos had ordered him to catch. He could have easily sacrificed Rascal to save himself, trading the bird's life for Belos' forgiveness and appreciation. Instead he told Rascal to bond to somebody else and started digging his own grave.


It is how it works. Look, I know, I know, Godwin's law and all that but... would you be comfortable extending your moral relativism to real life totalitarian dictatorships? Take a step back and think about what you're saying for a moment. There are things that are just wrong and indefensible. Also the show has given us plenty of reason to doubt both that Belos can actually speak to the Titan or if he can, doubt that he's telling the truth about it (he's, uh, a cult leader), and also that the Titan is a good entity. Recall the paintings in King's Castle... his ancestor killed the Titan, and we have good reason to believe King's family are the forces for goodness here. Also: "At least untie me so I can escape! Please... I don't want to be replaced." Yeah, he's thinking of *himself*. And no, it's not absurd to blame Hunter for his actions. Do you think Amity's abuse would have compelled her to assist in potentially destroying the Boiling Isles as it is known? And her abuse is frankly, more serious; Odalia exercised direct and micromanaged control over every facet of her behaviour throughout her childhood. And in so doing this essentially extends to control over her thoughts and feelings too; the link between those and behaviour is two-way. Odalia even had a way to speak directly and non-consensually into her mind! Belo's tactics are much more subtle and more closely resemble that of a cult leader, and Hunter is probably a grimwalker so we can't assume his actual age or past history. Edit: Rearranged slightly as I'd nested stuff inside parenthesis and it was hard to follow.


I'm 100% comfortable extending my moral relativism to the people of North Korea. People born into a cult/dictatorship are *victims.* The show has given *US*, the audience, plenty of reason. It hasn't done the same for the characters in the show who are normal BI citizens. So even though you have seen him attempt suicide over the thought of being useless to others, and even though you've seen him prioritise Rascal's salvation over his own, you still think he's selfish. Jesus... Belos never admitted that his plan involved any kind of destruction, he's presenting it to his followers as a way to improve both worlds. Amity's abuse is not, in fact, more serious. That's your opinion, and I certainly don't share it. If Amity had never had the positive influence of her siblings, never had known any true friendship through Willow, had been socially isolated her whole life and surrounded only with people who openly despise her and even want her dead to steal her job, thought that Belos was the only one who could possibly care for her, was magicless and therefore thought she owed Belos for giving her a disability aid and a future in a land where powerless witches are social outcasts at best and targets at worst... then yes. Yes, I think it would have compelled her to assist in uniting the two Realms.


Okay, my comment got automod'd for... some reason. Let's try that again. So, what about the rich elite who live in luxury in Pyongyang? How much do you know about NK? And what about the other famous examples - I don't think I can actually name them, without getting automod'd. Not everyone is equally a victim and plenty of people can dissent and choose not to. Some people do, and in so doing prove that it is possible. Oskar Schindler, for instance. Attempt suicide? He put some dirt on his head. Why do Hunter fans have to dial everything up to eleven? Okay, you assert that, but you don't offer any counter-points. Mine stand. Hunter is obviously controlled far less than Amity has ever been. If Belos treated Hunter like Odalia treated Amity, Hunter would not want to endear himself to him... they use very different tactics. And positive influence? Okay then. I can tell you don't know anything about the Scapegoat/Golden Child dynamic. And I'm gonna paste something I explained to someone before. >Amity definitely has a much more positive relationship with her twin siblings than her abusive parents, not that that's difficult, but I think it's safe to assume there will be some feeling of detachment and possibly resentment. They are both free from Odalia's abuse and micromanagement, after all. > >And they've at times been cruel. Intruding into her safe space away from their parents, with the intention of stealing the object most personal to her - her diary, which has also been her way of processing the things that happen to her - with the intention of sharing these most private thoughts with the entire school. This is a pretty unpleasant thing to do, even if your sibling *isn't* being abused by your parents (and will likely have recorded that in her diary). > >Consider [this family portrait](https://i.imgur.com/wwxj3h7.png), visible in "Escaping Expulsion" above the fireplace in the Blight Mansion. You can tell from her expression and stiff posture that Amity is apart from her entire family, even her siblings.


