Who would win?

Which of thoses protagonists would win in the end


I don't really care who would win in a fight... But I gotta say, Luz wins by a *landslide* for best design.




She finally got her witchy clothes, and it’s an homage to her found family


Yup, big fluffy hair to hide stuff in like Eda and the eyes/bone/etc. of King.


I personally disagree. I think max calamity Anne has a better design.


Yea I’m a bigger fan of Anne’s design, love the super Saipan prophecized warrior look, although Luz’s is undoubtedly more witchy


You mean max calANNEty




Just realized the fang is in front of a normal tooth


Agreed, while star makes the most sense for visual theme, luz with the power of a titan looks way cooler, and i mean calamity anne is just super sayin blue




Nah, for example it took max callamity Anne around a second to make it to outer space while it took Luz a couple of seconds, and Anne had also shown more destructive capability while destroying the core.


The person your responding to is talking about the design, not powerscaling. Who looks cooler, that kind of stuff.


O right I missed that, my bad, but yeah she has a good design


I don't know how strong Star is. But I think that titan Luz beats normal calamity Anne, but full calamity Anne was stronger than titan Luz.


Yea once the sinergy buff happened, they pushed a moon and stayed fully powered up after Sasha and MARCY!!!!!!!!- depowerd


tbf, that moon is significantly smaller than earth’s


From the looks from it the moon was turned into a giant spaceship by the core, the mass alone from whatever metals were used to build the possible lab in the moon and the thrusters that were strong enough to propel something that big + the fact gravity was already pulling the moon to Amphibia


It was also being rocket propelled but fair


that is a fair point as well


Yeah but armoured to the teeth


To be fair, Luz was channeling the power of a ful grow Titan. The being the saved her from death and the Collector said was more powerful than anything. The same Collector that moved a moon with their finger and could warp reality with next to no effort. Not saying that means Luz is the strongest, just mentioned for proper perspective.


Yeh I feel luz was in some way weakened in terms of only being a vessel for that power and belos corrupting the connection to the titan in a way. Atleast how I interpreted it. This is also to say still extremely powerful.


Full Gem stone power is lethal though, so it's kind of a pyrrhic victory at best


Wait, what IS stars full power? I completely forgot what she’s able to do in that form


Luz litteraly has the power of a demigod wdym lmao


Anne has the power of a multidimensional God that destroys your physical form if used improperly what's your point


However luz is faster than both and can petrify Anne


Did you not see how fast Anne, Sasha and Marcy flew into space? Not to mention Anne’s first fight against Andrias, where she almost seemed to teleport away from his attempt to slam his fists at her.


I did, actually and did the math on it. To reach the moon at full power Anne woild have needed to fly around 2.5 times the speed of light. Meanwhile titan Luz is vastly superior to harpy eda, who could react to a natural light attack at point blank range, which was around 3.8 times the speed of light.


Ok listen. You have made a claim that a character is moving faster than light. You have made this claim by saying that a character "reacted to light". That is a patently absurd claim. If Eda is actually that fast, then every single person in the entire setting is on a similar speed level. The much, much easier answer, is that, depending on what scene you are talking about: 1. Eda began reacting after being hit by the light. 2. Eda reacted to someone beginning to cast a spell Don't completely destroy the logic of the entire setting to the level that normal humans can perceive faster than light attacks just because someone reacted to light once. It doesn't make any sense.


Hmmm, I don’t doubt the math, but I’m not quite convinced on the comparison of Anne’s flight speed to Eda’s reaction speed. I’d think we can agree that Anne has at least demonstrated a higher flight speed, but I think Anne might also have a good case for a fast reaction speed too. There’s a brief shot in True Colors where Anne is diving towards Andrias while his robots fire lasers at her, and a quick moment where we seem to get a slow-mo perspective of Anne dodging an individual laser. To be honest, I can’t quite recall which attack you are referring to for Harpy Eda, but how would you say it compares to this moment with Anne? I would also like to note that I only see this as Anne’s potential, as she seemed to be a bit sloppier with her reactions in her second fight with Andrias. If Luz is as fast as you have calculated, I’d imagine the Anne from All In would certainly struggle speed-wise.


Well, I have seen math done for the Anne dodging feat as well, and I t comes out to only 3.5 times light, and remember Eda is way slower than titan Luz. The Eda feat comes from her breif fight with Luz in season 2b. All in all if Even a little, Luz is faster and can petrify anne


Wait where are you getting the idea that Eda even dodged that light, she was momentarily blinded by it.


r/DeathBattleMatchups MFs When A Character Dodges A Bean That Is Clearly Not Moving Anywhere At The Speed Of Light:


Light glyphs are literally natural light and yeah of course it’s not shown at light speed dipshit the audience needs to be able to see it


It's Magic, It Has Not Reason To Function Like The Real Thing


It’s magic derived from nature


No it's magic derived from the spirit energy of a long dead race of giant magical beast men aka titans


Star dominates all of them


While I'm not 100% sure who would win, I know that Star has the most experience and a deadlier arsenal. Using Dark Magic she can fire a blast that vaporizes anything it comes in contact with, and another spell specifically for killing immortal beings and beings that can regenerate. The other two are girls who got isekai'd and gained magic powers, Star grew up with power.


Yeah but Star herself never learned either of those spells, that was eclipsa and moon, and we actually see stars limit when fighting meteora and that one solarian warrior. On top of that while Star was born in a magical world she only started learning magic at age 14 when she got the wand.


Star also lost a fight to a medium kaiju after getting friendship boosted


I'd think, if Star was truly that powerful on her own, she'd have been able to destroy the RoM on her own without breaking a sweat. As it was, she needed the help of other adult queens to accomplish it.


I mean if Star was that powerful on her own then they probably wouldn’t of thought of destroying magic to beat Mina in the first place.


None of them. They all get too distracted talking about each other's outfits and super powers and stories. They're too cute and nerdy


I mean. I would also be gushing about the designs soooo


Depends on each user’s imagination, each can create their own unique magic and power, so it’s really depends on imagination from each one


Best answer


Why would they fight when they can hug and share their trauma?


Anne; "I once got disintegrated and was brought back by a godlike being" Luz; "Hey snap"


Molly /j


Honestly I don’t think we have seen the extent of Molly’s >! wraith powers !< yet, her >! killing the chairman can be attributed to her being living kryptonite to him !<.


People highballs Star HARD, damn, is like people didn't see her struggle and lose at her peak against 1 (one) giant knight. We just don't have enough feats for Titan Luz, nor context for those feats as we don't know how powerful were Belos attacks. So, gotta go with Calamity Anne, punched a robot into orbit, kept a moon from failing


*She-Ra has left the chat.* (Yes I know this is Disney shows, but I couldn’t resist)


I haven't seen Star Vs so I don't know what she's done but didn't Anne punch a meteor into dust?


doesnt Luz upscale from the Collector who effortlessly moved the moon?


Not really, titan magic weakens Collector/Archivist magics, as we can see the Collector in the finale struggling to even keep his Castle from falling, compared to it effortlessly shattering the Titan's skull and move the moon.


The most likely way the Archivists took care of the Titans were most likely by taking them all out with range/bombarding the planet with whatever magic they had and staying far as possible from the effects of the Titan's magic.


you do realize that was because Belos's goo was weakening him right? And also the Archivers were stated to be afraid of the Titan's POWER and the Collector said that a fully grown titan is the strongest being there is


Highly doubt she is that strong as she obviously put in effort trying to get belos out of the heart.


you mean Belos's strongest spot that he was actively trying to guard?


Yup. Still moving belos from a giant heart is A LOT easier than moving the moon.


Belos here scales to the Titan who upscales to the Collector, hell we see Belos being able to damage the Collector


Right but it’s like titan powers counter collector magic, belos uses the titan, which damages the collector. Wouldn’t say they’re equal as at the end of the day they all still died. Plus titans kinda have to be around continent level as they wouldn’t be able to move something big enough like the moon or even reach it.


I guess Luz could do that since Titans are more powerful than The Collector and she has the power of a Titan.