Look. I'm gonna be honest. You are disturbing me. Your takes are baffling and creepy, and the victim-blaming is disconcerting. That's the most polite way I can put it. Since you have already called me crazy, I also have very little reason to continue to try and reason with you, because you have already said that you don't think my points are worth considering. So, I think I'm going to pull an Homer in the bushes now. Cya.


Right back at you. It's disturbing you can't distinguish the nuance here and resort to black-and-white thinking, but I've noticed it's a theme with Hunter fans. Victim-blaming indeed! What I was actually arguing was that being abused does not completely absolve one of some responsibility for one's actions! And you *asked* me to call you crazy. Lol, it was in jest.


Dude- did we even watched the same episode??? Hunter doesn't even care about himself the slightest, he only wants to please Belos o_o Also, I'm sure that he doesn't know about Belos's TRUE plans tho o_o


"At least untie me so I can escape! Please... I don't want to be replaced." He's thinking of himself. And if anyone knows (or at least, has a good impression), it'd be Hunter. He's the closest to Belos by far. So close Kiki's totally losing it to paranoia. Belos even lets him see his cursed form. Has him bring palismen to stave it off. Hunter literally gets to see behind the mask.


A & B are essentially the same point. C never happened. And other people, including Amity, have done worse and got immediately forgiven. So.


No, they're separate points, as that wasn't the only way Hunter could have gotten the key. And Amity has not done worse. Lol. Hunter is the right hand of the most evil person on the Boiling Isles. Amity was... cold and distant at school and tacitly enabled the bullying of Willow. Certainly not her finest hour by any means, but helping to potentially destroy the world as it is known and supporting a system that summarily executes dissenters by turning them to stone it is *not*.


It was the only way he could have got the key without either attacking the Owl House (which would have been worse) or involving the whole EC (which would have defeated the whole point of proving himself useful to Belos). Amity has flatout attempted to murder Luz. She tried to have Luz *dissected,* all for the sake of spiting the girl she had been bullying for years. After that failed, she coerced Luz into a deal where Luz would have ended up forbidden to perform any kind of magic. In the BI, that's the equivalent of being disabled. Belos is evil from our POV because we are familiar with other forms of ruling such as democracy. But from the POV of the BI inhabitants, who have been under Belos' cultish rule all/most of their lives, that's just how leadership works. Eda's execution was going to be a *public spectacle* because the average BI citizen thinks that turning dissenters to stone is normal. Until Gus and Willow started fomenting doubts, people (even objectively good people like Gus' own father) thought it was fine. Belos may well be planning to potentially destroy the world, but that's not what he is telling his followers. He told them that the Day of Unity would simply *unite* the worlds. Which may even be considered a good thing, Luz for example would not have to choose between her mother and her friends anymore. And it would destroy wild magic, which has been illegal for 50 years anyway so people don't care about that.


Okay, firstly, it wasn't Amity, but Bump. Amity was standing at the back of the classroom. And Bump wasn't actually going to dissect Luz. He's... not an idiot, and he's a kind person. He clearly knew what she was, and was playing a game with her. His amused tone "oh how strange for it to get the command wrong" was an obvious giveaway. And well that's the first time I ever saw someone try to use a moral relativist argument to defend a Machiavellian, murderous, child abusing\*, totalitarian dictator. It can end up in some silly places but that's just straight up putting your foot in your mouth. \*The irony here is that in trying to defend Hunter, you're now defending his abuser.


Please, go watch that episode again. I'll even give you the timeline: around 18:00. Amity was chasing after Luz. I never defended Belos, I literally called his rule a cult. I defended the people who believe in Belos. He's clearly an asshole, but he's all they have ever known, so his evil has been normalised even in the minds of otherwise good and innocent people.


You were using a moral relativist argument to defend Belos. It was absurd. And I've watched that episode seven times in the last two months, I don't need to check it again. Amity was chasing her to get her badge back, not, uh, dissect her (and she never held the knife either in the single earlier scene where it was actually present). "I. WANT. MY. BADGE." She even shouts it and enunciates each word separately.