Are they? It seems all titans were killed/caught by the archivests but they are supposedly still alive So that would means they are infact more powerful then titans


Debatably because the collector said that the archivests where afraid of the Titans power


also the Collector said that a full grown titan is the strongest being out there


I think Titan Luz and the Collector have different strengths. Both have a lot of raw power but while Luz only knows Titan glyphs and palismen magic, the Collector knows spells ranging from effortlessly reforming landscapes to creating terrifying star minions and puppets to genocide spells. Luz might win against the Collector since Titan magic eliminates Collector magic, but in other situations without titans the Collector would definitely win.


Titan Luz was able to take on Belos who was able to take on The Collector, also Belos scales to the Titan who was able to give the Archivers a run for their money


Not at all, titans are just immune to the collectors powers or something. It was a matchup issue not Belos being more powerful


so your telling me that the titan trappers solo'd an army of titans?


Idk exactly how it all works since they had to rush the lore in and I haven’t analyzed every bit of dialog from the finale, but the collector said his powers don’t work on king since he’s a titan, then he couldn’t take out Belos after Belos took over the Titan’s heart (although he might’ve been able to if he went for the first strike instead of trying to forgive Belos and being struck)


the Collector just said his powers dont work, didnt say anything about the Archivists


I don’t entirely remember how strong Star was, Anne was easily the most OP though


I think in brute strenght is Titan Luz strongest but she couldn´t controling it, even when she tried kill Belos on wall rather grab him instead of vaporise him by one spell. It looked like she is using 1% of max power what she get.


I saw that as more she didn't want to hurt the thing behind Belos more so then she coudn't just blast him into a million pieces


Just my opinion, but >!A tie between Luz and Anne but only if Anne has all 3 stones!<


That tie is for second place. Star travels between dimensions at will and can easily wait out their time limits.


Star could open another dimension and hide them away. In terms of actually defeating them in hand-to-hand magical combat, Anne and Luz both have the power of gods behind them. If Star was powerful like that, she'd have been able to obliterate the RoM on her own, but it took the help of other queens to do it.


Pretty sure anne can open portals too, seeing that’s how she got back to amphibia. (edit: but I could be mistaken) but seriously if your argument for someone winning is that they ran away and hid until the others where out of power, then it makes the one who hid look all the weaker and cowardly.


Definitely Dipper and Mabel.


Well since anne couldnt move the moonin that power and collector moved it no issue and titan power is stronger then collector magic ill say luz beats anne. But the rest is 50/50 cuz i dont plan on eatching star vs.


Titan magic is more like kyrptonite to the Collectors you can see the Collector being weakened when Belos possessed the titan.


True. Though thr collector did say titans are stronger i think in the finale.


The Collectors words are not to be taken literally in my opinion. He’s a pretty ignorant child who would be prone to exaggerating. He may have said Titans are stronger than anyone, but at the end of the day, the Archivists wiped the whole race out, including King’s dad. Plus Titan Luz is only the remaining life force of the Titan’s spirit that was clinging on in the in between realm. She only has a small fraction of the power the Titan may have once had while Belos had whatever was left in the corpse and the rest probably decayed ages ago. So to sum it up, it’s highly debatable that Titan magic is actually stronger. More directly it just seems to cancel our Collector magic. And regardless, Luz is not a full Titan. She is only using what is left of the BI’s Titan after time and Belos stole the rest.


Good call on how we should be treating the Collector’s words. It’s also worth noting that the Archivists seem to be higher beings, so when they say “Titans are stronger than anyone”, that could just mean they are the strongest mortal species they have encountered. Also this whole moon comparison seems to ignore the fact that the collector has so much celestial imagery, that moving a celestial body should absolutely be an easy feat. The Collector even made it clear that Titan magic is different to the magic he knows, so we can’t necessarily assume that Titans are strong enough to move the moon like the collector did.


he talks about how amazing they are because even after “passing” Kings fathers heart is still beating, i think it’s more so that he’s amazed to know that there is another species that can rival his but not that they’re directly stronger but a lot was said during this finale so i might be misremembering


You should watch Star Vs, it’s good


Ive heard about the ending. Ik it shouldnt ruin from the expirence but ive heard a lot about it. Idk if its right for me


Yea the reason I started it is cuz I heard the ending was so bad that it made TV history. I was very disappointed in fans when I ended up loving the whole show *especially* the ending. The last season is my favorite and the last like 4 episodes in a row are absolute bangers leading up to an amazing finale. They just made one major decision that pissed off fans so much that ppl began shit talking the show. I think Star is one of the best Disney shows, and I saw some similarities btw this finale and star’s.


Seconded. The two shows are different. They shouldn't be compared to each other. But SVtFoE is a good piece of entertainment in its own right.


For two or three seasons.


Yea I guess they can skip one and two and get right to the good stuff but I def suggest watching all the way thru


I would love to see a showdown between Anne and Luz. Two badass magical girls fused with The Titan / The literal GOD


Star was pretty strong but she didn’t really gain any new powers from her Butterfly State, just extra strength Anne basically turned Super Saiyan Jedi Master Mode, able to fly, shoot energy waves, use telekinesis, etc. Luz was able to do any form of magic at will without the need of glyph cards, along with the extra strength to boot from her temporary merger with The Titan. She was basically a goddess So I think that it’d be a close fight between the three of them. Star is the first one out and Luz wins Very High Diff


Idk Star, I only know Luz, but I did hear about Star’s power waaaaayyyy before even knowing about Owl House. So I’ll assume Star wins, reality is they all would be friends though haha


To be fair there are some misconceptions going around about Star’s power, I partly blame death battle since they thought that there was a dimension destroying spell when it was actually the full unrestrained magic of a past queen and not something to be learned.


Oh, soooo still Star orrrr


Hard to say, Star’s magic is still pretty powerful, but so is the other twos, and we have seen Star loose fights even at full power and with her wand, so I honestly can’t say who would win, but it wouldn’t be as one sided as some would have you believe.


Hmm neat


3 stones Anne I think


anne if they were all in these forms. stars major power comes from spells which if everyone was tryna kill each other she wouldnt even have enough time to try and survive either of them do to their speed and stuff. speeds also a bit slow with luz bc of the circles. but honestly i don't really think titan Luz is actually insanely powerful, more just powerful enough to do what was needed. in short anne has the power of a universal god compared to the power of some royal family and an planetary "god". anne wins (but still a good fight)


I mean, Anne at her maximum power level destroyed an entire moon and a fleet of space bugs. We've only seen Titan Luz against a rotting British dude with equal power as her




Yaaaaas I’ve been waiting for Luz to go God mode so we can finally do this!! My vote is Molly McGee


I think Titan Luz had the most raw and flexible power, but the least experience. Star had the most experience but the least power. Anne was a mixture of both, the force she could exert may have been strongest, but her powers seemed less flexible and had less effects than the other two but she had a good balance of experience using the power.




Are we talking 1 calamity Anne or all 3?


Im assuming 1.


I don't know much about Star but the other two would probably just end up having lunch together instead of fighting eachother to the death. In terms of power, I'd say Luz beats regular Calamity Anne(like, anytime she's done it _before_ the final episode, half-charged gem and all) for sure, but after that it gets iffy since fully charged Anne goes from "Super Saiyan" to "I just created a giant tennis racket and energy blasts in the shape of my cat, what of it?" real fast. Though I think I recall it being said that the synergy with the other two had a lot to do with that as well. Of course that also brings up the point that Anne's used her power multiple times and gets better at it. Whereas Luz only gets _one_ time to use it, and if we're taking away support, has no idea how to _control_ these new powers and no Eda to help. So Anne might just win from having actual experience.


Anne, but she would have to be cloned again to come out alive


Star, she can outlast the others. They're technically stronger but not by enough


Design wise: Luz Fight wise: I never seen Amphimbia so I don’t know how the calamity trios powers works but even with Titan powers Luz isn’t wining against star who has had years of training with magical wands and not to mention amped up powers with her yellow butterfly form, powers which melted toffee to the ground and powers which we saw was able to to sight damage to a solarian warrior. Star wins


Disney! Battle of the Gods coming this fall!


Owl House and Amphibia are already in the same multiverse. We just need to fit Svtfoe in there.


doesn't matter uncle ben, peppino spaghetti from pizza tower solos ALL of them


Everyone here talking about how they’d fight when in reality, anne and luz would be best friends whereas star’s personality would be a bit much for them. Nothing wrong with that but I can’t think of any of these gals fighting each other simply because of internet culture. Think of the fun they’d have together!