No, I wasn't. I was using a moral relativist argument to defend the people Belos conned. People like Gus' dad. So you don't think hunting somebody down, sending abomination soldiers after them, and attempting to trap them at the mercy of somebody who stated the intent to dissect them, in any way implies any harm? *Really.*


Your argument held that every member of the BI holds a moral relativist position and out of that consent and enable his regime, and therefore their actions are justified, which basically extends to pardoning Belos of his. \[Edit: I can explain this differently. It doesn't make sense to hold everyone on the BI to certain moral relativist standards, but Belos to different ones. If no BI resident has any idea of what constitutes right from wrong, how would Belos? If you're making a distinction, you're imposing your outside moral judgement, and your position is no longer one of moral relativism, it's mashup of relativism and absolutism in whatever quantity is comfortable to you.\] And if Luz, Eda, King, Amity, Willow and Gus are the only moral absolutists on the island then they're well, especially justified and morally compelled to resist Belos, because apparently everyone else has taken leave of their senses. And ya said she wanted to dissect her/murder her. Your words: "\[...\]flatout attempted to murder Luz". Don't move the goalposts, friend. She actually wanted her badge back.


I suppose if Eda forgave Lilith for cursing her...


Eda has had a great deal longer to come to terms with the curse, and Lilith *did* make a grand (if abrupt) gesture to right her past wrong. I'm not saying that Amity won't ever be able to forgive Hunter... but... Hunter is going to have to make some similar gesture. Especially after throwing her attempt to help him back in her face.


Maybe but all I'm saying is that he hasn't done anything unforgiveble to merit the absolute need to do a grand gesture. I could see Amity approaching him and trying to befriend him just like Luz and from that Hunter would gradually start helping them rather than his deciding to do some grand gesture to prove his friendship.


If his action was unforgiveable then there wouldn't be any point in making a grand gesture. I never said anything Hunter had done was unforgiveable. And why should Amity be the one reach out again? Hunter threw her first attempt back with a threat both to her and her girlfriend. Who knows what he might do if Amity placed herself in a position of vulnerability again in an attempt to help him?


I missexplained with the unforgiveble bit then. My point is that unlike Zuko with Katara, Hunter hasn't done any lasting damage to Amity that would require her never trusting him again until he proved himself. In fact, Amity herself admitted she didn't blame him as she used to be quite simmilar so I think it would continue her character development for her and Luz to continue trying to reach out to him, just like Luz did with Amity in the past. I mean I do think when he switches sides he'll have to apologize but I think rather than making him prove himself to their group just as he constantly felt the need to do with Belos, they'll just accept his apology and become friends without any drama on their part. Say, Hunter does some lasting terrible damage to them and they lose hope on his redemption that would change things I think his switching sides will be a more gradual process.


Switching sides would be a good start in terms of grand gestures. I'm sure he has lots of inside information about Belos. That's basically how Lilith's redemption arc went. He could probably also do with apologising to Amity for his reaction to her offer of assistance, and to Luz for using her to manipulate Amity, and of course, for stealing the key that was her best way home. And then it will just take... a while, for Amity to trust him.


I guess I overestimated what you meant with grand gestures; I realy thought you meant a big life risking sacrifice or grabbing her arm as she is about to fall or something like that. Yeah all of those are a given if he betrays Belos. I suppose Amity might be somewhat more distrustful Hunter than the rest but she'd still try to be nice and understanding of his conflict.


Omg yes 😂


Luz: Why do I hear [fight music](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FXQw1JuQ5iA)?


If they had gone any longer they would have summoned their staffs


Now I'm wondering if there is some kind of power level difference between palismen... I mean, would a cat palisman be stronger than a cardinal palisman? Would an owl palisman be stronger than a cat palisman?


They're cut from the same cloth, aren't they? I doubt there's different power levels


It probably depends on the witch themselves. Not necessarily the power itself but how skilled you are at it.


There is. In Escape of the Palisman, Willow remarks "feel that power-to-weight ratio!" when getting on Owlbert, implying that Owlbert is an exceptionally powerful staff.


Maybe it depending on the wood quality ? Some part of the tree have better wood than other. And different tree can have different quality too. Eda told she gets the wood to make Albert from a branch of an ancient tree, so maybe that's why Albert is powerful since he made from very good quality wood.