In terms of power i feel Titan Luz is a tank while Calamity Anne v2 is a total offensive powerhouse. In a battle between the two its hard to say who would win Because Titan Luz can dodge and block all of Anne's attacks while its hard to say she has anything that can actually take out Calamity Anne. In the end i think both of their powers would run out at the same time and then it becomes basic Luz vs basic Anne which i think at this point for both shows is a win for Luz. Anne is a good swordfighter but Luz can still do DBZ level stuff with Stringbean. The thing about both is its hard go gauge how strong they both are actually since Calamity Anne never takes a direct hit during the final fight and Titan Luz never does anything outrageous offense wise that i can recall. Her powers are just an incredibly large arsenal of situational powers like a wizard in an RPG who's learn every spell possible.


Star she has no time limit


Star wins hands down with help she got rid of all magic


I don't know anything about the star vs evil (other than it has a bad ending) but come on Luz would obviously beat Anne right


I don't think Star has a chance here. But Luz and Anne are pretty wellmatched, but ultimately I think Anne would last longer with her powers.


Titan Luz, easily


Titan Luz doesn't have enough feats for me to put her over Anne, who (IF) in full calamity could destroy Luz and Star in less than a minute. Although she'd die at the end of it, so nobody really wins.


You should’ve spoiler tagged this


They did


They hadn’t when it was first posted


Either Luz or Anne. They both have literal God power. Star just has really powerful magic.


I'd say luz because Anne can only last for so long but assuming all had the same limit still probably luz


Star lmao and is not even close. Star has way better hax that both them. And planet level/universe level attacks scaletion through her scaling to other butteeflys.


Star has no universal level attacks, that’s a misconception, there is no dimension destroying spell that was just the result of a past queen dipping down, not a spell. We also see Star’s limits in the season 3 and 4 finales.


Even if that star didnt have that her hax carries. Naither star nor luz can do something ageinst time stoping


True, but it’s a matter of if she would use it, father time did warn her that the spell could break time, and no one even considered it during the series finale.


She didnt do it in the finale becouse was a 1 episode thing. Also star is the only one without a time limit so she can just go to other dimension wait and they would loose


Star needed these girls to help fight Mina, and Luz needed Star to kill Belos back in season one like she did with Toffee


Who would win? None, cause they would all start to get along real well! Hopefully......


Theyll be gushing about how thry loook




I feel like it's Star. She only did one attack and reduced a dude to a puddle. The other two needed help. Anne could compete if she used the other two gems, but she'd die after using her attack. Luz was on a time limit and took a few seconds to rip Philip out of the heart.


If given time beforehand to strategize Anne wins, if it’s just an all out with no prep titan luz wins




Adult titans are stronger than anything, according to the collector, so Luz.


Star would win the fight due to her having universal scaling and (i hear) mftl scaling, but when it comes to Luz vs Anne Luz would win due to scaling to Belos who scales to the titan who scales to the archivers who upscale from the Collector who effortlessly did a large planetary+ feat without much effort using the weakest form of magic, meanwhile Anne's out here needing to use a suicide move to do a large planetary feat (sometimes knowing a thing or 2 about powerscaling comes in handy)


The universal scaling for Star is a big misconception, a past queen destroyed a dimension by accident when she was learning to use her inner magic, and for some reason people mistake it as a spell Star can learn despite that not being the case. Edit: also I want to point out that in the season 3 finale >! Star pulls out her inner magic to use as a bomb, it wasn’t even enough to destroy the tower she was fighting in. !<


they all have literal god powers, like this is asking which magic is the stronger magic... so which is stronger? Luz and Star both have the source of all magic powers while magic is weakened so probably Anne




Okay so, Star has arguments to universal but she is just So, so slow, and Anne and Luz both kill her, and Luz wins against Anne as a titan


Star. Not only does she not have a time limit to her powers, they're certified universal/multiversal tier. There's also the fact that Calamity Anne and Titan Luz are both magic based, so she'd *be out for blood* .


No Stars not anywhere near universal tier, there is no dimension destroying spell. (that was just Skywynne’s pure power) Her destroying magic was aided by the past queens up to Skywynne and using a spell made for destroying magic. She does not have access to any of Eclipsa dark spells and the merging of earth and mewni, only happened because her and Marco where kneeling in the very last remnants of magic. (which was enough to sustain glossrick) The fact of the matter is that Star needed tom to help her fight off Mina and got beaten by Meteora and latter a random soldier in Mina’s army, so unless they all scale to universal/multiversal tier then neither does Star.