I'm assuming Ghost and Lil Rascal were watching the whole thing from the side with increasing concern.


It's all fun and games until your training kicks in...


When the pillow gives you third degree burns


Lots of wholesome comics from MoringMark is worrying still


It's like a russian roulette of angst. With each wholesome comic there is a chance for a deadly angst in the next one.


Schrodinger's comic


It's all fun and games, until "Special delivery: **PAIN**!" kicks in.


This one doesn't seem *as* wholesome, so we're probably heading on a downward curve.


Not a curve it's a cliff at this point.


It all comes tumbling down


Yeah I’m worried too


Went from a flame to an inferno.


From inferno to nuclear fusion




As Luz has the only pillow left, she is victorious!


Amity and Hunter alternate cheering for Luz in between glaring at each other.


sometimes the best way to win the battle is to not get involved


They basically replicated their fight in Eclipse Lake?


Pfft. And the only dialogue rhymes, too.


Yes, I know right We all know this is a show of might


And this is why Luz doesn't have Amity and Hunter do anything competitive anymore.


Could come in handy if you want to overthrow the emperor if you ask me.


“first one who defeats Belos gets…my approval!” although the risk of them forgetting Belos and pulling an Eclipse Lake again is probably not worth the reward


Luz should've seen this coming, honestly


Luz: Did I just watch a anime fight in real live?


***"Begun, the bed wars have"***


Was that intentional


Luz: *Puts ice glyph on pillow and throws it at both of them*


This is how all my pillow fights go


at this moment the owl house will be called the owl orphanage


Willow vs gus... willow vs gus


Pillow DBZ duel


When the doom music kicks in


Teenager tries to kill government official in a pillow fight


This is canon


MoringMark needs to be hired on the show


MoringMark also needs to be hired to make the coveted sequel comics.


I am getting worried about the amount of wholesome comics we are getting from Mark… I have a feeling the next sad one is going to be really painful


I love how this implies that Hunter will occasionally sneak away from Belos to hang out at the Owl House


Jokes aside, this is really well drawn, lol. The poses are really well done


Top ten anime fights


The last Panel on the last Page is missing a Speech Bubble: "Pillow Fight...?"


Yep, Hunter is Amity's shonen anime rival.


The most intense pillow fight since Rarity vs AJ


Don’t let them play Mario Kart together


That’s just an average pillow fight


I can distincly hear the mortal kombat theme from here


Pillow war it seems


*Pillow Clash*


Well that escalated quickly...


I'm digging Hunter's new clothes.




Y'know there s a gun in enter the dungeon that is an actual pillow


King: "Luz, I think they're taking this a little too seriously. That last whack had Amity's palisman in it."


*Duel of the fates blares*


Eclipse Lake but **PILLOW**


Man, even as future in-laws, these two just won't get along.


I have no idea where the idea of Hunter as one of the OwlGang came from but I love the way this fight is choreographed, that was more epic than any pillow fight has a right to be.


Thats a bit too much fight guys


How did neither of them nor any pillows go out that open window tho?


What is this fight choreo from? I swear I’ve seen the opening moves before


They collided so hard he lost his scar in the last panel :p


Amity got the most hits in making her the technical winner


Welp, that escalated quickly o-O


“Hunter, where do you keep getting these scars from? First it was a frying pan dent, then cat scratches, then another chipped tooth, now…pillow marks?”


Luz: Mortal Kombat! *Music starts playing*


Pillow fight more like pillow attack 😂😂😂


Hunter vs Amity !!!


The action in this comic is rlly good 👁👁


*Anime fight Mode activated*


Luz: "Pillow fight!" Amity and Hunter: "[...](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-mwrav14dSw)"


They dont call it a Pillow FIGHT for nothing


Is this a fairy tail reference?


New headcanon; Amity and Hunter bring out the Cain instinct in each other.


Mutually Assured Destruction


The look of "What the absolute fuck have I done" on Luz's face...




Moringmark has 2 types of comic: 1 make you feel wholesome 2 give you mental pain


Beat his ass


This seemed applicable for some reason: https://youtu.be/4NJQvswrSPg


“I knew you guys had a bit of a rivalry but this is.. wow.”