Luz, she has titan magic, and beat a giant


Star beat giant robots with laser swords…


Star because she didn't have a time limit and was generally a much more experienced fighter. Anne straight up has the best powers, but neither she nor Luz really knew how to use them. Anne's powers are objectively finite and I have zero doubt star could hold her off for long enough to get the upper hand Luz would get annihilated, not because her powers were bad but she was desperately relying on her friends to support her the entire fight with Belos.


Ultra Instinct Luz


Luz can at the very least be put on the same level as a reality warper AKA the collector. So her.


Luz, because Eda and King and Willow and Gus and Hunter and Lilith and, of course, Hooty have her back and would trounce all the characters that have the other's backs. Hooty would literally eat Star. and Willow would take control of Anne's foliage.


Not even remotely close.


Star: Magic Anne: Magic Luz: Divine Magic Winner: Luz, definitely!


Anne has divine magic too and that doesn’t even matter because Star would be the winner.


Star has ancestors who pressumably has a spell to wipe out an entire universe and she is stronger than all of her ancestors. Once Anne dies she'll be given the option to become God.


Not sure how strong is Star but what most people said to me here Is that Titan Luz would be able to defeat Calamity Anne. (Not the White one)


Star destroys both, and it's not even close.


Collector solos all 3, zero diff


Star. Svtfoe magic can do literally anything. The other magic forms just feel like a power boost


Never watched these other shows that much so I guess luz lol


Luz is dominating 🥴


Star, short explanation, there’s a spell that can and has destroyed an entire universe


There is no dimension destroying spell, that was just Skywynne’s shear unleashed power when she dipped down, she never made a spell to do that.


Probably Star.


Two of these people got their powers directly from god, and one is a bad bitch.


We win, because that fight would be awesome to watch.


No one wins assuming it’s done like a deathbattle where one lives and the other two die


Plot-twist, they all become friends instead




I don't think they'd fight because they'd be gushing too much about how awesome each other are.


Why would they even battle? I think they would just trying to know and understand each other before they eventually battle each other


I haven't watched amphibia, or star vs the forces of evil, but i belive star has a spell that could wipe out the universe, though i could be wrong.


Counter offer; star butterfly vs Anne boonchuoy vs Steven universe vs Luz noceda vs finn the human.


Well if they were forced to team up of course their team would win


Sailor Moon: I taught you well, girls.


Uh oh, the post ending power scaling discussions are starting (grabs popcorn.)


Ill grab the drinks


Really tough for me to gauge Titan Luz vs Final Calamity Anne. I do think Magical Girl Star would lose though, she just didn't see to be operating on the power level of a god (which Luz and Anne seem to be)


Why do I feel like this should be playing? https://youtu.be/a1K68Tn99EE


I think Luz is fastest, Anne is the strongest, and Star has the most special abilities


I only ever watched one of these shows but I know about two of these, the one I don’t really know about is SVTFOE I would say, based on what I know, that Luz wins when Anne has the power of one of the stones, but once Anne gets all three, she wipes the floor with everyone


I saw the Star vs Steven Universe Death Battle. This isn’t a contest.


Am I the only person who thinks of holloween with luz?


titan luz and super calamity anne BODY whatever star's form is called




Mabel with a grappling hook


Star for sure Star feats are insane






They'd all win/tie cause they would probably just all become friends.


Pre finale Anne would definitely be stomped by titan luz, but finale Anne would most certainly stomp titan luz Titan luz would probably have a simple enough time with star since she's got that really effective shielding magic now plus has been dealing with magic users for a good while now and she's gotten pretty good at dodging stuff Honestly from memory stars main draw for that form is being able to use her spells as effectively without the wand and being able to open dimensional portals so I suppose she could run away if necessary? The other 2 just seem far stronger really, the other 2 basically have God powers while star just has a weird magic overexposure form


Star, but she seems like a glass canon. Yeah she’s got universal AP with her magic, but she’s much slower then Anne and never displayed any impressive physical feats