When your friends are super competitive and care more about their honor and revenge than anything else


Man, Moringmark is so good at action when he does it.


This is no longer pillow fight… It’s pillow combat


Luz: bruh...


Moringmark TOH comic number 136


Aight so this is what i think will happen afterwards. (warning. I will mention Hooty's chad powers in this post. viewer disgresion is adviced, also Hunter and amity goes by "Fucknuts) Luz will leave the room before the two reacts and go for a walk thinking about every time she tried to get these two fucknuts to become friendly to eachother. Hunter and Amity will respect her freetime and won't follow her. Hunter will insist on following her but amity will disprove and that will get hunter and amity into a argument. Amity will tell hunter that he has no right to even come up with that idea and that he should consider himself lucky to even be here, where hunter counter-argues with the fact that Amity prbly have no idea what she is talking about and she has no idea how hard it was for him to leave the coven. Then the argument continues and then king interrupts saying that these two fucknuts have not even considered the fact that Luz only did this to get the tention between them dimmed. They won't listen and Hunter will go looking for Luz while Amity will do some thinking with King. Eda will join hunter so he doesn't do something stupid. IN THE TIME THIS HAPPENS. Luz goes into the city with a list of "groceries" that Eda needs. In this scenario Gwendolin will run into Luz and they will start a conv about how they are doing. Lilith is doing great she is trying to find a way to simulate harpy mode and become hot enough to be more than just a simp for hooty's chadness. Luz will explain the situation and some other examples. She will go into detail with how Amity and Hunter tried to kill eachother even before Hunter became a residents of the owlgang and she will show her exhaustion from attempted befriending between them. Gwendolin as a mother knows the fighting between two frenemies through Lilith and Edalyn in their youth but when everything was settled they understood that the priority in their sisterhood was not who ate all the cookies or took the others turn on the playstation but it was their friendship that mattered. In short Gwendolin told Luz that she needs to find a common ground for both Amity and Hunter. Luz argues that the only commonground between them is that they value Luz. This gives her an Idea. a few hours later Luz and Gwendolin plan for a set up attack from a wild (insert mystical monster here) which will unite the two fucknuts (yes i'm using this as an indication of amity and hunter) to save Luz and make them work together, perhaps like eachother enough to not steal their pizzahut. Hunter found luz chased by a giant otter. Because it's Luz's plan. and helps as much as he can himself. Luz insists on him trying to get amity out of the house and help but Hunter insists that he doesn't need her. Luz then signals gwen to take down the play and she talks a bit with hunter about how hard it's been lately. Their banter is interrupted from a friendly batallion of Covenguards, drawn by the screams and giant furry monster about to eat this Hispanic snack whole. They capture Luz and Hunter returns to the owlhouse as fast as he can. (Eda is actually not there right now because she's helping her sister becoming harpy enough to get access to hooty's chad nudes (i am so sorry)). So Amity and hunter is stuck on rescuing Luz from the conformatiorium. However she is firstly stationed at Bonesburrow policestation where we get a nice infiltration montage that progressively goes from Amity and Hunter stepping on eachothers tail and arguing silently about it to them working slightly together in the final clip. Luz is then questioned by Kikimora where Luz spits in her face because Luz is truly the one with the sigma grindset here. Kiki then tries to escort her to a caravan that will take her to the emperor, but the now unstoppable pair of fucknuts rescues Luz and gives Luz her Magic: the gathering cards she desperately needs to escape. And no, she didn't have any cards with her when she went shopping, she ran out. Now free Luz looks suspiciously happy at Amity and Hunter. They both know why but doesn't mention it. King is eating crackers and Eda is home from her endevours with Lilith and now she is to tired to even think about why Hunter and Amity are laughing with Luz without killing eachother. TL;DR Luz goes out to forget about the tention fucknuts, gets captured and gets rescued by said fucknuts.


Pillow fight: advanced warfare. Seriously U, you call that a fight? That was a WAR!!!


Luz is like "did I miss something here" 😂😂😂


*The hell happened here?*


I’m actually want a sad comic now now


basically Amity and Hunter hate each other lol😂😂🤣🤣


I love this way too much


"Hey guys, pillow fight!" "To first blood?" "Done." "No guys wait."